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  2. Yep! And I agree, they're excellent. It's nice reading stories from this universe that are set in a time that isn't so overwhelmingly bleak and chaotic. I also like the more small scale, personal feel of each story. Egg is my favorite Targaryen by far, and it's impossible not to like Dunk. I think that the next Dunk and Egg story he has planned is supposed to be called The She Wolves of Winterfell. Far as I know he still intends to write it, but said that he won't work on any more D&E stories until Winds is finished. I think a big part of why he's so good at it is because he's a master of limited POV storytelling. You spend all of books 2 and 3 viewing Melisandre through Davos' eyes and it makes you think she and her god are evil, because that's what Davos thinks. It's only when we start seeing them through a number of different lenses that we get to form an unbiased opinion. I loved that book 5 straight up gave us a Mel POV, and basically confirmed that she has good intentions. I'm also really excited for Moqorro (sp?), the Red Priest who is traveling with Victarion. That guy is so powerful and mysterious. I hope he meets Dany.
  3. Yes, and I third that it was awesome because of Free Folk. This is another of my favorite scenes that's not from the book. So mysterious! One of the great things GRRM does in this series is take characters and groups you think are evil, then make you like them against your will. It's crazy. The followers of R'hllor are definitely in that category for me. People always getting up in Varys' face, lol. Poor guy.
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  5. Was hardhome the episode with
  6. @bigbossbalrog Yes that's the one. @The_Good_Doctor Have you read the Dunk & Egg stories? Those are excellent, and a big reason that I like the Targaryens. GRRM was also supposed to have released a story called The Wolf Women of Winterfell, but pulled it in favor of The Princess and the Queen. I was pretty disappointed we didn't get a story with that name. I wonder if he's not wanting to spoil something that he intends to reveal, maybe a Stark alliance/ inheritance from the Children? Hence their magical abilities. Pretty certain that's what is going on with the Reeds, too. I was just reading about how Moat Cailin was created, supposedly, by the Children using their hammer of the waters to create a natural barrier. I'm guessing they mixed with the First Men when those two made alliances against the Andal invasion.
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  8. Oh boy I sure do love getting spoiled by a youtube video suggestion.
  9. Hardhome was excellent, I agree. I think it's the best episode we've had since season 4, and is one of the show's best deviations. But I might be biased because I really like the Free Folk.
  10. I will say that the one episode I did like in season 5 was Hardhome, and in season 6 it was Hold the Door. Hardhome, I believe, was based on GRRM's plans for Osha and Rickon- I hadn't seen this deleted scene with Ghost. Apparently there was also supposed to be a scene with Ghost in this episode, but it got cut. Not surprised, though Ghost's unimportance to the story is one of the things I dislike about the show.
  11. I'm just now getting to the point where the Wildlings are attacking the Wall, if I didn't know Jon lived somehow this might even be intense.
  12. I agree with Celan. Season 2 was the earliest departure that got in my nerves, because that's when the characters started becoming notably different from their book counterparts. But I felt like season 3 reigned it back in. There were a few bumps along the way, but in my opinion the first really big mistake on the show's part was during the final episode of season 4. They made two massive changes at that point that were a lot bigger than previous ones and had a huge ripple effect. Basically made it impossible for the show to stick with the books after that. Season 5 was the weakest, imo. They scrapped a lot of really good plotlines and basically rushed through two books' worth of content in just one season.
  13. Personally I think season 6 was the biggest turning point for me. The idiot ball was passed around too much that I couldn't really be able to ignore or look past it.
  14. People who don't have anything to compare it to, probably won't have a problem with it. It's because we know that the real story is so much better that we complain. Though I think objectively, you can be upset about some stupid plotting decisions they made. To me it looks like they're rushing. I have no idea why, since they're making a gazillion dollars. Maybe because the kids are growing up. Anyway, for me the show went downhill fast as soon as it departed substantially from the books. By the end of season 2, I was pretty disillusioned. By end of season 4 I was going to ragequit. But I got over it and take the show on its own terms.
  15. Personally I've enjoyed the show the whole way through. Season 5 was a little slow, but I don't think the show is going down hill by any means.
  16. So when did the series start going downhill? What season did it start to do so?
  17. you said it not me Not that I blame you, and since the show's getting more and more meh, may as well dive in now.
  18. I ******* knew it, he was going to push her off.
  19. Oh shit. Talk about tense cliffhangers.
  20. Where I'm at now I realized what she did plus Doc told me too, I had the wrong impression on who she killed. Don't know if I'm conveying the wrong message but I wasn't finding a foulness in her character for killing the slavers, I had wrongly thought she killed everybody all the woman, children and men who weren't slaves. Turns out I was wrong, thank goodness for it.
  21. I believe in the part you are referring to, Dany is not at all wrong in opposing slavery, she just overestimates her ability to overthrow an entire continent's economic system by fiat. Though it works for a while. I won't say more to avoid spoiling you. Well we are pissed! lol That's why we keep whining "but in the booooks...."
  22. Admittedly the trope indeed calls for more, but I'd prefer good ol military ingenuity over a convenient plot device any day. Though you could still consider it one but as you said, it has flaws and will be hard to pull off, unless they do what they've been doing, having archers pull off impossible shots without effort. It is still fantasy after all. The only flaw I saw with it was that they needed him to showcase this and not Jamie or some other soldier that's knowledgeable in such things. Perhaps Cersei herself. Had to pick up something from her father and all the men she's been banging.
  23. But come on, a necromancer leading Cersei into a creepy tunnel and all you get is a common ballistic weapon? That demonstration made no sense. Piercing ancient dry bone is nothing like hitting a moving live dragon covered in hard scales. And in that case, presenting a smaller target is a good thing. I guess show watchers needed to be reminded that dragons have vulnerabilities since we've only seen battles where Dany had the advantage of surprise.
  24. lol you were viking'd Celan but thank you, I realized I messed up when I remembered the big deal everyone made when the writers finally ran out of book for the show. As for the ballista and it being a cool reveal, I liked it. That damn thing cleaved right through that thick ass giant skull, and that dragon head was a good deal larger than what Danny's dragons are so far. It pretty much promises at least one dragon will die, or be gravely injured. Hopefully not though, I'd prefer one get captured and they have to rescue it. Would've liked Euron to do it Olaf style but ah well. Anyway, I personally would have been pissed if her pocket Mage necromancer pulled something like that OP horn out of his ass, just when the mother of dragons rears her sexy head and everything else.
  25. No, they're past the last book now. They were past them as of I think Doc means that's where you'll see differences where the show started doing its own thing. I went back and read a bit from The Princess and the Queen, a short story GRRM wrote about the Dance of Dragons. The armies there did have ballistae called scorpions they deployed against dragons, and it did kill one. In a different battle, it just made the Red Queen mad. So its effectiveness seems to depend on the age of the dragon. Older dragon= harder scales. Dany's dragons are still quite young so yes, they'd be vulnerable. Several times commanders tell their forces "aim for the rider," so Dany's real weakness is that only she can control her dragons. On a side note, it also says that Westeros had a custom of first night up until the Targaryen "Good Queen" Alysanne outlawed it, which would have been about 150 years before current time.
  26. I read it anyway out of curiosity, definitely makes me want to read more but man how are you not super pissed at the portrayals in comparison. That's the main reason I didn't read sooner, I didn't want the show to suck for me.
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