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High Ridge Cottage

Located just east of Ivarstead on the northern shores of Lake Geir High Ridge Cottage stands alone, a quaint and small house with a crafting structure next to it, a pier on the waters edge and a nice exterior dining area over looking the Sea Of Ghosts.
Inside you will find a an active bookshelf in the entry way, to the left there is the dining and cooking area. When you enter the main room there you will find the Alchemy lab with several shelves of ingredients as well as potions. The master bedroom is large with a sleep able bed for two.
Under the stairs are two weapon racks and a safe. Upstairs after you pass the upper dining table for two you'll find two beds for Companions.

The Forge and crafting area in the out building is fully functional and the rock deck with table and chairs has usable plants growing around it. The salmon on the fish rack by the pier can be harvested.

On occasion a dragon will come around so it makes things interesting, after you kill the dragon if you want to get rid of the bones just open the console, highlight the dragon and use the disable command, they will go away.

This mod is my first player home and is still in a beta state. I intend to make the potion and ingredient shelves storage capable and I would like to add fish in the water down by the pier for player usage. I'm also thinking of making the boat at the end of the pier a way point for travel but that's in the far future.
I hope you enjoy HRC and if you encounter any issues are have suggestions please let me know.

Known Issues I'm working on:
There is an issue with the navmesh at the front door that I can't seem to figure out, Followers can enter the door but cannot exit so when you leave they will appear across the lake and swim across to the house, still working on that.

Version 1.1 fixed navmesh issue by finalising exterior mesh to cell. Some players still having a problem with entry. Tested fine on my system.
Version 1.2 is an alternative version adding custom music to house interior. Music used is public use sanctioned.

HRC should not require any other mods to work and does not effect the area other than a bit of grass trimming and lowering of the land I had to do to make the front of the house and the stairs to the forge area work


Usage Permissions

This mod is released under the Creative Commons License - CC BY-NC-SAhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/Feel free to modify this mod for yourself but not for redistribution.Any improvements are welcome let me know what they are.

What's New in Version v1.1


  • Name: High Ridge Cottage
  • Version: 1.0 - Beta
  • Date: 10/29/14
  • Category: Player Home
  • Requirements: None Just Skyrim
  • Version 1.1
  • Fixed navmesh issue where followers could not exit the front door. Works fine for me and many others but some people report they are still having issues with followers being stuck leaving the house.
  • Version 1.2
  • is an optional file with custom music added to the interior of the house. I have tested it and it works fine, but it could still be considered a beta until others use it without issues.


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