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This mod introduces another way to start the mod. Originally, when you load your save, two robes and a quest are shoved onto your player. With this mod, this will not happen. Your player will not get the two robes immediately and the quest will start only once you have read a note you'll find in Nelacar's room in Wintherhold. The player will find the robes at the same place they will find the tomes.







How to install this mod

  1. launch the game and go to "Creation Club",
  2. buy "Arcane Accessories" and download it,
  3. once installed let the game rebuild your data files,
  4. download the archive here and extract its content to the "Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" directory,
  5. go to "Mods", and enable CC_ArcaneAccessories_Custom.esp,
  6. let the game rebuild your Data files again,
  7. load your current save or start a new game.



I removed the quest marker that would lead you to the place where the "Lost Library" is because the player is supposed to "look for it".


Thank you for using my modest mod!


Great many thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for this marvellous game!

Usage Permissions

Do not redistribute. You are not allowed to upload this mod to Bethesda.net or anywhere else.


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