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  3. Yes backers can get the full version through us if not on GOG without purchasing again. You can totally put the game in your sigs, we appreciate the support!
  4. Hircine was merciful, it could have been a giant spider.
  5. It makes me feel like being a lot less merciful come muzzle loading season. I could've shot dozens of doe and a couple younger bucks. But I wanted a big boy to put on the wall, so I passed them all up. This December I'm gonna wait until the last day and then I'm gunning for some meat.
  6. The deer won the battle, how does that make you feel? Dont feel discouraged though. I've come back empty handed on plenty of hunting trips.
  7. Welp. I'm on my way home from a hunting trip up in the Ozarks. Biggest thing I killed was a spider I found in my towel.
  8. Looking over the list on uesp there seems to a few couple of other diseases that has similar effects in that they make the victim a little crazy and possibly violent. Though they seem to be classified as common diseases and thus easily curable.
  9. Although, Black Marsh is a very weird and mysterious place with lots of other unique diseases, creatures, and whatnot. If such a thing could exist outside the direct influence of a daedra or divine, that's probably where you could find it. Though I honestly think that since we've already basically had it with Corprus and still have something similar with necromancy, it would be a little redundant.
  10. My bad, should've quoted Witch, just figured it being under his post was good enough. Anyway, that's why I had doubts of such a thing existing without the influence of a daedra or some divine artifact, which is the only way I could see such a thing existing in TES. Perhaps working like I'd originally thought the Darkspawn taint did, the manifestation of a (maybe dead) god's will spreading like a virus.
  11. Gotcha. I thought you were talking about disease in general, not specifically the ones that can't be cured easily. TES has tons of diseases, afflictions, etc, but most seem pretty easily cured by a priest or healer. Even the vampirism diseases are easy to cure before they reach the final stage and transform you.
  12. Well there seems to be a lot of diseases in TES with various degrees of ease can somehow be cured.
  13. Never hear about someone having a tricky ringworm they can’t get rid of or something, lol.
  14. That’s what I mean though. Every time we’ve gotten something that wasn’t easily cured it seems to stem either from daedra, or in Morrowind Lorkhan. edit: or the sload
  15. You need the esp file, AND the bsa.
  16. Thought so, though I hadn’t read the novels yet. So all I had to go by was fan word.
  17. I remember the part about the Imperials. That all followed pretty much immediately after the Crisis and makes sense in my book. The Septims are dead and the daedra are gone. It's the perfect time to retake the swamp with no backlash (they also didn't drive out all Wimperials. They were still in Lilmoth at least, though as civilian remnants instead of a force). But I don't recall it ever saying that the Hist specifically drove them to attack Morrowind. Not saying it didn't, but I think it'd be a lot more characteristic of the Argonians to just do it themselves, no doubt with plenty of Hist sap in their systems to give them strength. It's not like they lacked a motive.
  18. I don't think so. Things like rockjoint, fever, and infections seem pretty much natural. Every time a disease is specifically created by a daedra, it's pretty notably distinctive, like vampirism or lycanthropy. Even Peryite's known plagues tend to result in some pretty extreme symptoms, and he creates them with the specific intention of enforcing his desire for natural order. Granted, low level diseases might still fall under Peryite's domain, but I doubt he invented them. Similar to how destruction or rape might please Dagon or Bal, but they didn't invent the concepts.
  19. In the novels Glim does credit the Hist with throwing out the wimperials and avenging the Argonians' enemies.
  20. There's also the Knahaten Flu and maybe one other I can't remember. I think that would be highly dependant on what parasite you got and where you are. I'd wager it would be pretty hard to find a mage that can kill a parasite from inner Black Marsh anywhere outside Black Marsh. Mostly because why would any mage learn how to and how would they learn?
  21. Same reason someone probably couldn't have just walked up and stabbed Almalexia to death before the Heart was destroyed. It's waaaaaay more powerful than anything natural. Even now, corprus is incurable. When the Nerevarine got infected, the greatest mage of the Era couldn't cure it. He just mitigated the negative effects.
  22. I didn’t mention corprus or the ash vampires specifically because they derive from Lotkhan’s Heart, but yea it’s a good example.
  23. Don't forget the corprus disease Morrowind, which was very damn similar to cordyceps in a lot of ways, but with a creepy "divine" twist. Even the names are close. It also couldn't be cured with magic or blessings. One of the greatest threats in Tamriel history. Possible, but I wouldn't bet on it personally. The Hist got involved in the Oblivion Crisis because they were threatened, and that was pretty much the only time we've ever seen them get involved on a large scale. A revenge attack against a weakened enemy seems much more like a mortal Argonian decision to me. Especially considering that they eventually got beaten back, which would be uncharacteristic of the Hist driven Argonians who didn't stop pushing until Dagon himself retreated. I reckon the loss of life against the daedra would've been far greater than against the Redoran.
  24. One thing I haven't understood now that we're talking about diseases, how come the Divine Disease couldn't be cured normally? Was it created using the Heart somehow?
  25. I’m fuzzy on lore about diseases but don’t such things typically derive from daedra aside from ones made by the Sload? As for parasites, I suppose but I’m sure there’s mages in abundance that specialize in restoration enough to kill parasites, and if not then alchemists for sure.
  26. Some diseases can't be that easily cured with spells though. It seems stuff like powerful plagues aren't easily cured and has a tendency to spread faster than what the capable mages can cure it. Otherwise they wouldn't have spread all over Tamriel. Not to mention parasites would likely be different enough from regular diseases that you'd need more specialized spells.
  27. It’s possible though. They don’t often get involved with outside provinces on their own.
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