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  1. Rathunas is a lovely, and fairly large, town along the extreme western edge of Cyrodiil, well north of Anvil, northwest of Skingrad, and almost due west of Kvatch. It lies just on the boundary of the large area modified by the Unique Landscapes: Brena River Ravine mod, and in fact that mod is a prerequisite for Rathunas. As you can see from the screenshot, Rathunas has as many homes and businesses as some of the walled cities in the vanilla game, but it is an open-layout town with no walls or gates.

    Rathunas is a mining town, founded by adventurers (now retired) who cleaned the bandits out of Infested Mine and returned it to productivity. It's a peaceful and prosperous community, with charming shops and a nearby priory devoted to Kynareth, plus sheep farms, gardens, a carpentry shop, taverns, and an inn.

    The quiet of Rathunas is suddenly disturbed one day, and therein lies a quest that will lead the heroic player character to a major, multilevel dungeon on an adventure to restore peace and safety to the town. The story is lore-friendly and detailed, and there are multiple ways to complete many of the quest objectives. To ensure your character is sufficiently powerful, the Rathunas quest line is triggered by the player reaching a certain point in the Oblivion main quest (or by a special NPC dialog option if you are not doing the main quest), but the Rathunas mod does not modify any vanilla quest in any way.

    Want to see more? Watch the Teaser Trailer and Cinematic Trailer on YouTube, but know this: There is a lot more to the dungeon than what we will show you in the videos! After all these years, our team wants to give you some brand-new surprises in Cyrodiil, so we're not going to spoil that by giving away the best dungeon features in the trailer videos!

    We've worked hard to make the town, and the quest, lore-friendly and immersive. The dungeon is huge, but every single room has a purpose and a back-story, if the player cares to investigate dialog and in-game clues. You can play this as hack-and-slash, because a great deal of the NPC dialogs are optional, but this is really meant for the roleplay enthusiast who wants to think and strategize and interact with NPCs. There is a reason why this dungeon was built, why its denizens are doing what they are doing, and all of this ties into the back-story lore of the vanilla quest that triggers it.

    The dungeon contains hundreds of custom resources from modders' libraries, plus over one hundred custom tiles and set-pieces of my own creation. There are scripted traps, portals, gateways, puzzles, enchantments, potions, and animated objects, and some of the dungeon levels are full-custom meshes (that is, they are not tiled at all). You won't survive this dungeon by assuming it is just like the vanilla dungeons you've already explored! When you complete the quest line (yes, it's several interlocking quests), you earn the eternal gratitude of the town and a reward commensurate with the scope of the adventure.

    Four years in development, the Rathunas mod features over 100 voice-acted NPCs with a total of more than 3300 total lines of dialog, performed by 35 voice actors.

    Rathunas is being cinematically scored by a collaborative team of professional composers (you can hear samples of their work in the video trailers!). The current BETA release has temporary music in the interior spaces of the town, for testing purposes, but as of this release the final music scores are not yet completed. Two levels of the dungeon have a portion of their final music tracks included in this release.


    (More details are in the README.txt file)
    Latest official patched version of Oblivion
    OBSE version 21 or later
    Unique Landscapes - Brena River Ravine

    Strongly recommended but not required:
    Sound Commands
    Enhanced Music and Controls

    Wrye Bash is strongly recommended for installing the beta version. We plan to offer OMOD support later, but it is not available in this early release.


    This BETA release is fully playable. We are seeking player feedback on game balance and difficulty level. If you download, please track this file so you will be notified of updates (especially the music, which will be added as tracks are completed by the composers).

    The README.txt file is extensive and detailed. Before you install, please save yourself a lot of grief by taking a few minutes to read it. :-)

    This mod has been extensively tested by members of our team, but please do be aware that this is still a BETA release, not production status. It has a number of known bugs and a few incomplete features, and the main purpose of the beta release cycle is to find and fix other bugs.

    The two documentation files Rathunas-BUGLIST.txt and Rathunas-ISSUES.txt provide a list (unfortunately, with a few minor spoilers) of known problems. "Bugs" are problems that we expect to fix before production release. "Issues" are things we would like to fix, but in some cases they may be game-engine limitations that we are not sure we can overcome.

    We are still fine-tuning the game balance of battles. If you have constructive feedback on the battle difficulty, please comment (avoid spoilers if you can!). Tell us what general type of character you are playing (magic, stealth, or combat), your character's level, and where you have the difficulty slider for the game set. It is particularly useful if you can compare the difficulty of a Rathunas battle to those of other dungeons your character has explored at his or her current level. Just saying "The battle with ___ is too hard/too easy" doesn't help much, because we need a framework for comparison.

    If you find a bug that stalls one of the Rathunas quests, don't give up hope! Contact me (Syscrusher) by private message on TES Nexus or TES Alliance. I can provide console workarounds for almost any situation.

    PERMISSIONS: Please see the "Perms" link above for permissions and credits. Do NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission.




  2. Sutch Tavern Mod
    Clutterer’s Edition

    Author: CrisG9 et al.
    Version: 1.0


    Oblivion 1.2.0416
    Shivering Isles
    Unofficial Oblivion Patch

    This mod adds a lovely remote tavern located near the Gold Coast, in Kvatch County, not far from Fort Sutch. Nearby players will find an entire new city for Cyrodil, the city of Sutch. The city and the tavern are full of living and detailed NPCs who carry out a busy daily life. Players are free to explore the city, meet the inhabitants, even visit Sutch Castle and meet the Duchess and Duke living there with their staff, servants and vassals. The city is protected by the Sutch Guard who are on hand to protect visitors and prevent trouble from getting out of hand. This remarkable mod effort was the work of many hands, pieced together over several years. It’s loosely based on TES Alliance’s Tavern Tales RPG as a tribute from the fans of the series. There are no quests, but there is much to see and discover. You can visit and explore the tavern where you may find the actual Tavern Tales stories for your reading pleasure 100 volumes set in a Tales inspired world.

    Edition Note: You have downloaded Sutch Tavern Mod-Clutterer’s Edition

    CAUTION: This edition is notably resource intensive; the goal and intent of this version’s project leader CrisG9 was an emphasis on artistic and visual appeal/realism. As such, some players may experience a drastic FPS drop in several showcased areas. If you play on low to moderate end settings or an older machine, you may want to download the [WIPz/Beta] Performance Edition instead, which has been streamlined for improved technical performance, though not as aesthetically complete.


