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  3. The Godds tested me and I passed, Legendary Library did not break me >:D
  4. It's a good level. Just ******* ridiculous on Legendary.
  5. It's interesting to see them use the old Juggernaut model cut back in Halo 2 but seeing them leap around that that is funny more then anything, you know I pretty well liked the flood throughout all three games. Of course you all think I'm insane given I like the Library level.
  6. I liked their first level in 3, but it was one of the shortest in the game. And their role at the end of the Covenant level was good too. They were pretty annoying after that.
  7. Not gonna lie, Flood stopped being cool since after Halo 2. Once the fear aspect was gone, I was over it. They're more annoying than anything. Being in an RTS especially would ruin that aspect, at least for me. Trailer didn't have any of that either.
  8. The Flood are back *******! Sad that CA makes an RTS more Halo then Halo these days... I ******* adore the predator brute though. Such a badass design
  9. I wish I were able to help in time, but thanks to the effing IRS & some moron at my wife's HR department I can't donate again till after the 1st.
  10. skyrim

    This is a consequence of the way we pushed her into the faction. We could modify the script so it doesn't add her until later in her quest, but the basic issue wouldn't go away. She would still have the dialogue even when not a follower. You do like to play with the parts of Creation Kit that are a pain in the neck, huh? I've never been able to figure out how to do what you want done. It's again one of those things that should be easy but isn't. Sorry, you're on your own there
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  12. skyrim

    I finally got it working. It was a lot of trial and error, but finally fixed I added a debug notification to the script because it seemed Serana was not adding to the faction And i how suspected, The game wasn't executing my script properly So i deleted the script using a save cleaner tool as you told me And finally when i opened the game... The dialogue finally show up. Though it show up too even when Serana is not following me... I also uninstalled the Seranaholic mod, i was thinking it could conflict with my mod that edits Serana... I've not tested if it works with that texture mod... Now my next goal is if exists the posibility to add a voiced dialogue answer like this mod. I observed that every time you ask for water to the vendors in the inns or some npc in diferent places they answer you with "of course" using his own voice, if you have an idea how to do this please let me know.
  13. We must reclaim the Obsidian Lands, Deus Di Ode!
  14. Neither. They're both demons in the eyes of the Church of Obsidian.
  15. Santonsoft or Godd Howard? Who do you follow?
  16. In Tactics or the RP, the name "Satansoft" will never not make me laugh.
  17. The reason why it feels developed is because I'm basically using the old Reaver Movement and putting a nomadic tribal spin on it.
  18. I also liked the Cleaver-land part, and how developed his tribal culture feels. It really is cool having a full fledged tribal pov since we don't have many of those in the roleplay. I look forward to seeing what happens once he reaches civilization, especially with him being a Reaver.
  19. Huzzah someone mentioned Cleaver-Land! And phew you just saved me a lot of work Doc, now I can write the next part today.
  20. "Cleaver-Land" has got to be one of my favorite plays on a prewar name that I've seen. That's so perfect. As for the rest, I don't think there's a problem or need for an edit. You never said that he was in a desert. And Autumn in Missouri can fluctuate between pleasant and brutal. If someone is limping for miles in a full kit while wounded on a warm day, the extreme humidity in the area (particularly before a storm) will most likely kill him -or get damn close, as you depicted well. Sinbad is a very, very tough bastard, or he probably wouldn't have made it at all. Not having water isn't an issue either. People get lost in the woods and die of dehydration within miles of fresh water in the real world. Even if the rivers and streams of the area aren't particularly radioactive, Sinbad is a nomad from far away who doesn't know where they are. It would be very dangerous to stray from the road to search for one in his condition.
  21. Alrighty I'll reply to your last post along with whatever you comment afterwards, nothing much to spoil but it would be if I answered you now.
  22. I'll read your post now and get back to ya.
  23. Haven't gotten to read the post yet, but yeah, the farther you get from blast zones, the greener the land will become. There are scorched and ruined areas around the outskirts of Wellstone where Kansas City was hit really hard. We have to keep in mind that for the most part, the games are either set in deserts or centered directly around major blast zones, which is why they always have a more apocalyptic look than we would get if we ever got to go explore more rural and forested parts of the country. Jacobstown is a good example of this. Like it, the Belt is mostly forest apart from specific areas.
  24. Any advice on your end Doc?
  25. My mistake was picturing too much of the landscape we saw in Tactics, while I know Wellstone looks nothing like Gravestone now but it's old environment was how I pictured the land far beyond Wellstone. I'm not arguing mind everyone and it'll be changed or deleted, just at a standstill right now.
  26. I don't think the post needs to be deleted, possibly just edited. I took some of the description to be because of his pained state and he was delirious. Though water likely wouldn't be a problem imo.
  27. It's been 200 hundred years. The nukes used in Fallout weren't even that powerful to scorch the earth in that large area. They were actually purposefully weaker to cause more damage through, well, nuclear fallout which in a more powerful nuke would have been launched up into the atmosphere and stayed there until it became pretty much harmless. Which also the radiation left by the bombs would be by now. Any radiation that exist currently would have to come from nuclear waste and damaged power plants.
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