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Duke Patrick's - Follow That Actor

Skyrim Edition!

Companion Compatible!

Latest SKSE needed.




This is a port of my Oblivion mod.

Your PC will now AUTOMATICALLY follow the NPC thru unlocked doors, thru winding passages, around obstacles, up and down stairs, and almost everywhere that a normal NPC can walk while following a path grid.

READ THE READ ME FILE and follow the directions.

I am slow to answer questions that are detailed in the read me file.

And I only answer questions about the mod that are posted in my threads on the Bethesda forums:



Do not start this mod until you are completely out of the tutorial part of the game (Helgen and the caves of Helgen). Many kinds of mods have issues with the TES tutorials (in Oblivion as well). It is just a much more complicated game environment for the scripts.

Known Issue: The mod system sometimes gets stuck in the "busy state" after combat. This means nothing happens when you try to follow and actor.

Just save and reload and everything is set back to normal. I am looking into why this happens.

How to use the mod:

When an actor is in your crosshair press your Sprint button. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FORWARD KEY! This will trigger a notification that you are going to follow the actor. A second later (if the actor is walking or when they start to walk) your PC will walk behind them with out you touching your controls at all!

No more tedious synchronized key tapping to follow the actors now!

This will not trigger if you are in combat or pressing your forward movement key or if your weapon are out in the "ready to fight" state.

Press your forward key to stop following the actor. The mod AI will steer your PC walking direction to follow the Actor.

One issue I have not found a fix for yet is that the player actor seem to not want to walk very fast when following. So the PC often falls behind and then the mod must teleport the PC in behind the actor again to keep up with them.

This mod may still have other small "cosmetic" issues. Possibly even issues I will not be able to fix. But nothing that would permanently hurt your game. I made this mod only for personal use. It is based on the Oblivion work I did for Oblivion companion following. I HATE summon spells for companions and was determined to have the companion never get lost and require the player to pull the companion out of the air like a magician grabs money from your ear!

However if you are to use this mod you must understand it would take more than a few lines of script to be able to duplicate the ability of your brain to follow an actor around through all the possible egress pitfalls in the game! But then even the game makes “following†mistakes sometimes with the NPC actors.

At this time You cannot follow a running actor, well you can but because your PC can only walk you will just get teleported over and over again. I am planning to do a much more complicated script so the player can follow while running as well. No Promises however.

If you like this mod try my other Skyrim mods:

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Latest SKSE needed!




I worked very hard on this mod (spent my 3 days off from my job to work on this). But this mod is a product more of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.

DO NOT distribute THIS MOD! You should only find this mod distributed from Tes Alliance! If any other web site is distributing the files for this work they are doing so illegitimately.

Usage Permissions

DO NOT distribute THIS MOD! You should only find this mod distributed from Tes Alliance! If any other web site is distributing the files for this work they are doing so illegitimately. You may only use my resources for your mod if your mod will not conflict in any way with my mod. I.E. Do not make a disguised Knock Off.


User Feedback

Ok, Where is the readme.txt file that gives me the directions.  The readme file that is in the 7zip file states the same as what you are stating here. There are no instructions



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