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  1.  A bit of the Underdark, from the world of Dungeons and Dragons, to 
    the world of Skyrim. 

    -Both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC`s required.

    -This mod requires the following mods:

     >Drow race by Shaggy Monster 


     >Race compatibility by TMPhoenix 



      This mod was completely inspired by Neverwinter Nights` "Hordes of 
    the Underdark" expansion. I recreated the main areas from the original 
    game: the drow city of Lith My`athar, Drearing`s Deep, Shaori´s Fell 
    and Isle of the Maker. You will also find some characters from the 
    game here, like The seer, Cavallas, Cordigan and others. I did not 
    just copy the design from the game: instead, I made my own version of 
    the Underdark according to what was possible. I tried to be as 
    faithful as possible to the lore of Dungeons and Dragons, but due to 
    the scarcity of propper resources the Underdark will look a bit 
    "Skyrimzied". For now it is a WIP, but all the main areas are finished 
    and playable.

     I am looking for a scripter to script quests for this mod. In case 
    you are interested please contact me.

     If you are a modeller/texturer and want to make something related to 
    the Drow or the Underdark, I will be very pleased to use your work.


     The Underdark is not wide-open world. There are collision boxes 
    limiting the space. If sometimes you are unable to fall from somewhere 
    or you cannot jump in the water, it´s because you reached the cell´s 

     The Dark River is not for swimming and diving, at least for now. It 
    is currently bottomless and empty. Avoid swimming unless it is 
    absolutely necessary.

     Thirteen years after the defeat of the valsharess, Lyth My`athar 
    experienced considerable grouth using the Dark river as a trade route. 
    However, the stability years comes to an end as a new rebellion makes 
    the Underdark bleed again. The body of the valsharess was stolen at 
    the same time a new bunch of drow necromancers was seen in the city`s 
    whereabouts. Meanwhile, the vampire cultists from Drearings Deep moved 
    to Shaoris Fell, where they plan the ressurection of the dragon 


      The portal to the temple of Llolth is located at the coast, near 
    Winterhold College.I added a screenshot to show the location. Talk to 
    the seer. From its door, you will reach Lyth My`athar and the rest of 
    the  Underdark.


      To the west of Lith My´athar you will find a bit of Underdark´s 
    wilderness and the village of Drearing´s deep. It is a settlement of 
    escaped slaves. Talk to Corrigan.

      If you go to the city´s east you will reach the docks.Use the trap 
    doors at the boat to reach the two isles in the dark river.

      Isle of the Maker is an abandoned Duergar colony, where once lived a 
    powerful golem-builder who pursued lichdom. There is a refugee camp 
    now, talk to Zachariah.

      Shaoris Fell (a.k.a. A Strange Island Town) was built and abandoned 
    by winged elves from the surface. you may go to the castle, Shaoris 
    cave or the evil temple (the Mage´s Tower and the Library are under 
    construction).Talk to Uragon.

    -There are four characters with dialogue: The Seer, Corrigan, Uragon 
    and Cavallas.  Dialogue with them sometimes flashes too fast to be 
    read- use Fus Ro D'OH - SIlent Voices" to get the silent dialog to 
    displace correctly.


    -Some voices and speaks from NPC´s may have to be fixed.



    -Extract the "Data"  folder from this mod to "theElderScrollsVSkyrim" 

    -Add a check to Underdark.esp in your Skyrim Launcher screen to 
    activate the mod... and play!!!

    -Install the updates correctly as they are released.


    -Q: Do you want to create the whole Underdark?

    A: Of course... NOT! It has several layers of a continental-sized 
    worldspace. I would need a modding team to get a fraction of it done.

    -Q: Why isn´t the underdark TRULY dark?

    A: If I made it with relistic darkness it would be just another dark 
    dungeon mod. I wanted something to admire the vastness of an 

    -Q: Why there is no scripted quest yet?

    A: I don´t script for Skyrim. PLEASE, do not insist.

    -Q: How far do you want to go with this mod?

    A: You know the laws of physics: the development rate of a mod is 
    proportional to the support it receives. There is as lot  more on the 
    making, but if this mod don` t draw attention or support I will just 
    finish what isn`t ready yet and release it as it is.

    -Q: I want to fight some nasty drow! Where should i go?

