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The Temple of Five Lanterns


Collaborative Authors:

WhoGuru, DarkRider, & Ladyflcn

Version: 1.5

Release Date:

22 December 2009




Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion v.1.2

Official DLC: Shivering Isles




The Temple of Five Lanterns is home to a unique monastic group of holy monks who serve equally what they call the “Dragon Divinities”, which to followers of the Nine equates to Talos and Akatosh. Their temple is nestled in the mountains eternally defensible in times of war. The monks of Five Lanterns are most well known for their extensive library and sweet Honey Ale, a brew that is said to restore good health. In times of need, the temple has sheltered nobility and royalty alike. The brothers have an open door policy; anyone is welcome to take shelter there to escape, or simply to retreat for some relaxing meditation. The Temple can be found Northwest of Bruma, just north of Applewatch Farm.


Change Log: v.1.5- Removed Witcher Hat, Streamlined AI, added Hoarfrost Patch

Change Log: v.1.4- Really Fixed that Pesky Dialogue Bug; the Mountain Khajiiti Race is now Semi Playable

*”Semi Playable, DarkRider?” you ask. There is no female version of the playable Mountain Khajiit and since this wasn’t the purpose of the mod, just an addition to it, there won’t be.

Change Log: v.1.3: Fixed "NO GREETING" bug.

Change Log: v.1.2: Fixed go nowhere door in the storage room. *This can be fixed by using your console to disable the duplicate door to reveal the real door if you don't want to redownload.

Change Log: v.1.1: Moved bookcase closer to wall in library and display case further from wall in chapel.




-UL Stendarr Valley: Reportedly causes a land tear with the Monastery

There is now a patch for this UL conflict, you can download it HERE

-Hoarfrost Castle: Reportedly causes a chapel in Hoarfrost to be inaccessible, but this has been patched, find the patch here on the downloads page below this description.




Echonite & DaMage- Model Editing

InsanitySorrow- Elven Shortblade

StarX- Witcher Gear

Meo- Modular Fireplace

Xiamara- Seats and Sofa’s, Filled Wine Racks

Omegacron- Static Scrolls

Garak- Static Booksets

Vorians: Patchmaker


------Rights and Privileges------


Bethesda Softworks retains all rights to any original content, concepts, and ideas taken and altered from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All original textures and assets belong to us and may be used in your mod freely without permission being asked beforehand but credit must be given to us for our work; it’s just polite. As with all DarkRider projects, we ask that this resource not be used in mods of a pornographic nature. This mod may not be rehosted anywhere without permission. Period.




DarkRider @ http://www.tesalliance.org


User Feedback

I downloaded it and extracted it to Oblivion/Data, but when i start Oblivion the name The Temple Of The Five Laterns isn't in it.

( I have all the requirements )

Do you know what I have to do?


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