Sickly Skeletons - 5 Flavors + Automatic Variants (AV) packages 1.5

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Sickly Skeletons ~~~by Porscha

Notice: You must have Automatic Variants installed to use the AV packages. Created by Leviathan1753, you may find it here: http://forums.bethso...iants-thread-9/


Skeleton retextures.

Bloody 512 and Bloody 512 Original (original, less red version) - Lightweight in file size. A bloody texture anyone can run.

Original 512 - http://img252.images.../bloody5122.jpg , http://img9.imagesha.../bloody5126.jpg

Bloody 512 - http://img256.images...1/bloody512.jpg

Calcined 2048 - Rustified, calcination of the bones. Gritty.




Fleshy 2048 - Flesh-like skeleton. For those who prefer standard white skeletons, but with some flesh.




Sanguinary 2048 - Like Calcined, but more red and bloody like Bloody 512. Think 'dried blood'.


Bloody Fresh - Like Fleshy, but bloody red and gross.


I've also added 1024 versions of all the 2048 models.


Simply extract the contents of the .RAR into the directory where Skyrim is installed, or;

if using a mod manager such as NMM, just manually add the .RAR and activate.

Automatic Variant (AV) version: Same method, but run Automatic Variants afterwards to patch the textures into the game. Enjoy.


Quite easy.


people, I guess.


other artists.

my three fans.

Usage Permissions

You may not distribute or sell my mod(s) anywhere. You may use it freely in your game, but if you wish to upload it to another site then please ask for my permission.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • 1.5 - Re-uploaded AV packages to contain the correct folder paths, converted by the AV Package converter. Re-uploaded Calcined versions which are also included in the AV package with slightly modified texture and better normals, so they should appear the way they were meant to.
  • 1.4 - Renamed AV Packages and directory path for future installments of my packages.
  • 1.3 - AV packages of both 1024 & 2048 res added. To be used with Leviathan1753's Automatic Variants. All types of skeletons are in their own 1024 & 2048 resolution packages respectively, but both resolution packages come with Bloody 512 Original.
  • 1.2 - I've re-uploaded the Calcined versions to match closer to how they're really meant to look. Re-download if you wish.
  • 1.1 - I've added lightweight 1024 versions to their 2048 counterparts. Added an original Bloody 512 which is less red as some people prefer it.


User Feedback

You should consider uploading these to skyrimnexus, if it wasn't for the fact AV is so amazing and was kind enough to link to this website AND bugmenot had an automatic login I wouldn't have ever gotten to use these awesome textures.


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Thanks for the words. However, I won't be uploading to Nexus sites. Sorry.


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I have a question, there is a texture that does not include a jsno do  how do I install that single texture?


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