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  1. The Abandoned Cottage (which isn't really so abandoned) is a small, slightly cramped but cozy playerhome located in Skuldafn. 

    Why, you ask? Who in their right mind would want to live there, right? 

    Well, first, it's hostile and thoroughly unfriendly, and I for one like to have a cozy spot to come home to. Second, I like to have a convenient spot to store my stuff and I suspect I am not alone. Third, it comes with a merchant and easy access to Skyrim to sell off all those goodies you loot when you're chasing down Alduin and fighting those annoying draugr. So it's mostly a spot for the player's convenience, and with the access to Riverwood it can be used as a starterhome as well. Just watch out for the dragur if you use the main door at a low level! (Consider yourselves warned if you haven't finished the main quest yet!). 

    The trapdoor is to the left of the main entrance of the Sleeping Giant Inn. The house itself is to the right of the main entrance in the Skuldafn courtyard. No key is required. 

    Comes with a housecarl/merchant to take care of the place when the Dragonborn is off adventuring. 
    -Mortar and Pestle on the table upstairs for Alchemy crafting 
    -unique oven and cooking pot and some comfy spots to sit. 

    Requires Hearthfire and suggest Dragonborn, I didn't use any resources from it but I had it loaded when I made this mod so I'm not sure how well it'll run without it. 

    -ladyonthemoon over at TESA for helping me work out some dialogue bugs. 
    -Darkfox127 for his tutorial videos on YouTube. He is totally worth checking out for anyone who wants to learn modding. 

    Resources Used: 

    *My apologies if I have forgotten anyone. Please PM me if I have and I'll be happy to add you to this list. 

    Stroti's Small House Resource by Stroti and Tamira 

    BookSets Resource Skyrim by Blary 

    Stroti's Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira 

    Stroti's Ovens by Stroti and Tamira 

    Stroti's Rustic Furniture by Stroti and Tamira 

    Stroti's Treehouse Resource by Stroti and Tamira 

    Ready Clutter and Furnishings by Lilith 

    New Beddings by 1ndajone5 

    Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 

    Static Dishes and Food by Tamira 

    Insanity's Folded Blankets by InsanitySorrow 

    Insanity's Pillows by InsanitySorrow 

    Insanity's Sofas and Chairs by InsanitySorrow 

    Lolicept Resources by Lolicept 

    Paintings and Frames by Artisanix 

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  2. A simple starter house, a Whiterun-style shack located in Riverwood near Hod's mill.




  3. Turns out that there was another Temple of Miraak tucked away on Solstheim that no one other than Cultists and influenced Raven Rock villagers were aware of. However, it was abandoned to work on the other temple and the stones since they were apart of Miraak's plans to bring him back from Apocrypha. Now is your chance to explore the Temple! This was cut from my upcoming project Companions of Nirn and turned into a player home.

    An up to date, legal copy of Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC and the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch by the USLEEP Team (Not a hard requirement, but I strongly advise you load it in!)

    Blessed Cultist Attire that uses the Outlandish Cultist Textures by Billyro. Most Crafting Benches - However, there is no smelting or staff enchanting benches. 2x Beds - One for you and one for whoever else you want to stay in there with you. Various, safe non-respawning storage to store your gear in. There is are some shelves to store your Unique Items (recommended: Jaxonz Positioner to place your items). Be mindful: there is also bin to remove unwanted items. Do NOT store items in it that you want to keep. Mannequins and weapon racks. A Training Dummy to practice on (recommended: Practice Dummies or Training Dummies and Targets so you level up when you practice)

    It has been cleaned with TES5Edit of any errors!
    Suitable for players who want to role-play as followers of Miraak.

    Where is it?
    Near Raven Rock. Let the screenshots be your guide~!

    Why is it so close to Raven Rock?

    Why aren't there cultists inside?
    They left.

    Where is the Blessed Cultist Gear?
    Check around the foot of the Miraak statue.

    Why doesn't the Blessed Cultist Gear have any enchantments for shouts?
    Because no one was expecting another Dragonborn to be apart of the cult. So, these enchantments were for your basic Bendu-Olo. Not another Dragonborn. If you want gear that empowers your shouts then nab Miraak's gear. Or, open up the CK and change the enchantments around.

    The enchantments are too OP!
    Throw the gear in the bin and use the regular cultist gear. Or, open up the CK and change the enchantments around.

    Can I forge the gear?
    No. If for some reason you've lost the gear than use the Console to look for it and add it into your inventory. Alternatively, you can use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer by towawot to add it to your inventory.

    Why aren't there more beds?
    Those beds were for the cultists who maintained the Temple. The Raven Rock Villagers who came would go back to the village at the end of the day so there was never any need to add more beds.

    I can't pray to Miraak?!
    You cannot actually interact with the statue to receive a blessing, but if you want to pretend that you are you can use Dovahkiin Relaxes Too by Wgstein to use the pray animation. If you want a blessing than suit up in the blessed Cultist gear.

    Miraak Dragonborn Follower by transientfaith
    Dovahkiin Relaxes Too by Wgstein
    AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer by towawot
    Practice Dummies by Arthmoor or Training Dummies and Targets by B1gBadDaddy
    Jaxonz Positioner by Jaxonz
    Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor
    PrinceShroob's Main Quest Delayer by PrinceShroob

    Billyro for Outlandish Cutlist Robes Replacer. Granted permission to use textures.




  4. This is a home for the Player to stack his/her loot. There is also a pool and a basement that is equipped with a dining table and chairs and 2 beds and a Talos Shrine so you can clean yourself after whatever you do in Skyrim.
    There are 3 choises:
    Riften Player's Warehouse (with female NPCs)
    -Riften Player's Warehouse No NPC
    -Riften Player's Warehouse Male NPC
    If you want the tropical looks you need to install Soolie's Tropical Skyrim. It is a total overhaul bringing tropical climate, vegetations and animals to Skyrim: - Remember to credit Soolie and donate if that suits you.
    I have created a plugin replacer - Tropical Skyrim II - that cleans up paths in caves and dungeons:
    Credit to:
    -Tamira for Skyrim version of "New Plants" here:
    -Tiwa44 for UNP Minidresses Collection here:
    -Brokefoot for UNP Mashup Compilation here:
    This mod also works without Tropical Skyrim.
    Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating wonderous games
    Thanks to my friends on the nexusmods
    Thanks to my "new" friends here on TESA




  5. Had such emotions for Helgi's situation that I had to do something to honor her (A fab idea from Bethesda's part). The tropicals are not included in this mod. The 'Tropical Skyrim' version by Soolie can be downloaded from nexusmods. Rember to credit him and donate if that suits you.
    -The flowering bushes are from Tamira's "New Plants" -
    -The Tropical Skyrim mod by Soolie, here:
    Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating wonderous games
    Thanks to my friends on the nexusmods
    Thanks to my "new" friends here on TESA




  6. player house

                                                                            Video demonstration by Hodilton                                                                          

    Hello everyone, It has been a while that I released Stump Home.

    Since the day I first watched the Hodilton’s video demonstration about Stump Home, something has been really bothering me, the house was looking different in Hodilton’s game comparing with mine.

