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modders resource for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game


There are no any paintings in Skyrim by default.

So I created this resource for modders to use and fill this gap.

All 59 paintings have new frames and different textures created by me from scratch.

And should be lore friendly too.


» extract to "Skyrim\Data" folder

(default path from Steam's main folder is: Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data).


» In Skyrim Launcher choose "Data Files" and make sure

that checkbox near PaintingsTest.esp file is selected.

» Start the game and load your any save, then type in console:

coc WhiterunBreezehome

You should be moved to the place where I put all paintings on the walls.


» Delete the same files you copied previously during the installation proccess.

Usage Permissions

USAGE/PERMISSIONS: » You can use / edit / alter / change / whatever all meshes and textures from this resource in your Skyrim's mods freely.


User Feedback

Thanks for making these. Skyrim needs more of this sort of thing.

I plan on using some in a mod I am participating in. Of course we will credit them to you.


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Just started placing several of these, and have to say I really love them. They add beautiful splashes of color, something Skyrim severely lacks, without going overboard, and fit into the lore pretty decently.


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