    A: You will find hostile drow rebels at the castle in Shaoris Fell and 
    the duergar mine at the Isle of the Maker. Drow necromancers will be 
    found at the city crypts and in the defiled temple, in the wilderness.

    -Q: Are you willing to port it for SSE?

    A: Not any time soon.

    -Q: I found a bug! What should I do?

    A: Contact me and report.





  2. English version: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1956-falmeroon-legacy-of-the-snow-elves/

    Legacy of the Snow Elves
    Por Mr. C. Racer
      Desde que Bethesda publicó Guardia del Amanecer, se me ha hecho raro que no hubiera ruinas de los elfos de la nieve en ninguna parte de la provincia, y por eso he hecho ésta modificación. La lógica que he seguido es que los nórdicos y sus amos dragones quemaron hasta los cimientos todo aquello que encontraron relacionado con los falmer; por tanto, encontrarás la mayoría de mis ruinas en lugares nevados (al fin y al cabo eran elfos de la nieve), y muy apartados. Si no puedes encontrarlas (o te falta la paciencia para ello) puedes arruinarte la sorpresa y mirar sus localizaciones en el archivo de texto incluído.
      Pero no sólo de riunas viven los aventureros. La mod también incluye:
    - Nueva mazmorras, algunas de ellas configuradas para ser usadas por las misiones radiant.
    - Nuevos libros, escritos por un servidor.
    - Nuevo botín.
    - Nuevos enemigos.
    - Una misión simple.
    1. La mod es compatible con todas mis otras mods excepto una: A Fitting Throne for Vyrthur. Si la estás usando, puedes desactivarla porque el trono ya está incluído en Falmeroon.
    2.Los nuevos libros están incluídos en las listas niveladas vanilla para que puedas encontrarlos mientras juegas. Lo que significa que, si estás usando otra mod que cambie las misma listas, necesitarás Wrye Bash para hacerlas funcionar juntas con un bashed patch.
    3. No tengo Fuego del Hogar así que no puedo probar si hay incompatibilidades, pero considerando lo apartadas que están mis ruinas, espero que haya muy pocas o ninguna.
    4. Puede que salgan otras incompatibilidades (por ejemplo, otras mods usando los mismo espacios exteriores). Me ocuparé de ellas según aparezcan.
    - Dawnguard DLC.
    - Dragonborn DLC.
    - Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice por shadeMe, si quieres poder leer los nuevos diálogos.
      Descomprime todos los archivos en la carpeta Skyrim/Data, sobreescribelos si te lo pide, y activa el plugin en el lanzador de Skyrim. El archivo ha sido limpiado completamente con TES5Edit 3.0.32.
    1. Algunas celdas exteriores no tiene navmesh porque Bethesda no la creó. Como tocarla es muy peligroso, sólo he hecho cambios mínimos, así que encontrarás algunas localizaciones en las que tus compañeros no podrán seguirte. A mí no me molesta porque no uso compañeros, pero si tú sí lo haces, diles que esperen y ya está.
    2. Igualmente, aunque todas las mazmorras tienen navmesh, hay algunas partes con plataformeo muy simple en las que tus compañeros se quedarán atascados. Algunas veces ayudará un pequeño empujón con la fuerza, otras no.
    Versión 1.0: Primera versión.
    - Nuevas piezas y muebles de los elfos de la nieve: modelos y texturas originales por Bethesda; retexturizadas por Mr. C. Racer.
    - Modelo y texuras de la piedra Welkynd: InsanitySorrow (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1330-the-tesa-skyrim-resource-kit-project/).
    - Modelo y texturas del medallón de Auriel: UNI00SL (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57113/?).
    - Modelo y texturas del Gehenoth: Viltuska (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54629/?).
    - Toda la gente cuyos modelos gratuítos he utilizado.
    - La gente de los foros oficiales de Elder Scrolls (CDM_, cdcooley, s7o) por su ayuda con los scripts.
    - El equipo de TES5Edit.
    - Bethesda.




