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  1. A Room In Town
    A Room In Town adds a room for the player in Balmora. This room is in Caius Cosades' place, in his cellar. The trap door that gives access to it is locked; Caius Cosades will give the key to the player once he/she has joined the Blades.
    This room contains:
    a dresser, an end table, a shelf, a chest, three food, drinks and ingredients containers, for the player to store his stuff. The place and its containers are safe; in Morrowind nothing respawns nor resets.
    Note: the place looks very dark on the images; they are far less dark in game.
    Oh, I forgot, I put some clothes on Caius; never understood why he was half naked.

    To Behesda Game Studios for their marvellous games!




  2. Version 1.13

    Move into the wonderful Lakeside House situated on the shores of Lake Amaya! If you have a good eye, you may be able to find the hints revealing some of the building's history.

    To reach the house, start in Pelagiad and head north until you reach water. Once there look to your left and you should see the house. It uses the House Hlaalu architecture. To get in, you'll need the key. The key is inside a sack, and the sack can be found in amonsgt the rocks in front of the front door.

    Lakeside House 1.13 was one of the featured mods on Darkelfguy's new Morrowind mod spotlight series.

    Morrowind patched to the latest version.
    Updating to 1.13


    Perform a clean save first, then update to v1.13


    Simply remove the old Lakeside House.esp from your Data Files folder, and place the new one in its place.

    When loading your save game, Morrowind will take note of the change and ask if you would like to continue
    loading the saved game. Click yes. Lakeside House 1.1 does not make any changes that might adversly effect
    your game.

    To install, just extract into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.
    Then start the Morrowind Launcher, go to Data Files, and make sure your choice is checked to activate.
    The mod has been cleaned of GMST's with the Enchanted Editor.


    Any mod that is situated within the exterior cell (-1, -6) may be incompatible with this mod.

    If there are any I will list any here once I know of them. Please contact me if you find any incompatibilities.

    Known Issues or Bugs

    As far as I know there are currently no known bugs or issues. Please contact me if you find any.


    1.13 - Added a few more flasks to the limeware platter
    - Added a small plant area next to the front door
    - Added a dirt path right in front of the door (thanks to johanrosen for all of these)
    1.1 - Corrected a typo (Thanks darkelfguy!)
    - Added four extra rugs around the house (Suggested by princess_stomper)
    1.0 - Initial Release


    Official Bethesda Forums: brucoms
    TESNexus: VesnaBrucoms
    TESAlliance: Brucoms




  3. Name: A Vivec hideout
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 11.04.2010
    Author(s): Pushkatu

    Adds a new room(HIDEOUT) in Vivec Foreign Quarter Canalworks.
    This was designed for lvl 15-25 characters becouse it also adds some items that can unbalance the game for low level characters,
    but feel free to use it as you want to.
    For more see the pictures.

    This is my first mod, so if you find any bugs let me know. I have tested it a little and I haven't found any, but you never know.

    Morrowind patched with the latest patch

    Installation Instructions
    Copy the esp in your Morrowind/Data Files directory

    Uninstallation Instructions
    Delete the esp and make sure you are not inside the room when you remove the mod, also move all your loot to another location or you will lose it.

    None that I know.

    Known Issues
    None, let me know if you find any.

    Change Log
    11 Apr. 200 V. 1.0 - Initial release

    Thanks to Bethesda for making Morrowind
    Many thanks to all the modders that make our TES games way better.
    Thanks to Nexus for the for the great community it has become.
    Thanks to Venzar for the readme generator.
    Thanks to Emma for her support and help.
    Thanks to those who made the tutorial that helped me making this mod

    If you want to use this for your own project or want to upload this someplace else, let me know first.




  4. The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND:

    Mod Name: Alladin's Bottle_v3

    By Kiteflyer61 (
    Date 07-03-2009

    1. Description
    2. Requirements
    3. Installing the plug-in
    4. Playing the plug-in
    5. Save games
    6. Conflicts/Known Errors
    7. Credits/Permissions received
    8. Contact and Information
    9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
    10. Version History


    The ultimate portable house mod! Now you can carry everything you own with you to anywhere. Uses only "vanilla" textures and meshes but is compatible with a lot of other mods including Better Bodies, Better Heads, Nom, etc.
    Any mods that change NPC looks will change the look of the mannequins in the display room as well. Now you will have a place to show off all the armor and clothing mods you have installed!

    There are 8 rooms to use:

    1. A "Sitting Room" for kicking back next to the fire and reading a good book.
    2. A bedroom for resting up after a long day's adventuring, with plenty of storage for your "Gotta-have" stuff.
    3. A training room with a working training dummy and auto-reset locks. The dummy can also be used to train the sneak ability by standing behind it. You can also test out your backstabs (sorry, no pick pocketing).You'll have to supply your own picks for the locks as well. (After level 5 who needs apprentice picks anyway!)
    4. An Alchemy lab with separate containers for every ingredient from morrowind, tribunal, and bloodmoon as well as an ingredient sorter. Lots of labeled storage for potions, soul gems, jewelry, etc. You'll have to supply your own apparatus though. There is also a dummy to try out those new spells on.
    5. A small bar ready to be stocked with your favorite drinks.
    6. A kitchen to cook up your favorite dishes (NOM compatible).
    7. A dining room to show off all the cups, plates, dishes, etc. that you have picked up on your journeys.
    8. And my favorite room of all, the display room! This room will make the curator of any museum in Vardenfell drool! There are 24 mannequin pedestals in all, plus you can move mannequins around any where you want. The only limit to the number of mannequins is the 1024 object limit per cell (there are over 700 objects already in the cell). The mannequins come in all standard races (including beast) and both sexes. Each pedestal can call up any one. You can also pick up the mannequin from the pedestal and drop it anywhere you want. There are also numerous tables and shelves to display weapons and such (the mannequins don't show weapons, sorry. I couldn't find a way to make mannequins that didn't move or require additional meshes and still show weapons). This room is a pack-rat's dream!
    9-11. A series of “apartments†for your companions to use. Each has a bed, closet, dresser, and a desk.
    12. A swimming pool for you to relax and cool off in. Great for training your athletics skill in too.

