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  1. Understone Keep Restored
    by Hanaisse/Hana

    This is a simple cosmetic mod that removes all of the stone, dirt and rubble in the Jarl's home, cleaning it up into a wide open space befitting a palace.
    The Jarl of Markarth and the Silver-Blood family finally opened their purses to finish excavating Understone Keep, opening it up to it's full dwemer glory. As an old and wealthy city built on silver and blood it's a shame this building has been in disarray for so long.

    Changes include;
    * 99% of rock, dirt, rubble removed
    * 6 new NPC's hired as staff to continue working and keeping the palace clean with their own room and full AI
    * New rug meshes added with the existing unused Markarth texture (thanks Bethesda)
    * Some light objects switched from "off" versions to "on" versions
    * Additional lights added to main entranceway (so its less gloomy)
    * The looming fog throughout the entire Keep lifted up out of the way (why was it so foggy?)
    * Minimal new objects added, I wanted a sparse environment to let the architecture shine
    * Re-navmeshed
    What is not changed;
    * Existing NPC's that live in the Keep
    * Inside Nchuand-Zel
    * Inside the Dwemer Museum
    * Any area at the top of the stairs at the back of the Keep

    This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.
    This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that makes changes to the cell markarthunderstonekeep.
    This mod may not be compatible with ENB or other lighting mods. Sorry.
    This has been thoroughly tested on existing games plus new games to ensure the opening scene between Brother Verelus and Thongvor Silver-Blood is not impacted or that existing day to day running of the Keep is not impacted (thank you Beta testers). With no scripting, this mod should be safe to uninstall at any time.




  2. A mod to allow the player to clean up the debris and rebuild Castle Volkihar to its former glory. The North Tower is also converted into a player home with safe storage.
    After the Dawnguard quest line is over, have you ever wondered why nobody bothers to rebuild Castle Volkihar? Harkon may have been an obsessive lazy vampire, but that doesn't mean you need to be! Now you can rebuild the castle as you see fit, whether you're a vampire lord yourself and just want the stinking mess cleaned up, or a member of the Dawnguard seeking to expand into a new base and occupy some new territory.
    At several locations throughout the Main Hall, Volkihar Ruins, Volkihar Courtyard, the Undercroft, and the docks behind the castle will be rubble piles or debris columns you can use to clean up the area around them. You'll need a pickaxe to do so, but that's it. After that all you need is the patience to see things through.
    If you are playing as a vampire, your existing vampire minions will continue to provide their normal functions, just in a much cleaner environment. After all, what are we? Vampires or slovenly trolls? To clear the path to the Courtyard, speak to Garen Marethi as usual.
    If you're playing as the Dawnguard, cleaning up rooms in the main guildhall area will bring in new Dawnguard members to man the stations that the vampires used to. The blacksmith, apothecary, and vendor will offer services appropriate to Dawnguard members. Ownership of the various castle cells will also be marked properly so you won't get accused of stealing the stuff you fought so hard to take. As a small added bonus, Fort Dawnguard will get cleaned up properly too. No more cobwebs lurking about!
    If playing as the Dawnguard, Serana can now be directed to move into the castle and use her cleaned up room by lighting the candle on the corner of her nightstand (the one with the cloth mat). When the flames are lit, she will stay at the castle when dismissed. If they are out, she will stay at Fort Dawnguard. This candle will be lit permanently if playing for the vampires to indicate she stays there when dismissed. As an added bonus, she will make full use of the entire cell in either location, instead of just being narrowly restricted to the main hall areas.
    Valerica's Study and the hallway outside that leads down to the secret fireplace passage will clean up when you go to the Soul Cairn to tell her Harkon is dead. Best to let the senior vampire handle her own affairs
    Clearing the North Tower attached to the Courtyard provides a player home with safe storage, 3 mannequins, some weapon racks, 3 bookshelves, and a place to sleep too. Be aware though that the North Tower is the ONLY room you can clear out where storage is safe.




  3. Help needed: I am looking for someone that knows their way around the Quest system in CK. I have some Ideas for several quest but other then adding Dialogue I am at a loss. Also I am looking for someone to write general dialogue for the notable NPCs.

    Castle Dovah
    Version: 0.05b
    Category: Castles
    Author: Aralore Vlex

    Note from Author Please READ

    This revamp will NOT work with any older versions of Castle Dovah. Please completely uninstall and

    delete any older versions of Castle Dovah you may have installed. This Revamp requires all 3 DLCs and I have

    no plans to make a version that does not require them. For those of you that will be checking out this beta

    please post anything you see that needs fixing with a screenshot if you can please. It will make the process

    much easier.

    Also I will in need of someone(s) to write dialogue for NPCs and other things. Requirements: Good

    imagination, writing skills, and time to dedicate.(NPCs are still in works and will be done after initial

    Beta Release.)