  3. Versión española: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1957-falmeroon-legacy-of-the-snow-elves-spanish-version/

    Legacy of the Snow Elves
    By Mr. C. Racer
      Since Bethesda released Dawnguard, it felt wrong that there was no snow elf ruins anywhere in the province, and that's why I made this mod. The logic I've followed is that the nords and their dragon masters burnt everything falmer-related they found to the ground; thus, you'll find most of my ruins in snowy places (they were the snow elves, after all), and very out of the way. If you can't (or lack the patience to) find them, you can spoil yourself their locations with the included text file.
      But ruins is not the only thing adventurers live off. The mod also includes:
    - New dungeons, some of them configured for radiant quests.
    - New lore books, written by yours truly.
    - New loot.
    - New enemies.
    - One simple quest.
    1. The mod is compatible with all my other mods but one: A Fitting Throne for Vyrthur. If you're using it, you can deactivate it because the throne is already included in Falmeroon.
    2. The new books are included in the vanilla leveled lists so you can find them while playing. Which means, if you're using other mods that change the same lists, you'll need Wrye Bash to make them work together through a bashed patch.
    3. I don't have Hearthfire so I can't test for incompatibilities, but considering how out of the way my ruins are, I expect very few, or none.
    4. Other incompatibilites may arise (like other mods using the same exterior spaces). I'll deal wit them as they come.
    - Dawnguard DLC.
    - Dragonborn DLC.
    - Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe, if you want to be able to read the new dialogue.
      Unzip all the files and drop them on your Skyrim/Data folder, overwriting if asked, and activate the plugin in the Skyrim launcher. The file has been fully cleaned with TES5Edit 3.0.32.
    1. Some exterior cells lack a navmesh because Bethesda didn't build it. As touching it is very dangerous, I've made only minimum changes, so you will find some locations where your companions can't follow you. It doesn't bother me because I never use companions, but if you do, just tell them to wait.
    2. Likewise, although all dungeons are completely navmeshed, there're some very simple platforming parts where your companions will get stuck. Sometimes a little force push will help, sometimes it won't.
    Version 1.0: First version.
    - New snow elf pieces and furniture: original models and textures by Bethesda; retextured by Mr. C. Racer.
    - Welkynd stone planter model and textures: InsanitySorrow (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1330-the-tesa-skyrim-resource-kit-project/).
    - Auriel medallion model and textures: UNI00SL (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57113/?).
    - Gehenoth model and textures: Viltuska (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54629/?).
    - All the people whose free models I've used.
    - The people at the official Elder Scrolls forums (CDM_, cdcooley, s7o) for helping with scripting.
    - The TES5Edit team.
    - Bethesda.





    Description & Features
    An underground dungeon system with currently 12 large and 5 small cells
    No vanilla creatures used. All enemies (except humans) are new and based on the Vicn Creature Pack. Link in the credits below.
    New ingredients from the enemies remains.
    Destructable objects in the dungeons to access new areas. Future plans: to connect all cities and villages in Skyrim to the dungeon system.
    Requirements: Dawnguard and Dragonborn



    Current enemies

    Enemy difficulty

    Destructable objects
    Video by DarShonDo - Thanks
    Video by DonProtein - Thanks
    Vicn for his great creature pack http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65134/?
    Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
    Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae,SKS
    DIMONIZED UNP female body by Dimon99
    1.0 Center and western part of Skyrim covered
    1.2 Northern part of Skyrim covered
    1.3 Replaced all exterior big city entrances with interior
    1.4 Windhelm connected
    1.5 Winterhold connected- minor bug fixes
    Nexus link




