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I never liked that some farmhouses had lit fireplaces inside but no way for those fireplaces to vent smoke. So I created this simple mod that adds working chimneys with smoke to the farmhouses in several locations. I only added chimneys to farmhouses that had a fireplace, not a fire pit. The taverns and longhouses have large fire pits so I added smoke drifting from their thatched roofs to indicate that the smoke was escaping through the roof.

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit V3_0_30

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Do not upload this mod to another site. ================== Modder's Will: ================== Please leave my Projects where they are currently hosted, do NOT re host them. If the Projects are no longer available if/when I return I will re-upload them myself.

What's New in Version V1.0


  • Uploaded 10/08/2013


User Feedback

Great addition to the game! I just miss one thing: the houses in Helgen do not have chimneys during the new game sequence (or did I miss them). I can't imagine the Helgians not having fireplaces in their houses. If you add these, I'll rate you 5 stars.


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Hi Ithlia;

I love this mod, thank you very much for taking the time to create it.

I was wondering if it will work with the hearthfire homes as well? 


Thank you =)



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