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31 Screenshots

About This File

Project: Evangeline Ervine

Author: Sein_Schatten
Version: v1.0.3
Release Date: 11.02.2017
Category: Companions

Nexus - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62775

TES Alliance - http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/forum/145-follower-evangeline-ervine-project-forum/




Evangeline is the most advanced companion to date. She will comment on everything, will do what she wants when she wants and react to you and your action immediatly. She will remember everything you do, also what she says she wants and thinks. Your acts will have consequences, some will permanently influence Evangeline.


- You can find her in Riverwood Inn.
- Evangeline has two questchains to unravel her history.
- Two single quests for you to enjoy.
- 14 quests splitted in 3 Questchains.
- Three repeatable radiant quests for you to enjoy.
- One radiant quest line. Everything is random here, even the story.
- Thousands of lines of dialog.
- Fully fledged out memory and emotion system.
- Special dialog & actions and above mentioned memory.
- Marriage candidate with own marriage chain quest.
- Will do whatever she wants when she wants it. Like going to the temple, go shopping, going on a stroll and much more.
- Randomly pathed dialog.
- Dozens of long dialog chains. Dozens of long dialog to explore her past.
- Play games with her, like hide&seek and others.
- Custom home marker.
- Uses clothes in her inventory in cities and armor in her inventory while in the wild.
- Will loot items, if she wants.
- Comments and dialogue on places, quests, persons, her past, etc..
- You can brawl and spare with her.
- Lots of conversations with other NPCs and recognizes 3DNPCs followers
- Advanced combat AI.
- Teach her new spells.
- Will smelt ore and tan hides for you.
- Will cook a meal if there's enough ingredients for it
- dozens of actions based on how Evangeline feels and how much she likes you. Like spiking your ale, cooking you a meal, make you trip, won't help you in a fight, run ahead in a dungeon and much, much more.
- Can take the lead to dungeon bosses.
- You can tell her to cook or brew a potion for you.
- Fully integrated into all vanilla scenes if it's required for immersion.
- And much more. I can't remember all of the stuff I put in while developing her.


Manual Instructions

1) Backup your newest savegame and/or don't overwrite the newest savegame
2) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
3) Make sure the Evangeline.esp is checked in the Launcher


Manual Instructions

1) Delete the files (Evangeline.bsa and Evangeline.esp) associated with the mod
2) Unheck the Evangeline.esp in the Launcher




Manual Instructions

Using ASIS or PerMA:
You MUST run ASIS and PerMa after EACH update incase you didn't put Evangeline.esp in the exclusion list.

Updating to v1.0.3 I advise to do one of the following:

This requires a new game or the quests and quest chains stay bugged.

Path to meshes and textures

Evangeline comes with some meshes and textures of her own. The following list contains them so you can put files in the Data folder to overwrite the ones in the BSA:

\meshes\actors\character\character assets\evangelineeyesfemale.nif


Haircolor need to be changed in the CK
\meshes\actors\character\character assets\hair\eva\EvangelineHair.nif
\meshes\actors\character\character assets\hair\eva\EvangelineHairline.nif


It may be possible to cause issues with other mods that change Sleeping Giants Inn in Riverwood.

Incompatible with Deadly Combat due to the "Spells learned"-bug in DC. Evangelines comments regarding learning spells will no longer work.

The mod is cleaned with TES5Edit. DON'T clean it.

I took great care to remove all Papyrus errors in the Papyrus log file. But some might've slipped through.

Known Issues

In case her head has the wrong color:

Consider Savegame script scalpel - Disassembler - Diagnostic Tool - Papyrus Data Transfer:

I cannot guarantee a 100% working experience with Evangeline and mods that change her (SkyProc Patchers).

If you use KS hair wigs, Eva will only use them if you type in the console "set evangelinetogglehelmetuseglobal to 1" (without the ")



Ysne58 and Nexus community for helping testing.
Anduniel for her awesome voice actor work. The only person I could depend on during the whole process of this work. :D
finalCrystine for the other female dialog lines. Many thanks. :D
dancinggwalrus for the male dialog lines. Many thanks. :D
Kalilies for his hair.
hellosanta for his great eyebrows.
Hanaisse for the meshes of Evangelines load screens
LogRaam for his great eyes.
TesAlliance.org for being helpful and generally awesome community.
Dheuster for the script of the creation of the camp

Tools Used

ReadMe Generator

Creation Kit

RaceMenu and ECE


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod.

The resources do not belong me. Ask their author for permissions.

If I do not respond within 4 weeks, permission is denied.

What's New in Version v1.0.3


$ fixed a bug that caused Evangeline to remove all items she likes from you and not only one you gave her
+ added a spell to toggle Evangelines ability to melt ore and tan leather
$ recreated the SEQ file
$ throwing away usefull items caused Evangeline to behave erratic or doesn't move anymore at all
$ fixed a bug that upon fast traveling to a city caused Evangeline to lead you out of the city to an inn (or other lcoation)
# slightly lowered Evangelines HP bonus

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