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  2. Hello. I would like to join the class, please. For now I just threw in elements because I had a lot of other things to do today and had a lot of difficulty with lining the pelts and furniture up (eventually I remembered to double-click on them to manually change angles). I didn't fix them all yet, but I will. It's still butt-ugly but I'll more of a demolitionist than a decorator in matters of taste. Overview - Render Window Lower Level - Looking Eastward Lower Level - West Side A little bar squeezed under the stairs. I'm thinking along the lines of a farmer's wife turning the first floor of their house into a little tavern; a few bottles of homebrew and a single stool to discourage people from coming in only to drink. This is her home, after all. Upper Level - West Side I couldn't find the tables without benches at first and just stuck that single-bench one in there with a chair on the end. I left it there for now because of time pressure and the need to reorganize when I can. Upper Level - Looking Eastward Upper Level - Chandelier The first time I warped in, my toon appeared standing on this. Now he likes to appear in the middle of the downstairs table. (LOL, hopefully we will be covering doors or coc markers soon.) Game - Chandelier Game - Lower East Game - Lower West Game - Upper West Game - Upper East
  3. While about as fanfictiony as they come I just stumbled across a very well made mod that's currently on hold, It's really fanfictionish because it has another island farther north then Roscrea that's never talked about before. However I have to give it a mention after stumbling across it. It's apparently called Issgard, There are some very skillfully made armors and cities there. EDIT: Put this in place after looking at and putting all the pictures down below, Some of the city work does actually look similar for things I had in mind with Roscrea.
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  5. so true. for all started with getting the PC version of skyrim. Then I said to myself..'ok, just a few patches so the game behaves better, nothing else.' Then after watching a tutorial on how to start adding mods to the game and having a couple mod mentions, I started thinking, 'well....lets see what kind of stuff other people have made'. I started finding stuff I really liked, but I got to thinking, 'I like this house layout, but I like the features of this other one better, but I really wish it was at this location instead.' So I found someone mentioning somewhere that the creation kit was easy to start learning. I found tutorial videos and started trying to learn. and now I am here with several mod ideas and I may not even do just house mods. I haven't totally decided yet. lol but it all started with 'just a couple patches'. But ya...addictive.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Well that works out really well for ya.
  8. Maybe work on a background post. Though I'm also waiting on some other posts.
  9. Thanx! LOL, my game tools have a better social life than I do anyway, so nothing lost there.
  10. Welcome to DF. I will warn you now though, that modding beth games is horribly addicting....... and it prompts you to start collecting tools so that you can make bigger, more complicated mods. My condolences to your social life. We are happy to have ya here.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Joe. I found the site through the Creation Kit Wiki's tutorial section. I've been learning VB and C# for work, and since Papyrus isn't horribly dissimilar I thought I might as well learn how to create mods. Hopefully one day I can stop griping about things that I'd like to see in the game that aren't there, and start making them instead.
  12. I tryed to dawnload this wonderfull mod ( WAC on tesalliance ) again after some years but seems the dawnload stop every time, between 330 and 450MB and i can get only corrupted archive.. next time i'll save it for all my life, there is something i can do to get him again ? i probably tryed 40 times now.. noone archive was dawnload completly
  13. (I hope no one minds, but I'm xposting this here from nexus, cuz I need all the freakin' help I can get on this one.) I'm following this tutorial, but have also tried every other tutorial in existence, with the same (or worse) results. So I've got a heightmap all sculpted out. Everything's as it should be. I'm using L3DT for the job. The slopes are smooth and non-threatening. If I flatten it much more, it'll be a frictionless plane. The lower height is 117.04, and the upper height no more than 1000, as prescribed by the tutorial, and the horizontal scale is set as instructed too. The map is 3072x3072 over all (using the free pro-trial of l3dt to load a map so big). The RAW is exported according to instructions. 16-bit, correctly sized, not y-inverted, etc. TESAnnwyn flags are set also according to instructions, including doing the math for -x and -y about five times (and getting -48 every time). TESAnnwyn runs and produces the .esp, with no apparent problems (except a hideous number of over/underflows, and nothing I do to the map no matter how drastic changes their quantity). The resulting .esp opens in the CK...and that's about it. Absolutely nothing else about this process has succeeded. Nothing is working the way everything says it should. I can't find a single place online talking about anything like this. One problem is not being able to get between wilderness cells except manually. I click on a cell to load, it loads that and the two above and below it in the list (ex. click 24, 20, get 24, 18-22). If I go past 24,22 it should automatically load 24,23. Instead, it just goes out of the cell into the void, as if it was an interior (it's not, and not set as one). I have to click it manually to get the next chunk of cells. Zooming out also shows only those couple cells, then void. Another problem, the land is beyond messed up. Like cell tearing, but worse than any example I can find. Anything that's not flat plane is either twisted into random shapes, or turned into a completely two dimensional (!!) plane sticking perfectly straight up into the air for MILES. I keep smoothing and smoothing and smoothing and flattening and adjusting, but nothing I