Duke Patrick's Archery - Heavy - Light Weapons - H2H - Combat Magic REV 37.4

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Duke Patrick's Archery - Heavy - Light Weapons - H2H - Combat Magic

  • SKSE  required.
  • Keyboard and mouse required.
  • English install required for some features such as arrow type accuracy bonuses.
  • DawnGuard DLC is needed ONLY if you want the crossbows.

Get it here:  http://tesalliance.o...weapons-combat/  


Test Video : http://youtu.be/ZqYlTuptbxE


See "Iriodus's Stream" on Sunday and Wednesdays for lets play using my combat mod: https://www.twitch.tv/iriodus


This mod and all it's features is a merged port of my Oblivion mods. It is intended to act as a combat simulator (as much as I can mod Skyrim to be anyway) based on my 30 years of western medieval heavy weapons (SCA tournament) fighting. I was King twice and hold the rank of Duke and Knight in the SCA.

see here: https://web.archive.org/web/20120618193610/http://www.spookyfx.com/book/tromp.html

Some of my original Oblivion combat features will not be possible in Skyrim unless SKSE can someday allow it. 

I will avoid game-ish features and contrived game balance mechanics when I possibly can. Please do not ask me to include such features. And the PACE of the combat will possibly be slower than you are use to in games. But it will also be brutal and you will actually feel the weight in your attacks and blocks!

My game design philosophy is to (when possible) allow the player to try whatever they want to INSTEAD of telling the player "you cannot do that until you are such and such skill level". You may find that you will not do well at what you are trying to do until you are such and such level, but you can still TRY to do it. You may even find creative ways to bypass the skill or attribute limitations using tactics or magic buffs! So before you set your player preferences to EASIER levels (such as reducing the stamina cost to perform actions) try overcoming limitations with your other resources or clever techniques! Or even just earn it by raising your stamina and health the hard way before trying to utilize the advanced features.



Real life SCA combat is wonderfully brutal, fascinatingly tactical and unbelievably FUN even when you lose the fight. There is no reason PC game combat cannot be the same way if it is designed to do so properly.






REV 37.4
 Once your bow is fully drawn you will see your crosshair flash one time.  Use the MCM setting to adjust the size of the flash. Set to zero to turn this feature off.  This is only for bows as crossbows are always fully drawn.

Several scripts related to FastRest have been optimized.


REV 37.3

Havok Hit Effect System! 

This optional feature can produce a much more responsive reaction for H2H and melee attacks. It is a procedural animation system for physical hits that was hidden in the game (probably abandoned by the developers). I have fixed it the best I could however you should turn it off you if see many visual glitches such as actors melting into boneless pools! The physical reactions can be great but you have to decide if it is worth the occasional visual weirdness.
The Default is OFF so you will need to turn it on in the MCM configuration.

The limitations for this are to try to prevent it from working if the actor is about to be hit while in Ragdoll. If they are in ragdoll when hit with this system turned on that is when all kinds of freaky visual glitches happen. 
Here are some of the limitations:
It will not run if the player is a werewolf or if you use a bow (a bash with anything including a bow will often still work). Werewolves attacks have their own unique vanilla hit effects anyway.

It will not work if you are attacking with magic spells, this is for H2H and melee only .
It will not work if your stamina is less than 25% (this is not for technical rather for game play reasons. You just hit too lightly with low stamina.)
And anything that puts any actor (in the same cell as you are) into ragdoll will turn the feature off until that actor gets up or is dead and not in your crosshair.

I really like the way a dead body moves when it is hit WHILE the havok hit system is on.
But I have found no way around the pool of flesh glitch that sometimes happens. So this will not work on dead bodies.

Most of the time this will not work on leg hits. this is to prevent a glitch that often occurs when the leg hit produces a knockdown (which is a ragdoll)! 


Below is only a brief list of the mod's features, refer to the ReadMe files for full details.
(My features work the same for all actors and the player except one were noted below.)


Configuration File
Some players may need to more slowly adjust to the new deadly and brutal realism of the combat. So a MCM page is provided. You will need SkyUI or the MCM (without SkyUI) mod. You may set all your preferences in this file. Many of the features can be adjusted or turned off. However you can use this mod without either SkyUI  or the no SkyUI MCM mod but you will only be able to use the default settings. 

Newest Features

-> H2H and Parkour skill Trainers that require more than just gold.

-> Grip change weapons (GREAT for bastard swords).

-> Duke Patrick Combat Achievements.

-> Combat Magic! Spells that require you to utilize Range, Geometry and Timing!

-> Parkour Wall Jumps! Now you "climb up" walls and other obstacles that are taller than a few feet.

-> Falling from high places will now force actors to stumble or crash face first into the dirt when they land on the ground!

-> Poisoned weapons do not take effect if their attack is blocked. However Poison will last longer on the weapons now. 

-> Actors become more aggressive when your back is turned to them!

-> Throw ANY weapon at your opponents!  ANY melee weapon from ANY mod! Spears are especially fun to throw.

-> Manual crossbow loading! No more auto load, crossbows only nock a bolt when you want them to. I discovered a very simple way to do this.

-> Archery practice on the pells will raise skill. A follower can throw bottles up into the air for you to do some advanced level target practice!

-> FEINT "crafting" and "tempering". Now working a pell (hitting a practice dummy) will start a crafting system for the player to discover and improve 
their feints (trick shots).

-> H2H Skill And Mechanics: 
A new H2H skill that is advanced when you fight H2H.
Kick Animations. 
H2H blocking that will stop damage from kicks and punching and if your time blocking is good you can deflect light weapon attacks.
H2H skill now effects how much damage you do with H2H kicks and punch.
H2H perks that branch off of the light armor skill tree. However you will need H2H skill to advanced up this branch.
Aikido like grapple throws. This Grapple Throw will cause a little damage depending on the size of the actor and force them to drop any weapon they have in their hands.

-> Comprehensive Light weapons mechanics and perks including blocking while in the middle of an attack, bonus to hitting gaps in armor as well as much faster combat than heavy weapons.

-> Depending on skill, stamina, distance and other factors it is possible for any attack to hit the gaps in armor thus ignoring it.

-> Locational Armor is 3x protection against tooth, claw and H2H attacks and 2x the protection against arrows.

-> If a dragon is killed while flying they will crash immediately tumbling from the sky rather then play the long death sequence.

-> Dragon's scales will protect them from arrows and melee unless you hit their soft underbelly or the gaps in their scale armor.

-> Long Jumps! You will travel much farther forward now when you sprint and then jump!

-> Silver poison shader effect and now silver weapons and silver arrows work for all actors not just the player.

C O M B A T    M A G I C
Combat Magic is still combat. The Combat Practitioner must understand the same fundamental truths of range, geometry and timing that are at the core of all martial arts. If you do not want this in your game you may turn it completely off at any time in the mod configuration file.
Florentine Style (two weapon) Blocking
You can set what key you want to to use in the INI file. Default is the mouse 4th button.

Esoteric Combat Perks
All the combat perks have been overhauled. Combat Perks for the most part are now "talents" that one might develop from years of doing something and not a necessarily a "skill" that you normally could be taught to do. Many of the old vanilla perks that really should not have been perks are now just natural to all actors such as the shield charge and running with a bow.




Some Of The New Archery Features:
Strength will be more important than marksman skill for RAW massive damage with arrows. If you are not strong enough to effectively draw a powerful bow you will not do as much damage as those that are. However marksmanship will prevent you from missing what you aim at. So you will hit your critical shots more often and not miss the target as often. If you have very poor marksmanship your arrows will not hit where you aim. Many of the archery perks depend on you hitting where you aim. If you do not then the perk will not take effect.

Strength will also help you to draw bows a little faster. And there is a perk to account for esoteric mechanical skill to draw the bow a little faster.

All actors can now RUN while drawing and shooting a bow. However your aim will be horribly affected unless your marksman skill is extremely high. Running is the worse movement. The moment after you fire a bow will add to your inaccuracy, each time you fire another shot too soon after the last one your aim gets progressively worse.

Crouching (sneak mode) will double your aim effectiveness.

