Light Moss Hall - Family Adoption Friendly 2.0.1

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An up to date, legal copy of Skyrim and all of the DLC.
Recommended: The Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

  • Being able to purchasing the house without an NPC.
  • Master Bedroom
  • Study Hall
  • All Crafting Stations
  • Display Area - Dragon Claws, Dragon Priest Masks, Bug Jars, Paragons, Oghma Infinium, Black Books and Elder Scrolls
  • Armoury - Display Cases, Weapon Racks, and Mannequins, and Training Dummies to practice on (recommended: Practice Dummies or Training Dummies and Targets so you level up when you practice)
  • Plantable space in a planter
  • Kitchen
  • Aquarium with a Pool
  • Various non-respawn custom storage
  • 2 Beds for Children
  • 9 Beds for Followers 

It has been cleaned with TES5Edit of any errors!
If you were using an earlier version it is STRONGLY recommended that you grab all of your gear that you have stored inside before you install the update. This will stop you from losing any of your items!

Instructions on getting access to Light Moss Hall

What happened to Karmen?
She's dead.

Why only two beds for children?
Because I'm not much of a child person and don't have need more children other than two - I will not be adding more.

Why no special displays for special weapons?
Because there is nothing wrong with using the weapon racks or cases that are already there.

It's really small compared the other layout!
Well, the intention was to downsize the interior with 2.0.


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What's New in Version 2.0.1


Version 2.0.1

Fixed numerous holes and clipping issues

Re-made the NavMesh in the Follower Room

Changed the texture of the bathroom floor



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