  5. At last, it has begun. I managed to sneak through this dark mine and steal one of their robes, now I am dressed as a demonist. Their cult is full of initiates, as long as I don´t act in a suspicious waythere´s no risk of being discovered.I´ve been monitoring their activities for some time and I know exactly what I have to do to infiltrate in their lair and uncover their secrets.I will leave my notes in these demonic altars, I know they don´t mess with anything which is put on it without the permission of the high priest that I stabbed in the back and buried his corpse near the mine´s entrance, now I have a safe place to leave them while I explore this dark place.
    As I dedicated my life to the welfare of mankind and studied all ways to ease the pains of our earthly existence,what I´ve learned about demons is that their aim is not to destroy life, but to bring pain and suffering to the point that makes it unbearable. The origin of this mystic beings is a mistery, as Their own existence is a paradox which makes us question the faith we have in our gods. If our deities are truly almighty, why can`t they get rid of their own opposition? And if they are really wise and benevolent,then why do they allow the existenece of these beings, whose only purpose in their existence is to bring scourge to all living things? In fact,all I can assure is that demons are real and they are immortal, what means that they cannot be utterly destroyed. They, however, can be banished, what means that they can be put out of the scene for certain times, depending on the faith and diligence of the one who casts them away.
    Now, after years tracking traces of the existence of an unique cult of evil, I finally discovered their hideout in the wilds of the Reach. Their faith is based on an ancient legend about the origins of demons. It tells that in the beggining of times, at the dawn of all aeons and all worlds which ever existed, the gods created a divine being to act as an intermediate between they and men. An angel of pure light, destined to share the gods`wisdom with the mortals. In order to perform his duty, this being should be able to experience all the nature of human in its purest essence, from the ecstasy to the agony, from the deepest passions to the heights of wisdom. Of course when I think about this tale I wonder that the gods were either naive or wreckless to allow such a powerful entity to experience all features from the human nature. Of course at a certain time it got in touch with hatred, fear, resentment and all that garbage that drags us towards our inner abyss, as his light became simply the purest darkness.First, he rebelled himself against the other deities, but as he found himself unable to destroy his on creators, his anger turned to their creation: the mortals, who were doomed to be tormented throughout their their existence as he unfolded his revenge against the gods.So, the very first demon was born.
    The cultists that I´ve been tracking seem to take this legend seriously, and I am to investigate them as I feel I´m close to the ansers to questions that bugged me in all these years of research about the origins of evil and the powers of darkness, as I follow the trail of the legendary demonic realm.If I manage to find it, I believe I will be able to gather knowledge that no other mortal got even close to it. I am not afraid in my journey, despite all the risk I am taking. I know I will cry for the gods, but only the silence of solitude will reply. I know I will reach for the light, but there will be only darkness, but I am committed, and I will carry on with my struggle to the very last breath.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marius the elder alchemist.


    -Dawnguard DLC required

    -This is a horror mod. It may be disturbing to some.

    -It is not lore-friendly. This will SURELY be disturbing to MANY.


    Demonika- Better to be played in a dark night, alone at home.A spooky and nightmarish dungeon-crawling divided in ten acts:

    I- Meus Oblitus
    II- Locus horribilis
    III- Castrum de Tenebris
    IV- Quod mallum
    V- Tenebrosi Cuniculum
    VI- Profundum Diabolicum
    VII- Ignis Pretorium
    VIII- Regnum Mali
    IX- Via Tremenda
    X- Daemonium Sanctum

    Every time you find a demonic altar, loot the small strongbox on it to get a message from Marius, the elder alchemist. Follow his steps from the mine at the reach to the demonic abyss, where he finds his doom.

    IT IS DARK- I put a barrel with 20 torches at the entrance, loot them all. In some areas you will experience realistic darkness, with scarce and distant light spots. This is not a bug or misconception: this mod was meant to provide the experience of exploring a dark dungeon keeping one hand busy with a torch, making no idea of what lies ahead (can be a treasure or a monster).


    Like the old school of RPGs, there will be some locked doors and you will have to search for the keys in a puzzling castle. There are 3 keys to be found, one in a certain container and two with a certain boss creature. I added a SPOILER .txt in case you are having problems to find, but it is not difficult.

    THE DEMONIC ABYSS (a.k.a. Profundum Diabolicum)

    Once you reach the demonic abyss, you will have to jump onto ledges and descend into a pit (not reccommended to bring followers there). Watch your step and save often. If you fall in the void of the abyss, you will return to this level´s start point. Follow the skull torches, and don´t get astray from your path, or else it will be hard to find it again. A boss creature guards the key to the last level.


    -Some issues when magic creatures perform electric attacks



    -Extract the "Data" folder in this mod to your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" folder.

    -Add a check to Demonika.esp in your Skyrim Launcher screen to activate the mod... and play!!!


    "A long forgotten mine" is located at the Reach, to the east of Dushnith Yal and to the south of Reachcliff Cave.


    BAD GREMLIN- clutter meshes

    CRAZYJOE2K- The mystic fountain

    ICECREAMASSASSIN- Clutter meshes

    IRONMAN5000- The altar

    JOKERINE- His skeletons

    JSNIDER193- Critter variants

    OARYSTIS- Several of his meshes, including some borrowed from CDprojekt with permission

    PHITT- The new rocks

    REFURBMADNESS- His alchemy and enchanting tables

    RUNSPECT- Clutter meshes

    STOVERJM- The open books

    STROTI apud. TAMIRA- Clutter meshes

    TAMIRA- Voodoo doll

    TENTAIN- Skull torches

    VICN- New creatures

    And some stuff of mine of course.