Low stamina will be about the worse thing for your aim.

When you are in 1st person and moving around while drawing your bow you will see "bow sway". Marksman skill will reduce the amount of visual bow sway you see in first person.

You will now have Locational Hits with bows up to 100 feet (and locational armor counts just like the melee weapons). For technical reasons after 100 feet it is always considered to be a body shot.

A arrow in the head of an actor with no helmet can be a kill in one shot as you draw back arrow all the way first. However you will find that hitting the head in combat may not be so easy unless your target in close range.Bow Draw Stamina Consumption
Normal drawing of the bow now consumes stamina based on how strong the bow derived form the bows base damage.

Dynamic Draw Time
The time it takes to fully draw the bow is derived form the bows base damage.

Bow Draw Dynamic Damage
If the archer does not fully draw the bow they will not inflict full damage. As long as the archer fully draws back the bow they will do full damage based on their strength and the bows ability to store the potential energy no matter how much stamina is left with when the arrow is released.

100% Recovery Of Working Arrows Or Broken Arrows
I do not like seeing arrows stuck in dead opponents and yet when you activate them they have no arrows. It is now 100% arrow recovery but with a possibility of the arrows turning into objects called broken arrows.

Thus if you see an arrow stuck in the targets body there will be one in their inventory. However that arrow may be broken.

Calculations for this include:
Stamina %
Body Size
Heavy (Ridged) Armor *
So the more stamina % they had, the more exaggerated their movements, the bigger they are and the heaver their ridged armor means the more likely something extreme happen to break the arrow. Your arrow supply will now depend on how you play and the conditions of combat.

* Armor is locational! Hit their unprotected leg instead of their closed face steel helm if you want to try to recover your arrow!



Some Of The New Melee Features:
Slower combat pacing and all attacks now consume stamina. The same factors for weapon speed are used to calculate for attack stamina consumption.

Attack Force is calculated including factors such as actor size, health, actor's momentum and weapon size and balance. The more attack force that hits you the more stamina is consumed to block. If the Attack Force overwhelms the actor they will be staggered or knocked to the ground.

Block skill will matter much more now to block. So although your shield and weapons can block a lot more damage you will not do so unless the actor has the skill to prevent stamina drain and you have the skill for timing and footwork. As a low skilled player and actor you will need to use large shields to make up for your lack of skill. The better you and your actor skills get the smaller the weapons that can be used to block.

Swinging Balanced weapons like blades will use much less stamina than when your weapon actually hits a target. For technical reasons this feature only works on living targets not things like trees.

Swinging without hitting a target with a Top Heavy weapon like a mace or axe will use much more stamina than when your weapon actually hits a target. For technical reasons this feature only works on living targets not things like trees.

Combat stamina auto regeneration rate is now very low! However you can FAST REST by not attacking. If you block this fast rest is a little slower and if you move around it is still slower. The fastest "Fast Rest" is achieved by not attacking nor blocking nor moving!

This means you need to use footwork and timing (timing attacks and timing blocks) to get your stamina back up to good levels. The higher your stamina % the faster the stamina rate runs. Good Stamina management will be necessary to keep up a higher rates of attacking.
Actors play a drink animation when they use potions. This completely changes how you play combat! 
Actors must have 25% or more Stamina or they will not be able to do a power attack nor a bash attack.
Normal attacks cannot be done unless you have more than 10% stamina.

Serious Injury Before Death
Actors (with some exceptions) will stumble around and often fall to the ground crawling in pain if they make any effort to fight when they are at 15% health or less. So you will not have opponents standing tall holding their block or attacking with force when they are on the edge of life anymore. Attacks to the legs will in general not kill actors. Melee attacks can inflict this "injured state" quickly but actual death once the health is very low will take much longer in most cases. 

Smash of the Titans
Any actor can be bat around like a rag-doll if the other actor is much bigger and stronger. The weapon mass you block with and the weapon mass that is used to hit you are factors in this as well. So if you have a large male Orc use a war hammer to smash a small female elf blocking with her shortsword she is going to get knock around the room.

But if that same Orc is slapped by a dragon that Orc is most likely going to fly across the battlefield.

Factors include: Weapons mass (modified by blocking skill), Strength (size of actors + 25% health), Stamina of the attacker
and Power Attack.

This means weapon's no longer automatically stagger just because they are 2h war hammer or what ever. The stagger stats of all weapons is replaced with this new system.

Duke Patrick's Realistic Feint System!
Now you and the other actors can be tricked into opening your defense with true to life feinting mechanics that is part player skill and part actor skill!


Timed Blocking
Timed Blocking can reduce the amount of stamina you burn and any stagger you may receive when you block an attack. Your actor's Block skill determines the time window, so the more block skill they have the easier the time block will be for you and also the more effective the time block can be.

The bigger the weapon/shield is that you use to block the more stamina you will burn when you first move the weapon/shield into your block position. Blocking an attack with smaller weapon/shield will burn more stamina if the other weapon is larger, but holding a smaller weapon up in anticipation of the block will burn much less stamina. This means that static blocking with a shield is a better idea than static blocking with a sword but timed blocking with a sword is better than with a shield.


Dynamic Blocking Stamina Burn
Giant or extremely hard hitting attacks will still hurt and kill you through your shield or weapon blocks, however blocking can now stop almost all the damage as long as your stamina is not drained. The end result of how much stamina is burned to block will be a combination of:

How hard you are hit. (attacker's strength, power attack, stamina, weapon size, momentum etcetera ).
Top heavy weapons used to attack get a bonus.
How strong the defending actor is.
How good the actor block skill is.
How big the weapon/shield used to block with is (bigger reduces ensuing stamina drain).
How big the weapon/shield moved for the block is (bigger burns more initial stamina).
How well the player Time Blocks.
Plus blocking perks that pertain to stamina burn. 



Dynamic Shield Charge
"Shield Charge" has been overhauled and given to all actors that can use a shield including the player at level 1.

The success and power of the shield charge is no longer static (in vanilla Skyrim it was a pushactoraway effect at power of 10 no matter who did it or what you hit as long as it was not a giant or a dragon). Now it is calculated including the following factors:

- Momentum
- Strength
- Angle of collsion
- Shield charge PERK gives a bonus to momentum.

Momentum factor will mean that this cannot be triggered until you have had a little run time first. Before the effect could triggered even if you only had 2 feet of "sprinting" before you hit the targets.

And direction of the collision now is a consideration as before you could run into them while moving almost BACKWARDS and it would still work.

Weapon and Shields Blocks Arrows
Swords and other weapons by default can now deflect arrows IF the arrow hits the weapon with no perk needed!.
This applies to the Player and only some actors as there is no working method to dynamically give actors Perks in this game.

Shields Block Elemental Damage & Spit Attacks
Actors can block almost all the damage of Fire and Frost and creature spit attacks IF they use a shield and only if they are facing the attack while blocking.

Shields Feel More Realistic
Shield and weapons block a LOT more damage now, you will now actually feel a difference when you allow a weapon to hit you or when you succeed with a block.


Dynamic Damage and Momentum Bonus.
Stamina now affects how much damage actors will do! Rotational movement and Liner Movement in the direction of the attack will increase the damage done. This can be devastating if on a mount, spinning around to hit a rear flank opponent or when used with the supernaturally fast shout sprint and your timing is very good!
Numerous real time factors are combined to calc the damage on an attack. Some of the more important variables are:
Stamina (effects almost E V E R Y T H I N G !)
Quality of the weapon.
Weapon Skill Level.
Armor (can absorb up to 99% damage).
Armor Gaps (ignores armor).
Magic protection (reduces the vanilla, non scripted damage).
Magic enhancement (increases the the vanilla, non scripted damage).
Accuracy of the attacker (Important modifier for hitting the head, armor gaps etcetera.)
On top of all that …
Movement of the target and movement of the attacker combine (rotational, liner and angles of attack) to give you the following modifiers:
Momentum (a significant damage modifier).
What flank the attacker is on the target (around back can increase damage).
What flank the target is on the attacker  (too far around to the left or right can reduce damage)
Hit location (Leg = less "damage" and is very hard to kill the target, Head = Massive damage, instant death or other effects) 
Too close  (less damage but more hits, see Wrap Shots in the read me doc. But shorter range attacks makes hitting the gaps much easier.)
Too Far (less damage can be inflicted at the weapon's maximum contact range, this is called a "glancing" shot).
See the read me docs for much more on this subject of Dynamic Damage.
Weapon Damage shown in the inventory is only a small part of the damage the weapon can do.
Note you can see additional weapons stats in the inventory by pressing your two weapon block button.
Difficulty needs to be set to Adept (dead center) and then use the Configuration file to "ballance" to your taste. 
As your smithing and weapon skill go up to high levels it will take noticeably less hits to kill and one hit kills will be more frequent.
Locational Damage and Locational Armor
A power shot to a head that is not protected by armor can be a fatal one shot! A blow that does enough damage to the legs can trip your opponent.

