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by Shadow-She-Wolf & Dorjé
translated from French by Cliffworms

Current Version: 1.12 - 09-02-2017


- Shivering Isles DLC
- Oblivion Script Extender version 0012 or above. - http://obse.silverlock.org/
- Elys Universal Silent Voice plugin for OBSE - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16622/?

What does it do?

 This mod's aim is to have more consequences to the player's choices to make each game unique and varied. That's nice and all, but what does it actually do?  

  •  Relations between factions have been reworked. You will not only make friends when joining a guild.

Example: Disposition bonus towards the Nine Divines for a member of the Order of Virtuous Blood.

  • Depending on the race, class and birthsign of your character and also the quests completed, certain factions or people will react in a good or bad way.

Example: Completing "Unfriendly Competition" gives a disposition bonus to the members of the Merchant Society.

  • Vampires (even when fed) no longer hide their true nature to mystics (Nine Divines, Mages Guild...)
  • Progression for the two official guilds (Fighters Guild and Mages Guild) depends on your statistics (when enlisting for the Fighters Guild and after having gained access to the Arcane University for the Mages Guild.)

Joining the Fighters Guild requires at least 45 Strength and Endurance
Joining the Mages Guild requires at least 45 Intelligence                                      

  • Merchants who do not like you will not deal with you. Disposition of 30 and more required to deal with merchants.
  • For the Mages Guild, they will provide their services to non-members by default. However, you can turn on a setting to let them refuse to deal with non-members. Open the console and type the following line:
    • set ReactionDialogues.MGServiceRefusal to 1


  • The countess of Chorrol and the Count of Leyawiin will no longer ask the help of the first person they encounter. You need fame to help them.
  • Addition of 335 greetings, rumors (more than 200) and various dialogue lines about the world, its background and your actions to make Cyrodiil more alive and NPCs more varied depending on their class, race, hometown, etc... (this can be deactivated, see the "Compatiblity" part) 

Mod Compatibility

  Because of its design , there is an infinitely-small chance that it can conflict with another mod (all disposition changes are scripted and therefore do not touch directly to the game data). However, it can overlap with a mod that would do the same changes. Choose the correct version of Reaction depending on the mods you are running.

There are two versions of "Reaction":
1. Reaction
2. Reaction - Additions Only

  1. Reaction is the original mod with all features described above. It changes some of the game's original scripts and adds scripts to the game's tombs to keep track of the number of coffins you have opened. The modified scripts are the following:

- Shivering Isles Gates of Madness' script.
- Daedra Prince Meridia's Statue script
- Shivering Isles' tombstones script
- Coffins involved in the Thieves Guild and 
  Dark Brotherhood quests

  2. Reaction - Dialogues Only removes changes to the scripts and tombs to keep only content added by Reaction. 
If you are running mods that bring changes to one or more of these scripts, it's recommended to use "Dialogues Only".
A significant number of responses , greetings and rumors depend on your birth sign, your race or your class. So if you play a custom-class or a modded race, you will not have access to much of the new dialogue.  
If for reason X or Y you want to disable Generic greetings and rumors, open the console and enter " Set ReactionNoGeneric to 1".Replace 1 with 0 if you want to reactivate them later .

This mod runs well alongside "Lore Dialogue Expanded" and "Oblivifall - Let's Talk!".

Known bugs

From time to time , the mod turns into a ball and clears allcontents of your computer . :)
Casting a fireball on the CPU sometimes adjusts the problem.  

Usage Permissions

There are no restrictions on the use of this mod. You can modify, translate, include in another mod and distribute it without our permission. We only ask to be told about it in these cases. :)

What's New in Version 1.12


- Bug fix : Fixed the issue with players of intelligence over 50 being refused by the Mages Guild for admission.

- Change : Dropped the stat requirements for admission in the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild to be 45 instead of 50.

- All Mages Guild chapter heads will prevent the player from joining if he does not meet the requirements.

- Turned off by default service refusal for non-members of the Mages Guild. Refer to the readme if you want to reset this setting.



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