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FCOM: Convergence

Francesco + WarCry + Oscuro + Martigen

(aka Cry FranOOOMMM)

UPDATE 2015/06/26: Thanks to maura amalia for the Unofficial FCOM Convergence Patch. Hopefully the fixes might be integrated into an upcoming update.

WARNING: FCOM is not for the faint of heart. It may chew your game up into tiny bits and spit it back in your face! Yes, Wrye Bash really is required.

There's no readme included with the download. Just this readme, the website and the files. These explain everything extensively. Please read everything before posting to ask for help since it's very likely your question has already been answered. If you really do need help, feel free to post your questions, but be prepared to include a copy of your load order. To find this in Wrye Bash, simply right-click on the column header in the Mods tab, then select "List Mods". See Asking For Help for more details.




FCOM: Convergence started as an experiment in compatibility and has grown into something more than the sum of its parts.

FCOM shatters previous barriers in the Oblivion mod community by letting you play four of the largest Oblivion "overhaul" mods at the same time -- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Martigen's Monster Mod, Oblivion WarCry, and Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items. It also seeks to show how new item and/or creature expansion mods can be added directly to this environment, and thus includes direct support for Bob's Armory, Loth's Blunt Weapons, Exnem Runeskulls, Cobl, Tamrielic Ingredients, Knights of the Nine, Tamriel Travelers, and many other popular mods.

FCOM: Convergence Homepage [with screenshots] (This site will be updated shortly. Meantime use the site as a reference along with this readme)

FCOM on the Oblivion Mod Wiki http://www.oblivionm.../index.php/FCOM

FCOM provides complete unification of Mart's Monster Mod and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. It brings all of the numerous new creatures, NPCs, and items added by MMM and OOO into a consistent and balanced structure. In addition, it integrates Francesco's vast collection of new items and named NPC bosses along with new creatures and items from Oblivion WarCry.

To make all these great mods work together, FCOM provides a common infrastructure for a series of patches, rebalancers, and relevelers that work with the Bashed Patch feature of Wrye Bash. FCOM also provides a bunch of FCOM Optional Add-Ons to let you further customize your experience. These options tweak various gameplay aspects and improve compatibility for a wide range of popular mods.

If you're looking for extensive compatibility guidelines, patches, more great OMOBS-balanced weapon mods, etc., then check out the FCOM wiki pages on UESP!


See the Version History page for details on prior versions

Be sure to get the Entropic Order Rebalance, which fixes several issues already discovered with the Entropic Order (that patch download also includes an optional EntropicOrderHardcore plugin that makes them extremely deadly; use either the Rebalance or Hardcore, not both)


Uninstall all previous versions and resource files


Recommended install order:

FCOM makes it possible to play Francesco's, WarCry, OOO and MMM together. It also adds support for other mods, such as Bob's Armory, Loth's Blunt Weapons, Cobl, Knights of the Nine etc. You can play FCOM in countless combinations as only OOO and MMM are required as the "base".

For compatibility reasons with the MMM BSA it's now important in which order some mods are installed. See the MMM readme for full details.

It's very much recommended to start from a clean install of the game before installing FCOM. Oblivion must be patched to 1.2.0416.

Recommended/required utilities: Wrye Bash, OBMM and BOSS - Better Oblivion Sorting Software. Wrye Bash is required as FCOM depends on its Bashed Patch feature, but it's highly recommended to use Wrye Bash and/or OBMM for installs generally and Wrye Bash/BOSS for setting the load order. See respective readmes.


Always use the FCOM optional plug-in if a similar one is offered by Mart's (eg less_rats) as the MMM file effects only MMM creatures.

Highly recommended mods

  • Cobl
  • 1. Download and install Cobl 172.

    2. You may wish to also install Loot-Drop-Merchant changes Proposal.

    3. Hold your horses while haama works on a compatible update...

  • Don't use FCOM_Cobl.esp, Cobl Tweaks.esp, MMM-Cobl.esp, or OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp as they are out of date. However, if you find nuclear wars between supposedly friendly creatures hilarious, go for it!
  • OMOBS 2.0a
  • To get as congruent weapon stats as possible in FCOM it's recommended to use OMOBS stats when available as that's what's used in OOO. If OMOBS stats aren't available, MOBS is better than vanilla stats as MOBS is closer to OMOBS than vanilla.

    1. Choose MOBS during the installation of Fran's if using Francesco's optional new items add-on. Otherwise you'll get vanilla stats for the weapons in it.