    Stump Home’s interior and exterior walls consists of vanilla tree stumps and for that reason how does the house look alters according to the texture packs people use.

    So I recently decided to solve that problem for good. I retextured the house and landscape of the island. Also I have added few features and clutters. For the full list please check what’s new section.


    - New stump texture for exterior walls of the house. – Standalone / Changes only house texture, doesn’t change any other stump texture in game.
    - New stump texture for interior walls of the house. – Standalone / Changes only house texture, doesn’t change any other stump texture in game.
    - New landscape textures for the island. – Standalone / Changes only island grass, path and coast textures, doesn’t change any other textures in game.
    - A window – Dynamically reacts to the time of the day both inside and outside.
    - A new roof.
    - Smoke on chimney / pipes.
    - New wood textures for the crafting tables in the basement.
    - New ceiling design in the basement.
    - New clutters - Incense bowl with actual smoke / New barrels in kitchen section / Small spice bags / Shrine of Arkay / Rug.
    - A simple boat travel system.

    Have you ever heard of captain Jurgen "The Unsinkable" Stormheart?
    Well you couldn't!
    He went missing long before you arrive to Skyrim. Some say he has left the country and others say he sailed to his new home which he had it built for his retirement on an island in Lake ilinalta and live out of the world.

    Who knows, maybe you can find him!

    The House - On the island east to Lady Isle with lady stones in Lake Ilinalta.
    House Key & Boat control device – Body of the Captain.
    Captain Jurgen - Look for his ship around Lake Ilinalta, Finding it is not so hard; there are not too many ships in Lake Ilinalta...
    Boat/Dock – South of the island on coast of the mainland.

    Camping area with furniture
    Small farming area
    Main Room
    Furniture, Kitchen, Shrine or Arkay, Wood burner and Containers
    Basement - Crafting Room
    All Vanilla crafting stations including a custom smelter
    Staff Enchanting table

    Legendary edition of skyrim (Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire +Dragonborn)

    Using a manager like NMM / MO is highly recommended

    Compatible with everything except the mods alternate the same spots with the Island, boat/dock & the key.

    Tamriel Reloaded HD
    Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin

    French Translation by Makshame
    Stump Home Reloaded - French

    Tamira - For the help about window and boat travel matters and the great resources she shared with the community.
    benissugger -  For the help about landscape texturing.
    Makshame - For French translation

    Tamira & Stroti
    Stroti's Rustic Furniture, Strotis Ovens Resource, Strotis Old Mill
    Tamira & Phitt
    Phitt's Sheogorad
    Insanity's Log Hut, Insanity's Bales & Furrows, Chessboard
    Elianora's Extra Resources
    More Colorful Trees
    Modular Crafting Table
    Oaristys & Tony67
    Modders Resource Pack
    FoodContainer, OpenBooks
    Open Books Library
    Bookshelf activator
    Incense bowl
    Rug Resource
    Dwemer over Technology resources

    Immigrant's Hideout
    Stump Home




  7. A simple mod to provide display stands for your dragon claws.
    People like to display their collectibles in their homes. I am no different, but I've always wanted a way to do the same with the dragon claw keys used on the Nord ruin puzzle doors one they're of no use anymore. It always seemed silly to just toss them in a chest and forget about them since they're among the more unique things about the game. So the idea came up to make a display stand for the claws, but not just any display stand. One that was somewhat unique and fitting with their style and purpose. Thanks to some help from the folks at AFK Mods, this is now a reality
    Each vanilla player home, as well as the 3 Hearthfire homes, and Severin Manor in Raven Rock, now have display stands in various numbers. Simply have one or more of the claws in your inventory and activate the stand. If you have only one, it will be automatically displayed. If you have more than one, it will ask you which one you want to display, in much the same way the Paragon Gem platform in Falmer Valley does with Paragon Gems. If you should want it back for some reason, simply activate the stand a second time and it will be returned to your inventory.
    Under the hood, the mod takes the claw from your inventory, puts it into a hidden chest, and then places a clone of it in the visible world. When the claw is removed from the stand, the original copy in the chest is placed into your inventory and the clone is deleted to ensure there is no save bloating from creating multiple claws repeatedly. This is done in case the claw is marked in a quest alias somewhere so that the alias is not disrupted.
    Not all houses can display every claw due to limited space. Severin Manor is the only one with enough space to hold all 10 in the same cell. The Hearthfire houses split them up between the Main Hall and the basement, and all of the vanilla houses can only hold some. For example, Breezehome only has room for 4, while Proudspire Manor can hold up to 7. The placement of the stands are also tied to certain room upgrades, except for Severin Manor where they all get enabled once the player owns the property.
    As an added bonus, if other mods add more dragon claws, they can be added to the formlist used to track the vanilla game claws. All they would need is a script to access the formlist and add their base object to that list. The only condition is you would need to be sure the mod added claw is the only one in your inventory when you want to place it. This is due to limitations on how the menu works when asking for a claw.




  8. High Ridge Cottage

    Located just east of Ivarstead on the northern shores of Lake Geir High Ridge Cottage stands alone, a quaint and small house with a crafting structure next to it, a pier on the waters edge and a nice exterior dining area over looking the Sea Of Ghosts.
    Inside you will find a an active bookshelf in the entry way, to the left there is the dining and cooking area. When you enter the main room there you will find the Alchemy lab with several shelves of ingredients as well as potions. The master bedroom is large with a sleep able bed for two.
    Under the stairs are two weapon racks and a safe. Upstairs after you pass the upper dining table for two you'll find two beds for Companions.

    The Forge and crafting area in the out building is fully functional and the rock deck with table and chairs has usable plants growing around it. The salmon on the fish rack by the pier can be harvested.

    On occasion a dragon will come around so it makes things interesting, after you kill the dragon if you want to get rid of the bones just open the console, highlight the dragon and use the disable command, they will go away.

    This mod is my first player home and is still in a beta state. I intend to make the potion and ingredient shelves storage capable and I would like to add fish in the water down by the pier for player usage. I'm also thinking of making the boat at the end of the pier a way point for travel but that's in the far future.
    I hope you enjoy HRC and if you encounter any issues are have suggestions please let me know.

    Known Issues I'm working on:
    There is an issue with the navmesh at the front door that I can't seem to figure out, Followers can enter the door but cannot exit so when you leave they will appear across the lake and swim across to the house, still working on that.

    Version 1.1 fixed navmesh issue by finalising exterior mesh to cell. Some players still having a problem with entry. Tested fine on my system.
    Version 1.2 is an alternative version adding custom music to house interior. Music used is public use sanctioned.

    HRC should not require any other mods to work and does not effect the area other than a bit of grass trimming and lowering of the land I had to do to make the front of the house and the stairs to the forge area work





  9. Breezehome for Multikid.
    Serious storage capacity.
    relies on Multikid to adopt
    more than the first 2 kids.