    To Install:
    1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
    2) Make sure the the SutchTavernModE01.esp is checked in the Launcher before playing

    To Uninstall:
    1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod
    2) Uncheck the the SutchTavernModE01.esp in the Launcher

    Due to inconsistent file structuring, unpacking the BSA is not recommended.


    Incompatible with sister project [WIPz/Beta] Sutch Tavern: Performance Edition. Must choose one or the other as they occupy the same space conflictingly.

    Known Issues:

    None Known

    Change log:

    01/28/2013 - Initial Release

    Contact Details:

    If you experience issues with the mod and require support please contact the project leader for Sutch Tavern Mod : CE. You may PM him here on TES Alliance as CrisG9

    Thanks for Playing Sutch Tavern Mod : Clutterer's Edition!




  3. WARNING! This is not a playable mod (yet).

    According to established lore Falinesti is the capital of Valenwood, a great “walking†oak tree large enough to contain an entire city. This idea intrigued me, because it’s one of those wonderfully weird things they throw into TES, like the Telvani mushrooms. Even more intriguingly, there is very little detailed lore apart from a few mentions in A Dance in Fire and the location on maps, which shows that the tree is not only within the Oblivion worldspace, but should be visible from Anvil!

    What I have created is a very early (and incomplete) “proof of concept†which shows how a tree city like Falinesti can be built, using kevange’s “Lorefriendly Landscaped Lands - Valenwood Flora Landscaping†resource. This resource is REQUIRED for the mod to function.

    it is downloadable here:

    While using this resource gives an impression of how the tree might look and how it can be constructed the overall result is somewhat sub-par because it uses copies of the vanilla dead log meshes which were never intended to be blown up to ten times their size and have jagged edges and roots beside.

    I would like to get this project off the ground, I have a plan, but I need some practical help. Specifically, I need a modeler willing to create some custom tree-pieces with more accurate collision, including a multi-part trunk, roots and various pieces of branch in a few sizes. Perhaps even more importantly, I need someone who has enough familiarity with speedtree to at least be able to cut apart the vanilla oak trees into pieces to create the canopy.

    If anyone is interested please download the ALPHA and have a look

    There is an interior cell “0Valenwoodtreebuild†which contains the current version of the tree, and there are also two map markers south of Anvil labled “Falinesti†which will take you to the in-world version, one to the root and one to the crown.

    Many thanks to kevange for creating "Lorefriendly Landscaped Lands - Valenwood Flora Landscaping†which created the impetus for this idea




  4. Sometimes it makes little sense the way there are inns scattered about in places far enough from civilization to warrant being something more. Gottshaw Village is an expansion on the Gottshaw Inn to address this problem for one such place. Now instead of just a sleepy little inn, there's a blacksmith and two homes. Gottshaw also plays host to a group of refugees from Kvatch who will decide to settle and build a home here. One of these refugees is looking for her husband. Will you help the poor dear or leave her hanging?




  5. Name: Silverhop Village
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Date: 10/11/2011
    Category: Towns
    Author: The-manta
    Source: TESAlliance


    Oblivion 1.2.416


    A small village to explore in the Blackwood region.


    This mod has been an off and on project for longer than I care to remember, and it has never had the care it deserved. It isn't 'finished' as I would have liked, but I promised myself it would be released before Skyrim, so here you go. Hopefully it might give you something to do while TESV installs...

    Anyway, it's a little village in the Blackwood region, on the Panther River. It has a chapel, general store, inn (all the rooms are taken... sorry), mage's house (where you can sleep if you're in the guild), smith, guard and a few other houses. In the general store you can buy the key for a small house (above the store). The base price is 2400 gold, but it varies depending on mercantile skills. This village is really more visual than anything else. There are no quests, no dialogue, and now new items, sorry, but this is all I have. I'm considering this an alpha version, and it WILL have bugs in. Do report any you find, and hopefully one day I will get back to this.

    NOTE: requires the Unofficial TESA clutterers' Guild Pack (here:)


    1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data
    2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).


    1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
    2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


    None known.

    Known Issues:

    None know.


    10/11/2011 - 10/11/11- initial release


    the-manta at TES Alliance


    Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
    Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.
    Thanks to Meo for his modular fireplaces resource, and for making the various signs in town.
    Thanks to Garak for his book sets.
    Thanks to Xiamara for her static wineracks.
    Thanks to all the members of the unofficial TESA clutterers' guild.
    And thanks to everyone at TES Alliance for your continuing help, support, and good company!

    If I have missed anyone PLEASE let me know!

    Tools Used:

    Insanity's ReadMe Generator
    Elderscrolls Construction Set


    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like to know what mods are including my work.




  6. Sutch Village
    A joint venture of Arthmoor and Hanaisse.
    Requires OBSE v20 or higher.

    As many are aware, Bethesda once had plans to include the city of Sutch in the game. The E3 demos contained passing hints to its existence, the map loop in the game's intro had it marked NW of Kvatch, in the CS you can make out the land depression they prepared for it along with several cells tagged as being part of it, and it even has its own Oblivion gate.

    For reasons unknown, it was cut from the game at the last minute and a ruined Fort Sutch plus the Oblivion gate is all that remains. As a result of this, several people have attempted reconstructions of the city. Plenty of projects have been abandoned, while others left their work for someone else to pick up.

    This village mod is our take on restoring Sutch to the game. Based on extremely sketchy lore found in scattered places on the web, we arrived at the conclusion that the city itself has been destroyed and only a ruin is left behind. Rather than attempt to rebuild a large city over the top of a ruin, this mod takes the position that settlers have only recently come back to the area in an attempt to start over. There is a village northwest of Fort Sutch, containing a manor house along with some housing, an inn, some supporting farms, a vineyard, and an ebony mine. Yes, the only one known to still be functioning in Cyrodiil. The stuff can't only be available in Morrowind


    See the ReadMe, or just go and find them yourself. We don't want to spoil it!


    Manually: Unpack everything into your Oblivion\Data directory.

    BAIN use is recommended for automatic install.
    Rebuild bashed patch.

    If you use RAEVWD and want the new buildings to show up VWD, run TES4LODGen.