    2. Use the standalone OMOBS 2.0a or OMOBS SI 2.0a if having Shivering Isles installed. Don't use OMOBS Optional Combat Settings as they're already included in OOO and Fran's.

    3. Use the Updated Official DLC MOBS if applicable. Requires the Unofficial Official Mods Patch for texture fixes etc. Don't use the Knights Unofficial MOBS patch as FCOM_Knights already gives the KotN weapons OMOBS stats.

  • Quick Guide on using BOSS and Wrye Bash for bash tagging and setting the load order

    Install: BOSS - Better Oblivion Sorting Software.

    1. Copy Bashed Patch, 0.esp from the Mopy/Extras folder to the Data folder.

    2. Open Wrye Bash, go to the Mods window, click Load Order to have the mods listed accordingly. Right-click the File-header in the Mods window and make sure Lock Times is unchecked. Also, right-click in the Bash Tags window in the lower right and make sure that Automatic is checked.

    3. Launch BOSS. Note that Wrye Bash has handy shortcut icons for BOSS and other utilities.

    4. When BOSS is finished the esp's will be correctly tagged - and the plugins correctly load ordered. Note that BOSS also gives useful comments on version numbers, compatibility issues etc., so it's a good idea to check the BOSSlog.text.

See the First Time User Install Guide and the Complete Installation Guide for more details.

Updating your save game

Open to your save file in Wrye Bash, right click on your save game and scroll to update npc levels.

After rebuilding the bashed patch it's imperative that you wait out the game respawn period (default 3 game days so 4 is recommended) away from all npc's and creatures. One possibility is to use the console command "coc testinghall" returning with "coc Weye"


A bunch of common questions and answers, covering very important topics like how to set up FCOM and unimportant topics like how the project got started and where it's heading, etc.: FAQ Index.

FCOM Trouble Shooting

NOTE: FormID Finder or RefScope are very useful plugins when using lots of mods as you can check what comes from which mod in game with them. Helpful when getting missing meshes or textures - or when just wanting to know which mod a particular item etc. comes from.

Issue: The game crashes on startup.

Solution: Make sure you don't have a missing master, which is easily checked in Wrye Bash as the plugin with a missing master turns red. If it isn't caused by missing masters, try deleting the Oblivion.ini in My Documents/My Games/Oblivion and let the game generate a new one on startup. Some users also get CTD's on startup if having FCOM_Convergence.esp checked under Import Actors: Spells in the Bashed Patch, so if the above doesn't help try rebuilding the Bashed Patch with FCOM_Convergence.esp unchecked in that section.

Issue: Captain Renault's armor is invisible.

Solution: You're either missing resources from OOO or from a female mesh replacer if using one. If using EVE HGEC, make sure you install the resources for OOO and the other FCOM mods you're using.

Issue: I get missing meshes from Rusty items in the starting dungeon.

Solution: You're missing resources from MMM. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_MartsMonsterMod.bsa.

Issue: The game crashes when leaving the sewers.

Solution: Almost always caused by missing resources. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_MartsMonsterMod.bsa. Also, make sure that the resources from Francesco's get loaded, either by registering FraNewItems.bsa in the Oblivion.ini during install or by renaming it to FCOM_Convergence_FraNewItems.bsa.

Issue: Dead enemies have green bodies.

Solution: You're missing resources from MMM. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_MartsMonsterMod.bsa.

Issue: Some creatures or armors etc. are invisble.

Solution: Might be missing resources (see above). Also, make sure you're running BSA Redirection either via Wrye Bash or OBMM.




Cleitanious has created a great test module for FCOM (actually it will work even with vanilla Oblivion, but he made it to help test this mod, for which I am very grateful). It's in the TestResource subdirectory and is named 300_Test.esp.

If you load up the game with 300_Test.esp active, you will automatically be teleported to the first testing room.

There are 30 different test cells in all. Each cell includes different containers and spawn points. The spawns are behind an invisible barrier so you can examine the creatures/NPCs behavior, faction aggression, AI, etc. safely.

Use the console command "coc 300TestCell00" through 29 to view them all.

Each cell also has a sigil stone that will respawn each cell except the one you are currently in. So, if you need to re-test a certain spawn multiple times, just coc to the next room, hit the sigil stone, then coc back.

Every spawn point and loot chest are there, so you should see everything except Dremora currently (this will soon change).

The point of all this is it gives an easy way to test for Bashed List problems, check spawn counts, check faction aggression, check whether bandits attack the bandit leader, etc.

Don't forget to deactivate 300_Test.esp when you're done testing and want to continue with regular playing.