    - Latest Skyrim Patch
    - Latest version of SKSE
    - Dawnguard DLC
    - Hearthfires DLC
    - Dragonborn DLC
    - General Stores v2 - storage resource for packrats by

    Harvey2112 (Be sure to endorse his mod as well after downloading, it is an awesome mod and deserves the

    -General Displays & the Genteral Stores patch by


    Recommended Mods

    These are some mods that may be useful with Castle Dovah:
    - My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers by Volek
    - Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma
    - Thieves Guild Treasure Fix by Tueffel
    - No Quest Items by trira

    Current Rooms

    - Throne Room
    - Mage's Tower
    - Armory
    - Alchemist Room
    - Barracks
    - Dining Hall
    - Smithy
    - Dungeon
    - Torture Room
    - Lord's Quarters
    - Treasury
    - Vile Lair
    - Temple
    - Hall of Dragons
    - Servant Quarters
    - The Drunken Dragon
    - Arena
    - Bathing Room
    - Conservatory
    - Gallery
    - Grand Library
    - Ore Mines


    - All 9 Shrines of the Divine
    - All 13 Standing Stones
    - Weapon Racks
    - Mannequins
    - Weapon Plaques
    - Weapon and Shield Plaques
    - Display Cases
    - Bookshelves
    - Master Skill Trainers (1 for each skill)
    - Enchanting Tables
    - Alchemy Tables
    - Forges
    - Workbenches
    - Grinding Wheels
    - Tanning Racks
    - Chopping Block
    - Enormous amount of storage
    - Personal Carriage
    - Much more……

    Noted NPCs
    - Chickenspits the Jester - Jester
    - Captain Aralore Vlex - Guard Captain
    - Ograk Shatur - Steward
    - Captain Maximinus - Smuggler Captain
    - Foreman Stenar Magia - Miners Foreman

    Finding Castle Dovah
    1. Fast Travel to Whiterun Stables
    2. Standing beside the carriage look a little to the South West and you will see Castle Dovah in the

    distance and the base of the mountain.


    7/10/2014 – 0.05B
    - Added a scripted lever to Arena to "Incinerate" all the corpses of your kills
    - Added many "generic" NPCs around the castle
    - Added some custom background music to the castle
    - Changed name of the East Hall to Hall of Dragons
    - Removed the weapon only plagues from gallery and added Racks and shield only plagues
    - Added a children's Room to the Private Quarters
    - Added more general clutter around the castle
    - Added a second Gallery area off the main gallery with more Mannequins, Display cases, weapon racks and

    Shield Plagues

    6/24/2014 – 0.04B
    - Added Dwemer Tech throughout the castle to account for the reason for some of the "non-Lore" features
    - Added torture victims to torture room
    - Notable NPCs added(Dialogue and Quests still to come)
    - Added new area called Smugglers Cove off the Ore Mines with NPCs including a follower and another Notable

    - Added Diving Boards to pool in the Bathing Room
    - Modified Exterior but still a WIP
    - Changed the Dragon Priest Mask Display in the Gallery to skulls on a shelf. One for all Dragon Priests

    including DLC ones.
    - Linked all the portals on top floor of Mage's Tower to places outside each city
    - Added a player owned horse to a "Stable" area to the right of Castle Entrance
    - Added a starting quest where the Courier will deliver a letter telling you about the castle.

    6/19/2014 – 0.03B
    - Added Master Trainers for all 18 skills(Needs some one Line Voice acting for each)
    - Modified the third floor of Mage's Tower to be mage's bedding room
    - Added Eat and sleep routines to most NPCs
    - Added Cattle in the Vile Lair for Vampires to feed on
    - Added scripting to the mines(Thx to WillieSea) to make the miners mine a random around of ore for you per

    - Added any missing facegen files for old and new NPCs

    6/16/2014 – 0.02B
    - Added NavMesh to all rooms
    - Added levers to shower and sinks in Bathing Room to turn them on and off
    - Added Collision panels to the different walls that you could walk through
    - Added some Dense fog to the Sauna area of Bathing Room
    - Added an Arena(Not Fully Finished)
    - Added Bard to Throne Room
    - Added Merchants(blacksmithing, Alchemy, Spells, Enchanting, and General)
    - Added facegen files for fixing grey faces

    6/11/2014 – 0.01B
    - ReVamp Beta Release

    Manual New Installation:

    1. Extract this archive to Skyrim's main folder. (ex: .../Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim)
    2. Start Skyrim's Launcher, click Data, and enable the VMCDRevamped.esp file.

    Manual Un-Installation:

    1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data, and disenable the VMCDRevamped.esp file.
    2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

    - Anything that modifies the DialogueTrainer Quest
    - Anything that modifies the DialogueFollower Quest unless all it does is just removes default bow and arrow

    Known Bugs:

    Contact Details:



    - Oaristys for Modder’s Resource Pack
    - Tony67 for the Scroll shelves, coffins and Noble Display Cases used.
    - Blary for the Potion Shelves, Food containers, shelf books, and open books.
    - DarkRider for Celtic Décor Paintings.
    - Harvey2112 for General Stores - storage resource for packrats
    - InsanitySorrow for soap, Paintings, Buildy Blocks, and spin tops.
    - badgremlin for the Insect Display Cases
    - Lilith for the Ready Clutter resource
    - Tueffel for General Displays
    - WillieSea for scripts used in the Arena and Mines
    - OrganicView for the custom music used in Castle Dovah

    Special Thanks:

    - Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

    Voice Actors:

    Tools Used:

    Elder Scroll's Creation Kit
    MultiXMW - WMA to XWM Converter
    Photoshop CS6


    Please ask permission prior to doing anything with this mod.

