Classed Beginnings

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Classed Beginnings


Author: DarkRider

Version: 1.1

Release Date:





Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion v.1.2




Classed Beginnings is a role playing starter kit plugin for new characters in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The mod adds a free player home called Rumare Lodge, just a stone’s throw from the Imperial Sewer exit where your character will emerge from the tutorial dungeon at the start of a new game. The house includes lots of player safe storage, a player owned horse (a different horse appears for each class), a starter chest of class specific goods, and a bit of gold to get you started on your questing. Stop starting your game as a nobody; go home, get your horse and some gear before heading into the world that awaits you!

This mod is to assist NEW characters with a jumpstart. When used with existing characters, the house will still be playable, but the class goods and steed will not be enabled.




-Alternate Start Mods: This mod will conflict with any mod that offers an alternate start location to the game. If you do not leave the tutorial dungeon as in the vanilla game you will not trigger the class specific goods and steed. The house will still be playable though.

-UL Imperial Isle: Loading Classed Beginnings after UL Imperial Isle will create a significant land tear. Moving Classed Beginnings ahead of UL Imperial Isle will resolve the issue.

-New Roads and Bridges: These two mods played together create a number of aesthetic issues, Arthmoor has provided a patch for users using both mods together. To patch, the mods need to be loaded in this order: Classed Beginnings, NBR4, and then the Patch.

- Region Revive: Lake Rumare: This mod is incompatible with Classed Beginnings, they crowd into the same space and this one is not patchable. Users will have to make a choice unfortunately.




AlienSlof- Beautiful Variety of Horses

Echonite- Model Editing

WillieSea- Scripting

Arthmoor- Cleaning/Patching


------Rights and Privileges------


Bethesda Softworks retains all rights to any original content, concepts, and ideas taken and altered from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All original textures and assets belong to me and may be used in your mod freely without permission being asked beforehand but credit must be given for my work; it’s just polite. As with all DarkRider projects, I ask that this resource not be used in mods of a pornographic nature. This mod may not be rehosted anywhere without permission. Period.




DarkRider @


User Feedback

I usually create custom classes, but I tried out the Sorcerer in my current game, and I thought I would use this mod. Boy, am I glad I did. My PC was born under The Atronach, so I basically needed a good bootstrap to get him playable. This house delivers well, and it is so *pretty*. I'm way jealous of the paintings. XD

I think I'll try the Monk next. I have a thing for beating up monsters with my bare hands.

Agan, thanks for the mod. I recommend this highly.

(Edit: I meant to say "Again".)

(Edit 2: I mis-clicked on the rating and only gave it a 4, when it deserves a 5.)


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