Themed Loading Screens for Dark UI 2.1

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About This File

Based on Trollf's Themed Loading Screens, this entry contains DarkUI themed loading screens, separated into three mods:

  • vanilla loading screen replacer,
  • Shivering Isles (SI) loading screen replacer,
  • additional pack of new loading screens, dubbed "AddOn".

All of the DarkUI loading screens are converted from Trollf's loading screens, giving every loading screen a DarkUI look and feel.

Obviously it's assumed you have Dark UI or DarkUI'd DarN or other DarkUI-like user interface installed to make these loading screens and DarkUI-specific textures blend together seamlessly.

Version 2.0 and above overhaul the overall look of the loading screens, giving them proper DarkUI-style frames, removing the "parchment effect" seen in Trollf's loading screens and applying a different overlay with different coloring, which, I think, blends in better with the background and the new frames.

There are two sets of packages to choose from - "standard" and "alternate". Pick only one of the packages for each mod.

The alternate package contains textures with extra overlay applied on the background and with highlighted text area (the area where the loading screen description appears), giving the loading screens a more unique appeal. The textures from the standard packages don't have these extra "decorations".

If you intend to use DarkUI'd DarN, install it with the appropriate loading_menu.xml file. If you installed these mods after DarkUI'd DarN, download the compatibility patch listed in the downloads. You can also simply reinstall DarkUI'd DarN with the correct loading_menu.xml, though using the compatibility patch avoids the large overhead of the reinstallation.


Russian translation done by Chelsun

Italian translation (vanilla replacer only) done by Mr Sandman (for Trollf's original loading screens, but the translated .esp files can be used in this mod as well)

French Translation (vanilla replacer only) done by Pascal1 (for version 2.x, use only the translated .esp files with my 2.x textures)

Original Trollf's loading screens (for vanilla UI textures):

Loading Screens Themed Replacer

Loading Screens Themed Replacer SI

Loading Screens Themed AddOn

If you want to create your own DarkUI themed loading screens, download and use my Themed Loading Screens - DevKit resource.

Usage Permissions

Redistribution of this mod in its original or modified state (hereinafter "redistribution") is prohibited without obtaining permission from the author of this mod. In order to obtain permission on redistribution of this mod, one must first contact the author on the sites specified in the "Contacts" section in the readme, specifically via Personal Messages (PMs). If the author d

What's New in Version 2.1


  • Closed a few seams in the background texture.
  • Slightly modified inner overlay.
  • For alternate packages, slightly widened highlighted text area to better cover the in-game text area.


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