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1. Oblivifall Introduction

2. Mod Description

3. Requirements

4. Installing the plug-in

5. Playing the plug-in

6. Save games

7. Conflicts/Known Errors

8. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer

9. Changelog

10. Credits

11. Oblivifall modules and community mods


Oblivifall "Revenge of the Classic" is a project that aims to bring many features from The Elder Scrolls 2 : Daggerfall to Oblivion. For many old fans of Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall is still the best cRPG Bethesda has ever designed or even the best cRPG ever made. I will be releasing many separate mods that will add new features and options to Oblivion. To see what modules have been released or are in the works, refer to section 11.

Now let's see what this mod is about, shall we?


New Classes changes the text that describes each of Oblivion's classes to match the ones found in the Daggerfall and Morrowind manual. I found Oblivion's descriptions to be bland and thought they lacked depth that could help roleplay the chosen class.

You will find Daggerfall's and Morrowind's descriptions to bring more detail about the role and occupations of the class you choose.

In addition to the classes' description, it also changes the races and skills descriptions. Again, the text is more about the background of your chosen race and how the skill is applied in situations than what in-game benefits it brings.

Classes Descriptions also adds two new classes that were found in Daggerfall: The Burglar and the Ranger.

From the game manual:


A good burglar can strip a palace to its foundations without waking a soul. Let the vulgar delinquents mug and kill for their gold - the burglar is agile, silent and curious as a cat. Sometimes it is the challenge of a supposedly insurmountable lock or a tireless guard that sets their blood to burn. More often, it is simple greed.


Even as civilization slowly wins its battle with the wilderness, the woodland warriors of Tamriel, the rangers, are unchallenged in their environment. Rangers are hardly savages. They are supremely adaptive fighting men and women, sometimes guardians of the forest, sometimes protectors of travelers.

For the rest of the new descriptions, refer to the other document that comes with the mod in the Docs folder.



You need the latest version of Oblivion.


Simply extract the Data folder to your Oblivion/Data folder.

To uninstall, remove the "Oblivifall - New Classes.esp" and "Oblivifall – New Classes Regular Fonts.esp" files.


If you have a mod that installs smaller fonts, like DarN UI, activate "Oblivifall – New Classes.esp".

If you don’t, activate "Oblivifall – New Classes Regular Fonts.esp". The regular fonts version does not include the skill descriptions and the racial descriptions are only from Daggerfall, not a mix of Daggerfall and Morrowind.


You do not need to start a new game to see the changes.


- No conflicts.


Distribute this mod as you wish. Just give the credits to me for releasing the plugin.



- Added a Regular Fonts esp for players not using a mod that provides smaller fonts like DarN UI.

- The Regular Fonts esp does not contain the skill descriptions and the mix of Daggerfall and Morrowind racial descriptions. Only Daggerfall’s for the races.

- Corrected an evil typo in one of the descriptions.


- Added Skill descriptions from both Morrowind and Daggerfall.

- Changed some of the classes' descriptions with additions from Morrowind.

- Merged Daggerfall's and Morrowind's race descriptions.

- Added R.Description Bash Tag

V1.0: Initial release.


- The Daggerfall Dev Team for the best cRPG ever created.

- The Devs who wrote the manual from which I took the descriptions.

- Bethesda for the Oblivion CS.

11. Oblivifall modules and Daggerfall-related mods by the Community

The following modules have been released for Oblivifall. They are made to work together to bring a better gaming experience, Daggerfall-wise:

- Ambiant Dungeon SFX (Download Page)

This module brings audio atmospheres to dungeons with 17 varieties. Depending on the dungeon type and its inhabitants, a different sound ambiance is played.

- Closing Time (Download Page)

Changes the closing and opening times of every shop to match those of Daggerfall, providing a more dynamic shopping experience.

- Something's Not Right (Download Page)

Adds 47 random informative messages that show up when getting close to a dungeon, informing you how your character feels or what he notices.

- Let Us Talk (Download Page)

Adds Daggerfall's conversation features. Ask for directions at anyone for any building or regional locations. Ask about the various guilds and organizations of Tamriel, use scout services to pinpoint interesting locations. Also adds 34 new rumors.

To know which Oblivifall modules are in the works, visit the project's official thread at this link:

If you want to extend furthermore your Daggerfallesque experience, I recommend you to take a look at the Daggerfallesque Mod List in this link:


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