    There is a door at the top and bottom of the bottle that acts as an elevator for quick access and also can be used to turn the hallway into a sort of "track" for training athletics and acrobatics. You can train almost all of your skills inside the bottle in one way or another. Note however that there are no "cheats" in this mod. No Uber items. No NPCs with millions to give away. If you think you need a little more of a challenge then step into the Hall of Challenges. There you can find out just how good you really are! There are easy, medium, and hard challenges against 1-5 challengers! If you think you're tough try surviving against 15 challengers at once! Do yourself a favor and save before you try it! The challenge system will allow you to call as many challengers as you want but I've never tried more than 15 at once and that lagged the fight pretty good. There are now two more halls to challenge yourself in. One is a cave full of leveled monsters and beasts. The other is a tomb full of the undead. They both should respawn every time you leave and re-enter the hall. All of the opponents now drop or give you “Prize Coins†that you can sell to the new merchant. And don't try to fight the challengemaster. He's almost invincible and has a bad temper!

    To get the bottle head east out of Seyda Neen and follow the road that turns north through the hills. At the tee turn right and watch the hills to your right. Just before the next intersection you will see the forgotten cave. The guards in the cave will be quite unhappy to have their little diamond mine found so don't expect to be invited to dinner! Talk to the miners to find out where the bottle is. Any character under level 5 will probably not make it to the miners unless you cheat. Characters over level 10 shouldn't have any trouble getting through. Do not kill everything in sight or you won't get the bottle!

    2. Requirements

    1. Morrowind
    2. Tribunal
    3. Bloodmoon

    This mod also supports NOM but it is not required. I highly recommend using one of the multi-mark mods as the entry and exit from the bottle use the mark and recall spells. I would also suggest using better bodies so that the mannequins look their best. If you have head, face, or hair packs installed it is very simple to choose which of these your mannequins display by opening them in the CS and choosing your favorites for each race and sex. The mannequins are simple NPCs.


    Unpack the files to your Data Files directory. There are no extra meshes or textures to worry about. There is however a new icon for the bottle to make it easier to pick out in inventory.


    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Alladin's Bottle_v3.esp


    This plug-in will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plug-in is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plug-in. But you will be able to continue on with the original game. Anything left inside the bottle when the mod is removed will be gone forever!


    This plug-in creates new objects and associates them with objects that are part of the standard game. There should be no interaction with any other plug-ins unless they place something exactly where the forgotten cave entrance is. (Cell 0,-9) I’ve tested this mod on a clean install (morrowind, bloodmoon, tribunal, and no other mods) and on my main machine with over 80 mods installed and had no trouble at all.
    If you have previous versions of the bottle you MAY be able to upgrade to this version simply by renaming the .esp to the name of your current version and overwriting it. I haven’t tried this but a few others have been able to update this way and it worked for them. Make a backup save just in case it doesn’t work for you. I didn’t move or delete anything for the new version so it shouldn’t cause any problems but try it at your own risk.

    7. CREDITS

    First and foremost a huge thank you to Bethesda for making the best RPG ever!
    Thanks to Sietse for the original bottle entry and exit scripts (modified by Toccatta).
    Thanks to Toccatta for the huge amount of help with scripting that he posted on PES. You taught me everything I know about scripting!
    Special thanks to Bell-Chan for the Simple mannequins modders resource. They're the best mannequins I've seen yet!


    This mod was inspired by the work of Sietse. I loved the bottle storage mod but didn't like the imperial theme or small size of it. I tried to make the inside of the bottle look like the outside as far as texture and shape. I'm a pack-rat at heart and I love to see the armor and weapons I've collected put on display. If you have any questions, problems, or comments about this mod contact me at


    Feel free to use this mod any way you see fit. I only ask that you give credit where credit is due
    I accept no responsibility for crashed games, busted computers, or any other trouble this mod may cause!


    06-08-2009 v1 : original release
    07-03-2009 v2 : Added “barracks†area for companions (if you use an NPC teleport mod to get them into the bottle).
    Added an ingredient sorter to the alchemy lab that will remove all ingredients from your inventory and place them into their proper containers with one click.
    Added a revised icon for the bottle so that it is easier to spot in inventory.
    Improved the lighting in the display room to better show off the armor and weapons.
    07-19-2009 v3: Added a swimming pool to the bottom of the bottle (by request)
    Added two new halls to the hall of challenges (monsters and undead) as well as a reward system with a new merchant. All NPCs now have small amounts of money to barter with (also by request).

    Please note that unless there are glaring errors this will be the final version of the bottle.




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