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[Skyrim] [Skyrim SE] Griselda, the Morthal Trader

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About This File

Griselda, the Morthal Trader







  • Dawnguard,
  • Hearthfires,
  • Dragonborn.



There is now a trader in Morthal! Meet Griselda The Freckled:



Griselda is a general goods trader; she sells and buy a bit of everything.

The Hearthfire version will allow the player to buy building materials and other items added by the expansion:

  • children's apparel and toys,
  • beverages,
  • raw food,
  • glass,
  • goat horns,
  • hinge (6, do not respawn),
  • iron fittings (3, do not respawn),
  • locks (3, do not respawn),
  • straw,
  • corundom ingots (5, do not respawn),
  • iron ingots (9, three respawn).


  • her store opens from 10am to 6 pm (10:00 h to 18:00 h);
  • at 6 pm she relaxes upstairs outside, reading, eating a bit, making potions.
  • at 8 pm, she goes to the inn where she eats and drinks until 11 pm,
  • she sleeps from midnight to 8 am,
  • she has her breakfast from 8 to 10 am.

She doesn't want to be disturbed when she is at home and it's not working time. The locks on her doors are set "adept" and are levelled; the keys are in her pocket alongside the keys that open her personal chest and strongbox.

Griselda is "protected" so that she doesn't die from random vampires or dragons attacks; only the player can kill her, and she is "pc level" x 1,1 uncapped. Her weapons are iron or steel enchanted daggers.

If the player is a member of the Thieves Guild, they could be sent to her for a "numbers job" quest. Nothing for the Dark Brotherhood though.

Installation and removal:

  • if you are playing the original version of Skyrim, download "GriseldaTheMorthalTrader.zip" and extract its content into your Data directory,
  • if you are playing Skyrim Special Edition, download "GriseldaTheMorthalTraderSE.zip" and extract its content into your Data directory.

To remove the mod, just delete the esp you installed in your Data directory.



Any other mod that tempers with the cell "MorthalExterior03".

The Skyrim Special Edition version is compatible with the mod Hold Capitals: Morthal by LordCurse.



Great many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating this amazing game!

What's New in Version


Version 2

  • this new version requires Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn,
  • fixes some details I had overlooked,
  • you will no longer be able to attack and kill Griselda without consequences. 


This mod was originally created using only Skyrim.esm and Update.esm as dependencies and modifies exterior cells in Morthal.

It appears that the Dawnguard expansion made some (rather invisible) changes to the "Persistent worldspace cell", adding regions to it, one of them being named "avNavmeshBatch4".

The result of these additions missing in my mod is that the navmesh in Morthal were more or less broken, making the npcs act weirdly. This new version fixes that.


Version 3

Fixes an issue with Falion's house being invisible when you delete the mod.


Version 4

Griselda sells more soups and a full set of Skaal clothes; for you if you are using the Survival Mode!

She also sells them if you are not using the Survival Mode.

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