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A modest approach to distant viewable objects, aka LOD.

You're all familiar with the various LOD packages, right? Some provide more than others. Some ar geared specifically toward super-high end machines. One isn't even designed to be played and will cripple anything currently on the market today. For the rest of us, myself included, we'd just like to enhance the visual experience without crippling the game. None of the available packages has been fully optimized, usually with large amounts of unnecessary data still attached.

In order to address these issues, I've decided to compile into one source as many useful LOD objects as can be reasonably applied to the game from the following sources:

AEVWD Large: Enhanced lowres textures, Imperial City meshes, Skingrad castle meshes, and the 3 daedric shrines it comes with.

AEVWD Fixes: Frostcrag Spire (requires the official DLC to be activated).

UOMP: Battlehorn Castle (requires the official DLC to be activated).

Oblivion: City wall meshes only.

Brumbek: LOD illuminated windows, optimized lowres texture pack, optional QTP3 lowres texture pack, as well as several mesh and texture fixes.

Me: Machine regenerated all architecture, Ayleid ruin, and Imperial fort meshes for better quality and lower polygon counts. UOP corrected versions were used for the reductions wherever possible.

The overall goal is to provide enhanced LOD visuals while also trying to preserve performance as much as possible. This all stems from my realization that even with a high end graphics card, full detail LOD meshes and textures are simply out of the question. The VRAM usage is causing large amounts of stuttering when trying to swap out the memory and not even Streamline 3.1 can keep up. This package has brought the VRAM usage under control and has had a huge impact on overall lag and stuttering.

Usage Permissions

Please see the readme for details.

What's New in Version 1.9.3


Corrected Imperial City plugin. The streets were extending outside the main gate when they should not have been.


User Feedback

RAEVWD Version 1.9

* All meshes have been run through a full PyFFI reoptimization with the new vertex caching algorithm, plus checked with the cleanfarnif spell to make sure all stray nodes are now removed.

* Some meshes have been moved around after realizing the Core package installed more than it should have, and missed other things it wasn't taking care of.

* The Night Mother statue in Bravil has been added to the Statues subpackage.

* The statues of the 9 divines have been added to the Statues subpackage, as they were originally intended to be.

RAEVWD SI Edition Version 1.6.1

* The core SI meshes had never been optimized and included before.

* All meshes in the package have been run through the latest version of PyFFI that does vertex caching. There should be a small boost in frame rates as a result.


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