Another way is by securing a save outside Vilverin then enabling Godmode with the console (tgm) and fighting your way through to the bottom level.

As creatures and items from all of the major mods can be found here this should highlight if all resources have been installed correctly.

When your satisfied exit the game, reverting to your earlier secured save the next time you load the game.

Team Alpha : past and present

dev_akm -- project leader.

Martigen -- original MMM for FCOM design and WarCry faction integration.

Waalx -- original RealSwords modules and new Undead RealSwords used as the basis for FCOM_RealSwords.

StarX -- FCOM FAQ, user guide, and tons of help maintaining the ESF thread!

nb_nmare -- Unity project.

Wrye and ElminsterEU -- critical tools.

Vini -- WarCry and MMM faction integration, trailer.

Shadowborn -- massive script improvements.

Corepc -- Help with everything

Showler -- tons of bugfixes and help on forum threads.

Cleitanious -- test module.

SpaceBoy -- Bob's Armory rebalance.

Shikishima - bugfixes, maintainance of the FCOM UESP, massive help with maintainance of the FCOM ESF threads.

Sein_Schatten -- Runeskulls rebalance, Entropic Order, bugfixes.

ElminsterEU -- Slof's Robe Trader integration.

Random007 -- BOSS load-order setup utility.

Lilith -- updates to Martigen's Monster Mod.

Axil -- support patch for KDCircletsOOOOptimized - NPC Equip.

Arkgnt-- Extensive beta testing, massive help maintaing the ESF threads

daemondarque--Advanced beta tester, armour mesh improvements, help maintaining the ESF threads.

Sen-chan--armour mesh improvements

Beta Testers: markb50k, Vini, Cleitanious, StarX, Corepc, Chambertain, SickleYield, cl526, kumkum, ska8tdude, SpaceBoy, LurksInShadow, Psyringe, Arkngt, XD829, Twipley, lollerich, jdayT, Dazu, Eventine Shangea, Skycaptain, Tobit, showler, Axil, Jaded42, Shikishima, Shikamaru_4, Sein_Schatten, Chewu, Lyrondor, daemondarque, bg2408, PacificMorrowind and many more.

Entropic Order credits: created by Sein_Schatten. Contributors included dev_akm (testing, balancing, and spawn control), Nicoroshi (Dreadweave set), blackshark64 (Dragon Armor), commissardan (Rivan Sword), TaylorSD (stealth armor compilation), Cryo_ (face mask), LHammonds (texture modifications to stealth armor and face mask), Painkiller97 (Morrowind-style Ebony sword and shield), and zman (Negotiator sword).

Thanks Vini



In addition to the core team working on this mod, a lot of other folks have contributed greatly. I don't really even know where to begin.

The real heroes, of course, are the original creators of all the great mods integrated by FCOM, including: Sotobrastos, Martigen, Newcomer24, L@zarus, Mr. Dave, Waalx, Loth DeBonneville, Tarnsman, and more. You guys rock!

Martigen deserves special recognition because he spent many long hours discussing various ideas and technical details with me, in addition to supporting the project directly with the original MMM for FCOM plugin.

Huge thanks go to all of the creators of the fantastic mods supported by the optional add-ons, and especially to nb_nmare for the Unity project and to Quarn and Kivan for the Unofficial Oblivion Patch (which is required for some of the optional add-ons and is probably used in some that don't specifically require it).

I also owe a huge debt to ElminsterEU and his fantastic TES4Edit program. I never would've had the time to make all the optional add-on plugins with TESCS, even if it were technically possible (which is doubtful).

None of this would work without the massive contributions of Wrye and his amazing Wrye Bash program.

We also could not have done any of this without ScripterRon's original TES4 Plugin Utility and KomodoDave's improvements in TES4Gecko.

Also, a huge thank-you is owed to the many beta testers who have offered support, encouragement, and feedback for the numerous beta versions. Thanks so much for all your help!





The official thread for FCOM can be found on the ESF: [REL] FCOM: Convergence

Please direct questions or issues to there.