    A very special thanks for Tamira for helping with my mods, as always.







    This is my dungeon mod for Skyrim: THE SECRET OF DRAGONHEAD. Find out that secret by going through this epic dungeon.
    Fight all "very hard" leveled NPCs, find treasures, walk into the darkness!
    There is a little quest, it's activated by reading a book equipped by a dead imperial inside the dungeon. There are no quest markers for you!

    Make a clean savegame before install this mod. My mod is tested and it should be safe and bugfree. However do a clean savegame before installation. You should be at least lvl 30 and it requires at least 1 hour to finish.

    * Fixed CTDs (special thanks to JustinOther from Bethesda Softworks Forums) *

    The mod is localized in English and Italian, so choice your folder (ENG or ITA) and place files into data folder of Skyrim. Open the Skyrim menu launcher, select data file option and activate mannyDragonhead. Press Ok and run Skyrim. Enjoy!

    Just remove the two files (mannyDragonhead.esp and mannyDragonhead.bsa) from data folder of Skyrim.

    This mod have unique light templates, unique light sources and unique imagespaces. So if you have other mod installed that modify light templates and imagespaces, they are no affecting this mod.

    Please contact me if you discover bugs or glitches, thank you.

    Thanks all users at the Bethesda Softworks Forum who helped me about scripting. A very special thanks to ShitagiDorobou who revisited and corrected english translation of journals entries!




  7. Finished Dragonborn, cleaned all Solstheim dungeons and now missing something to do there? I´ve got something for you!!

    WARNING: This mod is not compatible with any mod that changes the area in the spots I placed my dungeons´ entrances.


    This mod adds 7 new dungeons to Solstheim:

    -2 ancestral tombs (Cursed Tomb and Ash Crypt)
    -1 cave (Abysmal Cave)
    -1 High Hrothgar like temple (Temple of the Dragon)
    -1 sewer (Raven Rock Sewers)
    -1 nordic ruin (Raulbad)
    -The Morag Tong Hideout

    All dungeons are made of only 1 level, but it is a big and diversified level except for the ancestral tombs that are small. There will be good fighting, good loot and some new eyecandy, of course!

    REMEMBER: in some caves You will have to jump onto places, and there will be ramps that you will be able to go down but not go up.

    The temple and the nordic ruin are very dark, I put a barrel with some torches at their entrance (in the nordic ruin it is inside, before the first door).


    -Extract the "data" folder to your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim folder. Add a check to Solsthdungeonpack.esp to activate the mod and play!!!


    All the new dungeons will show up in the map once the mod is installed and activated except Raven Rock Sewers: the redoran well at the center of Raven Rock was turned into its entrance.


    Companions will not follow you into the dungeons (a persistent bug in new dungeon mods). YOU SHOULD REPORT ANY BUG YOU FIND!!!


    Bad gremlin- Creepy clutter

    Jokerine- Hanging skeleton

    IRONMAN5000- The daedric pod and daedric altar

    Oaristys & Tony67- The new skeletons

    Runspect- The dragonborn throne and dark priest statue.

    All the other new meshes in this mod are my work. You may use them if you want, just give me the credits!




  8. A dark and realistic cave I made, as I give a break from Sungarde.

    WARNING: This mod is not compatible with any mod that changes the landscape in the area between Largashbur and Dark Tower.


    There is an old tale in Riften about a character named king Hraasil, the seventh son of a seventh son who usurped the throne some generations ago. According to the original story, which has been sung by the bards throughout the rift, he was a vampire who killed and drank the blood of his three brothers and three sisters to seize the control of the realm.It is told that Hraasil embalmed their bodies and hid them with some of his private treasures in a cave close to a river, in the west of the hold. Although the existence of the cave was confirmed, nobody has ever found a trace of Hraasil´s brothers´tomb and his treasure.




    Hraasil Cave is supposed to be like many real-life caves: dark, wet and full of rocky formations (stalactites, columns and travertines).