    Manually: Remove all files this archive contains from your Data folder.

    Or uninstall via BAIN.
    Rebuild bashed patch.


    Major landmarks in the area, including Fort Sutch and Malacath's Shrine, should be entirely compatible. Any vanilla quests associated with them are intact.

    A patch will be required (and is available on Nexus) for Unique Landscapes: Lost Coast.

    A patch will be required for Hammerfell's border crossings plugin.

    This mod is NOT compatible with other mods that restore the missing city of Sutch to the area as they all use the same space.
    Patches for these mods will not be provided. Sometimes you simply need to choose one over another.

    Known Issues

    None so far!
    Please report any issues in the official forum thread.
    Both Arthmoor and Hanaisse can be contacted via PM at this site.


    See ReadMe for full list of credits.

    Licensing and Legal

    Redistribution is strictly forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from Arthmoor AND Hanaisse. This includes (but not limited to) any of the many new unique resources and textures made by Hanaisse.

    Non-English translation versions may be uploaded without permission on the following conditions:

    1. All mod files contained in this archive are retained with their current names.
    2. No alterations are made to the contents of the plugins or master file other than those necessary to translate the English text.
    3. No alterations or additions are made to the meshes and textures other than those necessary to translate English text.
    4. This readme is included, in ENGLISH, exactly as it is written in the version it was downloaded with.

    All inquiries regarding this mod must be directed to Arthmoor or Hanaisse. If after 180 days contact cannot be established or you have not received a response, stewardship of this mod will fall to the community at TES Alliance ( Arthmoor can be contacted via PM at Bethesda Game Studios Forums, TES Alliance, TES Nexus, Great House Fliggerty, and AFK Mods under the username Arthmoor. Arthmoor can also be contacted via his blog at using the contact form there. A good faith effort must be made before assuming that contact cannot be established before concluding that we are no longer maintaining this mod.

    Though this mod has been released under the banner of the Arthmoor's Villages project, it is a joint work between Arthmoor and Hanaisse and as such, efforts to contact both of us must be exhausted fully before this mod can be assumed to be abandoned. She maintains a regular presence at both the Bethesda Game Studios Forums and at TES Alliance.

    Mod history archives such as Morrowind Mod History are permitted to keep a copy of this mod within their archives for historical purposes provided all authorship and credit information is retained.

    Version History
    Version 1.0.4 07/22/14

    * Added road sign support for Roads of Cyrodiil.
    * Fixed a bug in the Winery quest where the shipments would never come due. ( We of course wonder how this has gone so long without being noticed )
    * Fixed a bug where late shipments would not be cleared properly if the wine bottles had been placed in the store chest.

    Version 1.0.3 12/21/12

    * Added notifications of when the winery profits are ready if you hired Gill to handle the shipments.
    * Gill was not being paid! You're lucky he hasn't gone on strike.
    * Added the Gottshaw painting to the Silver Star Inn.

    Version 1.0.2 12/08/11

    * Rumors were being used by the Dark Brotherhood, who would certainly not care (especially Lucien LaChance).
    * Avena and Gill at the Silver Star Manor did not have their merchant chests hooked up properly.
    * The priestess of Kynareth will now properly sell spells to everyone rather than just new characters.

    Version 1.0.1 11/10/11

    * The mesh for the Silver Star Inn had incorrect AWLS compatibility data.
    * The mesh for the Damned Wolf also had incorrect AWLS compatibility data.
    * The mesh for the Silver Star Manor had upside down windows.
    * The _far.nif for the manor needed a refresh once the windows on the manor mesh were fixed.
    * A floating tree was spotted along the canyon road to the coast.
    * An AI oddity with the Old Pirate caused him to wander into the water where he didn't belong.
    * The Damned Wolf's voyage did not unlink the path grids, which would cause lots of residents to decide to go for a swim.
    * The Kynareth shrine could not target the player with the spell.
    * The Kynareth priestess was not able to sell spells.
    * Bed use was not being set up properly when paying for the room at either inn.
    * The Razor's Edge sign was too close to the building and was causing it to get jammed at an angle.
    * Removed unnecessary alpha information from a few textures.
    * Dates on the two clutter maps have been corrected to reflect 3rd era instead of 4th.

    Version 1.0 11/02/11

    * Initial public release.




  7. Ever wonder where all the mithril for all those pieces of mithril armor come from? Unless we're to believe it appears by magic, someone has to spend the time digging holes in the ground to bring it up to the surface and turn it in to useful ore, which is then sold to blacksmiths to make armor. The town of Urasek attempts to answer this in some small way by representing the last known operational mine in Cyrodiil where mithril ore is brought up. The town consists of an inn, blacksmith who sells ore and finished pieces, and the arrogant Altmer land baron who runs things.

    I've checked lore sources and found next to nothing detailing how and where mithril ore is mined. Nothing says that Cyrodiil ever had any, nor do any sources mention exactly where the stuff comes from. So I felt this would remedy the situation without going too overboard.




  8. Argonians in the swamp. Who would have thought?

    Reedstand is a small Argonian settlement in Blackwood just to the north of Reedstand Cave. It isn't much, but the locals have been here for what seems like an eternity, and have come to like their isolated little portion of the swamp. There is, however, trouble brewing. An eccentric wizard has caused corruption of the local plant life and landscape. The people have tolerated this so far, but they are growing impatient.

    This is yet another village mod stuffed into a small gap that doesn't appear to have been used yet. For those who say Cyrodiil is too overcrowded, be more creative, or I'll end up filling in all the spaces

    Requires OBSE 0020 or higher.




  9. Description

    Meanwhile, I thought to myself that it is actually impossible that the harbor of the imperial city consists of only three buildings and two ships. I started to expand the harbor so that it is worthy of the imperial city. After a short time I decided to improve the small settlement behind the wall of the harbor also.


