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Longwinter's Nap




Release Date:

16 December 2009




Longwinter’s Nap is a unique house mod that adds a new player home East of Bruma, nestled off the side of a mountain pass. Special features include a holiday theme, new tapestries, new paintings, holiday bedding, a holiday doublet, and essential horse, plus lots of storage and display cases. To claim the home, you must find the original owner, a Legion Guard Captain who was slain on his patrol, sadly before he could enjoy his holiday feasting, near the Dragonclaw rock along the road east from Bruma.




-OOO Arctic Camp: Reportedly not compatible with OOO as a bandit camp spawns in the same location.




DarkRider- Design

Meo- Modular Fireplace

Xiamara- Seats and Sofa’s

HappyHolidays Team- Presents and Ornaments

Star-Mystyk- Snowman

WhoGuru- Beta Testing


------Rights and Privileges------


Bethesda Softworks retains all rights to any original content, concepts, and ideas taken and altered from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

All original textures and assets belong to me and may be used in your mod freely without permission being asked beforehand but credit must be given to me for my work; it’s just polite. ; )

As with all my projects, I ask that this resource not be used in mods of a pornographic nature.

This mod may not be rehosted anywhere without permission. Period.


------Contact DarkRider------


DarkRider @ http://www.tesalliance.org


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