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  1. This is a re-texture of Angilla's FB Dark Crusader armor designed to fit evil characters. It bears the markings of the Dark Brotherhood, but it's still suitable for any evil type.
    Yes, it is Exnem, but it looks just fine on HGEC.
    Also, it's enchanted for dark gameplay types. Security, Sneak, et cetera.

    In the Cheydinhal Abandoned House Basement lies an interloper...

    Copy and paste the Data folder found inside the zip file to your main Oblivion directory. Nothing will be overwritten, and nothing is required.

    Angilla - FB - Dark Crusader
    Apachii - Apachii Goddess Store.
    Exnem - Base rogue texture and design.
    JARODCASTLE - Base chain mail texture.
    Toshizo7 - Tona Mods Store.