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Ring of the Pathfinder

(compass remover)






This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition, not for the original edition.

1) On first use of this mod, a ring, the Ring of the Pathfinder, will be automatically added and equipped to your player.


2) Unequip the ring and the compass will disappear.



3) Equip the ring and the compass will reappear.



4) Lose or sell the ring and the compass will disappear forever.


Installation and removal:

If you want to get it of this mod after playing with it and saving your game, EQUIP THE RING BEFORE REMOVING THE MOD. I know that this is unusual but if you unequip the ring and then remove the mod, you'll lose the compass. The ring not being enchanted, there is no risk in doing that. I hope you'll like it!


XBox One version:

Ring of the Pathfinder (compass remover)

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Great many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating this amazing game!

Usage Permissions

Do not redistribute. Do not upload to Bethesda.net.

What's New in Version


Version 2

Added a fix for you to use if you happen to lose or sell the ring and the compass is invisible. 

If you are in this case, do as follow:

  1. save your game,
  2. quit the game to the menu and disable the mod (do not delete it!),
  3. load the save you made at step 1),
  4. click on OK in the missing content warning message,
  5. save your game again,
  6. quit the game to the menu and enable the mod again,
  7. load the save you made at step 5,

and here you go! the compass is back and so is the ring!


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