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Fairly roomy Manor located near Heartwood Mill, not suitable for family's yet, but those with a lot of followers might like to try it out. It is only my first release so just the basic vanilla flavour home, done for the CK Basics Final, no DLC required. Do not expect too much I am still learning.


- Lots of storage

- Lots of beds 2xDouble, 8xsingle and 4 camp beds

- Fully navmeshed

- 6 mannequins

- 3 large display cases 4 dagger sized display cases

- 5x5 weapon racks

- Shield and weapon plaques

- Stables, will even throw in a horse.

- Lots of bookshelves

- Vanilla crafting stations, nothing from the DLC.

- Working shower and bath

- Its free you can just walk in and make yourself at home.



Known bugs:

Bookshelves get fussy if only removing a few books from a shelf and lose count, so be sure to only put the right number of books on the shelves.

All the containers are safe except for the two fish barrels on the pier, that was by design, not a bug, I like free fish delivered.


Drop the files in the data folder.


Thanks to DarkRider for the easy to understand lessons that finally got me started.

All the helpful TES Alliance members who helped guide me the right way especially Bethra, for the Bert's CK Tutorial link that helped get the bathroom finished.

Change log

Version 1.01 has a few small changes in the navmesh, and the BSA with only the nif and not the source files.

Usage Permissions

Redistribution or uploading of this mod to sites other than TES Alliance without my authorization is prohibited.


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