    This modification is incompatible with all other modifications that modify the harbor of the Imperial City:

    Better Imperial Citiy - IC Waterfront
    Unique Landscapes: Imperial Isle (patch is planned)
    maybe other


    Copy the BSA and the Esp in your Oblivion-data-directory and activate the Esp with your launcher.
    Maybe you have to create an archive invalidation.


    koniption for some nets
    Mr_Siika for some ships, boats and fishes
    Phitt for some Meshes of Mudwater
    Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion and the CS
    Blenderfoundation for creating Blender
    Nifskope-Team for creating Nifskope
    Adobe-Team for creating Photoshop
    Livi for giving me Love and Freedome




  10. The mod is working but is not supported any more - try this instead:

    How it started:
    I started out this mod as a prison uproar throughout all Tamriel. I redesigned Leyawiin to give it a cosy feel to contrast the bloody prison uproar.
    I am not a scripter so here we are again: A beautifull cityscape where life goes on as almost normal for the inhabitants you allready know and some new.
    You can use these files as you like (they are divided in 2 parts) but tell me if you plan a project based on my work.
    More details and Credits will follow as soon as I have reorganized my computer/Oblivion.




  11. The mod is working but not supported any more - try this instead:

    How the mod started:
    This is the mod for people who like a cleaner Bravil. New textures.
    New Guard Uniforms, female based on Colourwheels sexy armor.
    New bridge from the back of A house for sale. Cleaned up Garden and removed some walls.
    At the bottom of the dungeon there is an escape door to a sub-area beneath the city.
    A laundry in the main street.
    All was planned to be used in a larger project....
    Download and use as you like.
    Tell me if you use it in some project.




  12. This is a collection pack of the four villages I created for Oblivion between 2009 and 2011. Some of them conflict with other mods. there are detailed ReadMe's supplied with every village. All villages have things in common; among other things, there's a player house in each of them.


    The first village I created for Oblivion had the best location ever, hiddden away in the Great Forest area. Not many conflicts between this and other mods were ever reported. I updated the village later into Runestone Village 2 which has more houses and villagers and other nice events as well. Both of these files are included in this download. Pleas, only use one of them.


    This village conflicts with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, unfortunately, as it was placed in the exact location as one of Oscuro's Ayleid Ruins on the Gold Coast. It's located south of Kvatch, east of Anvil in the beautiful area there. this can only be recommended if you don't use OOO.


    Lilyvale was possibly my finest looking village, but also the most conflict-ridden. It conflicts with numerous other mods, because I chose the location because of its beauty, not because of its practicality. Oh well. It's beautifully located between the Colovian Highlands and Chorrol. There are patches supplied. The one concerning Battlehorn Castle is imperative to use if you want to get it to run with that official DLC. Lilyvale also edited a lot of the landscape around the town, which made it conflict with Unnique Landscapes, unfortunately. A patch that makes those conflicts bearable (at least) is supplied with the download.


    My latest village, released early 2011. This village - or rather town - is the result of all of the above, while it's also my only harbour town. Only one serious conflict has been reported and that concerns ImpeREAL - Imperial Forts. If you're using that mod, the Eastbrink tavern out by the road will conflict with one of the forts. The town is located east of Bravil on the other side of the Niben Bay, in the Nibenay Valley. There's also an optional CM Partners compatible .esp which lets you recruit three of the villagers to bring along on your adventures.




  13. Brina Cross Village

    Download @ TES Alliance

    Current Version: 1.0.3


    Welcome to the crossroads township of Brina Cross, where merchants from far and wide travel to sell their goods and make some coin!

    It started as a quaint farming community, but as time passed and Cyrodiil grew larger and larger (and more powerful), economic growth mushroomed with it. As a major crossroads between two major cities and a very large farm estate further north (and possibly a third city), the village soon became a place where various merchants and peddlers would convene to sell their wares to the many passing travelers. It was a strategic junction to attempt this, as traffic along the gold road tended to convene here.

    This tactic proved fruitful, and the town grew from a small farming village to a bustling market square, with several new structures needing to be erected in a very short time. The inn, for example, simply did not have the capacity to serve the people who would come and go throughout the crossroads market, so a new dormitory was constructed off the road for use by traveling merchants. The idea was simple; pay the village a fee for the usage of market space in the square, and you would be provided free bedding for the extent of your rental. The tactic was quite successful, and revenue so far has been enough to allow for the beginnings of modernization within the town, including lighting the square and even a new clock tower. Unfortunately, some farmers are not entirely happy with the recent expansions, as it has begun to encroach on their fields.

    However, the current boom in Brina Cross has not gone unnoticed, and many thieves and plunderers have kept a greedy, watchful eye on the rapidly expanding township, eager for a misstep they might be able to exploit.


    Contained within this mod is a total overhaul of the once quaint inn into a bustling township, complete with brand new NPCs, merchants, and a clock tower!

    You will find that these NPCs exibit a dynamic and realistic AI schedule. Everyone goes to work, eats, and sleeps at reasonable times. The farmers even take weekends, and will stop tilling their fields and return home if it starts to rain.

    Several new ingredients are added for roleplayers looking to indulge in a new cuisine, as well as several new books, and a little bit of extra house decor. It's not much, but every little bit helps!

    Finally, the mod comes with its own unique dialogue tree about the village. Ask around, and see if you might learn a thing or two!

    In short, this mod is everything you would expect from a high-quality village overhaul.


    - OBSE is required. See below.
    - Requires Elys' Universal Silent Voice OBSE Plugin.
    - Requires Oblivion Official Patch v1.2.0416 for all versions.
    - COBL version requires COBL.


    Manual Install (not recommended):
    - Unpack the archive with your favorite un-zipper tool.
    - Place the meshes and textures folders into the Oblivion data folder, overwrite when prompted.
    - Place BrinaCrossVillage.ESP into the data folder.
    - If you wish to use the COBL version, please use the seperate COBL plugin. You will need COBL installed to use this option.
    - Use your favorite mod manager to adjust the load order, or use BOSS to place it automatically.
    - Only use one of the two plugins. You will get duplicate objects if you use both at once.
    - Start game, and enjoy your new village.

    BAIN Install:
    - Mod is pre-packaged for BAIN. Simply select the ESP you wish to install in BAIN, and let BAIN take care of the rest.

    OMOD support is not planned at this time.


    If you're using BAIN, just select uninstall, and you're home free. No hassle.

    If you are manual, things get a bit more difficult (actually, a lot more difficult). The easy way is to uncheck the ESP and reload the game without the mod in place, but that leaves the provided resources scattered around, as well.

    I really can't be bothered to tell you where everything is being put in here, so if you do want to manually uninstall, please refer to the original archive to find everything.

