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  2. And Doc I think you should take a lil' peek at our PM, You might like what you see. That reads very sexually but really it's not meant to be.
  3. At this point you're asking for a bald eagle to come flying in through you're window screaming.
  4. actually I have another $250 in graduation money from people so I'm thinking I'm gonna get a new rifle.
  5. MURICA **** YEAH
  6. That's precisely what I'm gonna spend it on. I need some more ammo
  7. shows up in CK's preview window now, but doesn't show up in Skyrim. I'm getting 2 BSLighting error messages in the CK though, so I'm guessing I'm still missing something. Oh well, more playing with it tomorrow. At least I'm making progress, right? :-)
  8. Don't spend all of it on guns and video games.
  9. just won $644 at the casino. I'm hyped the **** up
  10. At my university actually.
  11. Nothing to be sorry about Balrog, That's actually really good of you to do volunteer jobs anyhow. Where at if I may ask?
  12. Sorry Czar, I unfortunately took Spring/Summer courses this semester, and I volunteer quite a bit, so i'm out of the house most of the week.
  13. Balrog when you get the chance could you take a look at our PM, Have a somewhat important question for you. Hoo boy I'm probably annoying you by asking this same thing every now and then, But it's looking to be the only reliable way to contact you.
  14. Ummm... the link above that should show us where to get the CK seems to be outdated.
  15. Thanks! :-) I wanted a baby that would fit better with "The Kids Are Alright" mod and MakeHuman seems like a pretty good tool to do that. It's not perfect yet, but it at least looks like a human baby lol. (AND there are tools to make pointy ears and such so possibly mer babies in the future too!) Yes, I will have it in the bag better. (I may totally end up redoing the bag altogether.) I stopped to try and get it in the creation kit while it was still in a rough form because I wanted to make sure it would work before I went much further. I redid the n_maps last night and they work now. :-)
  16. Will do. Organization isn't my strong point lol. You don't want to see my desktop, trust me. :-D I'm apparently using NifSkope 2.0.0 PreAlpha 6
  17. Yesterday
  18. This baby is so cute. Can you push him deeper into the bag, it seems to be falling every moment. I found that the n_maps of the baby are strange, should they be blue? aklightskinbaby1_n brown_eye_n tongue01_diffuse_n The baby have a tons of poly. The eyes and the tongue are semi visible, if is a static mesh you can cut all parts that are hidden. Also you can cut the parts under the blanket and the part hidden in the bag. Don't feel bad about.
  19. My family members' school don't get out until this week too.
  20. In the nif that you uploaded, the texture paths were wrong. They just need to point to the actual location of the textures. It might help you to organise your files a bit better. Use your username and mod name like this: meshes/aleniskendra/WarBabies/ textures/aleniskendra/WarBabies/ Put your meshes together in the meshes part and all textures together in the texture part. It'll also help avoid conflict with other mods in the future if you have it like this. But make sure to change the texture paths in your nifs. BTW, what version of NifSkope are you using?
  21. Every other school let out two weeks ago. Mine is just stupid.
  22. Dang. I'm pretty sure schools around here have been out for a week or two now.
  23. Playing ESO and getting ready for graduation.
  24. We're doing a post together, but it's my turn. Haven't been able to contribute in a bit thanks to the work I mentioned above.
  25. No Fallout stuff?
  26. Lotsa work. Had a few big groups to cater for these last two weeks and there was a lot of planning involved.
  27. Working on my next Alan post, then I'll move on to the next Lawrence post. Probably go to Morane after that.
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