    Replaces all the standard upgrades that come with breezehome
    so you need to bring farengar his stone, and give proventus his 5G
    but you don't need to get lydia, since her bed and a strongbox
    are all that get added. she will sleep in her bed not creep you.

    talk page

    mid-game adoption kickstart
    courtesy of TMPhoenix
    [use extreme discretion please]
    [epic game-breaking potential]


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  10. ladyonthemoon's Whitewater Farm
    by ladyonthemoon
    This is a home for the player I made for the final exam of the CK basics course DarkRider kindly put up for us here. Thank you so much!
    Photos album
    The game has trouble "remembering" where you placed objects when you decorate your house; if you drop objects in your house and place them immediately where you want them to be and leave the house, you'll find them scattered on the floor when you come back. There is a simple fix to that glitch:
    drop the objects you want to place in your house on the floor, leave the house, come back into the house and place them where you want them to be. Fixed!
    March 3rd, 2017, Skyrim Special Edition versions:
    To use this mod with Skyrim Special Edition, download the file named and extract its content into your Data files folder, exactly as you would do for the original Skyrim.
    If you do not want to use the version that adds the house in Riverwood, download the file named
    Once this done, launch the game, click on "mods" on the menu page and place it at the lowest place possible in your load order, using the "X" and arrow keys.
    Do not use the Hearthfires patch with the Skyrim Special Edition, it's included already.
    June 19th, 2016, final version:
    Same content that was in the December 31st, 2015 version described below to which lod files have been added.
    There will no longer be any updates to this mod, unless you experience bugs that can be fixed. Do not be shy and post a full description of them down below.
    Files to download:, if you own Hearthfires. _____oOo_____
    December 31st, 2015, new version:
    The original version and version 2 of the mod are still available for download; this version has been replaced by the new and final version uploaded on June 19th, 2016; see above.
    Files to download:
    June 19th, 2016 update above Installation:
    extract the content of the archives into your ~:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data directory. Over write when windows ask for it. Launch the game, click on "Data Files" and make sure the esp is activated, use only one version of the mod at a time, the WWFarmHearthfiresPatch  is necessary if you own the Hearthfires expansion. It moves a Stone Quarry from behind the house to just outside the gate near Gerdur's house:
    If you install this new version in a current play through, it will take 31 in game days for the stone quarry to show at its new place. Don't worry, there's another one nearby, behind the trees between the house and the gate, if you were already using the previous version or the original version, read the notes related to these releases below. Incompatibilities:
    Any mod making changes to the Riverwood05 6, -12 and Wilderness 9, -1 cells.
    As the name says, this new version adds a house in Riverwood the player will be able to buy, Eir's Rest.
    How does the player buy Eir's Rest?
    go fetch the dragonstone for Farengar and deliver it to him, go to Eir's Rest in Riverwood and pick up the note that is pinned next to the door, gather 2,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the house and take the note.


    Anything else?
    Yes! Eirs was a hunter, she died some time ago, probably killed by bandits. Her dog, Baldwin, survived and will greet the player when he comes close to the house, eager to follow the Dragonborn during his/her adventures.
    the dog will force greet the player only one time, the player will know the dog's name after reading Eir's journal that she left on the table outside the house, hiring Baldwin will not prevent the player from hiring another dog or animal (tested with both Meeko and Vigilance, should work with the animals added by Dawnguard).

    December 15th, 2015, new version:
    The original version of the mod is still available for download; the new version is the one named I removed the images file.
    Download the file named  and read the description below before installing it. Thank you.
    Before installing the new version:
     Go into the house and empty it of all the stuff you stored in it,  Get out of the house and save the game.  Quit the game, extract the content of the archive in your data file folder, overwrite when Windows asks,  Make sure Whitewaterfarm.esp is selected in the launcher data files (it should be). After installing the new version:
    1) you were using the mod and you had already bought the farm:
    enter the house, put back all the stuff you had removed,, open the console and enter the three following commands one after another: stopquest wwfarminitqst stopquest wwfarmpurchaseqst stopquest wwfarmupdateqst 2) you were using the mod but you hadn't bought the farm yet:
    You have nothing to do for now. Buy the farm, enter the house in order to complete the purchase quest and only then use the three commands detailed at point 1. 3) in both cases:
    I have moved the ore vein that was near the vegetable garden to another place northern in the same cell. The position of this ore vein being "baked" in your save, it will appear at its new place only after the cell has reset, about 31 in game days after you have installed the new version. You can still mine it though because it's not completely hidden by the rocks I put in its place. Also, anything you had taken in the basement or the exterior cell will respawn after 31 in game days. Main house kitchen changes:
    anything displaying in the kitchen now respawns, except for the empty bottles, all the barrels and sacks whether they are in the kitchen or behind the counter now respawn, once a week, on Saturday morning, Allia will spend three hours cleaning the house. (This explains why the edible contents of the house now respawn; she doesn't want your player to go hungry! ), Allia now sells food and produce from the farm.

    Main house living rooms changes:
    the furniture has been upgraded to "upper", walls have been added in order to isolate the bedroom from the rest of the house, a bookshelf has been added raising the quantity of books you can store in this house from 108 to 126.

    It had always bothered me that they have a fireplace but no chimney so that the smoke could get out of the place. Now they have one!

    I also swapped a few pieces of furniture, removed a bench and added a shelf and a small alchemy lab:

    Oh, I forgot, I also added an evacuation for the smoke outside, just behind the chicken house:

    Things that have not changed:
    1) How to buy the farm (see the description below).
    2) The containers that are not barrels or sacks are safe; that is to say:
    cupboard, dresser, end tables, wardrobe, bookshelves, personal chest. These do not respawn.
    3) All the objects that display on tables, counter, shelves and so on, and are not in the kitchen, do not respawn either.
    Basically, the house could be divided in two parts:
    the first third on the left does respawn, the two other thirds do not respawn.  The next version will add a small house in Riverwood the player will be able to buy.

    August 14th, 2015, update:
    reoriented the door marker outside the farm house in order to avoid the dreadful infinite loading screens. removed a useless condition applied to the update quest. minor changes outside and inside the house and basement. _____oOo_____
    August 4th, 2015, update:
    IMPORTANT! To activate the new content, you must own the farm and enter the house.
    What's in this update?
    1) the player will now get the "Well rested" bonus when he sleeps in the farm, instead of the simple Rested bonus. (My deepest apologies about that!)
    2) the player will now get a share of the profits generated by the farm. Once a month, the player will have to talk to Allia, the old woman who tends to the farm with her husband, Bjorn, and she will give them a share of the profits (ranging from 50 to 500 Septims), beginning a month (in game time) after the player has bought the farm (a month after the mod has been updated for those who are already using it).

    3) minor additions have been made to the house, decorations mostly, nothing has been moved inside; one candle horn has been removed.
    4) the player can now harvest the crops for Allia and sell them to her, making them friends. Consequently, Allia and Bjorn will allow the player to take things in their home.
    5) if your player is homeless, or so drunk that they cannot find their keys, there is now an invisible bed in the stables.
    6) the player will be able to take water from the horse troughs (the ones on the farm territory, not the others); activating the horse trough will add one bottle of water to the player's inventory.
    7) the player will also be able to get mead from the mead barrels inside the house; activating the barrel will add 5 bottles of Nord mead to the player's inventory.
    8) the exterior cell has been greatly improved (according to me): new stables, additions of trees, flora, insects, bees and rework of the landscape.
    As it's name says, Whitewater Farm is a farm. It's fully functional and tended by an old couple of Nords, Allia and Bjorn. The current owner fled the country just after Alduin flew over his head after destroying Helgen but Allia and Bjorn decided that they would stay.
    Base game only but works with Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn as well.
    Any mod using Wilderness cell 9, -1.
    After downloading the file, extract the content of the archive into your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data directory. Launch the game, click on "Data Files" and make sure the esp is activated. That's it!
    Whitewater Farm is located in Whiterun hold, east of Whiterun city, near Battleborn Farm.