Head shots give the most damage, the body does about half of the head and the legs/feet do the least amount of damage. However the locational damage multipliers are player configurable in the Configuration file.

So fights could be fast and brutal or go on for a long time depending on how well they block and what armor they are wearing versus what weapons you are using and where you hit them!

This mean weapon's no longer "critical hit" just because they are 2h blade or what ever. The critical damage stats of all weapons is replaced with this new system.


Combat Endurance
This kind of combat is so physically intensive that sometimes the victor is not the most skilled, she or he may only be in much better condition than the loser. You can literally defeat your opponent by outlasting them as long as you make no mistakes in your defense. This fact will make building your stamina base up to high levels just as important as your health and skill.


Combat Endurance Movement Speed
Actor's movement speed will be effected by their Endurance level. The lower the Endurance level the slower the movement speed. This will also act as another clue that your opponent is exhausted and it is time to use your weaker feints or any trick you have been saving in the fight for the best opportunity.


Increased Backwards Speed Plus Trip And Fall Risk
The fall results from running into or onto objects (and dead bodies). This happen most often when an actors stamina is low.


Logical Health Limits
Now Mudcrabs (and all other small actors) do not take the same number of sword blows to kill as a troll just because you are playing a high level character. Actor health is limited by the size and strength of the actor. If an actor looks like it should die with 3 sword blows it will die with 3 sword blows (unless it is protected by magic means such as wards or spells or potions).


NPC Can Fumble!
NPC might hit each other by accident if they miss hitting you and they are crowding in and around you.

Left Hand Weapon Attacks Are More Difficult To Defend Against!
Forget all the movie and game nonsense you have heard about Florentine style (two weapons). The real reason fighters used this style when it was their choice to do so (not just out of necessity in the fog of battle) was because it can confuse and overwhelm the opponent adding effectiveness to the feints. When you or any actor attack with the left hand weapon this adds bonuses to your success to bypass their defense!


Hand to hand now has a chance to block a melee weapon attack
If you have the Block skill, you can do close in grapple blocks that can even stop a war hammer by impeding the limbs that swing the weapon instead of taking the force of the weapon from the weapon's head straight into your arm.

Attack Blocks!
If you attack with a normal or power attack while you have a melee weapon and while your opponents is attacking and you hit the weapon (aim at their arm) that is attacking you may be able to deflect their weapon attack depending on skill and stamina. This gives you an attack and block in one move.


Actors Show Pain
All actors react to getting hit hard! This is based on damage done not by a random dice throw! If the player or other actors are hit with only a little damage no pain reactions ("stagger") will trigger, but if hit with a lot of damage (20% of current health on each attack) actors will stagger.
This means anything that reduces the power of the attack (such as armor, magic or actor low stamina ...and more) could prevent the pain reaction.

Dynamic Weapon Speed and Less "Arcade" Like Weapons Speeds
Weapon stats including speed and damage are now calculated using many factors including stamina, weapon weight, weapon balance, weapon length. Weapon speed can often slow way down when stamina is under %25. This is a big clue to the player that the other actor is in a depleted state of stamina. Weapon length has a dramatic effect on the speed so longer weapons will tend to move slower than shorter weapons. This dynamic attack speed feature will work on all weapons even from other mods.

Combat Geometry
Rear Flank attacks do extra damage and get bonuses to tripling and other critical hits.
Low Blows (attacking under the block) can help get past shields and weapon blocks.
Tighter more realistic angles of attack and defense. Now side stepping and circling can help to get your weapon past blocks and evade incoming attacks.

Realistic Attack Range
Melee combat range is set way down and now will play much more realistically and allow for more intuitive action. Each weapon's range is now directly set per the length of the 3d model of the weapon and not by the "guess work" of the weapon's artist. 


No Auto Aim! (the attack magnetism)
Attacks for all actors will miss more often making dodging a practical defense now.

Ethereal Ghosts
Bethesda changed ghosts so any weapon can kill them now. This had to be "fixed". Now when they are not attacking or blocking they will not be solid enough to hit. Magic and silver weapons do almost triple damage. So the end result will be that you will land blows a heck of a lot less, and using a silver/magic weapon is going to be very important to effectively “kill" the ghost.

Classic Vampires
Vampires will burn up quickly in the sun, holy water staggers them, wood stakes can kill them very quickly if you hit their heart, when they die they bust into dust, but they are supernaturally fast and strong with lighting quick dodging and can throw you into the walls and ceiling. Unlike the Ethereal Ghost feature this is an optional feature that can be turned off if you prefer the vanilla "half" vampires.


Critical Advice For Low Level (1-15) Player Characters
Low level fighters will struggle a great deal. After you are above level 15 and have a few of the combat perks then you will start to feel more confident and dangerous. About level 30 (with at least half the combat perks) is when you will feel more like a bad-ass.
Keep in mind that "stamina" is no longer how exhausted you are (there is a new mechanic for that now).  It is now a combination of perception, opportunity and "muscle memory" (trained reflex) to act on what is happening in the fight. I would have preferred to keep theses as separate characteristics but Bethesda's simplification of the character stats took that nuance away in Skyrim.
Stamina management is extremely important. Most all the NPC actors do this well (they are forced to) however players tend to get "overly excited" and swing swing swing without using properly timed pauses.  
You must stop attacking and use more foot work! Once your character’s skills (and your player skills) become much MUCH better you can then use light weapons and swing swing swing like a Nintendo ninja ( you can now achieve blinding fast attacks but with extremely lethal damage even to opponents in armor).
Stamina will regenerate faster the higher you maintain it. And it will regenerate much slower if you let it drop down too low. I personally have been trying a new thing (for me in my game) of not wearing any helmet in combat. This is dangerous but it gives me faster stamina regeneration because helmets have penalties for stamina (per my mod).
Part of the reason you are not doing a lot of damage is because you are not managing your stamina, low stamina means low damage. And if the targets wear good armor it can mean NO damage.
Armor gaps are NOT WYSIWYG (not what you see is what you get)! They are calculated dynamically in real time, see read me for the details.
Keep in mind that just because you the player aim at something that does not mean your character hits that something. You may try to swing at the head for example and indeed you will see the swing pass by the head but the CALCULATED impact (Not the impact you may think you see on screen)  is often on the body not the head. Your characters aim will get better as they gain skill.
Don’t forget to load the faster get up mod!
Tip: as a low level character, If your opponent has a helmet on when you are attacking them from behind, it is best to hit their legs. This will do some of the lowest damage but will likely force them to fall to the ground. Otherwise you may waste the opportunity and only do a minimal damage anyway. Once they are on the ground swing high for their head a few times and then back away to regain stamina.
F O O T   W O R K 
This is an area that players tend to be weak in because most games ignore this as a mechanic. The basic strategy of all footwork is to arrange your positions (both your opponent and yourself) to best support your attacks and at the same time most hider theirs.
The simplest factors include range, combat geometry (heading angles), momentum and timing.
 Always try to maintain a distance that is just inside your "effective" range and yet outside of their effective range. Effective range is more complicated than just being too far away for your opponent to hit you (getting in very close can also be outside their effective range)  but I will not go very deep into that for now.  Start your attack out of range and step in so that your hit occurs just as you get in close enough to hit them with the sweet spot of your weapon. the sweet spot is always a few inches shorter than the full range. Hitting at full range will also reduce your damage.
Always maneuver to place your angle on their center but force the opposite on them. In many cases you can be hit but if you are far enough around to their side the damage will be very low. And naturally you can attack past their shield (or weapon) if you are far enough to one side of their flank.
Getting in very very close is good for performing wrap shots (a special way to defeat a block) and for hitting gaps. But it comes with disadvantages as well. Attacks will tend to be weaker, standard feints harder to perform, less opportunity for momentum, you lose your range advantage with long weapons and etcetera.
With multiple opponents move so that the other enemies are behind the one you are fighting.
Move into your attacks (this adds some damage and knockback force) both forward and/or sidestep. And then after the attack break away from them at an angle while blocking. Only attack while you have about 50 to 75% or more stamina. Do not attack again until your stamina is back up over 50%. Use your footwork time to regain stamina in between your attacks.