    Other Vlex Mods:

    Vlex Mods Modders Resources

    Vlex Tutorials:

    Add Bard to House Mods




  4. Endorse if you like it (why not, it's free), and report any bugs in the comments (I've addressed them all so far, even from other language pages)!
    Please write in English. If that's not your native language, please translate it first, and copy the translation here.

    Main Features

    Fully Voiced Questline! Audio that was already in Skyrim has been re-cut into dialogue for a questline that completely fits into Skyrim.

    Lore friendly, which also means it's expensive, but you can make back every septim plus some if you explore and pay attention enough.

    A quick-complete lever! If you're not interested in the quest-line and just want the player home, find the lever to auto-complete the entire quest-line. This can be done from any point within the quest-line. It is located at the visible base of the tower (on the mountain). It doesn't unlock every part of the mod though (yet, I plan to patch that in later), so it is probably suited only for determining if you want to use the mod. If you do want to use it, doing the quests will give all the features the mod holds.

    It's NOT in Riverwood or Whiterun! Crazy right? There is all that open Skyrim air, so I figured maybe I'd put it elsewhere, instead of being like half the mods out there

    Works for anyone! Install the base file and choose what addon packs you want based on your DLC.


    Dawnguard Addon:
    Adds flora and ingredients where appropriate for alchemy and aesthetic purposes.

    Dragonborn Addon:
    Adds flora, ingredients, food, and static objects where appropriate for alchemy and aesthetic purposes.

    Dragonborn Retex Addon:
    Replaces all dwemer statics with the Dragonborn sets where available, and adds new pieces where the new were found lacking. This makes Dwarvenhaven much less lore-friendly, but it looks oh so nice.

    General Stores Addon:
    Adds General Stores mod functionality in all appropriate areas. The cellar included as part of general stores can be accessed in the caves cell of Dwarvenhaven (eventually), via an added trapdoor. Some of the chests available in the base Dwarvenhaven file are removed by this addon, so be careful installing and uninstalling.


    Dwarvenhaven is recognized in BOSS if you care to use it.

    Skyrim must be updated to the latest patch

    Via NMM: Everything follows the basic procedure for all files.
    Manually: Again, follow standard procedure for all files: drop the main file and bsa in the Data folder (or merge the loose folders if you choose that version).

    -->The Dawnguard addon requires Dawnguard to function.
    -->The Dragonborn addon requires Dragonborn to function.
    -->The Dragonborn Retexture addon requires Dragonborn to function.
    -->The General Stores addon requires General Stores (latest version) to function.

    Uninstall Info:
    Remove anything you want to keep from within Dwarvenhaven, press the uninstall button (on the rock behind the auto-complete lever), then quit Skyrim and remove the file. This only applies if you are continuing with your save after removing the mod. If you go to a save before installing the mod, just remove the files.

    NMM works great for uninstallation!

    Warnings/Troubleshooting/Things to Know

    -->The quest doesn't start immediately. To start the quest, approach the front door of Dwarvenhaven.

    -->Using the quick-complete lever currently doesn't enable the NPCs to act as merchants correctly, and doesn't allow the shower to work as intended. This will be addressed in an update.

    -->The automatic doors open and close on their own when anyone is nearby. If they do break (which will happen occasionally), don't worry about it, they are scripted to fix themselves. If it does bug you, you can still manually open and close them, and this will also fix them.

    -->Ruquie will play at literally any time right now, which breaks immersion. I've tried A LOT of ways to try to fix it, and none have worked, so she has to stay that way for the time being.

    -->If you're not using BOSS and you're getting crashes when you get close to Dwarvenhaven (or even just when you start the game), change your load order. As this mod adds to Riften and Markarth, any mods that change those cities will conflict unless Dwarvenhaven is loaded after. Because I only add to these cities, Dwarvenhaven won't overwrite any other mods, so loading it after won't ruin other world changing mods.

    -->There are a large number of display cases, racks, bookcases, and mannequins in Dwarvenhaven. Observe best practices here based upon your own PC. The more weapons, books, and armor you place, the more has to be loaded every time you load the cell. But, if Skyrim runs above ~40 fps in general for your PC before this mod, this should be a minimal concern.

    -->The weapon racks can place some things oddly (blades swords, wabbajack, etc.). I used the vanilla script, so any mods to fix that should work here as well.

    -->The lever outside the tower works by setstage functions, running through every important stage of the quest line. It can be used anytime during the quests to quick finish the whole thing up if you don't care about the quest; using it after the quest line should also cause no issues.

    -->The levers in the sub basement are explained in a note added in-game.

    By BWchief117 (or bw117)

    Please see the Nexus page for latest updates, full information about the mod, and links to Russian translations:




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