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This mod adds 4 pairs of glasses to the game. There are 2 Versions available so far - one is enchanted like the Krosis Dragon Priest Mask, the other is unenchanted.

- The glasses/spectacles are craftable at the Tanning rack. They have their complete own category named 'DWISS Eyewear' regardless of base material

- The glasses/spectacles can be upgraded at the Working Table when you have the glass perk

Naming convention is simple- modern eyewear is called glasses - the lore friendly versions are called spectacles. I added new pictures for the lore friendly versions - more to follow.

Additional Info

These will be the base models for now - i will polish everything from now on first (like going from loose files to BSA packed downloads) and work on the immersive part a bit as well. Looked at the leveled lists and liked the idea a lot - so there is something to look forward to. All those poor magicians and librarians really need some eyewear soon!

Required Mods


Recommended Mods

Enchanting Freedom

Known incompatibilities:

- back worn lantern from 'wearable lanterns'

- one of the pouches from 'DrBandolier' mod

Both these mods use the face body slot to add their item to the character at the back right belt position. This means if you equip the lantern or a pouch on the back right side your glasses will be unequipped and vice versa.

I personally don't consider this incompatible from this mods point of view as this body slot is a face slot - not a belt slot

Change Log:

Please refer to the change log function on this page

To do list:

(this isn't fixed and might change along the way or depending on your input):

  • make seperate versions for male and female to avoid further misplacement - top priority
  • introduce more immersive models
  • introduce immersive materials
  • ponder about availability and distributing them in Skyrim leveled lists will be available with the planned framework
  • handle immersive effect on enchanting and alchemy and other craft works
  • shaded versions (as in sunglasses)

Usage Permissions

Any use of my assets must be accompanied by visible credits in the resulting work and a link back to the mod the assets were taken from. Any reupload on other sites is forbidden. Personal edits are always OK and encourageable. If you edit because you think there is a bug feedback to the author is highly appreciated. Distributing said edits must be in compliance with the following. I DO permit us

What's New in Version 1.26


  • Version 1.26
  • - adjusted the placement for all genders and included nifs for males as well
  • - all eyewear has now real glasses with proper transparency and reflections like real glass
  • Version 1.25
  • mod is from now on provided in packed bsa file instead of loose files to keep your system as clean as possible
  • plain glasses are plain from now on - means no more armor rating but you can still enchant them like a helmet
  • DWISS Eyewear has its complete own crafting category now at the tanning rack - no more searching in several subcategories - all in one place
  • Version 1.24
  • finally second lore friendly model inserted
  • Version 1.23
  • had to fix the body slot as i found at least one mod it was conflicting with
  • added preview for inventory and crafting windows
  • Version 1.22
  • lore spectacles reworked and added rope bearing to them
  • removed pictures from download files
  • Version 1.21
  • fixed the missing crafting for the round glasses
  • added the first lore friendly version
  • Version 1.2
  • added a rounder pair to both versions with less width and better placement
  • Version 1.1
  • added a rounder pair to non-enchanted - enchanted to follow asap
  • Version 1.01
  • fixed enchantment - works now as intended
  • added a non-enchanted Version
  • Version 1.0
  • Initial version


User Feedback

I just had to make an account to download this mod. I'm a big fan for glasses. :P Keep up the great work!


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I have a bit of a conflict with Smithing. DWISS Eyewear is at the top, but I think it's just replaced a category called "Wood" for another mod. None of the glasses are available to craft and all of the original wood items are still there. Only the category name has changed.


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good mod, but still conflicts with the wearable lanterns mod(up to date) no matter where you select the lantern to be worn (front , back right) it still un-equips the glasses.


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Hey dude, first of nothing... i love this mod!

i see you got a bayonetta meshes in bsa, so... there will be the bayonetta glasses for 1.27 ?


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