Usage Permissions

No redistribution, re-use or copying of any part of this mod allowed without prior written permissions

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Tweaked the WarCry leveled lists. Deadric items will appear much less frequently.
  • Changed Rakanishu spell to be area affect centred on him, so that it hits everybody within 5 feet. Reduced the damage slightly to compensate.
  • Changed Rakanishu to be immune to shock (see above).
  • Removed Rakanishu spell from Horst of Might and Magic.
  • Created mini-me Lesser Rakanishu with weaker spell and no boss loot.
  • Created mini-me Lesser Bishibosh without summon, weapons, or boss loot. Basically just stands there throwing mini fireballs at you.
  • Changed all generic fallen, carver, devilkin, and dark shamans so summon standard zombie and have less powerful versions of shaman spells. Goblin shamans are now special again! Left Bishibosh alone, though.
  • Changed Colenzo the Annihilator (Dark uber shaman) to have more powerful versions of standard shaman spells.
  • Completely hacked the spawn chances of the fallen so that Fallen Shamans won't appear at all at level 1, and will only appear half as often at level 2. Bishibosh doesn't appear until level 6, and the other bosses (Pukerat and Bladeskin) don't appear until level 3. Rough spawn chance:
  • Level 1: 80% fallen, 20% lesser Bishibosh
  • Level 2: 70% fallen, 20% lesser Bishibosh, 10% fallen shaman
  • Level 3: 60% fallen, 20% fallen shaman, 10% lesser Bishibosh, 5% Pukerat, 5% Bladeskin
  • Level 6: 50% fallen, 15% fallen shaman, 10% lesser Bishibosh, 10% Pukerat, 10% Bladeskin, 5% Bishibosh
  • Revamped the carver, devilkin, and dark one lists in a similar manner. Lesser Rakanishu will start to appear at level 7, boss carvers (Gutshank & Rakanishu) at level 9, boss devilkin (Bongo) at level 13, boss dark ones (Shadowcrow & Snotspill) at level 17, and the aforementioned Colenzo at level 20.
  • L@zarus' undead knight and medieval weapons added to upper tier of WarCry enemies. These appear only on a few unique creatures, and only if above level 25. Treasure these. They will be very rare.


User Feedback

Should I really install Martigen's Monster Mod 3.8 last? Should be FCOM Convergence 1.0 last mod to install?

The installl order from previous version of FCOM was different.

MMM readme list different install order - FCOM is last to be installed.

Unofficial Patches and DLC Mod Patches first

Frans and OOO, WarCry, Bob's Armory, Armamentarium, and Artifacts


Cobl / Cobl Races

Body Replacers




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This is so great that FCOM and it's mods are being updated, it has reinvigorated my love for Oblivion, big kudos to Team Alpha!!! Of course i do have 1 question, I would just like to know how progress is on the Cobl patches for OOO and FCOM as i have just completed this updated FCOM install with the newer Better Cities with all optional mods + 50 odd other large mods recommend in the FCOM website and all is well and very playable but i have left open in my patchwork to support these new patches if they are at all going to come out. Actually make it 2 questions, I'd also like to know if the newer versions of UOP, USIP and UOMP will have MOBS versions, I ask this as i wasn't sure if the old Frans optional leveled quests SI only would work with the new Frans, so i left it out for now. Oh dear another question, (i think i'm pushing my luck now lol), well not so much a question but i noticed the new Frans bsa has a new name but is identical to FransNewItems.bsa from 4.5b, and i wasn't sure if FrnsNewCreatures.bsa would be required from 4.5b. Thanks in advance for any advice :).

BTW, If you read this DarkRider, i messaged Insanity to say thanks for his/her works (sorry i'm new here :S) and and he/she said i should thank you for the site, as i say i am fairly new here and loving it so big thanks!!!


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I'd suggest visiting our home thread on ESF (linked above) where these along with others you may have can be more fully answered.

Questions on COBL updates, Francesco's, UOP etc. all have their own threads where you can post your queries if not already covered by FCOM.



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thanks Team Alpha for your reply, I shall go to the forums. i have been playing with FCOM and Better Cities with number of extra mods for some days now, can't say i've run into any bugs but that's only a few days of playing. I'll post this in the forums when i go there, but i can confirm a number of old FCOM patches are working 100%, if this means anything to the project ;). I'm doing some CS to make patches for certain mods for my own game, if at all possible i'll contact you if I can make some standalone patches for some mods on the way. I'm going to do this right this time, the FCOM updates have inspired me to take these extra steps and get it right, for this i am truly grateful for your works and efforts, I have learned so much a in the last 5 years of modding Oblivion and FCOM was the key to that in many ways. Also i must give special thanks to dev_akm and StarX, for their tutorials and explanations, I'm sure the rest of you played a big part as well but i have seen these two names pop up more often than not, so you are kinda heroes of mine ;).

Cheers to you all, i'd buy you's all a round of beer if we were at the same table!


