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  2. What's funny is that the entire time I was reading his response to Colonel refuting him, I was thinking about how he kept saying things without backing them up. I kept thinking 'Why is this the case? What makes you right?' and then lo and behold, he actually goes on to call out Colonel for this very thing, completely oblivious to the fact that he did it over and over again himself. I can respect what this guy wanted to do, but he's really, really bad at it. Colonel was really thorough in not leaving openings in his points, and it'll take a much better arguer than this person to actually land any hits. I will say that the insults got really annoying. He seems to have a hard time making a point without following up with an unnecessary insult towards his opponents. This got worse and worse as he went on.
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  4. yeah. He claimed that his posts where highly supported on a facebook group so I looked up "refuting the stormcloak bible" on facebook and found two post in two different groups that didn't have a combined like or comment and obviously it was him so I looked at the groups he was associated with and found nothing, even in his own group, and then he claimed we stalked him and said that he had supporters and I told him to prove it and I would take back what I said and he proceeded to quit talking to me. The second you ask him to prove a statement he ignores you
  5. I love how that guy's idea of an insult is to call Colonel 'Berserker'. I'm not gonna lie, that sounds really badass.
  6. Thomas Moran. That is all.

  7. Yes it helps! Thank you
  8. I left the house to get a bite, so I haven't had a chance to read more. I'll give it another go when I get home.
  9. Just out of curiosity, did you read anymore or call it good after those first two paragraphs?
  10. What he's describing is all the things that came after we found out that you couldn't talk with him so we starting trolling and giving him a taste of his own medicine which went right over his head. In order to see everything he's referring to you would have to dig throw all of colonels posts, as well as mine starting from like February 22 or so. I also find on little sentence in his rant a little funny you know the one the reads "Guess some people are to childish, stuck up and stubborn to acept that the are wrong"
  11. I don't know how someone can write that many freaking words without realizing how funny it's going to sound. "Butthurt Stormcloaks" he says, right before writing a rant about all the ways they bother him. I haven't read all that stuff he's referring to yet, but from what I have read, I doubt it's anything like he's describing.
  12. Actually, I would say that Attrebus Mede was probably a 1-in-a-million Emperor during his reign. We got a good look in his head during the novels, and the journey that he went on basically forced him to better understand the world and its peoples, and it humbled him something fierce. He learned a deep respect for foreigners, as well as a certain pragmatism. But he also genuinely cared about all of his subjects, and I can't imagine him ever signing the White Gold Concordat or abandoning his provinces. If every Emperor was like Prince Attrebus, I could see things being good enough for the Empire to actually deserve some of the love it gets. Unfortunately, he died, his descendants were incompetent, and there is virtually no chance that the Empire will get another leader like him. So he's more the exception than the norm.
  13. Exactly. That's the entire point of the Empire. If you want to defend them, you should explain why the Cyrodiilic Empire is able to make up for these inherent pitfalls. Unfortunately, it typically doesn't. But if I was to play Devil's advocate and try to argue in favor of the Empire, I would cite their actual accomplishments that were made possible by this structure, rather than boast about the nature of the structure itself (because it really is pretty awful). I would mention that the Empire have historically been the faction who are most "lore savvy" so to speak, and truly understand the value of hero figures in their universe. That's why Uriel Septim VII had a tendency to release prisoners that met the criteria for prophesy and send them on dangerous missions, to great effect. His faith in heroes saved the world on three separate occasions. It's true that this was Uriel VII's thing more than the Empire's overall, but it's likely that they were still very aware of these prophesies thanks to their affiliation with Moth Priests and Elder Scrolls. Despite it's flaws, the Empire had a great deal of metaphysical importance before the 4th Era, and like it or not, they were completely necessary. The 4th Era Empire is much harder to argue in favor of. Between the novels, Skyrim, and especially Dragonborn, I get a feeling that Bethesda don't like them very much anymore. Without their pact with Akatosh and the divine right it gave them, the Cyrodiils start to look like some real dickheads. Side note: In a way, I think that Dales and Krojun in our RP have it good. They can focus on protecting Cyrodiil without having to neglect other provinces to make ends meet, and so they won't end up experiencing the same failings as the Medes and sometimes Septims.
  14. That's the vibe I've gotten from him so far. His opponents are all too stupid to understand what he's saying. Like I said, can't argue with a guy like that.
  15. Yep it's YOUR fault for not reading his posts correctly, The man is an inspiration to us all.
  16. Oh and remember it may just be because you can't interpret a text properly
  17. I like how he totally misses the fact that people by and large recognize imperialism (and not just European imperialism) as awful in that it subjugates numerous people, is generally racist, and take away the rights of self determination. The very same thing the Empire in TES does and what he actually wants it to do. Anyone who thinks it is good or just to conquer a place, loot its resources for your own benefit, and screw the locals in the process is a loon.
  18. Best part about it is how he avoids Colonel and his replies, Fellow can't even take a conversation like a civilized man. For all his talks a Nord fan is being more civilized then an Imperial one!
  19. You'll see the word ratiocination which means "exact thinking" lol. I read the whole thing, all 7 posts and got into a three day argument with him lol. I guess I just want you to feel my pain. But really it's quite a trip reading them all, then Colonels rebuttal's to two of this and his "rebuttals" to those.
  20. I don't know, man. He sounded almost rational with his long opening, in which he promised to use fact and logical argument to take down Colonel's points one-by-one. With all that passion and good grammar (lol, internet standards), it actually had me hoping he could provide some good debate, at least at first. And then, literally in his very first point of argument and having already called Stormcloaks racists in his bio, he proceeds to say something that's actually racist, make up false facts, display ignorance about things he's talking about (such as the state of Cyrodiil, which he seems completely unaware of), and just generally poor at what he's trying to do. I'm not two paragraphs in and I can already tell that this is going to be stupid as hell.
  21. He'd make a great Roman though with that mindset.
  22. Oh, no Doc, you have to push through trust me it gets better (worse? Idk) Just give us a play by play as you go through
  23. Sheesh. Tumblr might actually have even the ****ty new Bethesda site beat in terms of crappy formatting. You were right, Centurion. I didn't read much before quitting. I got about two paragraphs in, to the part where he said that Skyrim's resources should be used to fix Cyrodiil and that they're wasted on the Nords, who are a bunch of "stingy barbarians." What a hypocrite.
  24. I haven't read any of his stuff yet. I just wanted to say that the ending of his bio is hilarious. "If you have any doubts about dinosaurs, Skyrim's civil war, The Elder Scrolls Lore or the fails of socialism, I would be really happy to help you (but of course I do not know everything)." It's a good thing he let everyone know that he doesn't, in fact, know everything. All that genius might've fooled someone otherwise.
  25. You won't enjoy it, you'll just scratch your head and say "What?" @The_Good_Doctor
  26. I'm all for refuting Colonel's bible if you can back up your points. Thing is, I haven't met anyone actually capable of doing that, yet. It's not even argument so much as it is sourced facts. The best way to argue from an Imperial standpoint is to acknowledge that they have a lot of faults, and to work from there and explain why you think that those faults are not deal breakers. Unfortunately, most Imp fans on the internet tend to prefer diluting the situation by painting them as the white knight heroes of the series while their enemies, Stormcloaks most of all, are Bethesda's attempt at recreating Hitler. You can't get anywhere debating with someone like that. Sure, go ahead and link it. I ain't doing much else right now, and it could be good for a laugh.
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