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  2. Admittedly the trope indeed calls for more, but I'd prefer good ol military ingenuity over a convenient plot device any day. Though you could still consider it one but as you said, it has flaws and will be hard to pull off, unless they do what they've been doing, having archers pull off impossible shots without effort. It is still fantasy after all. The only flaw I saw with it was that they needed him to showcase this and not Jamie or some other soldier that's knowledgeable in such things. Perhaps Cersei herself. Had to pick up something from her father and all the men she's been banging.
  3. But come on, a necromancer leading Cersei into a creepy tunnel and all you get is a common ballistic weapon? That demonstration made no sense. Piercing ancient dry bone is nothing like hitting a moving live dragon covered in hard scales. And in that case, presenting a smaller target is a good thing. I guess show watchers needed to be reminded that dragons have vulnerabilities since we've only seen battles where Dany had the advantage of surprise.
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  5. lol you were viking'd Celan but thank you, I realized I messed up when I remembered the big deal everyone made when the writers finally ran out of book for the show. As for the ballista and it being a cool reveal, I liked it. That damn thing cleaved right through that thick ass giant skull, and that dragon head was a good deal larger than what Danny's dragons are so far. It pretty much promises at least one dragon will die, or be gravely injured. Hopefully not though, I'd prefer one get captured and they have to rescue it. Would've liked Euron to do it Olaf style but ah well. Anyway, I personally would have been pissed if her pocket Mage necromancer pulled something like that OP horn out of his ass, just when the mother of dragons rears her sexy head and everything else.
  6. No, they're past the last book now. They were past them as of I think Doc means that's where you'll see differences where the show started doing its own thing. I went back and read a bit from The Princess and the Queen, a short story GRRM wrote about the Dance of Dragons. The armies there did have ballistae called scorpions they deployed against dragons, and it did kill one. In a different battle, it just made the Red Queen mad. So its effectiveness seems to depend on the age of the dragon. Older dragon= harder scales. Dany's dragons are still quite young so yes, they'd be vulnerable. Several times commanders tell their forces "aim for the rider," so Dany's real weakness is that only she can control her dragons. On a side note, it also says that Westeros had a custom of first night up until the Targaryen "Good Queen" Alysanne outlawed it, which would have been about 150 years before current time.
  7. I read it anyway out of curiosity, definitely makes me want to read more but man how are you not super pissed at the portrayals in comparison. That's the main reason I didn't read sooner, I didn't want the show to suck for me.
  8. Knowing that I wish they were a little more faithful to the second book, thanks for telling me Doc!
  9. Spoiler tags for Colonel since he might read it.
  10. Slavery in Roscrea is pretty well exclusive to debt slavery, Druids forbid any other kind unless it's for foreigners. Lets say two petty families get into a squabble that turns real violent, losing side in that can't take slaves by right of conquest. Druids won't allow it, simply for the fact that Roscrea isn't large enough for it. Back when the Imperials invaded I did have the mind to write what happened to Imperials taken prisoner early in the war, forced labor until Uriel played Anoshurivan (The King of Kings at the time) for a fool when he extended the olive branch. After that all Imperial prisoners were executed in rather horrible manners right up until the Royal Casurgian king was killed and things began falling apart.
  11. As much as I dislike such things, Baldur's got other fish to fry at the moment, and also likely not interested in what other cultures do as far as such things go. Hell they basically got slaves in the Reach in Skyrim even before Brund, but the attitude tends to be, they're forsworn scum and were asking for it. As far as I'm concerned, I happen to agree as well. Forced labor for enemies, isn't uncalled for if you ask me. It's only bad when it spreads to criminals too since that is easily and often abused.
  12. Better tell Berahthram to ditch his serviles
  13. Lol it's the Baldur in me.
  14. Damn you gave me a better quote after the fact!
  15. I still say **** that society as a whole. ~Colonel the Conqueror
  16. An atrocity for an atrocity.
  17. Meh, even if that was the case, I still say **** that society as a whole. Civilizations have been slaughtered for lesser reasons.
  18. I wasn't defending the slavers, I was thinking she killed everyone who wasn't a slave.
  19. Fantasy or no fantasy slavers are slavers. **** em, dice em, no mercy. Maybe it's me using ethnocentrism, but there absolutely are certain things that can be damned regardless of the times. "That's just how things were" is not an excuse. It's not going against the setting to have someone in a fantasy story based on that culture have such a strong viewpoint against it, there were people against slavery despite it being so widespread. And anyway, it's only the magisters who were killed as Doc pointed out. Besides that, it's fantasy not a real history telling, and people often use fiction to get their revenge against historical figures that committed atrocities, or people resembling those historical figures.
  20. Alrighty I don't think I will read those books, what differs from the show compared to the book in season 2?
  21. I don't think I need to put them under spoiler tags but I've gotten as far as her crucifying all the ruling noblemen(?), I was under the wrong impression then. Killing the slavers I don't see as bad for storytelling, but I'm glad I was wrong about her putting everyone who wasn't a slave to the sword.
  22. Season 4 takes place during book 3, so you'd be fine unless you plan on reading them some day and don't want to be spoiled on the books.
  23. No. In Astapor she basically just killed all the Masters who tried to stop her from taking the Unsullied. In Yunkai, she only killed those who tried to stop her from freeing the slaves. I won't spoil Mereen for you. She's smug for sure. Though I agree with her stance on the slaves and killing the Masters. But she's not just slaughtering everyone in these cities. It's not as hardcore as you think.
  24. I know why you are, but this is a fantasy world where swords can cut through plate. I like how it gives her character more depth but for her acting all high and mighty she's just as evil as those slavers, horrible horrible things happened in antiquity all the way to modern times and even then it's still happening. Don't think I have to explain why her actions aren't so one sided as 'killing all the bad men', there are many reasons why killing every non-slave is Rome/Carthage levels of fucked up but I could forgive it all because that's how everyone was back then and this is a fantasy world set in a fantasy medieval setting. It's the fact she's so high and mighty about it, thinking she's such a hero.
  25. Meh, **** em, is what I say, lol. But that's just me. What can I say, I'm biased.
  26. Because it seems to be hinting at that, interesting character but utterly stupid for doing that.
  27. Also am I getting this correctly, is Daenerys pretty much having everyone who's not a slave killed in those cities?
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