    How to get it?
    Like all the other player houses, Whitewater Farm can be bought, the condition being that the Jarl permits that you buy property in their hold. As far as Whiterun is concerned, you will be allowed to buy the property after you have given the Dragonstone to Farengar.
    To do so:
    go to Whitewater Farm and pick up the note that is pinned on the door, gather 10,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the main house and take the note.

    What does the player buy exactly?
    The player buys the entire farm and all it's dependencies: buildings and animals, except for the dog. Old Boy, the dog, belongs to Allia and Bjorn and is not for hire.
    Allia and Bjorn live in the basement of the farm; they don't own it, the player does, but, all its content belong to the couple. Taking anything there is stealing.
    What about safe storage?
    - the main house is a safe storage in itself as it will never reset. Anything the player takes, whether it's displaying on furniture or stored in sacks, barrels, chests, cupboards, dressers, end tables, will never come back. Anything the player puts there will stay there.
    - the house contains three bookshelves set to contain up to 6 times 18 books.
    - the basement being Allia and Bjorn's home, it resets.
    - all the containers outside reset.
    What else?
    Old Boy Allia and Bjorn will not respawn once they have died.
    Can the player move with spouse and children in the farm?
    No. I had this in mind but, as a player myself, I felt the need for a place that would be for my character only, a place to crash and rest and heal and think and feel safe. And maybe keep stuff away from children.
    Great many thanks!
    To DarkRider and the TES Alliance team for the wonderful job they do here.
    To Tood Howard and his team for their efforts at making the Elder Scrolls world real, although virtual.
    If you have any problem with this mod, please leave a message below. If you like this mod, please, leave also a message below and rate it!
    Have fun in Skyrim!
    Note: there is another mod by the name Whitewater Farm. I recently learnt about it; it's a pure coincidence if my mod wears the same name. Here it is:




  11. Marnya - My Hobbit Home

    by Tamira

    dedicated to my friend Stroti


    First of all I made this mod for myself. I loved the Hobbit Home resource by Stroti at the first sight and wanted to make my own home from it - and for once using my resources myself that I converted and uploaded during the last years.
    That means I made this mod to my own liking - I will not make changes or take requests. If you miss something: There are hundreds of other house mods, just browse the houses category here on TESA or on the Nexus.

    I used the location where I placed the demo for the Hobbit Home resource and expanded the house exactly there, at the southern Lake Ilinalta. Nearby is my first house mod Sepredia, it works well together with this one.
    There are many other mods located at this area so there may be conflicts. In that case you have to decide which one you want to keep, I won't make patches.

    This house contains tons of custom models and textures, but as it is not overly cluttered, the performance should be decent. I had not problems and lags at all.

    Marnya in Elvish should mean something like "my home". Maybe this word doesn't exist but I like it.

    No DLC required.

    What you will find:

    A cozy, warm lighted Hobbit Home. I tried to create a snug feeling that is appropriate for a true Hobbit.
    It is not overly cluttered, I personally don't like houses that are so overstuffed that you can barely move, especially with a follower around.

    You will find a custom shrine to cure your diseases. Furthermore a custom enchanter, alchemy, cooking pot and outside a wood chopping block.

    There are lots of containers, all of them safe, that means they don't respawn, even if they have already some content. Some of them are named to help you with the sorting of things, some are unnamed. These containers may not always be recognizable as such on the first sight, as I made custom models for some of them, for instance a stack of books for a book container. So examine everything carefully.

    The exterior and interior window lighting will follow the course of the day: inside they are lit during day time and will get darker according to the dawn/night outside and vice versa in the morning. And the exterior windows will slowly start to glow in the evening until they are fully lit at night and slowly getting darker again in the morning.

    There are a few little references to the Hobbit book/movie, and an easter egg for my friend Stroti.

    What you will not find:

    No smithy, no tanning rack.
    No mannequins, no display cases, no weapon racks, no book shelves.
    No displays for dragon priest masks or the like.
    No Hearthfire support for children or spouses. You can bring one follower with you, that's all.
    I did not use interior doors, I liked it better with all rooms open.

    No scripts!


    I only used my own resources, i. e. resources of which I am the author or co-author. If you want to use these resources in your own mod, please download them from the original source and give credits as requested there.

    These are:

    Stroti's resources:

    Stroti's Hobbit Home Resource
    Stroti Resource Pack
    Stroti Resource Pack II
    Stroti's Treehouse Resource
    Strotis Kitchen Tools
    Strotis Craftsman Tools
    Strotis Castle Furniture Resource
    Strotis Manor Resource
    Strotis Ovens Resource

    Mr Siika's resources:

    Mr Siika Castle Seaview Kit

    Phitt's resources:

    Phitt's Fishtank
    Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns
    Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part Two
    The included object "tabledance" is ported from his Oblivion mod Mad Mage's Tower

    Tamira's resources:
    Assorted Resources
    New Plants 1_3
    New Flowers Resource
    Static dishes and food resource

    In addition I made some new custom objects as I wanted or needed them. You may use these in your mods too but please give credit and link back to this mod.

    None of these resources or parts of them may be used in paid mods!




  12. This is a small cabin in the mountains not far from Windhelm. It's a very simple place, plenty of storage and all the crafting stations are present. It's suitable for the player and one follower. The cabin is visible and able to be traveled to immediately and it's ready to move in. It's perfect for someone who likes to live simply or someone who's just starting out.

    This mod has been tested with Lydia to make sure all is working properly and cleaned with TES5Edit.

    This mod is pretty much finished although I'd like to get a script attached to the exterior lights to turn them on and off for day and night lighting. The CK is currently not cooperating with that. Other than that, I will not be adding anything else to it.

    All crafting stations (the cooking pot and smelter contain no furniture markers so no animation for those particular actions are present)
    Plenty of named storage
    Static armor stands and weapons storage
    Bunk beds (the top bunk is player owned)

    Location: In the mountains west of Windhelm, due east of Raldbthar

    The latest version of Skyrim

    Coldwater Cabin would not exist without the following talented modders:

    Stroti - Kitchen Tools and various other clutter

    Tamira - Textures and Meshes Conversion

    Markus Liberty - the wonderful Oblivion style farmhouse

    Runspect - Various clutter items

    Lilith - Static Clutter such as the baskets, sacks, etc

    The Funktasm - Morrowind Texture and Mesh resources

    StoverJM - Open Books textures

    Langley - Textures

    Insanity Sorrow - Various static clutter including the armors stands and that wonderful clock

