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  2. Alrighty point taken, Though I only meant eastern in the fact his clothes looked loose and flowing and the patterns while not like the pictures I gave as examples to show the looseness did seem to have that feel. However as you both mentioned I cannot take everything literal with Bethesda when TES is involved, Probably never crossed their minds that Jhunal's clothing looked like it would be inspired by historical clothing.
  3. Hope my small donation helps, Comes here to get the newest updates to OOO and MMM, links from nexus whenever i feel like replaying oblivion
  4. Definitely. I agree with you about it being from dev imagination more than a strict adherence to specific real world inspirations. Just noting that the Halls of Stories in particular stand out as being a little more than just whimsical ideas. And yeah, MK used to be a dev. Now Bethesda just hires him to write specific pieces and plot lines, and they sometimes take his out of game work and use it, like with Heimskr. He certainly does have a wild imagination.
  5. I think that can still pretty much be attributed to a developers imagination. If you can call MK a developer. Though I will say he got one extraordinary imagination.
  6. I agree pretty strongly with this. Not everything has to be related to real-life, and it's generally better in TES when they don't try to hard to make it that way. But I do think that the murals in the Halls of Stories are actually one of the very few instances in Skyrim where Bethesda actually did make a special effort to put a lot of meaning in the artwork. They were all drawn up by Adamowicz for an old design document written by MK, who is notoriously obsessed with layering meaning into things. Plus, these are pretty significant in that they are the only depictions in the series of Nordic gods in human form (besides some carvings of Shor's face), and each one is given pretty distinct features and symbols that fit with what we know about their spheres.
  7. To me it would just be a case of the developers putting in what they think would be cool or whatever they happened to think of at the time. Not everything in the game has a historical background and is just thought up by the developers imagination.
  8. I don't see it. To me it just looks like an owl-themed Greybeard robe with the hood and shoulders removed. It's loose, but not like those other images, and probably still thick and heavy instead of thin and flowing. I'm not picking up on anything distinctively related between the patterns either. Seems like a fairly plain motif that doesn't really stand out much from the other examples of the Ancient Nords being obsessed with zoomorphism. Jhunal just appears less wild or fierce than Shor, Kyne, Alduin, Mara, Dibella, or Tsun/Stuhn, because that's his thing, to be the one not representative of Nordic values. The only things in the mural that strike me as RL-eastern is the mural itself, but that's nothing new, and possibly the dog. The rest looks distinctively Nordic to me.
  9. Thought I'd give this thing a go after all this time. Just got the necessities for the homework and extra cred, cluttering will come with later lessons hopefully. All shots taken in-game.
  10. Paying out of pocket is bad for business and the community health. No matter what your plans are I guess we the users like to participate in your development of the site. Even if you are the sole owner. Reorganize the "Support TESA" column on the front page to apply to 2017. As it is now it feels not to be trusted. I am saying this as a friend and because an alternative, serious site to nexusmods is needed. I wish you the best.
  11. Hi @Seraphiel I just tried your strings directly in the special edition. They work except for one thing:
  12. You know something else, There is something I find odd about Jhunal's depiction. Originally I thought he looked like a fantastical Druid with that clothing but looking at it now there is something strangely Eastern about his clothing, It's very loose and flowing which is something useful in that part of the world but in a Scandinavian like environment? Look at the concept art and see these pictures. While obviously not direct copies there is something similar between these things, There's something almost Zoroastrian about the Hermetic God. Even in his clothing's patterns. What do you guys think, Looks more Druidic or eastern? In a way it makes some kind of sense to me, As seen in Shor son of Shor it looks like Shor is disgusted deeply at the Hermetic God who is so starkly different compared to the other gods. I wonder if Jhunal sided with Shor during the war and was never original allied to him prior to that.
  13. Star Wars The Clone Wars is only available on netflix until March 7th. Looks like I'm about to go by the hard copies
  14. For your viewing pleasure, Doc
  15. We have monthly subscriptions and as I mentioned above, if anyone is looking for a monthly package I'm happy to set one up manually, just need to PM me with the amount you'd like to pay monthly and a contact email. @Witty- I pay it as soon as I raise the funds, the due date is actually the 14th though. With our old host if we missed the due date they would take us offline after 5 days. With the current host, if it's not paid by the 14th they will delete TESA. So I start raising funds ahead of the due date and on the 14th whatever I haven't raised, I pay out of pocket.
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  17. Was this in reference to you?
  18. Don't ever be sorry for asking reasonable questions Personally I am still waiting for a better donation practice; monthly donations for instance. DarkRider is the one to pull off a strategy to make us feel more like a coop also moneywise. Smaller, steady contributions is good for the group's health as a whole.
  19. Sorry, the question was aimed at Dark. When in the month is the fee taken/ transaction made? Cheers
  20. I got a good laugh out of him starting every post with "If you're a stormcloak you're an idiot" and then would start throughing around argumentum ad hominem. And that fact that he refused to reblog anything instead he would just blow up the comment section, lmfao. Good times.
  21. Best part of all that was hands down "Your followers are brainwashed" and best of all "Can't handle the dragon, don't go into its lair"
  22. You know I just found something out, Anu wasn't in name something Elder Scrolls made up. Turns out it was a Sumerian god.
  23. I've used this old CS2 on Win 7 too.
  24. Last week
  25. If you guys want a good laugh just pop on over by colonel's tumblr and just observe. I got involved a little bit, but now I'm just seeing how far I can push this kid before he gets tired
  26. Took me a while to get back online sorry about that BT. In unrelated news it turns out I payed the artist too much money (Meant to have payed 200 CAD not USD) and now he's willing to do a freebee picture.
  27. I don`t know or care about elements. I`ve also used this on vista and now, win7.
  28. There it is! For PC: For XBox1: And now for PS4:
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