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Static dishes and food resource

by Tamira


Recently I had a request by a friend to convert some tableware from the Oblivion resource "Static dish sets" by Riley Marks.

As soon as I had converted and placed the first dishes in Skyrim, I instantly fell in love with them. I decided to convert the whole package and to add my own arrangements.

The original tableware models and textures were created by JBVW for her Oblivion mod "Vaernlor Manor" (see credits.)

Riley Marks modified some of the original textures and retextured JBVW's dishes with them for her Oblivion resource "Static dish sets" (see credits).

All credits for the fabulous tableware go to JBVW and Riley Marks! I only converted them.

This basic tableware is included in the folder "Tableware by jbvw_rileymarks".

I had to leave out some of RM's tableware as it was based on vanilla Oblivion content.

So I made my own mashups with Nifskope for the coffee pot, the coffee/tea cup, the sugar bowls and the vases, where I used the same textures on the metal. These have the prefix Tam.

I used this tableware to make my own dish sets which are included in the folder "Sets".

Most of the content in the folder "Food" was created by Stroti, they have the prefix Stroti (see credits).

The other food was made by me, including the donut which is a conversion of a free 3d resource (see credits), they have the prefix Tam.

The roses were made by Lycanthrops for Emma and her Oblivion mod "Red Rose Manor" (see credits).

They both gave me the permission to convert and use them. A big thank-you for these wonderful flowers!



All objects are statics. That means they will stay in place in the game.

Please don't ask for a clutter version with movable objects as I most likely will never do this.




Tableware by jbvw_rileymarks:

2 different bowls

2 different plates

2 different platters

2 different trays

Covered Bowl

Covered Urn

Cup, Goblet, Tankard


3 different pitchers


Fork, knife and spoon











Chicken drumsticks


Pork Fillet


Sliced Ham

Fried Egg



Sliced Bread

3 different Donuts



Sugar cube


3 different cheeses


Table setting complete

Bowl with fruits

Bowl with pears

Coffee cup full

Coffee cup set

Tea cup full

Tea cup set

2 different sugar bowls

Cup with juice

Pitcher with juice

Tankard with beer

Pitcher with beer

Goblet with wine

Plate with donuts

Plate with toast

Plate with sliced bread

Plate with pancakes

Plate with cheese

Plate with chicken

Plate with ham and egg

Plate with corn

Plate with citrus fruits

Platter with butter

Platter with dinner food

Platter with lunch food

Platter with desserts

Breakfast tray

Wine tray

Plate stack

2 different vases with Emma's Roses


Included is a demo esp where everything is placed in Whiterun Dragonsreach main hall on the two big dining tables. When you walk up from the entrance you will see on the left table all the single objects of this resource, including the food and the plate-stack, on the right table I placed all the sets.




JBVW for the original tableware models and textures, published in her Oblivion mod "Vaernlor Manor":

Riley Marks for the tweaked tableware, published in her Oblivion resource "Static dish sets"

Stroti for his food resources that were taken from "Strotis New Food" , "Strotis Stilthouse" and "Strotis Treehouse"

Lycanthrops for the roses he created for Emma's Oblivion mod Red Rose Manor:

Donut model by: YooMin

Donut texture by: Gustav

Coffee texture: patterns-stock

CG Textures

Skyfox from the Niftools team for his great tool NifUtils

The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope; special thanks to JonWD7 for his recent updates




This is a modder's resource.You may use the meshes and textures for your own mods as long as you give credit and you do not charge money for it.

Please credit the authors of the original resources too.

Do not upload to other sites.

Usage Permissions

This is a modder's resource.You may use the meshes and textures for your own mods as long as you give credit and you do not charge money for it. Please credit the authors of the original resources too. Do not upload to other sites.


User Feedback

These are AWESOME !!!!!   Thank you so much for creating/converting/and sharing these Tamira!  :wub:


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Very beautiful, can not wait to place in my house I am making . Thank  you so very much for all you bring to my and others games :)


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All thank-you for the roses goes to Lycanthrops who made them for Oblivion - and for Emma :)


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I can't thank you enough. I LOVED these resources in Oblivion, and my Skyrim wouldn't have been complete without them :) Especially those roses!! Thank you!


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very lovely and i plan to get the original roses too for my Oblvion work..very nice thanks Tam.


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