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  2. Then we’d know he’s an imposter and that there’s some fucked up shit going on. No way Shor would take the form of an elf.
  3. Makes me wonder how they felt about him saying the Thalmor are gonna win.
  4. Or even worse, he changes races to match the dragonborn... in ancient nordic armor.
  5. I was glad he wasn’t there. Now I’m really glad.
  6. Ah didn't realize those two things were all in the same post. In any case, like I said they're not gonna knowingly contradict something Bethesda's said. They operate in the grey area where it's safe.
  7. You have no idea how much I wanted to find a gif of the Dragonborn killing a chicken.
  8. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt on this one for the same reason. Too many coincidental mirrorings of Wulfharth's, Talos', and Shor's legend. Course it could be a small part of it, it's personally one I'm grateful for. Besides. What if Shor was literally just some generic Nord with ancient Nordic armor
  9. MK said it too. Or at least it’s in that alleged Skyrim design document that covered the totems. Whether you believe that he wrote it or someone else at Bethesda did and he just shared it, MK definitely seems to agree with the sentiment.
  10. Well, going along with the grain is unfair. MK didn't make C0da after all to tickle Bethesda's pickle, and the moderators on the old sites hated that ******* thing But MK and Lady N typically won't downright knowingly contradict something they've said
  11. I wouldn’t rule out laziness, but considering the massive amounts of symbolism throughout Skyrim of the Last Dragonborn being like Talos, I want to believe it’s an intentional hint.
  12. That was just LadyN, I have no idea how much of their ideas are cosigned by eachother. They don't always go along with the grain, but they more times than not will. That Talos thing was probably just a slipup and she probably didn't recall that book. It's the only bit of lore I know of that specifically states Nords for sure know and credit Akatosh for helping Martin Septim.
  13. But if you’re right, what they did in this case directly steps on Bethesda’s toes, doesn’t it? With Talos being credited for ending the Oblivion Crisis and whatnot.
  14. Mother ******* autocorrect
  15. Do you think not including Shor was a clever move on Bethesda's part to show what the player really is or just laziesness?
  16. Though at least Olaf One-Eye and his mention of his draugr opened up room for good speculation on souls and the dreamsleeve.
  17. 11/11/11 Great marketing, wont lie. But **** them anyway.
  18. Agreed. I loved Sovngarde for its music and aesthetics. But they dropped the ball big time on the residents. Shor’s Hall should’ve been a wet dream for lore buffs, where we get a chance to actually meet and talk to some of the greatest historic figures in the series! lol nope. Just a bunch of random NPCs with noteworthy names and generic appearances.
  19. Lady N and MK only do that so they don't step on Bethesda's toes if you ask me. Talos, being also associated with Akatosh because he's dragonborn, the most powerful as well. I'd prefer to think that common Nords don't as well, and obviously in our rp I'm going to reflect that. But Bethesda only bothered to show the side that associates and reveres Akatosh, and strangely we barely see mention of the main ******* villain in the goddamn game besides from the greybeards, Esbern, and Ulfric. Maybe Balgruuf too actually, I think he acknowledges the old stories when you go to him about catching a dragon. And of course the yokel in that book.
  20. I'll tell you what's a travesty, Bethesda's half ass depiction of Ysgramor. They make a cool ass statue showing his mighty beared and armor, but then give him regular old ancient nordic armor and bushy beard when we actually see him.
  21. I still like to believe that not all Nords do this, and that it’s mostly just an Imperial and Greybeard thing, since no one who says it is really representative of general Nordic beliefs imo. Although nothing really says this in the game. Just LadyN and MK. So it’s not exactly the popular sentiment. Though there still are a lot of associations with Talos as well, and these actually do get brought up by common Nords in-game, which is nice.
  22. Not to mention they now associate the mythical Dragonborn, some of their greatest heroes with Akatosh.
  23. Fair enough. Still besides the point though.
  24. The Riften one is a safe bet considering their teachings consider Mara the Handmaiden of Kyne. That’s not an Imperial temple. And the Dibellans are very different from their portrayal in Cyrodiil as well.
  25. And yea they swear by Shor and sovngarde but there’s no statues or amulets for Shor anywhere since Talos replaces him and he’s their dead god I assume. It’s not the same. The point wasn’t that they were all super into Akatosh anyway, but that they even are at all. Amulets to Akatosh n shit, good dragon my ass. Id have preferred that he wasn’t prevalent there at all.
  26. Mara and Dibella yes but in both cases you can’t really be sure Nords actually did that anyway when they’re not actually run by Nords.
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