    Really, though, just switch to BAIN, it will make your life a lot easier.

    Conflicts with Resolutions

    ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts: Landscape clipping through dummy interior.
    --- Resolution: Load Brina Cross after Unique Forts. Use compatibility plugin provided to fix pathgrids.

    FF Real Thirst: Gigantic well in the middle of the square.
    --- Resolution: Disable the well with the console.


    Any mod that significantly modifies the Brina Cross area in one of these ways:
    - Major landscaping
    - New structures

    Known Issues

    You might notice that some of the books added contain only end quotes. This is due to a bug in the game engine regarding the book formatting. Formatted quotes interfere with the HTML code used to format the books and cause anomalies to appear, usually in the form of no formatting taking place and a bunch of < symbols all over the place. Because of this, I am forced to use neutral quotes, which there is no model for in the Kingthings Petrock font the game uses. Because of this, it just defaults to end quotes. There is nothing that can be done about this, so please don't bug me about that.

    Is your dialogue scrolling through insanely fast? You probably don't have Elys' Universal Silent Voice installed. Please install it, because I cannot be bothered to link all of the new dialogue to blank voice MP3s. That is simply a waste of time.

    Version History

    05/12/2011: V1.0.3
    -- A few unimportant clutter objects outside have been removed. This should improve performance a bit in the square.
    -- Adjusted Crossroads Trading Post so that Terrance won't lock you in when he leaves.
    -- Fixed a couple typos in the dialogue.

    05/05/2011: V1.0.2
    -- Adjusted normal mapping for the clock faces, hands, and new signpost:
    -> Clock faces and hands are no longer blindingly glarey.
    -> Signpost normals are now more accurate.

    05/02/2011: V1.0.1
    -- Dogwood in graveyard exchanged for sugar maple
    -- Interiors adjusted for nVidia Black Screen bug fix
    -- Adjusted the displayed names of a couple dialogue topics

    05/01/2011: V1.0
    -- Initial Release


    I can be reached via PM either at the Bethesda Oblivion Forums, TES Nexus, or TES Alliance.

    All issues should be reported in the thread. Please use either the BGS or TESA threads, as those are the ones I tend to watch.


    Meo: Static Dishes
    Metallicow: Clock Resources:
    mr_siika: Market Resources
    TheMagician: Farm Resources
    SilentResident: Sutch banners from ImpeREAL Sutch
    Stroti: Hand Pump Resources
    Stroti: Ram on a Stick Resources
    Stroti: Rustic Farm Pieces
    Stroti: Ship in a Bottle
    Washington: Haystack Resources
    WillieSea: Clock textures from Clocks of Cyrodiil


    You are free to use all resources from this mod EXCEPT SilentResident's banners, as they do not come from a free-to-use resource package. You must contact Silentresident if you wish to use those resources. Please credit the authors whenever possible (which is always).

    You are allowed to alter, overhaul, or destroy this mod in any way you see fit. Please do give credit if you wish to distribute your efforts, though.




  14. High in the Jerall Mountains lies the impressive Frostcrag Spire. A magical wonder which you have apparently inherited from a long lost relative. As you arrive to claim your inheritance, you soon discover that there is a small village at the foot of the Spire which your unknown benefactor has failed to mention at all.

    Frostcrag Village is a small Nordic settlement that sits in the shadow of Frostcrag Spire and serves as the homes for those who became the Spire's caretakers. It is a fairly simple place, with a tavern and homes for the residents to live in. Yet despite its simplicity, there are things to do here, so talk to the folks. Especially the tavern keeper, who as usual has loose lips about any and all who live there.

    Requires OBSE 0019b or higher.




  15. Stalhrim Village

    Author: DarkRider
    Version: 1.1
    Release Date: 24.December.2010
    Updated: 28.December.2010

    Stalhrim Village was created as part of the 12 Mods of Christmas on Oblivion Real Estate for 2010. This mod adds a rustic Nordic village nestled high in the mountains between Cyrodiil and Skyrim with an epic view of the Nordic homeland beyond. There is a player home, filled with custom touches and player safe storage, free for the claiming. There is also a mini quest to claim a few treasury goodies to line your pockets, but you’re going to have to use your head. Be careful, the creatures that guard over the treasure will kill you on sight so try not to be seen.

    In order to play this mod you MUST disable the default region borders for Oblivion. Do this by going to your Games folder, open the Oblivion.ini, skim the [General] list for bBorderRegionsEnabled=1 change this to bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 and save to disable the borders.

    Once your border regions are disabled, travel north above the city of Bruma (see the location image included in this download for the map location). Once there you will find Wulfrung’s Watch, the key is stashed nearby so root it out and make yourself at home. To initiate the treasure hunting quest, explore the containers in the upstairs closet of Wulfrung’s Watch.


    Incredible Nordic Setting
    Open Stable
    Player Home
    Spacious Interiors
    Adjustable Interior Lighting
    Custom Tapestries, Paintings, and Rugs
    Treasure Hunting Quest
    And More...

    Hanaisse: Guild Interiors, NPC Creation
    WindmillTilter: Models, NPC Creation
    Khettienna: AI Enhancement


    Yevic: Beta Testing

    Xiamara: Couches and Chairs
    Meo: Modular Fireplace (Bruma), Settlement Resource, Celtic Tombstones
    DaMage: Water Mesh
    Stroti: New Statues, rustic farm, filled desk, Moon Shield
    Nicoroshi: Wyrmfang
    Helborne: Filled Bookshelves, Basic Shelves
    Omegacron: Static Scroll Sets
    Alasdair: Skyrim Gubbins

    Official Video:

    About All Natural Support:
    Modder Khettienna created the All Natural Support package for Stalhrim Village, only download and install if you plan on using Stalhrim Village with All Natural, otherwise you only need the StalhrimVillage.7z file. Please read the included documentation for installation instructions.


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  16. I always thought it was silly that months or years could pass after completion of the main quest, yet nobody ever repairs the Temple District. This mod fixes that. When you pick up your quest reward, the district will be repaired, though the broken temple & statue will remain.

