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Project: Ready Clutter and Furnishings

Author: Lilith

Version: 1.1

Release Date: 10/15/2012

Category: Resources


TES Alliance - http://tesalliance.org/forums/




Skyrim 1.1

Created with Skyrim CK




Ready Clutter - Decorating in a Jiffy was developed for ease of decorating establishments and homes.




Ready Clutter makes use of stock Skyrim items and additional modded items by the community to create pleasing arrangements of all types of clutter.

Update 1.1 Brings to Ready Clutter an entire stock of bedding and furniture items along with customary mashups of stock Skyrim assets.

Included in Version 1.1 (Required resources included)

12 - Common beds (6 styles/2 versions each style)

10 - Common Double beds (5 styles/2 versions)

12 - Upper Class beds (6 styles/2 versions)

10 - Upper Class Double beds (6 styles/2 versions)

12 - Orc beds (6 styles/2 versions)

10 - Orc Double beds (6 styles/2 versions)

4 - Noble beds (4 styles)

12 - Noble Double beds (6 styles both furniture versions)

8 - Childrens bedding (2 each version common, upper, orc and Noble)

4 - Special Noble beds (2 styles/2 versions)

18 - Chairs (10 Noble, 4 Upper Class, 4 common)

26 - Benches (14 Noble, 12 Upper Class)

1 - filled cupboard

2 - Apothecary wall shelves

1 - Apothecary shelf

1 - Apothecary table

2 - Wash basins with soaps and scrub brushes

1 - Kitchen wall shelf

1 - Childrens wall shelf

1 - Asst items wall shelf

2 - pre-arranged desks

Included in Version 1.0:

Stock Skyrim Items (No additional resources needed)

3 - Stacks of barrels

4 - Stacks of sacks

1 - Mixed stack of barrels and sacks

4 - Stacks of crates

3 - Stacks of baskets

7 - Stacks of books

1 - Stack of wooden bowls

4 - Stacks of plates (glazed, basic, wooden)

2 - Nested glazed bowls

2 - Nested kitchen pots

2 - Glazed pottery groupings

2 - Glazed plate place settings (plate, knife/fork)

2 - Inkwell and quill arrangement

2 - Miniature Cart/Wagon

1 - Book and glazed pottery arrangement

3 - Glazed vases filled with flowers

8 - Filled flower baskets (4 with bugs and 4 without)

Modded Items (Required resources included)

2 - Celtic Dresser scarves/Rugs

1 - Book, inkwell and quill arrangement

1 - Filled basket with Soaps and scrubby brushes (Soaps and scrubbies by InsanitySorrow)

2 - Filled Watering Cans with flowers (1 with bugs, 1 without. Watering Can by InsanitySorrow)

1 - Filled Toy Shelf (Buildy Blocks, Toy Sword, Spinning Tops by InsanitySorrow, Teddybears by Tamira/Arion/Arbitor)

1 - Filled Toy Box (Buildy Blocks, Toy Sword, Spinning Tops by InsanitySorrow, Teddybears by Tamira/Arion/Arbitor)





Manual Instructions


1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder

2) Use the included meshes to decorate the home of your dreams





Manual Instructions


1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod

2) Remove any meshes used from your .esp




None that I'm aware of.


Known Issues:


None that I'm aware of.


I have taken all steps I can to insure the mod is assembled correctly, I do apologize for mistakes found, but as modder's I would expect you can handle fixing it on your end.




10/15/2012 - Version 1.1 Update

7/30/2012 - Initial Release


Contact Details:


lilith @ TESAlliance




Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Thanks to DarkRider for TES Alliance

Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on and for his unending help, support and guidance (and fixing my mistakes!).

Thanks to all the fine folks at TES Alliance who offer unending inspiration and support! You folks are great!

Credits for Resources used:

/index.php?/files/file/1182-soap-resource/">Soap Resource by InsanitySorrow

/index.php?/files/file/1332-insanitys-lanterns/">Lantern Resource by InsanitySorrow

Mortars by InsanitySorrow in /index.php?/files/file/1319-insanitys-clutter-stuffs/">Clutter Stuffs

Water Can and Scrubby Brush used by permission from InsanitySorrow.

Buildy Blocks, Spin Toy and Toy Sword used by permission from InsanitySorrow.

Toy Box used by permission from InsanitySorrow

/index.php?/files/file/1232-teddybears/">Teddy Bears used by permission from Tamira and Arion. (Credit to original author Abitor from thefree3dmodels.com for the original model and texture, credit to Tamira for alternate texture)


Tools Used:


ReadMe Generator




Have fun and happy modding!

Usage Permissions

You can do whatever you wish with this, just do not complain if something goes wrong. Credit for my work would be appreciated. Do NOT include any part of this mod, including assets, in any project that is asking for or allows donations. Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission. If I am offline for six months or longer and do not respond to any attempts made at contacting

What's New in Version 1.1


  • 10/15/2012 - Version 1.1 Update
  • 7/30/2012 - Initial Release


User Feedback

Great! Take the fun out of tedious work ;)

Looks great, and thank-you for making this, Lil.


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I feel like a complete failure for this...but I can't get it to work.

I've downloaded the file, extracted the contents to the Skyrim\Data folder - the meshes and textures are all there! - but when I'm in the CK, I can't find them anywhere.

Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.


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Wanna know just how superb this is?... I've just had my fiancee over my shoulder helping me pick a colour scheme for my mod.

Thanks Lilith. Very much appreciated.



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I love this ! It's very pretty and close to skyrim's original style.

Thanks for making them, Lilith :)


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I realize I'm late to the party here, but the only texture I can't get to show up are the buildy blocks. I can't even get them to work directly from Insanity's Clutter Stuffs either. I think I'm broken XD Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I had figured it out and forgot to post. It was because my lights were off >.> 

Edited by Tarshana

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