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Author: DarkRider

Version: 1.0


Adds a new stable and unique purchasable horse outside each of the four lesser holds, Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal, and Winterhold. Custom horses are designed to be faster than vanilla horses by default. Each costs the customary 1000g. This mod also adds owned versions of the lesser hold horses across Skyrim in Imperial or Stormcloak camps, small towns, etc to immerse them into the vanilla design.

Known Bugs & Conflicts

None as of version 1.0. Please report bugs or conflicts you encounter.

Special Thanks

Ysne58, lilith, and Khettienna for Beta Testing

Arthmoor for helping to debug the questbuild

Bethesda Softworks, for leaving the big gap this mod can fill XD


Do Not Rehost, No Exceptions. Resources contained in this mod may be reused in new mods, provided credit is given to me, DarkRider, for my work; this excludes use in compilation packs. If you wish to include this mod in a compilation, you'll need to contact me for permission @tesalliance.org

Usage Permissions

Do Not Rehost, No Exceptions. Reuse With Credit. Compilations or Modifications Permission Required.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Finalized NavMesh in Morthal


User Feedback

Even though my character never rides a horse, she found this a very nice addition to the game. Thanks for your work and sharing.


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