    I know there are a few mods out there already that aim to do this; however, I could not find one that was done cleanly. Either the changes they made would create conflicts with ImpeREAL City (which I use and love), or they couldn't be loaded until the main quest was completed, or they were riddled with dirty edits/deleted refs, or they had no way to uninstall clean. My method makes the fewest changes necessary to make it all work, doesn't conflict with ImpeREAL City (or Better Cities, bonus!), can be activated anytime regardless of quest completion, and doesn't require any special action to take effect.

    You can toggle the Temple District back to un-repaired, and back to repaired again, anytime you wish by activating the statue in the Temple of the One while sneaking. Toggle it to un-repaired with the option "Yes, and prepare to uninstall!" before you de-activate this mod. If you forget, re-activate the mod, and then do it - no harm.

    Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (


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  17. Name: Wellspring Vale
    Version: 2.0.2
    Date: 12/07/2010
    Category: Towns
    Author: WhoGuru
    Source: TES Alliance
    Forum: TES Alliance
    HomePage: TES Alliance


    Non COBL version:
    Oblivion 1.2.416

    COBL Version:
    Oblivion 1.2.416
    Common Oblivion COBL


    Wellspring Vale is a homey little village on the plains North of Kvatch. In it you'll find a Galleria House
    presiding over the village with placeable paintings for sale and the deed to a sumptuous yet small home, an outdoor
    market and inviting Inn.


    Wellspring Vale was founded by Erissa and her husband Heceri. Both Altmer painters of some note, they settled above
    Kvatch in their golden years after a life spent exploring Cyrodiil for inspiration. They tempted merchants from
    nearby Kvatch and soon had a bustling, yet peaceful little village to keep their Galleria House company. The
    outdoor market draws travelers along the Gold Road. Erissa had a modest and cozy home built beside her Galleria
    House, called Autumn Cottage, and hopes to find someone of like mind to live there.

    In her Galleria House, Erissa sells her paintings for those with the Septims to appreciate them. The traveler only
    wishing to visit will find comfy lodgings at the Wellspring Inn. The proprietor, Rani, offers some goods the
    adventurer may find useful. In the open air market, vendors wait with goods ranging from garden grown fruits and
    vegetables to books, armor and weapons. Garond the Smith carries some unusual weapons he brought from his homeland.
    Those wishing to assume ownership of Autumn Cottage should see Erissa in the Galleria House.

    Notes of Interest:

    At the moment, there is only one NPC with original dialogue in Wellspring Vale. Erissa, in the Galleria House. I
    may come back to this and update with voices for the other villagers but for now, one was enough.

    The creatures in Baune Morasel may provide a tough challenge to those in single digit levels. Come prepared or
    level a bit and come back later. For those determined to cheat but worried, yes, you can console kill the creatures
    without breaking the quest.

    Those with Erviin's Ayleid Steps Mod active will find three Ayleid Steps on the Ayleid well in the center of the
    village. Have fun!

    If you don't like weapons and armor a bit on the powered side, Tough noogies. My mod. My choice and I like them
    that way. You may feel free to adjust them for your own game in the CS yourself.


    1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data
    2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).


    1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
    2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.
    Wellspring Vale.esp
    Sound/Voice/Wellspring Vale.esp


    *Users of the West Roads mod, will find some small
    land tears near the village. Arthmoor has kindly made a patch to fix this. It can be found here:

    Known Issues:

    *The placeable paintings may not sit as they should in the IC Waterfront Shack. This is a fault of that interior
    and nothing I can fix. Best you can do is keep them away from the walls or they likely will fall out.


    09/04/2010 - Release v1.0
    11/10/2010 - v2.0 update and COBL patch
    12/07/2010 - v2.0.2 update and COBL patch


    WhoGuru @ TES Alliance or Bethesda Official Forums


    Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
    Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.

    Scripting of the placeable paintings and NPC AI: InsanitySorrow
    Marmion and Mirkali's house interior design: Greenwarden
    Garond's house interior design: Yevic

    Resources Used:
    Edocsil's Cleaning Bucket
    Xiamara's Sofas, Chairs and Pillows
    Echo's Tents
    Garak's Booksets
    Meo's Modular Fireplaces
    Wildkarrde's Potbelly Stove
    Throttlekitty and DaMage's Real Water Mesh
    Senten's Modder's Resource Pack, Stable, etc...
    Kalikut's Steaming Cauldrons
    DarkRider's Celtic Decor I and II
    Hel Borne's Wall Shelves
    Antistar's Bath Mod
    Khettienna's Lantern
    Babylon Service
    TESA Clutterer's Guild Teapot
    Vince Bly's Dragon Egg Teapot
    Weapons from StarX and InsanitySorrow's Arsenal
    InsanitySorrow's Blood Glass Armor and weapons
    Metz and Disturbeds Weapon displays
    Hel Bornes Altar resource

    Screenshot Contributors for My Paintings:

    Special Thanks:

    Many MANY thanks to Greenwarden for her expert and perfect voicing of Erissa.

    I can not call Wellspring JUST my mod when so many helped me make this a reality. Without DarkRider and
    InsanitySorrow in particular, I would not have been able to accomplish this. InsanitySorrow made my buyable-
    placeable paintings a reality and he and DarkRider both worked to get my dialogue in the mod as well as the small
    quest.They helped me exceed my own skills to make something more. Thank you both so much!

    many thanks as well to Ysne and EruditeDragon for their thorough testing of Wellspring Vale.

    Thanks to Khettienna whos wonderful tutorial on how to COBLize a mod told me everything I needed.

    Tools Used:

    Construction Set v1.0
    Construction Set v1.2
    Kivan's LIP Template
    Insanity's ReadMe Generator


    You may use this as you wish but you must credit me for my work. Please do not re-host this file without my
    explicit permission.




  18. Warning
    This mod is in a very early state of development and only intended as the modding resource for our team.
    Install it on your own risk, you won't get much (if any) (de)installion support by the team.
    You definitely should have some experience with Mod installation and usage of tools like BOSS, Wrye Bash and OBMM.

    Don't use this mod for 'normal game play', save before activation, and at least deactivate, better uninstall it before you continue playing.
    Each update will contain changes on persistent objects like doors, which will collide with your save game.

    You'll find lots of errors and not much (if anything) working currently, so don't generally complain about this.

    Version v.0.0.8
    Removed ElsweyrAnequina.esp from the master list to ease our developing.

    See the Readme in the package.