Table of contents for the FULL read me file includes but is not limited to:
· The Mod 
· New Features
· Strength Attribute
· Smash Of The Titans
· Dragons
· Serious Injury Before Death
· Fortify Block Magic
· Braced Blocking
· Timed Blocking (Read this, it is not like all the others you have seen!)
· Dynamic Stamina Burn For Blocking
· Block Coverage (Passive Defense)
· Florentine Style (Two Weapon) Blocking
· Shield Charge Is Now Combat Bump
· Base Weapon Scripted Damage
· Parkour Mechanics (jump and climb)
· Locational Damage And Critical Hits
· Armor Gaps
· Dynamic Damage System
· Logical Health Limits
· Archery
· Bow Draw Stamina Consumption And Damage
· Archery Practice Shooting Bottles And Pells
· Crossbows Game Mechanics
· Silver Arrows And Bolts
· Throwing Your Weapon
· Momentum System
· Horse Combat
· Combat Endurance And Movement Speed Reduction
· Npc Fumbling
· Feint System
· Uppercuts (Attacking Under The Block)
· Wrap Shots
· 3rd Person Head Shot Assistance
· Increased Backwards Speed Plus Trip And Fall Risk
· Attack Blocks! 
· Evasive Ducking     
· Actors Show Pain         
· Combat Pacing And Fast Rest
· Light Weapons
· Less Arcade Like Weapons Speeds
· Auto Dropping Weapons That Are Too Big To Use
· Grip change weapon now!
· Dynamic Stamina Attack Consumption
· Hand To Hand Skill And Combat Mechanics 
· Brawling
· Pell Work (Skill Advancement From Practice Dummies)
· Combat Geometry     
· New Additional Way To Improve Your Armor Skills             
· Weapons Block Arrows                       
· Shields Block Elemental Damage And Spit Attacks
· No Skyrim Auto Aim! (The Attack Magnetism)
· No More "Dice Throw" Critical Chance                
· Immersive Kill Move Events
· Creature Combat Changes
· Extra Spawns
· C O M B A T    M A G I C
· Classic Vampire Weakness And Vampire Hunter Tools
· Ethereal Ghost    
· Silver Melee Weapons
· Combat Wards
· Miscellaneous Feature Information
· Legal            
· Warning
· Thanks To Others That Contributed To This Mod.


Q- Is this mod compatible with...

A- For the most part I only use my own game mechanic mods, so I have no idea and could not tell you myself. But you can ask on my thread and maybe other players can help to answer that. In general ANY mod that makes any changes to the vanilla combat records including combat animation conditions, combat perks, combat game settings, projectile speeds, stamina regeneration, combat styles, combat AI and any other record used to control the behavior of combat will not be compatible. This may not result in a CTD but you will not be seeing the mod work as intended. So if you insist on ignoring the directions and combining this combat overhaul mod with other combat mods please at least have the decency to not make any comments about your game experiences (even good ones) as that would be carelessly unfair to everyone.

Q- Why don't actors always die as soon as I hit them? (script lag?)

A- Skyrim scripting management was implemented to help prevent low FPS but it is HORRIBLE for combat scripts that require more precise timing than 1/2 a second cycles. Bethesda's even says in their wiki that the combat in this game is not intended to be moded and that very little is intended to be done in that area of moding.

From the Skyrim CK wiki:

"...the specific decisions made by the Combat AI cannot be controlled through the Creation Kit"

"...the mechanics of combat are not something you can control."
From  Papyrus DEV :
"... the focus was on correctness, not optimization (and the game doesn't need extremely optimized script code anyway, since Papyrus has different design goals then, say, C)"
This is for several reasons but one of the most annoying is the script lag (the way the game gives time to each script to execute.) My mod has more unique combat features than any other with calculations based on dozens of combat conditions not random dice throws. But I have been forced to drop many of my original (from my Oblivion mod) 300 to 1000 lines per script, physics and AI calculations and some of my preferred logic from my features. And I am forced to drop entire features I would like to include so that the ones I do have are not taking more than a 1/2 to a full second delay to execute.
It is impossible for Skyrim to run scripts "instantly" within the normal system. Read the installation read me to be sure your lag is as low as possible.  What is your frame rate? 75 FPS is the best and will give you the same "lag" I get with my script Mem settings (set in the Skyrim.INI as per the read me file). If you have a lot less than 60 FPS than your scripts can run very slow.
If your lag is too slow a script lag a pop up message from my mod would tell you this whenever your actor is re generating stamina (Message is set for anything over 0.5 seconds).
It is expected to have about 0.2 to 0.3 (occasionally 0.5) lag on script damage. Script damage comes AFTER vanilla damage to give you a "health drain" from attacks. This is as intended (this is intended design to make the lag more "acceptable" ) In reality, in most cases a "health" drain that takes a moment is more realistic than instant "health" subtraction anyway). 
Skyrim script lag is a very sour subject for me, so please do what you can on your end by following the mod read me file directions and making the ALL the needed changes to your Skyrim INI file (including turning off the console logging). This will help to prevent us both from unnecessary annoyance.

Q- Why are the actors blocking so much?

A- The actors are intended to block a lot more than in vanilla.

So all the Combat Styles for actors that can use weapons have been changed with high preference for blocking. You need to find other ways to land a blow other than the actor moving their shield out of the way for you.

Real life sword and shield combat is more about defense than offence unless you are in a large battle were you are crowded by dozens or hundreds of other fighters. The combat geometry in that situation changes a hell of lot of what you would normally do when you are in a fight with only a few opponents and have more room to maneuver and swing your weapon. In such a battle (crowded) you almost never get hit in the leg, and Head shots are a majority of what does strike you. It is too bad this is not seen in these games. We probably will not see this in games until weapons no longer pass thru walls, trees, people to your flanks and other obstacles for the entirety of the weapon swing.

Circling shots, feints and counter attacks will be your best friends until you get up to higher skill levels and have perks that will provide alternative ways to defeat their defense.

To do a circling attack you must throw the attack and move around them to their side or even their back if you get really good at it. If you are slow, this will take some practice to get the correct timing. To achieve the needed clearance past their defense you will need
to throw the blow first then move so that the attack lands just at the moment you arrive at the required minimum location and angle.

Q- Why am I getting one shot killed all the time?

A- The very first attack from an enemy will be their most powerful. After the first attack the stamina will almost never be 100% again during the fight unless both of you stand down long enough for one or both to regenerate your stamina to full again. When you first exchange blows be sure you are moving sideways (to make head shots harder to land). If you can do so, use a timed block to reduce the stagger force. And Keep in mind Head Shot damage can easily be reduced with a good helmet. If all else fails then maybe you need to turn down the head shot damage level in the configuration file.

Q- Why did you change the combat perks?

A- At first I was just going to ignore the perk system because it was so broken. The original system was full of either perks that would break game play or had perks that should have been normal combat features such as blocking arrows with weapons. So I made my features with no consideration of the existing perks at all (at first). Eventually I realized I could not ignore the perks, so now I am trying to edit them, the problem is that I want the perks to be things that you would not normally learn from a trainer and instead only be the kinds of esoteric tricks and skills you would pick up from years of doing something. Coming up with those kind of perks is more difficult than it sounds.

