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For more details on this mod, and for all the latest features I'm working on, check out my new Hunting in Skyrim Website.

Before commenting please study my website carefully, as most of the time the information you need is right there. My website also has an F.A.Q. Page which can be helpful to.

If you think you've found a bug, read this page before commenting.

Thank you for checking out my mod, I hope you enjoy it!


Hunting in Skyrim aims to bring to the game a better hunting experience. New gameplay mechanics have been introduced changing the way players hunt, survive, and obtain animal parts and skins from their kills, taking the experience to a whole new level. At it's base level, this mod is working to make living and earning off of the land more exciting, challenging, and much more rewarding. However these new features and gameplay mechanics are fused together by the core idea of the mod; bringing a new Hunting Guild into Skyrim.

Visit The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, or talk to the Hunters wandering the wilds of Skyrim to learn more.

Inside the Drunken Huntsman Basement (temporary Guild Hall) you'll find a journal on a table. Read it, take it, and you'll begin your journey to become the greatest hunter Tamriel has ever known.

Current Mod Version - 1.3.5

Everything you need to know can be found on the new Hunting in Skyrim Website.



Quick Breakdown of Features


Quick Breakdown Of Features In Version 1.3.5:

  • Hunting Guild With 2 Locations
  • 1 New NPC
  • 10 Main Quests
  • 6 Side Quests (5 radiant and repeatable)
  • New Animal Skinning System
  • Hunting Stat Tracking
  • 2 New Skills (tracked in your Hunting Guild Log Book)
  • 10 New Perks (no perks version available)
  • Increased Pelt/Hide Prices
  • 3 new animal breeds

In it's current state this mod adds a Hunting Guild to Skyrim. The player can complete quests and challenges, rising through the ranks and gaining renown for completing tasks. The initial Guild hub is based in the basement of the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. Once the main Guild Hall is complete outside, the initial hub will become a Guild outpost.

Visit the new Hunting in Skyrim Website for more details on the Quests, Perks, Price changes, Skinning and Carcass systems, Stat Tracking, new Skills and more.



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- Also Available On -

Skyrim Nexus

Steam Workshop

AFK Mods

- Website -

Visit the new Hunting in Skyrim Website for more info.

- Current Development -

Check out what's in store for the next update here!


As a compliment to this mod, I recommend using my Hunter player home, Woodsman's Shack.


Usage Permissions

Permission needed to re-upload.

What's New in Version 1.3.5


  • Altered conditions for the Jarl Approval quest to try to better compensate for the civil war questline.
  • Fixed issue where pelts weren't being counted properly during The First Of Many quest.


User Feedback

Just posting to say this mod is still being actively worked on. Updates will be up soon :)


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I just downloaded your mod and really like it :) If you could add the Hunters suit download to this portal it would be very nice (somehow I can't get access to the Nexus portal, it says my email address is used already). Also, it seems that the Hunters Guildhall is fully empty at the beginning apart from the tabla, chair, lantern and the book on the table; is this intentional so the Guild can later fill it up with nice pelts and trophies?


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Wish you could add a rifle or a flint lock or any projectile firing contraption cuz crossbows are so last season.


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I will be uploading the next stable version to this site :) The Guild is designed to be empty to fill up later on.


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Just a quick post to say I'm still actively working on my mod. I've had a few weeks break from modding and I'm back to keep going :)


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