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  3. lol y'all just got ****ty Internet
  4. I watch it on Go and it works fine.
  5. I watch on hbo Now, which has a great connection, just not on rabbit. It's fine watching by yourself though.
  6. I just went with the super expensive route and bought the cd sets of GoT
  7. I gave up watching on HBO GO this week, too, and it would kick me off if I went idle. Fortunately I have HBO On Demand in my expensive ass cable package, still. It could be that their servers are slammed with GoT watchers. I imagine a lot of people subscribe just to watch the shows they want, then cancel. Also, I third The Wire. I got Colonel to watch it. It's one of the best written TV shows, if not the best. My favorite season is the fourth.
  8. First seasons the best but it's all good, really good.
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  10. I'm throwing this out there because I am completely desperate. I swear, the things that Bethesda makes difficult will never ever make sense to me. I want to make an actor look bloody. One would think, in a game featuring hungry wolves, battle axes and big effing swords, this would be as simple as putting in a code like Actor.AddBloodEffect But this is Bethesda, so a 90 step process is required. I have studied and researched and poked and prodded and cried and taken a lot of meds and in the end it seems to come down to decals, which can be applied via Shader Effects or through JContainers. My efforts with both have been laughable. Does anyone here have any familiarity with this? Because I'm at the end of my rope
  11. I'm totally watching this after this season of GoT.
  12. Man gamers are so entitled. I hate it when people complain about free shit. I'm sure Bethesda's group is bad, but the Total War fandom and Paradox are the worst about it. Just because they didnt get their stupid Middeinheim, their angry at CA for giving us mother ******* Krell, Lord of Undeath. I love Nordic Skeletons. Draugr's are the coolest shit.
  13. I'm having really annoying connectivity problems, constant buffering and pausing where as on youtube I can watch two hour long videos without problem. Goddammit I'd be finished with the first episode otherwise.
  14. I'd also recommend The Wire.
  15. Despite its flaws, it really is a great show. It's based in an incredible fantasy world.
  16. I'm going to bite the bullet and finally start watching Game of Thrones, have the HBO Go thing all set up and ready.
  17. Lol good idea, I'm gonna make a fist killcam montage! Complete with death metal.
  18. If you want to use assets from other mods, you need permission from the original author. Most authors will have their permissions stated somewhere, and what they permit varies dramatically. If you can't find anything about permissions, then you need to ask. If you don't get it, you can't use it.
  19. Hi, I'm new to mod creation and even newer to this site, so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong here or posting in the wrong location, if so let me know and I'll make sure to correct my mistakes. So I've not actually made anything yet but I've been using mods for many years and have been playing around with the creation kit for some time now. I have several questions on what is reasonably possible using the CK in regards to several mods I'd like to try and create. and if anyone here knows the answers to some or all questions please give me your wisdom. 1: Are their any general laws I should be made aware of when using resources from other mods? and if there aren't, is there any "modding etiquette" when wanting to use other's assets? Like, would I be expected to ask first or is it generally agreed anything goes so long as I credit them? 2: Is it possible (or rather how difficult is it) to make conjuration spells who's summoned actors will not disappear upon timeout or death. I'm wanting to create minion crafting spells and am hoping to make it so that rather then vanishing, they'll simply fall down dead. 3: I understand animations and what they tie to is complex in skyrim, and because of this you can't give an actor a different animation from others of their same race because the races are tied to specific animation sets (or vice a versa?). But what I want to know, is it possible to create a new race and give that race its own unique animation set separate from the 10 already existing races. 4: Continuing on from Q3 What I want to try and do is create a lich race mod that will work the same as how vampires function as their own race, and make this effectively a permanent form as opposed to the mod "undeath's" transformation style lich form. The question is how hard is it to have it function similarly, but separately to vampire as it's own form? 5: Something I want to do is introduce a few new crafting recipes, but since not of the existing crafting stations really fit I was wondering how hard would it be to make an ability(either a perk or a quest gained ability), that allows you to click on any enchanting table or alchemy lab and instead of opening their default use, instead gain the option to open either the default use or the new crafting menu. I think that's everything for now. Most of the other stuff I want to do I've already seen achieved with other mods in some form or another, so I know they're at least possible. thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.
  20. I wish I am not homeless, I would love to help you. I was compelled to give you a cookie just because you are not afraid to 'fly our colors'. I am relieved your family is settling back in, to a stable environment.
  21. Be sure to punch Mikael for me!
  22. That's what imma do, and with the bard mod I can even have him playing the flute in the tavern, lol.
  23. Honestly you'd probably make something better by just winging it. Make a big shaggy dude with dark hair, blue eyes, and a scar or something. I never put a lot of effort into creating Boldir in Skyrim.
  24. I remember some screen caps you gave from back in the day, I'll see what I can pull off tomorrow.
  25. Yeah there's really nothing special to making Boldir. Just use his CS or any of the descriptions I've written. The armor and axe are more important anyway.
  26. Still in love Doc how do I make Boldir in Skyrim face wise? I need to know... Though I guess all I need is that seeeexy ass battle axe and his dawnguard helmet.
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