    Still recommended
    Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina (

    The lore background this work is based on:

    Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition

    Though ostensibly its own kingdom, Rimmen still pays tribute to the Mane of Elsweyr, from whose realm it seceded
    in CE812 during the Interregnum. Earlier, Akaviri refugees had fled persecution
    when the warlord Attrebus briefly aspired to the Imperial Throne. Attrebus, though
    he lasted no longer than most of the pretender kings of that period, thought he
    might rid Cyrodiil of the foreigners who had ruled it for the first half of the
    Common Era, and he drove the Akaviris past the Empire's borders into Elsweyr. The
    khajiit granted them asylum in the hills and steppes of northwestern Elsweyr, where
    they dwelt in relative seclusion until remnants of the Dir-Kamal resurfaced in Cyrodiil,
    seizing the Throne from Attrebus' successors. The Rimmen (literally, the "Rim Men,"
    as the khajiit called them) joined their brothers to try to rebuild the Empire.
    This effort was doomed to failure, but not before the khajiit attempted to reclaim
    their lands in a series of bloody border wars. Currently, since the ascension of
    Tiber Septim, the hapless Rimmen have once again submitted to the protection of
    the Mane, with a renewed tribute paying for the Cat Lord's guarantee of their independence,
    a truly weak reed upon which to lean.

    Oblivion:Fan Interview III
    34. The Pocket Guide to the Empire (and its environs)
    mentions that Cyrodil has some colonies of "true Akaviri", and people with Akiviri
    facial traits and last names. Will this lore be present in any form in the game?

    The vagaries of Akaviri culture have been all but completely absorbed into the cosmopolitan
    social structure of Cyrodiil. Holding out hope for some kind of remote pool of "true
    Akaviris" was perhaps simply wishful thinking on the part of the author of the initial
    Pocket Guide. A new version is being composed to correct his mistakes and exaggerations.

    Quoting a quote
    out of Greg Keyes book The Infernal City

    Rimmen has elegant bones of ivory-colored stone with few
    towers but many domes. Soldiers- human soldiers- met them at the gate...

    For another hundred yards they snaked through the twists and turns of an entry overlooked by
    platforms for archers, mages, and siege weapons. that brought them to the market,
    a bustling, colorful plaza empty in the middle but girdled by tents and stalls and
    bounded by canals. A broad avenue flanked by even more expansive waterways continued
    on to what was clearly the palace, an ancient-looking structure raised up on a high,
    tiered substructure. the tiers held some buildings, and apparently earth, because
    he(Attrebus) could see trees growing there. Surmounting that was a cylindrical building
    with a large golden dome. Water cascaded down the sides of the palace, feeding the
    pool that encircled it. Attrebus wondered where all the water came from. Off to
    the eastern side of the palace, he could see the odd curly-edged roof of what had
    to be the Akaviri temple ...

    The only place ... with similar architecture was Cloud
    Ruler Temple..

    .... He was surprised to see that fewer than half of the people were
    Khajiit, and many of those lolled about with wild or vacant eyes, skooma pipes clutched
    in their hands.

    ... They left the plaza, crossing a canal on a footbridge and thence
    down a narrow street where gentrly chiming bells were depended between the flat
    roofs of the buildings and viridian moths flittered in the shadows. the addicts
    were even thicker here, a few watching them and holding out their hands for money;
    but most were shivering, lost in their visions. They arrived at their destinations,
    a smaller square with a fortified building surrounded by guards in purple surcoats
    and red sashes.

    Current team:
    grzesiog1 - started the project, but had to leave us.
    Auryga - forced into being the team leader by grzesiog1. So it's all his fault, not mine.
    Aussie_In_Oblivion - scripting, landscape, in charge for the guards and their interiors.
    googlepox - retexturing and interiors.
    johnn123 - owns the market of Rimmen and the lower class part of the city.
    norinvaux - owns the upper class part of the city.
    zaf - in charge for our male voice files.

    mr-siika - not sure if I'm allowed to name him a team member, but he made the meshes for all upper and lower class houses
    and the walls around the city.

    Current project thread at Bethesda's forum:
    or 'Auryga' at Bethesda Softworks Forums
    or 'Auryga' at TESNexus.

    Tools used:
    Blender -
    DDS Converter -
    NifSkope & Blender Add On -
    Oblivion Mod Manager -
    TES4Edit -
    TES4Files -
    TES4Gecko -
    TESsnip -
    Wrye Bash -
    Insanitys Random Name Generator
    These are the links I've got them from, can't tell if they're still working.

    Thanks and credits to
    all who developed or supported one or more of the tools mentioned before.
    Iliana of course and all who support her for the incredible 'Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina' mod. See the Elsweyr readme for a full list (
    Nibato and Severian1981 for their resources in 'Akaviri Imports' (
    GNOBER for 'Staff of Magius' (
    Daleth for the 'UCFurniture Pack 1 & 2' (
    Special thanks and credits to the 'Weather - All Natural' team (
    Hifoo for 'Akaviri Samurai Shop' (

    This mod is in a very early state of development and only intended as the modding resource for our team.
    Currently it's not allowed to use anything from here without explicit permission.
    Do not upload it anywhere.
    No warranties at all, of course.




  19. Molapi is a small village built on the island just north of the city of Leyawiin. There you will find a small group of Argonians and Khajiit who are making the best of poor living conditions and oppression from the nearby city. Tensions are high, and there is an uneasy peace which is not being helped by the city watchman assigned to patrol the area.

    The name Molapi was actually plucked from an unofficial map of the area that had been created by a community member, which listed the Niben River as the River Molapi - supposedly deriving from old Elsweyr maps. As seen here. You'll have to enlarge the view to see it.

    There is a quest included, which will only trigger some time after you've spoken to the village residents. Just visit once in awhile and it will start, unless the local city watch guard has been killed before the timer runs out. Be careful with your decisions during the quest - it has multiple outcomes and not all of them may be considered favorable to you.


