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  3. That was my point: 7 and 9 are barely different. Same settings for the three images, except for the ugraidstoload, of course.
  4. Could you tell me in our PM how it happened, That way I won't say anything conflicting to it in the RP?
  5. My idea is that a few Roscrean Druids mixed with the local Breton population early on, and their ancestors were the Druids of Galen, who are a mix of Roscrean Druidic tradition and old hedge magic. So not exactly what we talked about but still pretty similar.
  6. Alrighty, I didn't know if you'd consider our idea canon in the Rp but now I know.
  7. The Druids of Galen would be much the same. Hedge mages are those I would consider to be the leaf wearing hobos, while the Druids of Galen (owing to their Roscrean Druidic roots) are like a bridge between the hedge mages and 'modern' scholarly mages. Nature based magic but also science and hermetic traditions. But turning into animals, or polymorphing, is interesting. Originally, we only saw the Glenmoril Wyrd do it, into ravens and hagravens. The former being reversible, the latter not. Then ESO gave polymorph collectibles that allowed people to transform into draugr and skeletons and the like. Which seems to be something different, a polymorphing amulet to disguise oneself. All this to say I'm not sure polymorphing is just in the realm hedge mages. Winvale can polymorph into a large bat, for instance.
  8. Hhhmmm.... Not seeing much difference between 7 and 9 there..... Looking at the area where the 'hole' is, just across the river, looks exactly the same. Did the setting take for that shot??
  9. You train your wagon? There is a spot I use to compare between ugridstoload 7 and ugridstoload 9; it's just outside Rorikstead in the direction of the Robber's Gorge. I just made the comparison and it appears that ugridstoload 9 is not worth; 11, on the other hand... uGridsToLoad=7 uGridsToLoad=9 uGridsToLoad=11 I'm back to uGridsToLoad=7.
  10. Yep. Its pretty much a dedicated gaming machine. I have a laptop for other purposes, but, I certainly don't game on it. (I use it to talk to my truck. :D)
  11. It's a desktop I guess.
  12. My machine is 7+ years old, and handles it just fine. Yours shouldn't even break a sweat. Watch the temps though, just in case.
  13. Hey now that I have a more powerful computer, maybe I could get back to a ugridstoload of 9? I used it a long time on my previous machine but I had to renounce in time. Never encountered any issue either, whether on 9 or 7. My opinion is that Skyrim doesn't need any graphics mod, it just looks better on better machines, I'm afraid, which is kinda unfair I suppose. I'm slowly getting used to the new machine but I'm frustrated that I cannot have the ck run on the GPU instead of the integrated. I'll probably have the same problem with Unity. The heat bothers me a bit too.
  14. I pushed my Oldrim Ugrids to 9, and it looks frigging awesome from Dragonsreach. The view of the porch is stellar. It does kinda hurt performance, but, not enough to make me want to change it. And the game seems to run just fine at that setting. I haven't encountered any issues with things 'happening' before they should..... Chasing dragons can be a pain though. That looks really good for no texture mods. Are you likin' the new machine yet?
  15. Graphics selection is probably coded. I'm playing with a ugridstoload set to 7, no graphics mod, no enb involved if that's what you're asking. I'm using my own mods plus the ones described in my profile here.
  16. Temps are good, considering its a laptop. I am curious just how the launchers decide with graphics solution to use, when it has a choice..... Or if that was even something Beth considered when writing it..... Screenies look awesome. What is your Ugrids setting, and what mods are you running?
  17. Just downloaded and installed Old Skyrim again to check with TES5Edit v3.2 The Results are a little different for the Dawnguard.esm All the auto cleaned and Manual cleaned stages of that plugin now have new CRC / MD5 checksums because the new TES5Edit corrects something it did not do before. Edit : And if anyone is wondering - I can confirm the same routine needs to be applied to Skyrim Special Edition plugins, even the manual cleaning, you will get a few different checksum results and amount of ITMs / UDRs cleaned because Bethesda managed to add a few more, but the routine is the same.
  18. Thanks, Czar! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  19. I wish it were true, whatever I do, Skyrim starts on the integrated graphics. Actually, what happens is that anything running under Steam starts on the integrated graphics. It happens that I've been playing and old version of Skyrim for months now, due to the lip sync bug. This version is legitimate of course, it's mine; apparently I saved a complete intall of once, for some reason I don't remember of and I found it a day I decided to do some cleaning in my hard drives. Lucky me, I've been able to escape the horrendous lip sync bug! So, when I launch that version, the selector finds the GPU and uses it instead of the integrated, choosing ultra settings. After half an hour playing, temperature rose to 61° C (~142 °F) for the GPU and never went above 60°C for the CPU. Doesn't look too bad, what do you think? A few images of Skyrim (First Edition, not the Special one - I hate to have to write this each time) on my new laptop?
  20. Phew finally got around to reading the Rp posts and now without worrying about spoilers read the OOC thread. Gotta say Doc that was a spectacular battle! I honestly didn't know how the conflict would end and who if any would be left standing, A battle gets boring when the writer makes it either one sided or obvious who will survive. Doc you eluded to neither of those and I was drawn in wondering all the way through if Boldir would get his ass obliterated. On another note I read a comment by BT briefly mentioning the Roscrean Druids, While they definitely have nature magic aspects about them they are far more like their historical counterparts instead of the fantasy norm. Men of law, Science and the Hermetic arts more so then hobos dressed in leaf tunics turning into animals.
  21. @BTCollins8 I have a rather important question for you in our PM, Ain't any rush just with TES screwing up with me and Witch's PM I wanted to alert you here in case you never got a notification.
  22. Wow. Intel goofed on their drivers, and it is trying to usurp steam files? Wonder what they were thinking there...... Apparently, the fix is just to use an older driver? That's easy enough. Not like skyrim cares what intel drivers you have, considering it doesn't use the intel graphics.
  23. I'm very interested. I think it'll be cool to jump into this new world and I'm excited to see what everyone will create. And I think Doc has crafted a really interesting main plot that I'm really looking forward to.
  24. Hey there. I downloaded the file on my laptop instead of my pc and the files are working now! Thanks for your help
  25. Yesterday
  26. Cheers for people being interested in the Fallout rp. With the lack of talk about it I was beginning to think people weren't that into it.
  27. I found the origin of the problem: it happens that a process belonging to Intel drivers is hijacking Steam. It's best described here:
  28. What platform? Once I've managed to sort out the problems I have with Steam right now, I'd be able to upload it to
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