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    Welcome to my first ever mod!

    I am a HUGE fan of the Roosterteeth show RWBY and Pyrrha is my favorite character. I love her design and wanted to use her armor and weapons in game but back when I started this no one had done it, wanting to get into making mods for a while I went at it! and this is the end result. I made everything here from scratch, I had never used a 3d modeling program before in my life, nor nif skope or an imaging program (bar paint on the odd occasion). I learned a lot and think I now have the modding bug... I'm already planning to do CoCo's outfit and Weapon for Fallout 4.

    Anyway, enough of my Rambling, Onto the Mod.



    This Mod adds Pyrrha's Armor set, Sword and Shield in game.

    The Armor is designed for the UNPB body, however I believe this should also work with normal UNP as well But I am unsure.

    The armor shares the same stats as Dragonscale armor (This includes the Shield) and the Sword shares the same stats as the Daedric sword apart from attacking a bit faster and reduced weight.

    The armor is all Light armor, it is craftable but as it is matched to Dragonscale stats it requires Dragon Smithing to make. All armor and weapons can be improved.

    Aside from Crafting the Armor can be found inside Helgen Keep in a chest that has been added to the room where you are told to get some potions, The chest is called 'Confiscated Weapons and Armor' and requires a key to unlock, the key can be found on a table in one of the rentable rooms of The Sleeping Giant Inn in River wood (My thought process was that someone from Helgen would of escaped had the key, stayed in the Inn and left it there)

    The armor will work with the weight slider.


    Future Plans:

    I may make the spear form of Milo and I may also make a matching Bow/Crossbow to go with the set.

    Future Texture Work may be done if I can ever learn to make good ones

    I do NOT plan to convert this to another body mod - Madutka has made his own version for CBBE that can be found here -


    Is this mod perfect? No. It is higher poly than it needs to be, and the textures definitely are not up to other modders standards but I gave it my best go.

    If you have any issues I will do my best to help solve them.

    Criticism is very much appreciated but please be constructive.


    If you still reading this far I salute you, I have some very special thanks to give out.

    Thanks to Monty Oum and Roosterteeth for RWBY

    Massive thanks to the guys over at TES Alliance, most specifically:
    Grond for helping me immensely in the moddeling process
    Hanaisse for helping to answer my never ending questions about weights, body partitions, skeletons.
    I question if my mod would of ever seen the light of day without their help.

    Nightasy for his amazing tutorial series on youtube, while I used a different program to him some of the videos where invaluable

    And lastly, I FizzyPanda I, an IRL friend who helped me a lot.


    Bugs: None as far as I am aware.



    You may not upload this mod to any other sites.
    You may not use the assets I have made without consent from myself, this includes bug fixes or mods of your own creation.



    Credits to Monty Oum and Roosterteeth, RWBY belongs to them.
    Creation kit
    and of course, Skyrim.



    I always disliked the fact that you couldn't kill Cicero or the Night Mother so I wrote a quest or an expansion to the destroy the Dark brotherhood
    questline to also explain Severa Magia from Morrowind and allow the player to get the rest of the artifacts that the player would have like Muiri's Ring
    plus some other artifacts (I tried not to touch the ones that the dragonborn legacy added and oblvion artifacts pack added)

    Warning:Its for high level characters a level 1 character will probably be killed in one hit
    Also there are no quest markers you need to find the doors to the new dungeons yourself(look in the spoiler pics if you get stuck)

    Place DestroyTheBrotherhood2.esp in your Skyrim/Data/folder.(Don't forget to activate it)
    Simply go somewhere outside save.Then remove DestroyTheBrotherhood2.esp from your hard drive or go in the Data Files tab of your Skyrim Launcher. Select "DestroyTheBrotherhood2.esp"and click on "Delete".

    Shouldn't conflict with anything unless storywise(if you joined the Dark Brotherhood and have Cicero as a follower it wouldn't make sense to be chasing after Cicero would it)
    All the cells are new,and I haven't touched the original Dawnstar sanctuary or the original npcs (everything is a duplicate)

    The new cells have been navemeshed but I haven't tested it with followers since I don't use them so I sugest saving before entering

    Where to start?
    Inside the Dark brotherhood Sanctuary you can find a chest with a master lock read the diary inside It should lead you to the next location and so on

    V1.0 Initial release.
    V1.2 bug fixes

    5. CREDITS
    Rona,Ron and Tish for encouraging me to finish it

    I used some quotes from the joker from batman found on wikiquote inside the story I thought they were fitting