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  20. Open Cities Reborn takes the concept of Open Cities and steps it up to the next level. The project redesigns each city covered by the original Open Cities in such a way that would make more sense strategically. The castles become a more central focus of each city's layout, with housing, commerce, and the cathedrals spread out around them in more distinct ways. When possible, concept art provided by Bethesda was followed as closely as space restrictions would allow. Where none was provided or where it was not practical to follow, creative license was used instead. City walls in several cities have been modified to suit the location. For example, Bruma now uses wooden palisades, Cheydinhal has lower brick walls that reflect Dunmer influence, and the city part of Bravil has no walls at all instead relying on their island nature. This has the added bonus that each city is now more visible as you approach. Rather than large imposing walls that block the entire view, you can see buildings on the other side along with most of the trees and bushes.

    To avoid any serious compatibility issues, and because lore calls for it to remain fortified, Kvatch is not touched in any way.

    The Imperial City will also remain in the layout it now has since strategically speaking, it's already built the way it should be. Although there is room in the concept art for some somewhat radical adjustments to be made. That may or may not come at a later time.

    To get the most out of these changes, it is highly recommended to download Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys. This is the evolution of Texian's Window Lighting System and is fully compatible with Open Cities Reborn.

    To go with that, and provide LOD for all the new goodies, I also recommend: Really AEVWD. Just be aware that there's a bit of a performance hit in activating all the extra LOD that Open Cities will provide that's directly proportional to the power of your PC, and how many other mods you have installed.




  21. Travel to the lands of the Vikings, and live the life of a Viking; drink mead in the longhouse, hunt in the wild, and fight off the Vanir!

    How to make a fire is a key to survival in this cold world, along with the skills to handle a weapon, as enemies lurks around every corner! The mod features a Main Quest where you will fight against the bloodthirsty Vanir, quite a few side quests and mini-events, a living, breathing village filled with Vikings, and the opportunity to marry the king's daughter!

    French Translation

    Extract all archive content to your Oblivion Data folder.

    Delete 'Viking Village.esp' from your data folder.

    You can contact me through E-Mail (found in ReadMe), on NexusMods (as Zaldiir) or on any of the following websites/forums (as Zaldir): Bethsoft Forums, Dark Creations, Great House Fliggerty, TES Alliance, Planet Elder Scrolls


    Imperial Fishy and Redfender - Sword Resources.
    Waalx - Weapons, armor, clutter & Architecture Resources.
    alphaprime_01 - Viking Shield Resource.
    Hel borne - Viking Helmet Resource.
    MShadowy - Freya's Armor Resources.
    Madmole - Beards Resources.
    Prometheus and DarkRider - Snowstorm Resources.
    Dyr Kriger - Mounted Heads Resources.
    Mr_Siika - Seagull, Raven, Long Ship, Fishing Ship, Palisade, Rabbits, Cows Resources.
    ObliviMonk - Architecture Resources.
    SabotageSam, Sorapis, Psykolabe, NellSpeed - Voice Acting.
    Meo - Settlement cluttering Resources.
    Alasdair - Nordic Tombs & Ice Cave Resources.

    Thanks To
    /index.php?/forum/77-the-bta-guild">TES Alliance B.T.A Guild, La Confrérie des Traducteurs - Beta Testing.
    Prussian Iron - Story Writing.
    TeamGecko - TES4Gecko.
    ElminsterAU - TES4EDIT.




  22. This is an early, rough version of my mod, so only about 10% of the mod is done atm.

    Beridlohn-Haven of All is my try at a large scale mod.
    It's basically a city inside a mountain- like Farthen Dur for the readers of Eragon.
    The city was founded as a resort for people who wanted to escape from their hometowns around Cyrodiil for some reason, more on that in later versions.
    The only finished thing is the basic layout of the mountain interior and outside the mountain.

    Things I'm working on:
    House interiors and NPCs.

    To do:
    Custom Sword
    Armor retexture
    add more detail to inside of mountain

    There might be more things as they comes up.
    If you want to help in any way, send me a PM with the wish of what you want to help with and I'll tell you what I think.




  23. A small Nordic village in the lower Jerall Mountains, north of the Frostcrag area. Black Rock Inn serves as the primary means of local support, while trade in hides and leather goods made in the local shop serve as their ties to the rest of Cyrodiil. They live a reasonably isolated life but welcome visitors from far away places. Some well known people have passed through on their way through the back country, as Feldscar is one of the few places to escape the biting cold of the mountains.




  24. It's the small fishing village with the funny name!

    As I was poking around in the CS, scouting locations for something to fill a hole, I took notice of a dock next to Fort Variela. I wondered if perhaps it was the footprint of something Bethesda simply left out. So I went looking for lore maps to see if anything at all was indicated there. One such map exists, and was marked with the word "Vergayun" right about where the dock is. As it turns out, an old discussion in the lore forum had taken notice of this before and concluded the name was actually added by an overzealous fan of Redguard when they extended the map for it to cover part of Cyrodiil. Well, lore correct or not, the name stuck.

    Imagine my surprise when checking my load order also turned up nothing touching the two cells I wanted to use. With a name, and the site being clear, the fishing village of Vergayun is born. It consists of an inn, a farmhouse, 2 small houses on the shore, and a larger building which is being used as a warehouse. The dock area has also been cleaned up a bit to remove the broken junk that was laying around.

    The inhabitants earn their living by fishing for slaughterfish, trapping mudcrabs, and harvesting clams. These are then turned into a delicious clam chowder, mudcrab stew, and slaughterfish surprise. Nobody is really sure exactly what the surprise is, and the innkeeper isn't talking!




  25. Open Cities Classic is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically with how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and realism goes a long way, probably a lot more than you might think. Ever wanted to ride your horse into the center of Cheydinhal? Well now you can. Need to get some help from the city guards to vanquish a foe? Run toward the gates and the guards will do their duty while you can seek safety within the walls. The town guards make for some very interesting interactions this way.

    The only cities not covered by this project are Kvatch and the Imperial City's central districts. Kvatch has too much main quest material setup in very specific ways to mess with it, and the Imperial City is simply too large and unwieldy to properly open up.

    Highly recommended complimentary mod: Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys - This is the evolution of Texian's Window Lighting System and is fully compatible with Open Cities.

    To go with that, and provide VWD for all the new goodies, I also recommend: Really AEVWD. Just be aware that there's a bit of a performance hit in activating all the extra VWD that Open Cities will provide that's directly proportional to the power of your PC, and how many other mods you have installed.

    Please note: Compatibility patches for Open Cities and other mods are available on Nexus.




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