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Greetings Team Alpha,I am a new member here.I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you for the fantastic work you have done with FCOM.I will try a fresh Oblivion install, and I was wondering if you are thinking of including Oblivion War Cry New dimension in FCOM.Thanks in advance


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If I get Oblivion for PC I'll be seriously considering getting this mod, however would you call it lore-friendly?

For the most part, yes.

The are Diablo type critters if you use WarCry, but there is a no spawn plug-in supplied if you want to use it. I have to admit I'm a lore guy too, but adore the WarCry undead enemies.

Mart's may also contain some non lore friendly creatures, but again these can be nulified by using the supplied no XXX plug-ins.



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For the most part, yes.

The are Diablo type critters if you use WarCry, but there is a no spawn plug-in supplied if you want to use it. I have to admit I'm a lore guy too, but adore the WarCry undead enemies.

Mart's may also contain some non lore friendly creatures, but again these can be nulified by using the supplied no XXX plug-ins.


Ah, that's good then. Anyway, would the mod be compatible with Better Cities and Unique Landscapes?


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This is very helpful, played a bit of skyrim but couldn't finish as when I was on that mission to kill a certain jester right before I finished talking and said I was going to kill him got BSOD and couldn't boot the pc, so now that i have a better pc I figured I might as well give Oblivion a try with a million mods see how it is.


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for anybody having performance problems or textures not showing up right, when using fcom or any other mod

for performance download oblivion tweaker from the utilities section and use the profiles tab. theres some nice tweaks in there. if you have more than 1gb of ram perferably 3gb use the 2gb enabler tweak, this allows your system to use more ram. also if you have a dual core or more system theres a tweak that allows you to tell oblivion to use more threads and goto to the ini tab and look for any threaded tweaks and enable them. except for anything to do with face gen or the npcs faces wont work right. theres also a lot of other cool tweaks its all pretty much trial and error cause everyones system is different.

for tectures or meshes not loading up download the archiveinvalidated!.bsa also in nexus utilities. make sure you delete your archive invalidated text file in your oblivion directory this is where your oblivion.exe is located. now goto documents/mygames/oblivion and open the oblivion ini file and scroll down towards the bottem to the archive section and where it says

SInvalidationFile=ArchiveInvalidation.txt change it to

SInvalidationFile=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa so it will use this instead of a the txt.


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for anyone having cave doors loading five feet from the entrance, when using fcom or any other mod, download land magic from nexus utilities section.

it fixes most but not all but most is better than none


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you can also goto obmm then utilities then archive invalidation and pick bsa redirection, also pick the box that says pack face textures


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another performance tip when using fcom

if you havent heard of smaa injector go here


its also the download page and theres some usefull information on there. what antialising do is sample your picture over and over how many times you set it for 8x,16x ect.to get the lines straighter, anisitropic filter does the same thing. but they bog your system down on some games, smaa does a better job at this with less lag.

also if you open up the smaa fx file with notepad theres some edge detection things, and depth detection,(to make the gap between the bricks of the buildings look deeper), and some other thing, that are not turned on for some reason, turning them on doesnt decrease performance but does improve quality. its all about trial and error. change something, dont like it, change it back. dont like the mod intirely delete the mod.

if you use the steam version of oblivion youll need to goto the injector ini/config file and set the wierd steam hack to 1.

theres two versions of the injector smaa, dx9 and 10, oblivion uses dx9 so use the dx9 package.

inject smaa also works on just about any game


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injector smaa or any other antialising wont work with hdr lighting, you have to have bloom enabled in your oblivion launcher

(was just making a statement regarding the post above)


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I'm aware that you're perhaps trying to assist other users, but none of your posts are specific to FCOM or it's support mods.

Please refrain from posting generalities to the game here.




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actualy all these posts help with performance or things not loading up right, having to do with fcom and/or the other mods it merges into this, but i wont post anything else. ill keep yalls secrets to myself.


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this mod doesnt alter landscapes or cities it alters and adds creatures and items to the game.

im using quarls texture pack. its all pretty much trial and error.

I found a entropic bug in fort virtue south of wawnut inn, and am using the entropic order rebalance (which is suppose to fix the issue) already, any tips will be nice. havent found anything else. Again Awesome Job to the Fcom Team.


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WHERE is FraNewItems.bsa???

The instruction said that I have to rename it to FCOM_Convergence_FraNewItems.bsa but I can't find it anywhere. 2 files at Nexusmods do not have it. Where is this so called resource file because I sure don't see it.


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I'm looking for the RELZ thread for MMM, as I have a bain wizard script I'd like to submit to the author. Any idea where it is?


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