immersion The Sober Soldier's Supply - Lore-friendly Wine and Mead Smelting 1.0.0

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About This File

Don't want to be drunk while fighting a dragon? 


Sick of picking up all those alcoholic beverages 
and not having a good use for them? 

Well, here you go! 



This mod is designed as a standalone (only Hearthfire Required)
or as an add-on for survival mods, such as 
iNeed by isoku

It was inspired as an expansion on the concept introduced by CaptainRC in Be A Milk Drinker!
Please be sure to check the optional files for further compatibility patches!
(Isoku & CaptainRC kindly granted me permission to make my mod compatible with theirs.)

This Mod Adds


  • Turn any alcoholic beverage into vinegar at a cooking pot! All you need to start the fermentation process is a sample of live vinegar, several bottles (of the same kind) of alcoholic beverage, and  rainwater or boiled rainwater.
  • Brew your own healthful posca in a variety of flavors at any cooking pot! All you need is water, vinegar, and your flavor ingredients of choice! 
  • Boil rain water at any cooking pot to sanitize it (adding a slight buff when you drink it!).




  • Find vinegar, coriander seeds (new ingredient!), posca, boiled water, and rainwater scattered throughout Skyrim. Make sure you check bandit camps and farms for cooking pots and rain barrels! 



Buyable items:

  • Buy vinegar, coriander seeds, posca, rainwater, and more from a select number of vendors throughout Skyrim! (Note: coriander is a favorite of the caravans!) Also added honey to several merchants. 



Optional Further Compatibility Patches (Look under the Optional Files):

  • iNeed: Having a full waterskin will allow you to boil water at any cooking pot to remove some of the minerals and soften it, which makes it usable for vinegar and posca making. As an added bonus, drinking water you have boiled straight from the pot adds a slight buff (because the water is now cleaner.) All drinks added by The Sober Soldier's Supply should also now have the same thirst buff as drinks from iNeed.
  • Be A Milk Drinker!: WATER bought from merchants can now be boiled at any cooking pot to remove some of the minerals and soften it, which makes it usable for vinegar and posca making. As an added bonus, drinking water you have boiled straight from the pot adds a slight buff (because the water is now cleaner.)

Planned Future Updates

I hope to add a more lore-friendly vinegar fermentation process, based on the BYOH planter system, which would allow you to set your vinegar to ferment and then come back a few days later to harvest it.  (While this SOUNDS simple enough, I've discovered that doing it correctly and making this method easy for the player to access in any part of Skyrim, while also allowing it to be compatible with as many mods as possible is actually quite difficult.) 

I would also like to add a portable posca mixing kit that the player can carry with them in their inventory. (I'm going to have to study Chesko's brilliant modding work a lot more to make this a reality.)


Is this mod "clean"?

Yes. I cleaned all of the files with TES5Edit before uploading them.

Is that really how you make vinegar?

Yes! (Or, at least as close as I could easily do ingame.) It could be argued that a cooking pot isn't the most lore-friendly crafting station for fermentation, but it *is* the most easily accessible and workable option I have currently. (See Planned Future Updates for more info.)


What the heck is posca?

"Posca was a popular drink in ancient Rome and Greece, made by mixing sour wine or vinegar with water and flavouring herbs. It originated in Greece as a medicinal mixture but became an everyday drink for the Roman army and the lower classes from around the 2nd century BC, continuing to be used throughout Roman history and into the Byzantine period. It was not usually drunk by the upper classes and was associated with the peasants. It was made by reusing wine spoiled by faulty storage and had important dietary advantages. As well as being a source of liquid, it provided calories and was an antiscorbutic, helping to prevent scurvy by providing vitamin C. Its acidity killed harmful bacteria and the flavouring helped to overcome the bad taste of local water supplies." - Soldiers' Lives Through History by Dennis E. Showalter (via Wikipedia)

"...posca was the drink of the common people and the upper class looked down on it. It was also the standard drink in the army. Drinking quality wine was considered impertinent in the military and sometimes standard wine was totally banned from army camps in the provinces."

A Few Mods I Recommend

For Survival/Realism/Immersion
The Survival Mods by Chesko
Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade
Be A Milk Drinker!
Bathing in Skyrim
Showers in Inns
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Thanks to the Nexus for being an awesome place to find and share mods.

Thanks to the TES Alliance for being such a great resource for mods and modders.

Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator my ReadMe is based on.

Thanks to my husband for lovingly putting up with my frustration, rambling, grumbling, obsession and being my long suffering, on demand, unpaid and unrewarded official mod-tester.

Thanks to isoku for creating iNeed and encouraging me in creating my mod.
This mod is designed as a standalone/add-on for iNeed by isoku
Isoku kindly granted me permission to use whatever I needed from iNeed to make my mod compatible.

Thanks to CaptainRC for creating Be A Milk Drinker!, which inspired this mod and for encouraging me in making my mod.
CaptainRC kindly granted me permission to use whatever I needed from Be A Milk Drinker! to make my mod compatible.(

Thanks to icecreamassassin for the "havok disable script that actually works". 

Thanks to NexusComa for the Enable/Disable Script that makes all the things go.

Thanks to Blary for the Alchemy Clutter Resource.

Thanks to ChickenDownUnder for Harvestables, which I edited to create my Cilantro/Coriander plant.

Thanks to Oaristys for the Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension
Oaristys created this awesome modder's resource with asssets from The Witcher.
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

Thanks to LorSakyamuni for the Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack.
This pack contains items included in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
All the original assets belong to CD PROJEKT RED and are distributed with their permission.

Additional Information

Please see The Nexus for additional patches I've created for iNeed and Be A Milk Drinker!


Author notes


NOTE: THIS PERMISSION DOES NOT EXTEND TO THE CONTENTS OF THE PATCHES (I do NOT own the assets used in the patches and only used them with the modder's permissions.

You can do whatever you want with my mod (minus the patches), all I ask is that you give full credit for any work used and that you credit the same authors that I did for the assets I used, in addition to myself. 

I would also appreciate you letting me know where the work was used. Thank you! Enjoy!

Modder's Will:

If I do not respond/am not active for 1 year, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod, as long as I am credited as the original author.

Usage Permissions

Use With Permission (See Additional Information)


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