Breezehoard Sixpack 1.1

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About This File

Breezehome for Multikid.

Serious storage capacity.

relies on Multikid to adopt

more than the first 2 kids.


Replaces all the standard upgrades that come with breezehome

so you need to bring farengar his stone, and give proventus his 5G

but you don't need to get lydia, since her bed and a strongbox

are all that get added. she will sleep in her bed not creep you. ;)

talk page

mid-game adoption kickstart

courtesy of TMPhoenix :laugh:

[use extreme discretion please]

[epic game-breaking potential]


run these terminal commands:

stopquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable

resetquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable

setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptable 0

stopquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage

resetquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage

setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage 0

setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptableOrphanage 100

If that isn't enough to allow for adoption, try this:

Click the child you wish to adopt and type:

street kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 1

orphanage kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 10

If that still doesn't work try ranks 11 or 13 instead.

where xx is replaced with the load order id of Hearthfire (probably 02 or 03)

Usage Permissions

.please ask me to make changesrather than releasing a duplicate mod ^_^

What's New in Version 1.1


the end tables pushing the books into the fireplace have been moved
the satchel, end table, dresser, and weapon racks have enable parents now
and don't appear in the un-upgraded version of Breezehome anymore.
to do: light switches for the bedside lamps and upstairs landing light



User Feedback

It was interesting seeing if I could work out what went in all those containers, I have never ever had that many to fill before, you did a good job fitting them all in such a tiny house. Bunk beds were nice, and the way the wall tables and upstairs cabinets on the landing were set out to have that rounded built in feel.


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