Q- Why do all the features only use the same % of stamina? Why would I put any points in Stamina and not just put them all in Health?

A- They do not. Sprinting, Dodging, Blocking, and Power attacks and several other features are flat costs to stamina where a high base is very important. But the bottom line is that Combat Endurance (unless you turn it off or down too low) has a profound effect on your combat (directly effecting ALL other stamina related calculations and features) and is almost completely dependent on your base stamina not the stamina %. If you try fighting opponents with 500 base stamina and you only have 100 you are going to find they survive longer, aim arrows better, dodge more, hit you harder, attack faster, feint you out more, get to use more finishing moves, stagger you more and get staggered less, attack block and bash more compared to your own attacks unless you become very good at finishing the combat very quickly before you become exhausted per the mod's endurance feature. Which is exactly how it is suppose to work. And if you turn the ENDURANCE feature in this mod off or too far down you need to reconsider your question.

Q- Why would crouching with a bow make it a more accurate shot?

A- In real life combat archery (unlike shooting at paper targets) going to one knee allows you more time to take aim as you are a smaller target to physically hit yourself. You will feel less panic and this helps to improve your shot. Practically speaking this is really only a small benefit and it is for the most part physiological with little mechanical advantage to the accuracy.

However Skyrim (like Oblivion) also has this hard coded and cannot be changed. The NPC think that crouching improves accuracy and will sometimes stop moving to crouch if they are missing their shots! And it is in fact a fair game mechanic (less mobility for more accuracy).

Q- Why do the wolves knock me to the ground all the time?

A- The wolves in this game are almost the same size as humans (the mod checks their actual 3d model dimensions). Most players do not realize this because they are prone to the ground not standing on their hind legs. On top of that they are of a type of creature that has a special take down to the ground attack (see lions attacking a wildebeest bull that is twice their size/weight). However you will "grow out of this" both by learning not to let them get behind you, killing them fast before they can pounce on you and by getting stronger (raising your health).

Q- Why are the actors dying in only a few shots?

A- As of REV 10 my mod removes a vanilla perk that some actors (mostly Guards) got that could one shot kill. That Perk was not used in a way that worked well with my mod. However in my mod damage depends a LOT on stamina, location hit and the locational armor worn. So yes under the right conditions a few shots can kill or even just one shot. Lower the damage settings in the mod INI if you do not like this level of realism (see the read me files). Adjusting the game difficulty level has NO effect on my script damage only the vanilla damage.

Q- Why am I getting pop up messages about conflicting mods? Is there any way to disable these messages?

A- No. The message is triggered when it finds that the record that is needed has been changed from what is needed. If the message is popping up then you are overwriting the records my mods needs to work as intended. Even if you remove a mod some of the changes may stay in your game depending on how the mod made the changes in the first place. The TES games started as a combat game and latter had other systems added to that to become the TES games we see today. At this games roots the combat systems are a massive part of this game. As such there are numerous game conditions that must be working as expected and not changed. So my mod must be dead last no exceptions. Do not "clean" the mod. It has intentional ITMS and the mod is precleaned for unintentional ITMs before it is uploaded.


Q-Why do attacks sometimes stagger but cause no damage and sometimes do a lot of damage with no stagger? 

A-  "Damage" and the Knock force ("stagger") is not the same thing. 
Normal Melee weapons can inflict 2 kinds of damage: 
Non-penetrating Trauma (derived mostly from the Momentum of the weapon) including:
Abrasions (skin layer damage)
Lacerations (shallow tears)
Contusions (damage to the flesh under skin)
Concussions (damage to the underlying organs with no significant external wound)
Penetrating Deformation (derived mostly from the weapon's Kinetic Energy) that reach down to the underlying tissue and organs:
Lacerations (deep tears)
Trauma damage is more often associated with "stagger" and Knock Force. However DAMAGE in general is not necessarily going to transfer momentum to the opponent.
For example a mace could catch a section of your stomach and tear it open spilling your guts thus killing you without pushing your even a few inches.
Or that same mace could impact your head knocking you to the ground dead from the Concussion.
I struggled for a long time trying to craft the damage and knock back calculations to work properly. Something important but elusive was always missing in the final results. It all came together so clearly and so easy the day I finally realized that the two calculations were actuality two separate things.


Q-Why is this 20 unit mass 1h sword moving slower than the 2h 30 unit mass great sword and the 25 unit mass mace?

A- All weapons speeds even from other mods are now modified by balance, length and weight. Total weight is not an omni important factor. Balance and length are just as important. Using two hands on a weapon can change the "effective" balance of a weapon by allowing the attacker more leverage on the grip side of the weapon. So 2h weapons can move faster than if you handle the same weapon with one hand.
Longer weapons will be a little slower than shorter weapons. So a 3 foot long 1h sword that weighs 3 pounds will swing slightly faster than a 3.5 foot long 1h sword that weighs 2.5 pounds.


Q-  Can you use the "weight" of the actors as one of the factors for strength?
A- No.  "Weight" is a factor of how wide the mesh for the actor is scaled. It has nothing to do with the mass of the actor. I wish this setting had been given the name "width" not "weight". You could have a 100 "weight" chicken and a 50 "weight" Nord but that dose not mean the chicken is stronger than the Nord, it just means it is a fat chicken. And even if I used a relativistic factor such as :
this would make old tubby gals stronger than young athletic guys. 

Q-  Why do I move to the side slightly when I draw an arrow?
A- This is to prevent the game exploit with the cross hair for aiming the bow. With this feature each time you draw the bow or crossbow you must aim at your target again.  Otherwise (without this slight movement) all you would need to do is aim once and keep pressing your reload and fire button to hit the same exact spot over and over. In Oblivion there was a script extender function to move the mouse via scripting. There is none for SKSE. I have already requested this long ago and it would not help for me to keep requesting it myself. But it might help for you to add your voice requesting this on the SKSE thread to show there is a desire and need for it.


Q- Why?
A- Because!



Additional Information


Usage Permissions

Do not use any of the resource in this mod unless the mod you use them for will in no way conflict with this mod.

What's New in Version REV 37.4


  • REV 37.4
     Once your bow is fully drawn you will see your crosshair flash one time.  Use the MCM setting to adjust the size of the flash. Set to zero to turn this feature off.  This is only for bows as crossbows are always fully drawn.

    Several scripts related to FastRest have been optimized.

  • REV 37.3.2    Fixed the brawl trainer script. I introduced a bug that stopped the H2H trainers whne I created the Parkour trainers. this is now fixed.

  • REV 37.3.1
    Instead of checking the entire cell now the new Havok Hit feature only checks the actors in your cross hair.  this makes it a much smaller script and this will greatly reduce the overhead.

  • REV 37.3

    Havok Hit Effect System! 

    This optional feature can produce a much more responsive reaction for H2H and melee attacks. It is a procedural animation system for physical hits that was hidden in the game (probably abandoned by the developers). I have fixed it the best I could however you should turn it off you if see many visual glitches such as actors melting into boneless pools! The physical reactions can be great but you have to decide if it is worth the occasional visual weirdness.
    The Default is OFF so you will need to turn it on in the MCM configuration.

    The limitations for this are to try to prevent it from working if the actor is about to be hit while in Ragdoll. If they are in ragdoll when hit with this system turned on that is when all kinds of freaky visual glitches happen. 
    Here are some of the limitations:
    It will not run if the player is a werewolf or if you use a bow (a bash with anything including a bow will often still work). Werewolves attacks have their own unique vanilla hit effects anyway.

    It will not work if you are attacking with magic spells, this is for H2H and melee only .
    It will not work if your stamina is less than 25% (this is not for technical rather for game play reasons. You just hit too lightly with low stamina.)
    And anything that puts any actor (in the same cell as you are) into ragdoll will turn the feature off until that actor gets up or is dead and not in your crosshair.

    I really like the way a dead body moves when it is hit WHILE the havok hit system is on.
    But I have found no way around the pool of flesh glitch that sometimes happens. So this will not work on dead bodies.

    Most of the time this will not work on leg hits. this is to prevent a glitch that often occurs when the leg hit produces a knockdown (which is a ragdoll)! 