    There is a barrel at its entrance: pick up the torches, you will need them (the cave is VERY dark!). Most of the cave is natural, with scarce human traces on it--- I added some bedrolls, you can go there whenever you need a place to sleep. Nice for vampire and undead characters!

    Only the most clever cave explorers will be able to find the secret tomb where King Hraasil´s treasure was hidden. But watch out: there may be something nasty there, much worse than the spiders and mudcrabs!

    NOTE: Hard to find? The barrel outside the cave provides a tip!


    - Extract the "Data" folder to your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" Folder

    - Add a check to "Hraasilcave.esp" to activate the mod--- and play!

    To find Hraasil Cave start from Riften and head to southwest. I included a screenshot with its location here.




    In case you like my cave´s design but you don´t rock the darkness, there is an alternative file in the "UNREALISTIC" folder. It is the same cave, the only difference is that you can see everything, no torches required unless you use a mod that makes vanilla caves darker. To use it, just replace Hraasilcave.esp with the one contained in that folder.




    Companions will not follow you into the cave (a common bug in new dungeon mods). YOU SHOULD REPORT ME ANY BUG YOU FIND!


    The treasure meshes belong to Oaristys & Tony67. All other new meshes in this mod are my work.




  9. Wickwood

    Author: TES Alliance
    Version: 1.2.0
    Release Date: 31.October.2012
    Updated: 12.November.2012

    "A stranger descended upon us. Those who would not heed his call were burned as heretics and those who followed him were damned."

    ★NEW★ v1.1.0 Version Update:
    Gaps in Chapel walls repaired


    Wickwood is a Halloween themed adventure plugin for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Before playing, you will need to disable the game borders in your Skyrim.ini by adding bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 under the [general] heading. Once the plugin has been activated and the game loaded, travel south of Riverwood, high into the mountains beyond the borders of Skyrim's land, where in the wilds of the icy summit, you'll find the village of Wickwood begin unraveling the mystery of what happened there. Players are advised to have both a ranged weapon and an enchanted weapon before attempting Wickwood. For the best results, play in the dark without music and without magic effects like "Nighteye" and "DetectLife". Be wary in your adventuring hero...

    Set in an Abandoned Mountain Village
    Detailed Backstory to Explore
    New Enemies!
    Unique Weapons!
    A Halloween Atmosphere
    Seven Uniquely Horrific Levels
    Traps and Puzzles
    Voiced Dialogue!
    Big Boss Battle!
    Fun Rewards!
    And More...

    Important Info:
    Spawn Mods: Playing Wickwood in tandem with another mod that increases creature spawns may add additional, and unintended, challenge in the village's horror levels. Use with care.
    Levels: We recommend characters be at least level 15+ before attempting Wickwood. While some enemies are leveled to give a bit of a break, some are not and are rather difficult at lower levels.
    Godmode: While you may be tempted to use godmode to brave the horrors in Wickwood, don't. There are some scripts running that will not fire properly if you are in godmode and you will not be able to proceed.
    Collision/Clipping: Do not use the "tcl" console command to navigate through Wickwood. There are collision boxes designed to guide your immersion and trigger zones to progress events, both of which can be drifted through with collision toggled off resulting in a bad experience for you, so give your console the night off.

    Known Conflicts:
    None Reported


    How To Vote:

    Polls are now closed, thanks to everyone who played and voted!

    Levels Revealed:
    Fjori Blood-Blade's Cottage: WillieSea *Winner of Trickiest Level to Complete*
    Abandoned House: lilith
    Wedding House: the_manta
    Hollow House: Ladyflcn
    Musty House: DsoS *Winner of Overall Best Scare*
    The Frozen Shade: Vouivre
    Savard's House of Horrors: Arion *Winner of Best Creature Scare*





  10. Throne Room

    The Hagraven Makes Her Entrance

    This is the Dragonborn's Antre. A place fit for the hero of the realm.

    As of version 2.0 there is a mini quest to save the spirits of Giselle Battleclan's sister. The quest starts with a contract and key to the haunted house recieved from a mercenary encounter just outside of the entrance to Dragonborn's Antre and ends at the doorsteps of the house. The house is off the Southern pathway from the Throne Room. It's a very small and quick quest but it is very detailed, I hope you like it

    A little warning...the enemies in the haunted house are not meant for lower level characters! I would say at least level 30 or so should be able to handle it.