    Raiserfx - Detailed Rugs

    Blary - Static Clutter such as the ingredient jars and booksets

    BrettM - FPI Experiment Pack

    Mr Siika - He made that great fireplace

    tueffelachtein - Armor workbench and clutter

    Oaristys - Various static clutter

    Dark Rider - The lovely paintings


    1 comment


    " They have finally done it boys. They made an igloo in skyrim. Skyrim nexus, mission complete. "
    (A comment from Aquila Pelletier (George of lydda) in Hodilton's video showcase)  
    Hello everyone, Here is my third mod, I hope you all enjoy it
    - STORY -
    Skyrim is a place with a cold weather, especially the north side of the country is always under snow and ice, Considering this condition I thought why shouldn’t be any igloos in Skyrim and now there it is!
    - LOCATION -
    The house is placed on an iceberg north to the Dawnstar. You can get the key from the dead Nord next to the boat infront of the path to top of the iceberg.
    - FEATURES -
    Wood chopping block
    Main Room
    Furniture, Kitchen, Fire Place and Containers
    Fully navmeshed
    - ENB -
    Stakado Cinemascope ENB – Sci-fi edition
    Legendary edition of skyrim (Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire + Dragonborn)
    Using amanager like NMM / MO is highly recommended
    Compatible with everything except the mods alternate the same spots with the Igloo & the key
    Stakado Cinemascope ENB (The most performance friendly ENB I’ve ever tried)
    Wet and cold
    - CREDITS -
    Oaristys and Tony67
    Phitt and Tamira
    Malo and Tamira
    Antonio Colasurdo
    - MY MODS -
    Immigrant's Hideout
    Stump Home
    Stump Home Reloaded




  14. << STUMP HOME >>
    (Video Contains Spoiler About The Key Location Between 01:24 - 02:39th Minutes)
    Hello everyone, after publishing my first mod "Immigrant's Hideout" at 16th of December here is my second mod, I hope it would be useful for you and you like it.
    << STORY >>
    Have you ever heard of captain Jurgen "The Unsinkable" Stormheart?
    Well you couldn't...
    He went missing long before you arrive to Skyrim. Some say he has left the country and others say he sailed to his new home which he had it built for his retirement on an island in Lake ilinalta and live out of the world...
    Who knows, maybe you can find him...
    << LOCATION >>
    The House - On the island east to Lady Isle with lady stones in Lake Ilinalta.
    Captain Jurgen - Look for his ship around Lake Ilinalta
    Finding it, is not so hard; there are not too many ships in Lake Ilinalta!
    However, i have added some pictures for the people would prefer the easy way to show the location in Miscellaneous files section, just download it manually and
    open up the 7Z file or just watch the movie
    << FEATURES >>
    Camping area with furniture
    Small farming area
    Main Room
    Furniture, Kitchen, Wood burner and Containers
    Basement - Crafting Room
    All Vanilla crafting stations including a custom smelter
    Staff Enchanting table
    Fully navmeshed (Follower Friendly) – Tested
    Cleaned by TES5Edit
    All the containers are tested 30 in game days and safe.
    The house is made of vanilla tree stumps, logs, moss and ivy both
    inside and outside (Except basement)
    Double bed is hand made of 3 pcs round tables, straw and pelts
    << ENB >>
    Grim and Somber Malacath ENB
    Legendary edition of skyrim (Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire + Dragonborn)
    Using a manager like NMM / MO is highly recommended
    Compatible with everything except the mods alternate the same spot with the Island & the key
    For Frostfall users (Frostfall is not a requirement) the wood burner inside the house is detected as a heat source by the game
    Grim & Somber ENB
    4K Parallax Treebark
    Tamriel Reloaded
    << FAQ >>
    Q) Why is Landscape outside the house is so different from each others in your pictures, Hodilton's video and my game?
    A) Because of the installed texture packs editing landscape. Mine is TAmriel Reloaded.
    Q) Why are the tree bark textures both inside and outside of the house so different from each others in your pictures, Hodilton's video and my game?
    A) Because of the installed texture packs editing tree bark. Mine is 4K PAralax Treebark.
    Q) The weapon barrel inside the house has a missing texture for skyforge steel war axe, did you forget to add it to the mod?
    A) No, the texture is all vanilla. But some people seems to have this problem. I think it is related to an installed mod on those people's PCs. I think it can be solved by manually matching texture with the mesh by using nifscope.
    Q) The wood burner has flames around it, is it normal?
    A) No, it is not. There is a campfire and a fire ember inside the wood burner. Again i think it is related with an installed mod editing fire & ember. I use Ultimate HD Fire Effects, Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD, Brighter Campfires and Realistic Smoke and Embers.
    << CREDITS >>
    Video Demonstration
    Tamira & Stroti
    Stroti's Rustic Furniture, Strotis Ovens Resource, Strotis Old Mill
    Tamira & Phitt
    Phitt's Sheogorad
    Insanity's Log Hut, Insanity's Bales & Furrows, Chessboard
    4K Parallax Treebark Textures
    Elianora's Extra Resources
    More Colorful Trees
    Modular Crafting Table
    Modders Resource Pack
    FoodContainer, OpenBooks
    Bookshelf activator




  15. :: UPDATE ::
    Navmeshes are completed, some minor errors are corrected.
    Hello everyone, this is my first mod ever, a beginner hideout
    :: STORY ::
    Welcome to Skyrim!
    Have you recently immigrated to skyrim?
    Do you know nobody around?
    Need a warm place to sleep, stash your stuff, call home?
    Do you think you are the only one immigrating to skyrim?
    If you think so, you are absoluletly wrong...
    There are other people immigrating to skyrim too, yes you have saved your neck by luck, but some people are just not so lucky!
    There is an argonian lady who has just immigrated to skyrim, She had a dream to built a life on. Unlike yourself she had a proper plan to settle in skyrim. She made some connections with a decent trader to arrange things for her before she came to skyrim, and invested her lifetime savings for a place to call home. However, Skyrim is a harsh place, unfortunate for her, luckily for yourself, although she made it to skyrim she stepped in a wrong place in a wrong time, a bandit camp... Her hideout is waiting for you to take over...
    :: LOCATION ::
    Hideout is in riverwood & the key is in immigrant's satchel, check the screenshots for details.
    :: FEATURES ::
    Double bed - Hand made by straw & fence
    A couple of chairs - Hand made by straw & fence
    Table - Hand made by barrel & cart wheel
    Crate - Hand made by combination of vanilla barrel & crate (to stash your stuff) (Tested 30 in game days & looks like a safe storage)
    Cooking pot
    Natural sulphur bath - Two sitable boulders inside
    Woodcutter axe
    Floor and walls are decorated with farm fences
    Navmeshes are not complete yet, in my test my dog follower followed me inside the main room but i need to complete it sometime
    :: ENB ::
    Realvision ENB
    (Have not been tested without ENB)
    Legendary edition of skyrim (Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire + Dragonborn)
    (I just activated skyrim In CK and used vanilla stuff but wrye bash shows official DLCs as master files for the mod and i don't know why...)
    Just place the esp file into your data directory or just use NMM / MO.
    Compatible with everything except the mods alternate the same spots with the hideout & the key/satchel.
    Animated Clutter- by jackmorris21 (Animation for the tap of the crate inside the hideout)




  16. The Tower of the Wolf

    Of the fortifications still standing in Solitude, one of the most recognizable upon first seeing the city gates is a tall tower, called the Tower of the Wolf.

