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Griselda, the Morthal Trader





March 3rd, 2017, Skyrim Special Edition versions:

To use this mod with Skyrim Special Edition, download the file named and extract its content into your Data files folder, exactly as you would do for the original Skyrim.

Once this done, launch the game, click on "mods" on the menu page and place it at the lowest place possible in your load order, using the "X" and arrow keys.




There are two versions of this mod:

  1. one to be used if you do not own Hearthfire named "GriseldaTheMorthalTrader_noHearthfires",
  2. one to be used if you own Hearthfire named "GriseldaTheMorthalTrader_Hearthfires".

Use only one of them.


There is now a trader in Morthal! Meet Griselda The Freckled:


Griselda is a general goods trader; she sells and buy a bit of everything.

The Hearthfire version will allow the player to buy building materials and other items added by the expansion:

  • children's apparel and toys,
  • beverages,
  • raw food,
  • glass,
  • goat horns,
  • hinge (6, do not respawn),
  • iron fittings (3, do not respawn),
  • locks (3, do not respawn),
  • straw,
  • corundom ingots (5, do not respawn),
  • iron ingots (9, three respawn).


  • her store opens from 10am to 6 pm (10:00 h to 18:00 h);
  • at 6 pm she relaxes upstairs outside, reading, eating a bit, making potions.
  • at 8 pm, she goes to the inn where she eats and drinks until 11 pm,
  • she sleeps from midnight to 8 am,
  • she has her breakfast from 8 to 10 am.

She doesn't want to be disturbed when she is at home and it's not working time. The locks on her doors are set "adept" and are levelled; the keys are in her pocket alongside the keys that open her personal chest and strongbox.

Griselda is "protected" so that she doesn't die from random vampires or dragons attacks; only the player can kill her, and she is "pc level" x 1,1 uncapped. Her weapons are iron or steel enchanted daggers.

If the player is a member of the Thieves Guild, they could be sent to her for a "numbers job" quest. Nothing for the Dark Brotherhood though.

Installation and removal:

1) You are not already using a previous version:

  • extract the content of the archive in your "~:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data" directory and make sure the mod is selected in the "Data files" of the launcher,

2) You were already using a previous version and you plan on using this new version with a save you made while you were using the previous version:

  1. remove both the .esp and .bsa files that are in your "~:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data" directory,
  2. launch the game and load your save, click on "OK" when the game informs you that there's something missing in your save,
  3. save your game and quit,
  4. extract the content of the new version archive in your "~:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data" directory and make sure the mod is selected in the "Data files" of the launcher,
  5. launch the game and load the save you made.

Removal is not really an option, but if you really want to get rid of this mod:

  • remove both the .esp and .bsa files that are in your "~:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data" directory,
  • load your save and go to Morthal near Alva's house,
  • open the console and enter the following commands one after another:
prid 77e47

77e47 is the id of the original house of Fallion that I had to replace to make room for Griselda's (Technique: the reference is the same, only the base object, the object that the reference contains, has been replaced, which is why we can make the original house come back after the mod has been removed). Fallion's home and store are not affected.

Once you've done this, every reference that has been moved and/or modified by the mod should get back to their original place and state; if it's not the case, please post a comment here. The script will still be present in your save but it won't be active.


Any other mod that tempers with the cell "MorthalExterior03".


Great many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating this amazing game!

Usage Permissions

No redistribution. You can modify this mod for your personal use only; do not redistribute this mod after you've modified it! You are not authorised to publish this mod on


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