    The entrance to Dragonborn's Antre is to the North-East of Sleeping Tree Camp. Head North and then to the West of the small mountain. You'll find a snowy pathway leading up the mountain on the West side. Just keep following your heading marker and you won't miss it, though it could be hard to find for some anyway.

    The cavern is designed to be circular with many hidden areas and sometimes strange encounters. If it looks like you can jump, give it a try.

    Once you make the trip, through either the right or left door in the throne room you will come across a hidden door that takes you to the entrance. It makes it a lot easier to come back to work on your alchemy and things without having to go through the throne room etc.

    The path to your left when you enter the throne room leads to the "house". The path to the right leads to the workroom where the smithing stuff and alchemy, etc. rooms are and there is a path across a small bridge to new areas.

    Oh yea....And don't forget your torches!

    /* Conflict With Other Mods */

    Since starting this project I've not been playing Skyrim much at all, other than testing. So I have no idea whether there are any conflicts with other mods.

    If you find a conflict with another mod, or any bugs, please send me an email to: brewskie@pcgamingnetwork.com

    /* Known Issues */

    Every time you read the contract (to save the Fisher family) a quest related sound is heard. Once read, though, it can be dropped.
    Graphic anamolies may occur with graphic cards that have less than 1 gig ram.
    The ghosts don't say anything.

    /* Installation */

    Copy DragonbornsAntre.esp, DragonbornsAntre.bsa & DragonbornsAntre.bsl to your Skyrim Data folder.

    To uninstall do the reverse.

    /* Changelog */

    Optimized opening scene in haunted house.
    Stopped light flicker in haunted house.
    Added some FX to the outside of the haunted house.
    Misc. other stuff.

    /* To Do */

    Link this mod with a new one I am creating (Lamplight http://lamplight.pcgamingnetwork.com).
    Create a new story pertaining to the mines.
    Having your housecarl live with you.
    Animated dragon....someday!
    Do you have any ideas?

    /* Credits */
    Taught me some great scripting and without whome this mod would have been much more difficult: RandomNoob (Bethsoft forums)
    Showed me how to use markers and other things for the haunted house: RandomNoob (Bethsoft forums)
    Showed me more info on retexturing: ChickenDownUnder
    Base hex-pillar object created by ChickenDownUnder (Bethsoft forums).
    Showed me some scripting: Planteur from the Bethsoft forums
    Showed me how to replace textures, etc: flobalob from the Nexus forums
    The guys at Nexus forums
    The guys at Bethsoft forums
    The guys at tesvskyrim.com

    Sorry if I forgot anybody!

    /* Where To Find */


    The Skyrim Nexus:

    Dragonborn's Antre - Version 2.2




  11. A nordic ruin dungeon, overrun by the Daedra.

    I made this mod because I played Oblivion for a long time, to figure out that the Daedra are scarce in Skyrim. I really missed the times I used to close that Oblivion gates, fighting thoses hordes of dremoras. Now the good times are back, so let´s enjoy them!!!


    A 6-level dungeon crawl. The first level is a cave dwelled by conjurers, where there is already a tough fight with their boss to get the key to the ruins. Once you get it, in the next 5 levels you will fight dremoras and frost/fire/storm atronachs.

    BRING SOME TORCHES: It is much darker and foggier than the vanilla dungeons.

    LOW LEVEL CHARS WILL BE UTTERLY CRUSHED!!! Deploy your strong chars and bring your best weapons, armors, potions and spells.There will be times when you will be fighting 4-5 dremoras at once, and the bosses are very tough.

    Defeat the Dremora boss to get a complete set of Daedric armor. You will also loot a key to a mage portal that will take you back to Skyrim, so you don´t have to go all the way back into the dungeon. But watch out: Ghuzerath is strong, and he does not come alone!!!


    -Extract the "Data" folder from this mod to your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" folder in your PC. If it asks to overwrite something, say Yes.

    -Add a check to "Daedralair.esp" in your Skyrim launcher screen to activate the mod... and play!


    "A long forgotten cave" is located at the Reach, nearby the road to Markarth. I Included a screenshot here to show you the exact location.

    Known bugs/issues

    Companions usually get lost in this dungeon. Sometimes they do not follow you at all (I guess they sense the trouble ahead). If you cannot live without your companion and you do not have a mean to summon or teleport him/her back, you better come alone this time.




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