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ladyonthemoon's Whitewater Farm by ladyonthemoon   This is a home for the player I made for the final exam of the CK basics course DarkRider kindly put up for us here. Thank you so much! _____oOo_____ Photos album _____oOo_____ Tip: The game has trouble "remembering" where you placed objects when you decorate your house; if you drop objects in your house and place them immediately where you want them to be and leave the house, you'll find them scattered on the floor when you come back. There is a simple fix to that glitch: drop the objects you want to place in your house on the floor, leave the house, come back into the house and place them where you want them to be. Fixed! _____oOo_____ March 3rd, 2017, Skyrim Special Edition versions: To use this mod with Skyrim Special Edition, download the file named and extract its content into your Data files folder, exactly as you would do for the original Skyrim. If you do not want to use the version that adds the house in Riverwood, download the file named Once this done, launch the game, click on "mods" on the menu page and place it at the lowest place possible in your load order, using the "X" and arrow keys. Important: Do not use the Hearthfires patch with the Skyrim Special Edition, it's included already. _____oOo_____ June 19th, 2016, final version: Same content that was in the December 31st, 2015 version described below to which lod files have been added. Note: There will no longer be any updates to this mod, unless you experience bugs that can be fixed. Do not be shy and post a full description of them down below. Files to download:, if you own Hearthfires. _____oOo_____ December 31st, 2015, new version: Note: The original version and version 2 of the mod are still available for download; this version has been replaced by the new and final version uploaded on June 19th, 2016; see above. Files to download: June 19th, 2016 update above Installation: extract the content of the archives into your ~:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data directory. Over write when windows ask for it. Launch the game, click on "Data Files" and make sure the esp is activated, use only one version of the mod at a time, the WWFarmHearthfiresPatch  is necessary if you own the Hearthfires expansion. It moves a Stone Quarry from behind the house to just outside the gate near Gerdur's house: If you install this new version in a current play through, it will take 31 in game days for the stone quarry to show at its new place. Don't worry, there's another one nearby, behind the trees between the house and the gate, if you were already using the previous version or the original version, read the notes related to these releases below. Incompatibilities: Any mod making changes to the Riverwood05 6, -12 and Wilderness 9, -1 cells. Content: As the name says, this new version adds a house in Riverwood the player will be able to buy, Eir's Rest. How does the player buy Eir's Rest? go fetch the dragonstone for Farengar and deliver it to him, go to Eir's Rest in Riverwood and pick up the note that is pinned next to the door, gather 2,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the house and take the note. Interior: Anything else? Yes! Eirs was a hunter, she died some time ago, probably killed by bandits. Her dog, Baldwin, survived and will greet the player when he comes close to the house, eager to follow the Dragonborn during his/her adventures. Note: the dog will force greet the player only one time, the player will know the dog's name after reading Eir's journal that she left on the table outside the house, hiring Baldwin will not prevent the player from hiring another dog or animal (tested with both Meeko and Vigilance, should work with the animals added by Dawnguard). _____oOo_____ December 15th, 2015, new version: The original version of the mod is still available for download; the new version is the one named I removed the images file. Download the file named  and read the description below before installing it. Thank you. ___oOo___ Before installing the new version:  Go into the house and empty it of all the stuff you stored in it,  Get out of the house and save the game.  Quit the game, extract the content of the archive in your data file folder, overwrite when Windows asks,  Make sure Whitewaterfarm.esp is selected in the launcher data files (it should be). After installing the new version: 1) you were using the mod and you had already bought the farm: enter the house, put back all the stuff you had removed,, open the console and enter the three following commands one after another: stopquest wwfarminitqst stopquest wwfarmpurchaseqst stopquest wwfarmupdateqst 2) you were using the mod but you hadn't bought the farm yet: You have nothing to do for now. Buy the farm, enter the house in order to complete the purchase quest and only then use the three commands detailed at point 1. 3) in both cases: I have moved the ore vein that was near the vegetable garden to another place northern in the same cell. The position of this ore vein being "baked" in your save, it will appear at its new place only after the cell has reset, about 31 in game days after you have installed the new version. You can still mine it though because it's not completely hidden by the rocks I put in its place. Also, anything you had taken in the basement or the exterior cell will respawn after 31 in game days. Main house kitchen changes: anything displaying in the kitchen now respawns, except for the empty bottles, all the barrels and sacks whether they are in the kitchen or behind the counter now respawn, once a week, on Saturday morning, Allia will spend three hours cleaning the house. (This explains why the edible contents of the house now respawn; she doesn't want your player to go hungry! ), Allia now sells food and produce from the farm. Main house living rooms changes: the furniture has been upgraded to "upper", walls have been added in order to isolate the bedroom from the rest of the house, a bookshelf has been added raising the quantity of books you can store in this house from 108 to 126. Basement: It had always bothered me that they have a fireplace but no chimney so that the smoke could get out of the place. Now they have one! I also swapped a few pieces of furniture, removed a bench and added a shelf and a small alchemy lab: Oh, I forgot, I also added an evacuation for the smoke outside, just behind the chicken house: Things that have not changed: 1) How to buy the farm (see the description below). 