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Insanity’s Pet Shop [beta 1 - Updated with Patch 4]

1. Description

1.1 – Features

1.2 – Pets

1.3 - Commands

2. Requirements

3. Installation/Un-Installation

4. Know bugs and Issues

5. Incompatibilities

6. Credits and Thanks

1. Description

Insanity’s Pet Shop is my interpretation of what a pet shop mod should be, so you will find some similarities to other pet shop mods but also some significant differences.

This mod came about because of some posts I read on both the BGS forums and TESNexus, people were having some issues with some of the more popular mods. These mods were editing things in the game which would disrupt things like companions dialogue, the biggest problem was that these mods were no longer updated or supported. This was the same reason I stopped using them.

That is what caused me to finally decide I was going to develop a mod, but first things first was to find out if such mod would be wanted by the community, so I ran a poll over at the BGS forums and I got lots of positive feedback and lots of ideas and support. It was great, and now here you are reading this readme.

Beta 1 Notes:

There are a few things in this Beta that have been disabled, this is due to them being incomplete, not implemented or me not being happy with them. Here I have listed them:

Voice Acting – Yup I have a small amount to cover the few lines the shop keeper has, but at this moment in time I have not implemented them yet.

Pet Interactions – These are simple things like petting your animal, I have disabled these due to them not being finished. Due to limitations there petting interaction is only a sound from the pet.

Version 1 Plans:

The current plans for Version 1 are to fix any bugs that appear and any balancing issues there may be. I also will be adding to the current list of pets with the following and more:


Dogs [Yes multiple breeds]

Plus More

Your ideas and requests are welcome though they may not be met/implemented in version 1.

1.1 Features

Feeding – Feeding is taken care of by buying or finding Boar Meat. This is the generic food for all pets for now, this will be changed. Once you have the boar meat access the pet menu and navigate to feed, choose this and the pet will take the food.

Growth – This happens automatically after feeding, the animal will grow depending on the players level. The actual amount of growth is locked so the pet will not become an outrageous size.

Naming – Naming is quite simple but can only be performed once per pet. Click the pet license for you chosen pet, it will bring up a menu. Here you can choose a sample name or input your own name. If you select “New Name” close any menus and an input box will appear, here you can enter your pet’s name.

Skills – You can teach your pet skills. Each skill requires a certain number of skill tokens which you can acquire from the shop keeper. There are 6 skills to choose from, each 5 of them are find item skills and the last is a share inventory skill.

• Find Loose Gold: Sends the pet off to find loose gold coins.

• Find Lock Pick: Sends the pet off to find lock picks

• Find Health Potion: Sends the pet off to find health potions

• Find Magicka Potion: Sends the pet off to find Magicka potions

• Find Flora: Sends the pet off to find flora

• Share Inventory: Allows you to access the pet’s inventory.

Note: To make things easier all pets share the same inventory so you can easily keep track of items.

Abilities - You can teach your pet abilities. Each ability requires a certain number of ability tokens which you can acquire from the shop keeper. There are 4 abilities in total.

• Health Boost – This gives the pet a 60pt health boost

• Fatigue Boost – This gives the pet a 50pt fatigue boost

• Resist Normal Weapons – This gives the pet a 10pt resistance bonus

• Magic Resistance – This gives the pet a 10pt resistance bonus

Pet Taming – You can purchase a spell from the shop keeper that will allow you to cast the spell at a creature and have a chance of taming it. This spell is a touch spell so you have to be close to the creature.

Now the spell is not all you need, you need to entice the creature with food. The better the quality of the food the more of a chance you have of taming it, but that is not the only thing that affects your chances. You also have a taming skill which has an effect on your chances and also increase like other skills do.

[This can be displayed by using Kuertee’s HUD Components]

Here are some of the variables that affect you chances of success:

Taming Skill

Food [Quality]

Taming Chance

Unique Pet Import [Disabled] – This allows you to import unique pets found in the world from other mods and purchase them in the pet shop as you would do with normal pets.

Note: These pets are generic pets and are not uniquely set up like the pets in the mod.

1.2 Pets

Here is a list of pets currently purchasable in the mod:


White Tiger


Black Leopard

Unique Leopard [Violet eyes, colour change]



1.3 Commands

Here I will give a small bit of info into each actual command, to make it a bit easier I broke the menu down to show the full extent.


Follow - This will tell your pet to follow you

Wait – This will tell your pet to wait, it will wait in this current location

Sleep – This will tell your pet to sleep

Home – This sends your pet home

Home Marker – This allows you to set your home marker, this needs to be set before the pet can be sent home.

Pet Care


Heal – This allows you to heal a small amount of the pet’s wounds

Feed – Feeding your pet allows it to grow

Resurrect - After your pet is dead, buy a resurrect kit and use this option to revive your pet.