  • REV 37.2
    New optional feature to reduce (or completely turn off) the frequency of random dragon spawns. 

  • REV 37.1 HOT FIX
    To stop players that use 3rd party skeletons or first person mods from flying halfway around the world when they get hit by large actors or arrows.

  • REV 37

    A small optimization for fastrest. The script now performs checks less often for some conditions (such as are you ridding a horse). 

    Mammoths now have the new Trample effect that dragons got in the last REV.

    New feature in the player's inventory! If you have armor or a weapon or ammo highlighted but not equipped and you press your two weapon block button you will now get a mini message that will tell you the item's stats. This makes comparisons much easier.

    Some tweaks and a few fix have been made to all the stat calculations so that they will be more consistent both in the inventory and in actual use in combat. So you may see some of your weapon stats different than they use to be before this REV.

    If you do this in the arrow case you will see a notification informing you of the accuracy of the arrow.

    This REV includes BOUNDING BOX fixes for all the vanilla shields.

    I have instructions with images to show you how fix this in any mods you have that add new shields. You only need to do this if those mods made shields with zero size bounding box. Most good modders will not have made that mistake hopefully.

    Duke Patricks Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat\Duke Patrick Read Me And Player Tools\x- Addtional information\How to fix shields that have no bounding box.doc
    Many of the vanilla shields have no bounding box. YOU do not need to worry about these as I will fix them in my mod.
     MS06ShieldL40  - this is the Shield Of Solitude, I have this and did not know about the screwed up bounds, so I wasted 2 days of testing trying to find a bug in my mod where there was NONE! 
    One thing I need to make clear, it is confusing and a little frustrating but I will try to explain it. When any actor equips a shield it is SCALED by the game to match their size.  So a MED round shield will look smaller on a small actor and bigger on a bigger actor. However I have decided my mod will calculate it as if the size did not magically change dimensions depending on who equips the shield. So A med 36 inch round shield WILL have a larger coverage on a small female Elf than it will on a large male Orc although looking at them in game it will look like it is the same amount of coverage.
    The annoying thing about the game doing this is it means when you block arrows a small Elf has the SAME chance to stop and arrow as a large Orc using the same shield. But this is hard coded so there is nothing I can do about it.

  • REV 35.6
    Holy symbols will now work on vampires that are NOT in combat as long as your Righteous Influence is higher than their NPC level. This is great for flushing out those vampires hiding amongst mortals.

    Several perks have had their requirements reduced a little. And there is one new block perk to double your bash force if your opponent is blocking. This perk is called the "Shield Hook" and it works by catching your opponents shield edge by your own shield edge and pulling or pushing using leverage to open your opponent up briefly for your next attack.

  • REV 35.5.1 Hot fix for a BOOK property that was not set on the Hardcore Parkour  Vol 10.

  • REV 35.5

  • Changed a message (about not touching a ghost with a shield charge or bash) pop up to a notification. It should not have been a pop up message.

    Removed "You Feel Much Stronger" Message. However the effect (any carry weight buff) still works to raise your strength.

    NEW H2H perk!  "Tori Do" will allow you to take and equip your opponents weapon if you do a successful "Grapple Block" with your bare hands. You must win a H2H, strength and stamina comparison. The weapon must be playable and not too big or heavy to swing yourself. This new perk requires at least a 75 H2H skill.

    New DRAGON TRAMPLE effect if a dragon is moving or turning and an actor is too close. Their armor will help protect them from damage but you/they will be knocked down as if an elephant was bumping and stepping on them!

  • REV 35.4
    Greatly improved the no friction fix system so that it only takes effect when you are very near the ground. This should help prevent the glitch where you sometimes gets stuck up in the air. 

    Fixed issue where sometimes you would be dropped into first person while firing your arrow in third person. Reloading the crossbow will still switch you to first (if you were in third) and then to third again as this is necessary for technical reasons to allow the cross bow manual loading feature to work.

    If your stamina is under 25% you will throw very sloppy attacks now taking more time to set and swing for the next shot.  And still, as before with this mod, if your stamina is zero you will not be able to attack at all.

    Dragons strength was being nerfed to about half what it should have been. This is now fixed so they are a lot stronger now (but still depending on their size).

    Fixed "you suddenly feel strong" message spamming.

  • REV 35.3
    Anything (potions, spells enchanted items) that raises your carry weight above your base will now buff your strength.

    Fixed the reported scripted damage for bows in the mod weapon stats menu.

    Fixed a bug where your arm would get stuck holding the bow out in front of you when you were hit with a push actor away effect while drawing the bow.

  • REV 35.2
    Cat jump no longer uses the back button, now it is the jump button:

    Once you are hanging using the perk "Hang in there" you can tap your JUMP button to spring back and up from the wall.

    Parkour  Perks now have sequential requirements as intended.

  • Rev 35.1
    Fix shield charge and Jump kick charge so the perk bonus is not combined. You can only have the shield charge bonus if you are using a shield (blocking when you run into the target)  and the kick bonus if you are jumping for the kick now.

    The long jump will not work even if you do not have open space for the full jump. The jump will just be shorter now.

    The wall cling perk was optimized a little.

  • Rev 35
    Scale up to a giant size effect removed from my strength potion. Scaling like that is known to cause issues. I have been procrastinating on removing it because I personally did not see any issues and had not heard form any players that did using my mod. But I finally decided just to remove it.

    5 new PARKOUR PERKS! They will branch off the light armor tree.

    1st perk "Old Shoe Kick"
    2x momentum buff to the charging jump kicks.

    2nd perk "Air time"
    Gives you immunity to attacks while you are jumping (jump dodge) but only if your stamina is 75% or higher.

    3rd perk  "Reflex Parkour"  
    The player no longer needs to press their jump key at the right time for the actor to get the best effort for fall landing.

    4th perk  "Hang In There" 
    You can grab on to protrusions in wall face as you are falling to break your fall.  As you fall press and hold your two weapon block button (the contextual button). You must be facing the wall and within arms reach of the wall as you fall. This is great for "drop hopping" down extreme high and flat cliff face and adds a new dimension to parkour jumping around the roof tops.

    Stamina must be 20% or higher.
    Encumbrance % effects how long you can hang on.

    5th Perk "Cat Jump"
    Wall spring back jump.  Once you are hanging using the perk "Hang in there" you can tap your back button to spring about 5 feet back away and up from the wall. If you are really good you can do this in between two walls alternating with the two perks and scale upward along both walls. 

    Stamina must be 50% or higher.
    Encumbrance % effects how far over and up you can jump.


  • REV 34.4

    Fix for some actors moving around with too much extra speed.

    Major change to the Parkour skill books. Now only 1 skill level per book but each book is only 1000 gold. 

    There are now 4 Parkour trainers:
    You can only find them in north Riften, all over Windhelm and the Whiterun Wind district practicing their parkour on the rooftops! They are Khajiit so you will only find them at night time high up on beams, rooftops, arches, wood planks across buildings, overhangs, etcetera where they can avoid being thrown out of the city by the guards.
    You will have to search around at the highest places you can manage to get to. Higher level trainers will be at higher more difficult locations.
    They can be ANYWHERE inside the city walls that is higher than the ground (by at least 10 feet for the two less skilled trainers, much much more for the others) and has enough space to stand without slipping off! It is possible they may never be in the same place twice. It is not a dice roll, rather It will depend on several in game factors (I will not give the formula away, you will have to work to find them).
    The lowest level trainer is the easiest to get to in North Riften because there are barrels near walls that make it much easier to climb up onto the roof tops. But the advanced trainers will be difficult to get to and will require that your Parkour skill already be very high.
    Any mod that changes the city roof elevation heights could very well be incompatible. Open cities probably will be incompatible because my mod is looking for the actors in the world cells. If the player is not in the vanilla city cell the script will never start up.
     I have said this before, but it is worth repeating. This game was not made for the player to fly or jump up to high locations. So you will see visual glitches and may fall thru some mesh and get trapped or die.  But it is still a heck of a lot of fun, especially for assassin and thief type plays thrus. And gives an exciting new layer of tactics to the combat when you are good at the mechanics...   so like in real life, you Parkour at your own risk.


