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Eagle's Rest

Author: DarkRider

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 13.August.2009


Photo by Si-Shen

"It has sheltered kings and saints when called. Eternally defensible and blessed by the gods, it will remain steadfast for all time. Those who dwell within these halls will be favored and forever will it stand as a beacon to all Men and Mer." - Chronicle of Clan Balmory


Eagle's Rest adds a unique island player home northwest of Anvil just off the coast between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. Travel to Shipwreck Cove to find a mysterious note from the previous tenant of the house and the key to the front door. Then use the small rowboat tied nearby to begin your adventure. This is a free player abode, as explained by the note, just make the trek to the house and make yourself at home. This home was entered in the 2009 Water Homes Challenge hosted by Oblivion Real Estate.


  • Incredible Island Setting

  • Open Stable

  • Swimming Pond

  • Spacious Interior

  • Interior Lighting that Adjusts for Day/Night Effect

  • All the Banners and Armors of the Cyrodiil Cities

  • Lightable Fire and Candles in the Master Bedroom

  • Fully Voiced Housekeeper

  • Watchdog

  • Custom Tapestries, Paintings, and Rugs

  • A Unique History Book and A Guide to Kvatch

  • And More...


Echonite & DaMage: Minor Model Edits

Greenwarden: Character Vocals

Xiamara & Barabus: Cooking Range

Meo & Myrilath: Ayleid Clutter

Throttlekitty & DaMage: Water Mesh

alex2avs: Checkerboard Mesh

Meo3000: Open Book Resource


Shezrie: Beta Testing

Official Video:


The Island:



The Interior (Night):



The Interior (Day):



Custom Additions:




User Feedback

This looks absolutely stunning, I love the Celtic themed furnishings, the setting, everything. There is also a patch now on Nexus that makes this compatible with UL - Lost Coast and UL Brena River.

Eagles Rest/Lost Coast Patch


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