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Insanity's Oblivion Launcher

App Launching Made Easy

Name: Insanity’s Oblivion Launcher (ISOBL)

Version: 3.1

Date: 24/05/2010

Category: Utilities

Author: InsanitySorrow




.Net Framework 2.0




Insanity’s Oblivion Launcher or ISOBL for short is an application designed to effortlessly launch multiple applications with a simple click of a button.

The amount of available launch options is quite high and covers most of the most used modding tools, as well as Oblivion and the Construction Set.




When running ISOBL for the first time it will generate an INI file, this file is a pre-save INI meaning that it is suggested you restart ISOBL after it the INI has been generated so it can default some settings.

Now after that is done, be sure to use the Directories option and set the directories for Oblivion and the modding tools you use. Once you have done that use the INI Options to save the INI file, all settings will be saved.

Aside from the ability to launch modding tools, Oblivion and the Construction set, ISOBL can do other things too.

INI Tools:

Backup INI

Restore Backup

Open INI


ISOBL has the ability to launch some of the more common and popular websites, I.e. Bethsoft Forums, TES Alliance and TES Nexus to name a few. It also has a couple of other helpful links for the likes of the BOSS Masterlist, OBSE and Wrye Musings.

Custom Launch:

On top of the in-built options there are 6 custom launch options. Two of these are custom Application launch options allowing you to select two apps that ISOBL will be able to launch; these can be changed at anytime.

The other four are custom folder launchings, i.e. you can set shortcuts to some of your most used folders, like the Data folder or a screenshots folder for example.

ISOBL will keep track of the Application or Folder name as well as the path; ISOBL will also place the names on the launch buttons too.

Launcher Music:

ISOBL like many other launch apps can play the Oblivion launcher music when it’s opened; the difference here is that with ISOBL you can set the music you want to play. In the settings Tab you will find an option to set your chosen music file.

Note: To cut down on requirements and distributed files, ISOBL currently only supports WAV files.


A new feature added to ISOBL is an Auto-Detect feature which will attempt to detect your Oblivion Install and your MyGames folder.

This new feature is limited to these two detections currently, but future plans are to expand this further.

Default Tab:

Using the settings tab it’s now possible to set a default tab for ISOBL. The Default tab is the tab that is shown when ISOBL loads. The default tab is the Tools Tab.




1. Extract ISOBL.EXE and ReadMe from the Archive


Tip: Extract the exe to your oblivion directory and create a shortcut of it to the desktop, this way the ISOBL.ini won’t take space on the desktop. Or alternatively you can hide the ISOBL.ini from its properties.




1. Delete EXE

2. Delete the ISOBL.ini file




Remove the older version before using the new one.




25/05/2010 – v3.1.0 – Bug Fixes and a few new additions:

Fix - Directory menus loosing data

Fix – Auto-Exit

Addition - Custom Folder buttons can now be re-named using the INI file

Addition – Auto-Detect (Limited)

Addition – Settable Default Tab

19/05/2010 - v3.0.0 - A Complete rebuild, completely re-designed & coded

19/10/2009 - v2.1.1 - Added in Missing Modding Tools Folders

17/10/2009 - v2.1 - Fixed Photoshop issue that arose for some users, added 3DS Max launch button

17/10/2009 - v2.0 - Version 2 Released

14/10/2009 - v1.2 - Fixed CS launching bugs left by version 1.1, also fixed some more Bash bugs

14/10/2009 - v1.1 - Fixed an issue with Wrye Bash and OBMM install path detection

14/09/2009 - Initial Release




You can contact me at any of the below with the user name InsanitySorrow:

TES Alliance

TES Nexus

BGS Forums

The best place to contact me is on TES Alliance, I am not as active on the other sites as I am there.




Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to my testers, without them I’m sure ISOBL would have had a lot of bugs.






Thanks to everyone who download ISOBL and has supported it.


Tools Used:


Visual Basic 2008 Express

Insanity's ReadMe Generator.




Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission. DO NOT claim this to be yours or steal any ideas/code from it.


User Feedback

just tested it out and i like it :)

however, i'd really love to see an auto quit feature available so that when you launch Oblivion the app closes.

now here are some other programs i'd like your app to incorporate if you find the time :)





then it would truly me one one-stop-spot for Oblivion, lol


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Thanks glad you like it :)

I had the auto-quit feature in originally but was removed due to multiple requests. I can add it back in for version 2, along with more launch options :)


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