Pet [Disabled] – The pet will purr at the player

Play Dead [Disabled] – The pet will lay down and play dead


Teach Skills

Find Loose Gold

Find Lock Pick

Find Health Potion

Find Magicka Potion

Find Flora


Teach Abilities

Health Boost

Fatigue Boost

Normal Weapon Resistance

Magic Resistance


Learned Abilities

Health Boost

Fatigue Boost

Normal Weapon Resistance

Magic Resistance

Learned Skills

Find Loose Gold

Find Lock Pick

Find Health Potion

Find Magicka Potion

Find Flora


Pet Status – This shows the pet’s current status like health, fatigue and attributes.


Passive - This makes the pet less aggressive.

Aggressive – This makes the pet more aggressive and likely to start combat.

2. Requirements

Oblivion 1.2.416 [Latest Patch]

OBSE version 17 or higher

[OBSE can be found here: http://obse.silverlock.org/]

3. Installation/Un-Installation

Extract the following to your Oblivion/Data directory:

Insanity’s Pet Shop.bsa

Insanity’s Pet Shop.esp

ini folder

Note: Inside the INI folder resides the pet shops own INI file, while it does not have reams of options, it does allow you to turn on/off a few of the important features. It is clearly written with notes on each setting.

To remove the mod delete the following from your Oblivion/Data Directory:

Insanity’s Pet Shop.bsa

Insanity’s Pet Shop.esp

Insanity’s Pet Shop.ini from the ini folder

Optional Sign: In the optional sign folder you will find replacement textures for the shop sign. This was requested. The sign will say “Pet Shop” instead of “Insanity’s Pet Shop”. Just extract the textures folder into your Oblivion\Data directory.

4. Known bugs and issues

Currently there are NO known bugs and issues, though this is a Beta so please be aware that something may have slipped by. Do not worry though because any issues will be annoying or just small problems and will NOT affect your game.

5. Incompatibilities

While this mod is clean and has been carefully planned there is a small chance it may conflict with other mods that alter Weye. Now in this case just load this mod BEFORE them in your load order. This will ensure there changes overwrite these mods.

The only time this will not work is when another mod alters the exact place the shop has been placed. In this case choose the mod you want most.

6. Credits and Thanks

This list covers all the great people who have helped me in some form or another, And the people who have contributed to the further development of the mod.

Mod Work:

WhoGuru [interior/Exterior development, Testing, General Cheering on :P]

HeX_0ff [Future Feature Scripting]

Greenwarden [Testing, Voice Acting]

Mod Help:

Arthmoor [Compatibility help]

PacificMorrowind [scripting help]

Vagrant0 [scripting help]

shadeMe [Large amounts of Scripting help]

Darkrder [scripting help]


AlienSloff [Tiger Texture Resource]

Painkiller_Rider [Modified Textures & Models]

Buhay [Leopard Resource Pack]

Ronyn [White Tiger]

TTemplar [Whistle Mesh & Texture]

DarkRider [black Leopard Texture]


User Feedback


i installed this at level 5 and bought the white tiger and all of the perks. now i'm at level 20 but blanca (my white tiger) is still a level 1 kitten .... why didn't she advance in level and got bigger along with me?

please help ... i'll drop by here now and again to see if you replied ... perhaps you stopped working on this, i hope not


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The concept of Insanity's pet shop Is Very Nice, and as was stated in the bata read me some things are similar to other pet mods, while others are very different . On the plus,you can name your pets whatever you'd like, on the negative they don't seem capable of keeping up, they frequently pause and then get left behind and you either have to go back for them, or recall them. They seemed to be set to wander too far behind which causes the freezing problem to worsen I'm sure. On the plus the pet I got was a black panther that seemed fairly strong when it did attack. On the minus it paused more frequently and would not attack when I wanted it too. The good thing about this is that it didn't attack when I didn't want It too. On the bad side it wouldn't attack when it should it ! There were several things you could teach it that would make your pets more Useful, I trained them but didn't get the Chance to test them. One thing I did test was that you can set a home base for your pets. Any home, even a modded home and you can Call the pet from that location, even if your a ways from it! The next bad thing is in the naming function. You get 1 chance to name your pet, and if that gets messed up you have to use the console command to reset the name. My pets name got messed up when I tested it's functions by going into My armory lab. My pet got hung up on the outside of a door and when I called it, it wouldn't come. After doing some Alchemy and returned to it the name returned to pet panther. I couldn't reset the name. That's it so far on Insanity's pet shop. Overall it's not too bad. The concept is Very nice, but the mod itself needs further Polishing. It still needs some more work to straightened out in the scripting I think. I also use a wolf companion called Lobo and so far Lobo is a much smoother functioning mod and Actually so isn't the Cheydinhal pet shops pets. If I weren't intending on playing out Both the Viconia and Stoker Wolf quest mods with the Under Dark, I wouldn't have started looking at other pet shops.


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