2) The containers that are not barrels or sacks are safe; that is to say: cupboard, dresser, end tables, wardrobe, bookshelves, personal chest. These do not respawn. 3) All the objects that display on tables, counter, shelves and so on, and are not in the kitchen, do not respawn either. Basically, the house could be divided in two parts: the first third on the left does respawn, the two other thirds do not respawn.  The next version will add a small house in Riverwood the player will be able to buy. ___oOo___ August 14th, 2015, update: reoriented the door marker outside the farm house in order to avoid the dreadful infinite loading screens. removed a useless condition applied to the update quest. minor changes outside and inside the house and basement. _____oOo_____ August 4th, 2015, update: IMPORTANT! To activate the new content, you must own the farm and enter the house. What's in this update? 1) the player will now get the "Well rested" bonus when he sleeps in the farm, instead of the simple Rested bonus. (My deepest apologies about that!) 2) the player will now get a share of the profits generated by the farm. Once a month, the player will have to talk to Allia, the old woman who tends to the farm with her husband, Bjorn, and she will give them a share of the profits (ranging from 50 to 500 Septims), beginning a month (in game time) after the player has bought the farm (a month after the mod has been updated for those who are already using it). 3) minor additions have been made to the house, decorations mostly, nothing has been moved inside; one candle horn has been removed. 4) the player can now harvest the crops for Allia and sell them to her, making them friends. Consequently, Allia and Bjorn will allow the player to take things in their home. 5) if your player is homeless, or so drunk that they cannot find their keys, there is now an invisible bed in the stables. 6) the player will be able to take water from the horse troughs (the ones on the farm territory, not the others); activating the horse trough will add one bottle of water to the player's inventory. 7) the player will also be able to get mead from the mead barrels inside the house; activating the barrel will add 5 bottles of Nord mead to the player's inventory. 8) the exterior cell has been greatly improved (according to me): new stables, additions of trees, flora, insects, bees and rework of the landscape. _____oOo_____ As it's name says, Whitewater Farm is a farm. It's fully functional and tended by an old couple of Nords, Allia and Bjorn. The current owner fled the country just after Alduin flew over his head after destroying Helgen but Allia and Bjorn decided that they would stay. Requirements: Base game only but works with Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn as well. Incompatibilities: Any mod using Wilderness cell 9, -1. Installation: After downloading the file, extract the content of the archive into your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data directory. Launch the game, click on "Data Files" and make sure the esp is activated. That's it! Location: Whitewater Farm is located in Whiterun hold, east of Whiterun city, near Battleborn Farm. How to get it? Like all the other player houses, Whitewater Farm can be bought, the condition being that the Jarl permits that you buy property in their hold. As far as Whiterun is concerned, you will be allowed to buy the property after you have given the Dragonstone to Farengar. To do so: go to Whitewater Farm and pick up the note that is pinned on the door, gather 10,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the main house and take the note. What does the player buy exactly? The player buys the entire farm and all it's dependencies: buildings and animals, except for the dog. Old Boy, the dog, belongs to Allia and Bjorn and is not for hire. Allia and Bjorn live in the basement of the farm; they don't own it, the player does, but, all its content belong to the couple. Taking anything there is stealing. What about safe storage? - the main house is a safe storage in itself as it will never reset. Anything the player takes, whether it's displaying on furniture or stored in sacks, barrels, chests, cupboards, dressers, end tables, will never come back. Anything the player puts there will stay there. - the house contains three bookshelves set to contain up to 6 times 18 books. - the basement being Allia and Bjorn's home, it resets. - all the containers outside reset. What else? Old Boy Allia and Bjorn will not respawn once they have died. Can the player move with spouse and children in the farm? No. I had this in mind but, as a player myself, I felt the need for a place that would be for my character only, a place to crash and rest and heal and think and feel safe. And maybe keep stuff away from children. Great many thanks! To DarkRider and the TES Alliance team for the wonderful job they do here. To Tood Howard and his team for their efforts at making the Elder Scrolls world real, although virtual. _____oOo_____ If you have any problem with this mod, please leave a message below. If you like this mod, please, leave also a message below and rate it! Have fun in Skyrim! ladyonthemoon _____oOo_____ Note: there is another mod by the name Whitewater Farm. I recently learnt about it; it's a pure coincidence if my mod wears the same name. Here it is:  
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