    Its early years weren't documented well unlike its more famous edifices such as Castle Dour and The Blue Palace, as the tower was at first a purely defensive fortification and housed a squad of guards; the tower later witnessed the horrors brought about by the infamous Wolf Queen Potema, of soldiers replaced by undead, of a city under a terrifying boot-heel, and then the siege laid down by Imperial troops, whereupon the Tower was nearly destroyed had it were not that it was taken over and used as a command post for which to direct the army to point and cleanse out the city.

    After that war, a knight, whose name was forgotten in the tides of time, came back among the army to liberate the city, was awarded by the new High King to turn the tower into his personal residence; he then proceeded to personalize, equip and expand it, just enough to keep a mistress, and a trusted servant.

    Since then the Tower passed hands for centuries, from generation to generation, from ascetic bachelors to families, sold, bought, pawned... until one day its unknown but frantic owner forgot to lock the door!


    Double bed, plus two beds for followers
    Kitchenette with proper storage of meat, vegetables and spirits
    Convenient access to Solitude's trade district
    Ten-weapon rack plus weapon and shield plaques
    Balcony with a good view of the city
    Small heated bathroom
    Extensive storage options
    Bookshelves for collectors
    Can be used as a secondary home for two followers (using My Home is Your Home)
    Cleaned with TES5edit
    No god items included

    Where to Find?

    As soon as you enter Solitude, turn to your right -- It's located in a tower to the right of the execution platform; take the staircase, following the lamps, until you find a door.


    Designed to be used alongside Dawn of Solitude/Skyrim or JK's Solitude, but also works with Vanilla Skyrim. My Home is Your Home can be used with this mod to house additional followers.

    Make sure your Skyrim version is updated to


    NMM: simply install the mod.
    MO: simply install the mod.
    Manual: open the downloaded file with 7zip, and then click and drag the .ESP into Skyrim's Data folder.

    ATTENTION: For Dawn of Solitude/Skyrim or JK's Solitude, on the load list the Tower of the Wolf should be loaded after either of those mods.


    NMM: Use NMM to uninstall the mod.
    MO: deactivate the mod and remove.
    Manual: make a gamesave away from Solitude, preferably in an interior cell, exit Skyrim; open Skyrim's Data folder, find SolitudeWolfTower.esp and its accompanying .BSA, and delete both of them.

    Upgrading (just in case)

    Take all stored items from containers, chests and racks, and then step out of the house, before making a new gamesave and exiting Skyrim. Use the installation procedure to upgrade the mod, before going back into the game.


    If a certain object is out of position (i.e. enchanting table, wine rack), open the console (the tilde key ~), click on the offending object, then type and enter recycleactor to return the object to its proper position.


    I would like to thank the following other authors for their resources and products:
    InsanitySorrow (TESA) -- chessboard, pillows, paintings, soap
    Stroti & Tamira (TESA) -- portions of Dragonstone (hanging cabinet, washbasin), potbelly oven, teapot...
    FPI Research (TESA) -- alchemy jars, quill & inkpot, smelting pot...
    eldiabs (Nexus) -- activators and bookshelves
    jet4571 (Nexus) -- copy and paste wharehouse (sic) cell
    Oaristys & Tony67 (TESA) -- Modder's Resource Pack (so many of them, can't list all)
    stoverjm (TESA) - Open Books Library 1.1 (based on Blary's Open Books Resource)




  17. Fairly roomy Manor located near Heartwood Mill, not suitable for family's yet, but those with a lot of followers might like to try it out. It is only my first release so just the basic vanilla flavour home, done for the CK Basics Final, no DLC required. Do not expect too much I am still learning.


    - Lots of storage
    - Lots of beds 2xDouble, 8xsingle and 4 camp beds
    - Fully navmeshed
    - 6 mannequins
    - 3 large display cases 4 dagger sized display cases
    - 5x5 weapon racks
    - Shield and weapon plaques
    - Stables, will even throw in a horse.
    - Lots of bookshelves
    - Vanilla crafting stations, nothing from the DLC.
    - Working shower and bath
    - Its free you can just walk in and make yourself at home.


    Known bugs:
    Bookshelves get fussy if only removing a few books from a shelf and lose count, so be sure to only put the right number of books on the shelves.

    All the containers are safe except for the two fish barrels on the pier, that was by design, not a bug, I like free fish delivered.

    Drop the files in the data folder.

    Thanks to DarkRider for the easy to understand lessons that finally got me started.
    All the helpful TES Alliance members who helped guide me the right way especially Bethra, for the Bert's CK Tutorial link that helped get the bathroom finished.

    Change log
    Version 1.01 has a few small changes in the navmesh, and the BSA with only the nif and not the source files.




  18. Aldision House

    This is a house mod made for the final exam of the Creation Kit Basics in TES Alliance, so don't take it too seriously

    Aldision comes from a combination of Latin words that go like this:
    High = Altum
    Rich = Dives
    Mansion = Mansione

    It is a mansion for rich people high in the mountains after all

    If you decide to use it as your house mod, great. And if not, that's fine

    Resources used:
    - Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 (
    - Paintings and Frames by Artisanix (




  19. House of the Redguard
    - by DavideMitra -

    NEWS: I'm building House of the Redguard II. It is a bigger and highly superior house, if compared to this one.


    The mission of House of the Redguard is to bring an original, unique, comfortable and interactable home to all Redguard characters...but also to Anequina Desert Khajiits.


    The mod has been completely created with vanilla stuff (except for a modified version of scimitar and shield mesh). Impressively, even if I had to work with vanilla materials, I was able to build an house with unique design and architecture style.

    No loading screens. Completely exterior house.

    Cross-legged furniture and panoramic furniture included.

    Immersive staged objects: certain objects can change their status (for instance, cooking pot can be toggled on and off...or you can remove clothes from the openable wardrobe). This makes the house completely different, if compared to classical static houses.

    Immersive containers: you can interact with a group of objects as they are real containers (for instance, if you'd like to open the books container, you must have a look to the books).

    Turn on/off an Arabian-themed melody that perfectly fits a Redguard character (it will loop until you decide to stop it).

    Smokable waterpipe.

    Wear shield on back or scimitar on back

    A set of unique strong scimitars, an unique strong shield, some Redguard enchanted clothes and some enchanted rings for your battles

    - WARNINGS -

    As I already said, the house is completely exterior. That's a cool thing, indeed.
    However, I have to warn you that Skyrim rain and snow are not physical effects. You should know that: rain and snow fall anywhere, even if you take cover under a roof. Unfortunatelly, my house isn't invulnerable to precipitations. Just to let you know...
    EDIT: Rain and snow are no problem anymore. Google search Real Shelter and download it. The author told me that the windmill room I edited is already covered by his project, so, it should work!!!

    Should you need informations about my mod, just go inside the house and have a look to the bookshelf: inside of it you will find some guides that will explain you anything you need.

    The mod has been already cleaned with TES5Edit: it is 100% safe to use!

    !!! HAVE FUN !!!




  20. This is the archives of my old player homes that I am no longer updating. They have been long neglected and I do not have time to fix them up so if you want to edit them, go right ahead. I do not encourage for you to re-upload my work as it is still my work so please don't do it. Thank you for reading.