  • REV 34.3

    New skill books for Parkour!  They are not cheap and they are a little hard to find. Only the Khajiit caravan merchants have them! Although there is a chance to find some and there is one town merchant that won volume 1 in a card game.

    Hand to Hand TRAINERS!  Any one you brawl can train you as long as you are not better then they are. Which means only the brawls you loose will give you the opportunity to train with the one that defeated you. After loosing a brawl just go up to the winner and start talking to them. You will then be offered training for gold.

          Dwarven Automatons are now including in Bleed damage perks. They will not spray red liquid but instead steam and sparks. and they will suffer           from all the bleed damage debuffs.

  • REV 34.2

            Bug fix to the mesh for 2 of the achievement trophies where their helmets would be invisible.

            Fix for the Brick House achievement being rewarded on game start.


            New system to help get a lot of the weapons stat changes done without weapons equips.
            Only works for weapons that you have equipped at least once before but that should be all that is needed.


  • REV 34.1

Fix bug in the head shots Achievements that gave you the Achievements for one kill only.

  • REV 34

    Duke Patrick Combat Achievements.
    This is to encourage players to use some of the more esoteric or difficult features that they may otherwise ignore or not even realize they could do. 

    You will receive some kind of trophy to display in your homes for each achievement earned, they will be worth a lot of gold as well if you want to sell them for the cash prize instead of the trophy.

    Naturally some of these will require that you have the feature set to the default as well such as the immersive kill moves achievement.

     The Modder Extraordinaire -   Badgremlin  - has given me permission to use his mesh in my mod,
    See here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74173/?
    This will be the trophies you get for the achievements. I will alter them and make them separate items to be a little different from his and to fit my project. Such as using his archer bobble head but having them pointing up into the sky for the kill the flying dragon achievement.
    And this way players can use both our mods together. I am loading his fine mod into my own game myself for my personal game.
    " Maximum Effort " 
     Achievement for getting ALL the  Achievements.
    "Cant Touch This!"  for Duck dodge kills
    There is a perk that gives you a huge bonus to kill just after you have performed a dodge with the mod's dodge mechanic.
    Using the perk for this you need to do this and get 10 kills with it.
    " Handled It." for Grip change kills
    50 kills with a grip changed weapon.
    "Hardcore Parkour"  
    Parkour (landings & wall climb, long jumps)
    One wall climbs up at least 8 feet, one long jump of fifteen feet or more and one good (no staggering or crashing) fall landing of 8 feet or more. However all must be done together within 60 seconds. If at anytime you fail in the climb, jump or landing you must start all over even if your time is not up. It can be in any order however Climb jump land will probably be the easiest run for this to find on buildings.
    "My Foot In Your Mouth"
    While in combat you must run at them and jump high enough to kick your opponent. This is simply a body chuck and done the same way 
    except you jump up at the right moment so that your feet are high enough to hit your targets upper legs, body or head. Head is worth 8 points.
    Body is 4 and legs are 2. You must reach 40 points to get this Achievement.
    "Its Showtime" for Immersive kill moves
    Immersive kill moves mod setting must be at the default. 10 kills only.
     "Practise Makes Perfect"  for Pell work 
    Trigger 200 feints while using the pell.
    "If It Flies It Dies."  for Kill dragon in flight  
    One dragon in forward flight (not hovering).  You can use magic, arrows or even a melee weapon if you are really THAT good!
    "Think Fast!" for Actors hit by thrown weapons 
    Actors hit by thrown weapons. 50 times, you do not need to kill them. But you must be in combat with them.
     "Talk To The Hand" for H2H blocks  
    50 blocks in combat using your bare hands. The attack can be any weapon or bare hands.
    "Double Trouble" for Two weapon blocks
    100 blocks while dual fighting.
    "Master of Arms" for Get all weapon perks
    You must obtain the following perks: 
    Fire Twin Arrows
    Perfect Perception
    Defense Defiler One Handed
    Defense Defiler Two Handed
    "Brick House" for Get all block and armor perks
    You must obtain the following perks:
    Light Armor Awareness
    Esoteric Smithing
    Iron Man 
    Heavy Armor Awareness
    In The Zone 
    Disarming Bash
    Shield Charge
    "No Brainer!" 
    100 Arrow headshots kills at 50 to 100 feet without using the zoom perk.
    "I Could do this all day" for  Melee kills with high stamina
    5 kills in sequence while your stamina is still equal or more than 70% as they die.  If you fail once in the sequence of 5 the count is set back to zero and you have to start over.
    " Surgical Strike"  for On center melee kills 
    5 kills in sequence where you are facing the target dead center. Most players tend to face way off center when they hit.
    You will need to land your blow inside of 10% right or left of the center of the target actor.  If you fail once in the sequence of 5 the count is set back to zero and you have to start over.
    "Fancy Footwork" for Melee kills on the sweet spot
    5 kills in sequence where you are at the effective range of your weapon. This is a few inches below the end of the weapon.  If you fail once in the sequence of 5 the count is set back to zero and you have to start over.

    "Bait and Switch" for  A kill using every feint
    One kill with each and every feint. It can be using H2H or 2H or 1H or any combination.
    But you must get a kill with one of each of the following: 
    TargetFlankRange && FlankRange && TargetRange && TargetFlank && Range && Flank && Target && ShieldEclipse && LowBlow
     "Somebody Stop Me!"  for Kills with at least 100% momentum 
    5 kills in sequence.  If you fail once in the sequence of 5 the count is set back to zero and you have to start over.


  • REV 33.1.2

    Tweaks for the knock back force calculations during the grip switch.

    Bug fix for most of the invisible weapons during grip changes. I only say most because there are so many different situations that can occur and I doubt I have tested then all. But in all my testing now I no longer see invisible weapons after grip switching.

    NOW grip switching WILL effect the total reach with a weapon. It will not change the weapon's reach but it will make a significant distance to the total reach of you attack with the weapon.

    So with a two handed weapon and a one handed weapon that have the exact same dimensions,  the one handed will have a longer reach to hit the target.

    This is because of the distance lost by the triangle made by your two arms coming together to grip the weapon. As well as the fact the shoulder distance from your center can be added to the reach as you can swing with the shoulder leading your center.

  • 33.1.1

       Fixed an issue were the switched grip mace or axe would not get the right speed change.

  • 33.1

         There is new MCM item to allow you to set the sensitivity of the weapon grip switching.
         This may help some players that found it unintuitive to trigger the grip switch using the tap method. You can now set the control so that it                      triggers as soon as it is pressed not after you release the control. However this "easy" setting can produce more accidental grip switching. 

  • REV 33 

    Fix for the die from skyfall bug in the The Break of Dawn quest. Anytime the player's look control is locked by the game the parkour fall damage will not take effect. 


    This is set off by default. You will need to turn this on in the MCM (mod configuration).

    To switch grip press and hold your two weapon block button, then tap the normal block button. Do this again after a few seconds to switch back.

    Sheathing the weapon or swapping to other weapons will auto rest the grip.

    Switching the grip on a weapon will change it's Knock-Back force accuracy to do things like hit armor gaps and finally the attack cycle rate.  This is how fast you swing the weapon and then how fast you reposition the weapon for the next attack. Unfortunately in this (and most) game these two separate actions are only one animation, so weapon "speed" is seen to  slow or increase. For example swinging an axe with two hands will attack at the same speed but you can reposition it for the next attack faster, but per the game we are forced to slow down or speed up the entire attack animation.  

    When using the sword properly,  power comes from the body not the arms! So switching grips will not change the damage done by the weapon, see the read me file if you want to understand why. 

    Although damage will not change other weapon stats may change such as Knock Back force, how fast attacks cycle and the accuracy for things like hitting armor gaps. There is a max weapon speed but no max swing speed. So other speed buffs may raise your attack speed but fast weapons may not get any faster just because you grip switch.


  • NEW REV 32

        The bat file is now gone! This mod now uses the MCM configuration system.



  • REV 31.7.1 Hot Fix!
    Removed the encumbrance % check from the light armor Auto Dodge perk. This condition is broken in the game code (at least when used in a perk) and is just not reliable.