do changes or helps. tbh, I don't even see a difference whatsoever, even after cutting the vertical range in half and drawing the horizontal range out as far as the tutorial said it could do. I just can't even seem to affect anything, nevermind fix it. I'm starting to doubt this is even an example of cell tearing to begin with, but have no idea what else it could be. Third problem(s) was found when I tried looking at the heightmap using CK's own viewer. Firstly, I dunno if maybe it's supposed to be like that, but the whole thing looks like nothing but a mess of perfectly square pixels of random colours, attempting to smooth it with CK's tools crashes the CK when trying to save the changes. (Since I can't see more than a couple cells at once, this is the only way to see the entire map.) But even if I could save them, it wouldn't matter. Because, if the height editor preview is any indication, about half my map is being cropped off from around each side, despite TESAnwynn having been set to the right image size. Hell, on some attempts the stupid thing has even been cropped AND squashed slightly at the sides so it's not even square anymore. I checked the RAW being output by L3DT in PS, the whole thing is there and intact. And once again, not a single thing I change about any part of the export or import process or original L3DT map seems to have ANY change on any part of the problem. I'm completely lost, and have nowhere left to look for information, so any kind of idea would help (any screenshots or details requested will be eagerly supplied). I've literally done nothing but try to fix this for almost a week now. Literally, I wake up, I research and try different solutions until I'm too tired, sleep & repeat. And haven't made a single, solitary inch of progress on this problem. I'm frustrated, exhausted, and UTTERLY out of ideas; I've just beat my head against this wall so hard for so long every thought has turned to mush. I'm still 1000% devoted to this project, I just really, really need a hand getting over this seemingly insurmountable obstacle.
  14. Absolutely nothing to my knowledge, Might call up my grandmother and ask if she'd like to go walking around the Indian mounds. She likes that place. The friend who lives with us is really devastated by Gregg Allman's passing, Since he's going to be buried in the graveyard right next to the house there's going to be a lot of commotion coming soon anyhow.
  15. My brother is about to be deployed to Cuba, so he and I are planning a trip to either Tennessee or Branson later this week before he leaves town. Otherwise I've got nothing special going on, just work. I do plan on working on some posts for both RPs after things wind down around the house tonight.
  16. My work schedule is increasing but shouldn't inhibit anything for me. So I'll be working on my next Lawrence post. After that I'll either go back to Morane or Alan, depending on what I feel like writing.
  17. So what are you guys up to this week?
  18. I also had written an article on my site to point to the gofundme.
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  20. Lorgar would be one of the NPC's in the civil war (with a hidden backstory infering hes a werewolf) that or a boss for the Stormcloaks or a Hircine Quest. Avitus would be the legion trainer....if Skyrim had proper factions. Dales would be an optional romance for female characters dragon age style.
  21. I'm hoping to... I'm slowly creating while making my way through the NightasyTutorials. No problems about the skinflag thing. It's a mystery! That's partly why I started from scratch. I'm hoping I can figure out how it all comes together if I actually make it all myself. P.S. This is where I'm at right now:
  22. Thanks Arion @ladyonthemoon Druid is being maintained by my partner and the developers there. The business should be fine, our server for Druid is tiny compared to TESA so it's cheaper for them to keep up.
  23. Possibly. Depends on which era the game would take place. I'd make them a select few that have names and distinct personalities that could make them both memorable enemies (and possibly allies if it's possible to pick sides). Either way, the combat would have to overhauled as right now the combat in Skyrim between two humanoids is quite lackluster.
  24. I'm not able to help financially right now but I shared the gofundme page on my Facebook page. I'm sure I have friends who are in a better position to help than I am currently. Best of luck my friend.
  25. I know they're not major in the RP, but I think the Wraiths would make some killer minibosses, like dragons to to Yornar's Alduin.
  26. Good prompt, Witch, Boldir would be a high level bandit chief that you have to kill to become Thane of Riften. That, or a Stormcloak Commander who gives you quests in an imaginary Civil War that was done well. Carlotta and Mila already sell fruit. But for my versions, I guess Carlotta would be found dead in a cell or something after you kill Boldir. And since Bethesda doesn't hurt kids, Mila would probably be absent. Endar would be a one-off quest companion who you help in some dungeon with his research before he leaves the province. The Tynes would be hireling companions who make lots of quips back and forth. Gregory would be either a major villain if you side with the BoS or a main faction questgiver if you side with rebels. Josey and the rest of the family would be the same as Gregory, but on a lower level.
  27. Teutorigos Borr would be involved as one of the faction leaders for Western Roscrea, More of a Tullius role of sitting on his ass due to the man's age. Theudofrid would have one of those unmarked quests that have to be activated with a little thought. Farrukhzad-i Mah Azar would have a role similar to Stormcloak and Legionary captains stationed at forts and camps, In quests involving fighting the other faction he'd act as front line officer. Lugubelenos would be one of those annoying ass NPCs that you so dearly want to kill but is permanently essential.
  28. Completely off topic, but my sunburn is on the tops of my shoulders and I'm wearing a t-shirt, so it hurts like a bitch and the only thing I can think of his how I identify with Darth Vader and Joshua Graham right now.
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