    Whitecrag Cottage

    Belles Reach Cabin




  21. The Lucky Skeever
    by SA547 - 3/20/2014

    Prior to his execution, Roggvir was a guard assigned to watch over Solitude's main gate, and thus held considerable responsibility to ensure that the city is secured against all possible intrusions and to trap escaping troublemakers seeking to flee.

    However, Roggvir was a Nord, and thus held a fierce sense of pride for his people. Furthermore, he saw Ulfric Stormcloak as a better ruler of Skyrim than the High King Torygg, and his convictions were further hardened when the Aldmeri Dominion, having defeated the Empire and forced it to sign the White-Gold Concordat in exchange for an uneasy peace, sought to suppress any form of Talos worship. To Roggvir, he saw it as a complete travesity, a convenient excuse by the Aldmeri to destroy any dissent against its domination of all Tamriel.

    In addition to his outward duties as a gate guard, and as a reward for his secret loyalty to the Jarl, Roggvir was given The Lucky Skeever, secretly owned by the Jarl of Windhelm as one of his several assets across the province, and used it as his residence when staying in the city with a low profile.

    Now as you enter the city for the first time, you quickly become witness to Roggvir's execution, all eyes on him as the axe is raised over his head... Not knowing later that you would realize that even dead men can speak, and to obtain the key means that you must conduct an investigation around the seized property.

    Double bed, plus two beds for followers
    Kitchenette with proper storage of meat, vegetables and spirits
    Personal work desk (includes library, alchemy lab and enchanting table)
    Convenient access to Solitude's trade district
    Ten-weapon rack plus weapon and shield plaques
    Balcony with a good view of the city
    A garden for vegetables and medicinal herbs
    Small heated bathroom
    Extensive storage options
    Bookshelves for collectors
    Can be used as a secondary home for two followers (using My Home is Your Home)
    Cleaned with TES5edit
    No god items included
    (NEW) Basement area for extensive crafting and combat practice


    NMM: simply install the mod.
    MO: simply install the mod.
    Manual: open the downloaded file with 7zip, and then click and drag the .ESP into Skyrim's Data folder.


    NMM: Use NMM to uninstall the mod.
    MO: deactivate the mod and remove.
    Manual: open Skyrim's Data folder, find SolitudeTheLuckySkeeverHome.esp and its accompanying .BSA, and delete both of them.

    Upgrading (just in case)

    Take all stored items from containers, chests and racks, and then step out of the house, before making a new gamesave and exiting Skyrim. Use the installation procedure to upgrade the mod, before going back into the game.


    Much thanks to Stroti, Tamira, InsanitySorrow, AARS, F.L.I., and other craftsmen of TES Alliance for their excellent static models (clutter, furniture, containers) used in this player home.


    Any modification to the mod requires my express permission. The use of third-party assets in this mod for other mods or purposes requires the permission from their respective authors. Uploading this mod to sites other than Nexus or TESA without my authorization is strictly prohibited.




  22. Ravens Nest Tower

    A big tower for the player, located near Kagrenzel on top of a cliff.


    Everything you need for an adventurous life in Skyrim

    Horse stables
    Breathtaking scenery
    Kitchen area with lots of custom storage
    Lab with lots of custom storage
    Nice living area
    Companion area
    Many bookshelfs
    Many chest
    Many display cases
    Basement with big smithing area
    Wine cellar
    Display-museum area
    Old dwemer bath


    Suggested mods:

    aMidianBorn Imperial Forts
    aMidianBorn Whiterun
    Enhanced Noble Furniture


    * InsanitySorrow for his awesome modders resources
    * Tamira for her beautiful Statue model and resources
    * Oaristys & Tony67 for their wonderful modders resource pack!
    * FPI Research for jars resource

    ...thanks to Tamira for testing and Darkfox127 for the tutorials!





    A Vanilla home that's now Starter Friendly!

    After releasing my original Fox Den mod, I realized that the initial starting quest (and therefore the ability to access the player home) was substantially more work to obtain then what the majority of users wanted; I set out to make an easier version of the mod so anyone could get the house. Due to some of the augments on equipment I placed in the mod, as well as some items and the gold obtainable with the original version in mind, I have initially disabled some of the things that would make the mod overpowered for a beginning character. Everything in the original version is still there, however in order to access/unlock everything, you still need to complete "Under New Management" and do the original house obtainment quest "The Fox's Legacy". Everything will fully unlock once you reach that point. For a complete list of things that are locked at the beginning, please refer to the ReadMe file.

    I originally made this player home mod after not being satisfied with the reward you get from becoming the Thieves' Guild master. I came across "The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal" mod by Iceburg ( and it inspired me to create a house based on the famed Gray Fox. It is my first attempt at a mod for Skyrim. The whole idea is based around the question, "What kind of house would the Gray Fox have in Skyrim?" I tried to make the house as inclusive as I possibly could while trying to stay lore friendly. Assuming that the Gray Fox was the best thief ever, and he is technically different people throughout the years, he would have collected a great deal of rare and powerful things.

    Therefore the Fox's Den has some special equipment and gold. It is for that reason, it could be considered overpowered. To compensate for this, I have made it a prerequisite that you complete the "Under New Management" quest in order to completely unlock all of the content. I realize that it is a pain to get to that point if you haven't already completed it, but it was the only way I saw it to fit my storyline that unfolds within my questline.

    The following is included within the house.
    - 3 Unique Quests that unlock the house, unlock all the features, and adds a follower
    - Main Hall
    - Dining Hall
    - Kitchen
    - Master Bedroom
    - Follower's Quarters with enough room for 6 NPCs
    - Personal Vault
    - Dragon Mask Display
    - Dragon Claw Display
    - Thieves Guild Trophies Display
    - Crafting Room
    - Armory
    - Storage/Display Room
    - Prison with a torture room
    - Stables
    - Airship Dock
    - Smuggling Tunnel
    - Garden
    - Mine
    - Brewery
    - Small Library
    - 7 exits throughout Skyrim
    - Unique Horse
    - Chef/Merchant
    - Bard
    - Several Secret Passages
    - All of the Shrines
    - All of the Doomstones
    - 3 Unique Daggers, a unique Bow and Arrows
    - Unique stats on several pieces of armor
    - A new Conjuration spell
    - Several Unique books that explain the story behind the house and the legend of the Gray Fox
    - Unique challenges
    - A lot of gold and crafting supplies
    - Every chest, barrel, urn, and furnishing within the mod is safe unless otherwise stated with (Respawns) in the activator's description.
    - Over 20 Mannequins
    - New secrets
    - Lots more!

    I have also intentionally made a trap that should kill you if you make the wrong choice on a path, but I have put various shadowmarks in to help guide you. I also wanted to make the home something you really had to earn. After you gain access to the home, there are no more real dangers (minus the prison- there are 3 monsters in cells down there...) Once you have officially entered the home, be sure to search around everywhere and in everything as there are numerous keys to fully unlock all the doors and chambers as you explore the layout.

    Planned updates for the future:

    I want to eventually add teleporters around the house so you don't have to run everywhere. Personally I like the distances you have to travel inside the house because it makes it feel like a real network of tunnels, however I realize that's not everyone's play style.