  • REV 31.7
    Add a new check for perks after leaving the level up menu for many scripts. Now the effects of the new perks you have selected should appear faster rather than later after you have un-equipped and then equipped an item. 

    Also now the Marksman Perk "Perfect Perception" requires only 90 skill not 100.


  • REV 31.6.2 

The game (and most programs) see this:  "(Faction Rank / 100)" as an integer. thus always resulting in zero (or in one if the skill was 100).  I did some reading up on this and found out this is done for optimization reasons (in most programming languages).  I have now checked ALL my scripts and they seem like they may be fine as only one of the numbers in the division needs to be a float. But just to be sure I have edited them all so that any line of code like this:
(x / 100)
Where I am not sure if x is a float or an integer, I have changed to this: 
(x / 100.0)


  • REV 31.6.1
    Major bug fix for parkour climb and H2H aikido attacks introduced when I changed the skill to parkour from sneak.

    The game see this:  "(faction / 100)" as an integer for some reason, thus always resulting in zero or 1 if the skill was 100. I did not see this myself in my game because I had a 100 skill. I just saw this issues once I started a new actor.

    So I had to change it to this:  "(faction / 100 as float)" 

          Also, now if your target is sleeping and you are close to them you have a huge modifier to kill them because you can easily hit gaps and hit their critical areas.


  • REV 31.6

NEW LIGHT ARMOR PERK:  "Threading The Needle" Gives you a 25% bonus in accuracy when hitting with a melee weapon from 9 feet away or greater. This is intended for long range melee weapons such as spears and pole weapons.

  • REV 31.5                                                                                                                     

 NEW LIGHT ARMOR PERK: Attempted Auto Duck Dodge while standing in one place but only when your stamina is over %75, health is over %25, carry weight is %50 or less, you are not blocking nor attacking as well as other similar circumstances . Except for the Defense Defiler, all other Dodge mechanics apply including the Dodge stamina cost.


  • REV 31.4    Optimized and fix a small bug in the script that handles stagger force from rear attacks. Significant edits to the Read me file. 


  • REV 31.2.1
    Found and fixed a major bug that prevented the crossbow reloading feature from working as well as several other important features. This one really astonishes me how it got by me. I did not re-register important events such as arrow release after reloads. So it would work once but never again on save games. I only discovered this because I stated a new game with a new actor.

  • REV 31.2

    Major change to leveling up the Parkour skill:

    It takes about 100 Parkour jumps and/or Parkour Wall climb Jumps and/or successful Parkour landings to equal 1 level up. But the more your player effort the faster you will raise the skill. Even if you make no effort at all your actor will still raise their skill very slowly as long as they do not trip and fall in Parkour events. The jump/climb/landing must always be successful without tripping to advice the skill, so making a lot of easy jumps downs (more than 5 but less than 10 feet ) is the easiest way to eventually level the skill up.

    Also, now RESTORE STAMINA magic will slightly reduce exhaustion. So it there is no place to sit down then you can gulp down a few restore stamina potions instead.

  • REV 31.3

    Jumping down on an actor will now stagger them, hurt them depending on the distance of the drop and could kill them if the drop is very high. Armor (damage resistance ) gives some protection. Some damage will still apply to large creatures like dragons but the stagger push effect will not.



User Feedback

I will drop a quick first impression if you dont mind.


AWESOME! I just started a game and got into a fight with 2 bandits I managed to headshot one and I quickly picked up his Steel Sword. Then a Bandit Outlaw jointed the battle. I just love how that duel turned out, lots of movement, looking for an opening, timing blocks, and quick combos when an opening appeard. This wasnt simple hack and slash like in vanilla. To be honest this little fight reminded me a lot of fights in Dark Souls. If a simple run in into outlaws gave so much satisfaction then I can safely say this mod is awesome.


In the end I managed to knock down the bandind and hack her to pieces.... and then wolf came and owend me :P.


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I looked on the Bethesda mods but the trail of comments stops somewhere in late 2012 with the forum cut off and no links to new comments. So how may I comment?  All I need to know is how to configure this mod. I cannot trace an INI, nor a "configuration" scroll. I have looked and looked and I am an experience mod user. I can see the console aadp stuff but I need something more friendly. In hope.


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This mod looks absolutely amazing, I had lots of mods + SkyRE. I uninstalled them all and now I am in the process of installing a fresh Skyrim.


I just NEED this mod. Props on this, amazing work and you have completely outdone Bethseda :D


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Wow, downloading now... the immersion and satisfaction that this mod promisses seems too good to be true.


Do custom actors and followers also use this combat mechanic?


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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU'RE MY HERO. Fighting in real life... just to go home and make fix video games. 
"Daddy what do you want to be when you grow up?" 
"Well my little friend, I am already grown but if I could, I would fight people in tournaments for the heck of it, then for the heck of it I would wreck the video gaming industry with real, not fluttery-fantasy combat."
"Oh, okay."


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Tried Duel Combat, Ultimate combat, tried them all. But this is where the holy grail lies. 


Thank you for making Skyrim worth playing!


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Can i translate this genius mod to chinese and publish it at bbs.skycitizen.net?




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My hat's off to the Duke!  From the looks of it, best combat program bar none. With his permission, I have a related question for the esteemed author, or any of the reviewers herein.  I hope this is the right forum.  I'm setting up for a heavily modded Skyrim play-through on a top step Puget Serenity, with a 360 controller.  Alas, I've noticed that AaHLWC is mouse-and-keyboard only.  Can anyone suggest a half decent substitute - Ultimate, Deadly, Duel, or ACE for example?  I'm painfully aware that none of them will come close to this masterpiece, but I have to go the 360 route.  Respectfully submitted.


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Hi :), thank you for such a wonderful job, what you did ...... is so wonderful, brilliant, I can not live without it :) thank you very much, I greet REN :)


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I came, I saw, I down loaded and think this is mods is fantastic...two thumbs up on your effort


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until further notice please turn off the combat magic in your mod configuration file. There may be CTD issues related to the combat magic.


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You MUST equip a weapon and unequipt it to set the new stats/globals variable once you load the new REV of the  mod.


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i have a story.

so i started a new game with this mod on, and through most of the escape from helgen i seem to have to rely heavily on the tutorial NPCs to tank and kill for me coz most of my attacks just kept bouncing off enemy armors and they just quickly regen their health so much faster than my stamina can regen.

afterwards, i mostly fought naked and conjuring a familiar or letting the elven hunter from riverwood  tank for me. also yes, frostfall is active so i often end up freezing my balls off when fighting naked. haha. (but at least i kept the fur cloak)

anyways. when i joined the companions, the first task they gave me was to intimidate this woman in whiterun. nothing fatal. just brawl her up until she surrenders.

but it took 3 days for me to get her to surrender. haha,

first day i fought normally, but since my iNeed mod is also active, my character kept getting hungry/thirsty/tired. so i had to recuperate and let her go.

this went on for days, but on the third day i finally decided to just twack her face with a 2 handed iron greatsword. i powerswinged that thing while i was naked, but nada.. 

it seems the face tanking regen of a typical nord housewife was unbreakable for a lvl 1 character straight out of helgen.

but eventually i decided to just time my normal sword swings so that stamina regens fast enough to get her to critical HP, then i just switched to fists and finally finished the quest after 3 days.


several bandits have also exhibited similar behavior to the nord housewife. but this time they got good armor and just continued to block endlessly so i couldn't break their face tanking. and when they try to attack i just equip a heavy armor with high defense and they usually can't break my tank either.

so in the early part of the game there seems to be plenty of these battles that mostly ends up in a stalemate face tanking match.

but unlike humans, monsters doesn't seem to regenerate their health so quickly.




just sharing some feedback.



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You must not start this mod until you are out of the tutorial. Please READ the instructions before using the mod. You will have issues and confusion if you do not. I would rather you did not use the mod if you do not want to follow the instructions.


I only respond to inquires on the Bethesda forums:


Look for SpookyFX.com or do a keyword search for Duke Patrick mods.

Edited by SpookyFX.com

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