    I'd also like to finish overhauling the day/night lighting for the entire house, whether that be more light switches or automated lighting controls like in the Grotto and Smuggler's Tunnel.

    Final Comments
    This was my first mod and I continue to update it with new content as I become inspired, or learn new things about modding in general. I'm always open to constructive suggestions so please feel free to give me any feedback about the mod, both good and bad via comments, PMs, or Youtube. The mod has been scrubbed with the latest version of TES5Edit.






    Your house from Sotha Sil Expanded, now in Skyrim!
    Built as a home-away-from-home for the great Telvanni lord Divayth Fyr, Fyr Manor has sat for centuries in the Clockwork City, changing hands almost as often as it loses its modules!
    But now, with the Nerevarine off in Akavir and Lord Fyr having fun in some pocket realm, the Manor desires a new caretaker, and what better caretaker than the Dragonborn?
    So, without waiting to see if they even want the house, the Dovahkiin now finds himself warped to the last working part of Sotha Sil, and ruthlessly given one of the greatest houses ever constructed.

    -Easy access teleport to and from Fyr Manor!
    -Ideal for technological and magic based characters!
    -Lots of storage, including auto-sorting storage!
    -Fully-navmeshed and lit.
    -Support for spouses
    -Dawnguard and Hearthfire Support
    -Fully voiced AI butler, Server, your server server, fresh from SSE and ready to answer all your questions and lose your rooms somewhere in a pocket-realm!
    -The player can find additional 'room modules' out in the world, and hook them up to the house mainframe, unlocking more and more rooms to complete their house!
    -Easy room access, simply ask Server which room you'd like, and find it attached to the house and ready for... doing whatever you do in rooms!
    -Secrets, treasures, custom objects, notes, and lore, left behind by your predecessors for you to discover!
    -New hidden equipment, including artifacts from past games. The Hammer of Garen, Sotha Sil's mask and staff, and even Coo.
    -New Spells
    -Custom architecture and textures!

    -Alchemy Lab: Grows rare plants in planters, has alchemy table.

    -Armory: Has all forge components, as well as mannequins and plaques

    -Atronach Arena: Can spawn atronachs to fight them for salts.

    -Bedrooms: Bed for all people, plus storage.

    -Enchanting Lab: Has enchanting table, as well as staff enchanter, plus heartstone and soulgem geodes.

    -Fabricant Lab: Features throwing-spider making thing, as well as appliances that can make soul-gems out of soul-gem fragments, and break dynamos into scrap metal and dwemer pneumas (powerful ingredients), and break down fabricant pneum- oh wait they're all dead. Whoops.

    -Main Hall: Features exit, and the server box for Server.

    -Hall of Achievements: Trophy areas and plaques, as well as achievement statues (basically shrines that appear if the player achieves certain in-game things, that grant blessings).

    -Library: Bookshelves and Bookshelves. Contains reading chair with lamp.

    -Observatory: Contains all birthsign stones

    -Portal Room: Contains portals that can be used to travel to a variety of places, as well as a portal to Sotha Sil's lab, provided you can find out how to turn it back on.

    -Power Core: Grants passive bonuses if you bathe in its light, and skin cancer. Mostly skin cancer.

    -Server's Room: Doubles as storage

    -Shrine: Contains shrines to all major deities, except Talos.

    -Throne Room: Contains a throne that grants you a blessing and plays music when you sit in it, because why not.

    -Bone Crusher: Turns dragon bones and scales into bone powder and powerful ingredients.

    -Sotha Sil's Lab: What?

    Rooms Added by Dawnguard Patch:
    -Crossbow Manufactory: Allows for forging of bolts and crossbows, as well as the ability to mix things together to get new crossbows.
    -Soul Lab: Contains plants from the Soul Cairn, a portal to it, as well as soul gem rocks and a soul fissure.

    Added by Hearthfire Patch:
    -Kitchen: Nuff said.
    -Greenhouse: Also nuff said.
    -Kid's Room: Room for children, has toys, Sotha Silego bricks, and his old pet netch named Arry (if you're wondering how it could survive all these thousands of years, well it's Sotha Sil, so shut up.)

    Just install it as you would any other mod. When you first start up the game, a special glowing ball will spawn in front of you. Pick it up, and equip it to be taken to the entrance of Fyr Manor, enter, then talk to Serve (the console with the two lights).
    To unlock new rooms, you must find 'room modules' out in the world. Server will give you a list of where they might be if you ask him, and you can find an example module next to his box.
    Once you have found a server module, take it back to Fyr Manor and place it in the server box (the big barrel in the foyer). You may then hook up that room.
    Additional patches, that is, the Hearthfire and Dawnguard Plugins, must be loaded AFTER the Fyr_ManorBase.esp mod.

    This mod is compatible with a vast majority of mods. All it truly adds out in the world is a platform near Dawnstar (between Ysgramor's tomb and the tower stone). Mods that add stuff at that exact location will, obviously, conflict.
    This also modifies the marriage dialogue. If you have any mods that modify that (such as the 'spouses can live anywhere' mod), load it AFTER Fyr Manor.
    Otherwise, no other mods are known to conflict, since Fyr Manor is in Another Place.
    Hearthfire's nursery does NOT support children from the get-go! Modifying the scripts turned out to be far too risky.
    Instead, use the multiple adoptions mod to make your adoptable kids able to live in the manor.
    If you ask Server to hook up a room if you only have the first room (the bedroom), he will exist conversation. This is because he has no rooms to hook up. So go find a room.

    Crawling Chaos, for voicing Server.
    Haishao, for her models, testing, and general help.
    Shippin, for their Seht logo.
    InsanitySorrow, for his barrel. Just the barrel.
    Saga, for her illustrations.
    HolyAtrimony and Hisrotundity, for their books.
    Saint Jiub, for his fabulous Sothatextures.


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  25. Welcome to House Whitewatch

    A nice and not too big home for the Dovahkiin and his friends with a great view over Whiterun.
    This is my first attempt to create a Player House-mod.
    It can be found near Riverwood alongside the road to Whiterun... across the river.

    All workstations
    Large pool area
    A nice and shiny lab
    A lot of custom storages
    Kitchen with a custom fireplace
    Bedroom for the player
    A decent guest room for up to three followers
    A bathroom with toilet and working shower
    Some plaques and racks
    Some water features
    A little treasury area
    A little grotto...

    Recommended Mods:

    aMidianBorn Whiterun
    Skyrim Redesigned
    Ultimate HD Fire Effects
    Detailed Rugs



    - Drag and drop all files from my archive into your Skyrim Data folder

    If you find any bugs please let me know!

    InsanitySorrow for his awesome modders resources
    Tamira for her beautiful Statue model and resources
    Stroti for his Resources and Tamira for converting them
    Runspect for his great modders resources
    Oaristys & Tony67 for their wonderful modders resource pack!
    Blary for awesome clutter resources!
    mrpdean for his lakeview manor meshes
    Kraeten/mrsiika for Griffon Fortress resource

    ...and thanks to Elianora for her inspiring house-mods, Tamira for her inspiring work and helping hand, Tes Alliance and Darkfox127 for the tutorials!




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