Duke Patrick's Combat Magic II & Duke Patrick's Incursion into Fortress Of Fear Ver CM 1.4.1 FoF 1.2.3

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Duke Patrick's Combat Magic II

& Duke Patrick's Incursion into Fortress Of Fear Horror Survival Quest mod

Rev CM 1.4.1 NPC will not be able to run away while they are in the invulnerable part of the ghost dodge.

Be sure you replace your 8 second Elys_USV.lip and Elys_USV.mp3 with the 14 second version provided in this mod zip. If you read faster than that just click your mouse to finish the timer and continue to the next dialog paragraph.


OBSE but it must not be a BETA version!

Universal Silent Voice.

English version install of Oblivion only!

Shivering Isle may be needed as some reference to SI resources were used.

I was told by some players that OBME will CTD when used with this mod. OBME say this in their read me: "Some OBSE functions will not work with OBME." As such the OBME mod will probably not be compatible with any of my mods. That makes me sad, but such is the way of mods.

Be sure to load the INI file in the same directory as the ESP file.

Be sure to load the Combat Magic ESP AFTER the Fortress of Fear ESP.

(You may remove the FoF esp after the quest is completed.)

(For those who just want to play the quest, you may remove both the FoF esp and Combat Magic esp after the quest is completed, or keep the CM esp to keep the new weapon. Read about the 3 quest endings below.)

Other Mods will conflict if they make a change to:

The Actor value "Confusion"

The Magic effects called "Reflect Damage" and "Reflect Spell".

The Lighting bolts for Shock Magic

The vanilla oblivion object TestKurtMarker

The NPC Delphine Jend must be alive in your game.

The same wilderness area as this mod. One such mod may be Unique Landscapes - Snowdale. But LOAD my mod after such a conflicting terrain mod and it may be OK!

Introduction to Combat Magic


The basic idea of Combat Magic is to use Range, Rhythm and Geometry for defense instead of high health points, low damage magic attacks or magic "cocoons" that require no skill or effort from the player. Then Combat Rhythm and Counter Geometry to penetrate those defenses. Combat Magic should feel more intuitive to a real fight rather than a game of "spread sheets", energy levels and menu trees.

There are universal concepts that apply to all combat and all weapon forms. They all share fundamentals such as defense and offense geometry, timing, accuracy verse initiative, speed (or rate) verses power and much more! The core of the Combat Magic system is a defense called an Omni Shield, it can block most magic attacks but only if the player uses proper shield positioning and it also prevents the Combat Magic practitioner from attacking at the same time. Add to this extremely lethal attacks, where the closer you are to the target and the better your combat geometry the more deadly the magic attacks can be!

COMBAT MAGIC will be like fighting with weapons were you must maneuver as well as attack at the right time to maximize your effect on your opponent. And the more powerful your attack the more you may open yourself up for counter attacks. These features are an "add on" to the existing magic system. It adds a set of powers (attacks, shield, hand to hand buffs) that are gained via a quest.

If set to do so in the INI file it will also buff most of the combat spells from vanilla or other mods. The mod is intended to interact with the vanilla spell system and other magic mods with as few exceptions as I was able to manage and still stay true to my mod design.

Quest trailer:

Combat Magic Movies:

More Quest:

Current Thread:


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Help and support is ONLY offered on this thread:


Mod Help & Support Link


Starting the Quest


You must finish the quest to earn the Combat Magic Kit from the Mage Guild.

You should see a pop up that says the mod is loaded. Then you must find and fight a necromancer that has the combat magic kit. This should be the first Necromancer you find after you load the esp. Then a pop up message will tell you that the quest has started! Necromancers are everywhere, but the best place is the Necromancer church across the river from Bravil.

Finishing the Quest


There are 3 choices:

1. Finish the quest and DO NOT give the scroll to the mage guild (lie to them that you did not get the information ) Now If you DO NOT kill the hiding Necromancer and do not give the scrolls to the mage guild NO ONE in the game gets CM except for 1% of the Necromancers and Conjurers (That are in Evil factions only) in the game. Then this % grows each day to 100% after a YEAR (365 game days) as the secret to CM gets slowly passed on from one Necromancer to another. This is for players like MYSELF that are not all that interested in using Magic (I prefer sword and shield melee combat) but hate how EASY the conjurers are to kill in the vanilla game because their magic is so weak.

2. Finish the quest and DO NOT give the scroll to the mage guild (lie to them that you did not get the information ) Now if you kill the hiding Necromancer and do not give the scrolls to the mage guild NO ONE in the game gets CM. If you keep the CM esp loaded you will still get some other features, such as the Caltrop weapons and vanilla spell damage boosts (see below). If you do not want any of these features then you should take the Combat Magic esp out of your load order and your new savegames will be free of both ESP and all the changes. This choice is for the players that want to play the quest but not utilize Combat Magic in their game.

3. Finish the quest and give the scroll to the mage guild. You will eventually get the Combat Magic Kit after the Mage's guild has time to study the scrolls. Once the Guild has developed this new school of magic it will be available for sale to anyone with the gold to buy it and the skill to use it. Every NPC that qualifies as a magic specialist class has a chance to get it that starts at 3% and goes up each day to 100% after 60 game days. They will favor the Combat Magic for combat, but they will also use all other spells as well. Now you may remove the Fortress of Fear quest ESP.

In all of the above cases if you keep the Combat Magic esp in your load order (and depending on your ini setting for this feature) MOST of the spells (both vanilla and many spells from other mods) will be adjusted to match what ever your melee weapons are set to do. So if you have a melee weapon mod that multiples your melee weapon's damage 3 times, then the damage done by vanilla spells (and most other spells) will be multiplied 3 times as well.

The player must finish the quest to get the Combat Magic for the same reason the developers require you to do a quest to get any unique or powerful weapon in this game.

However you will be able to "transfer" your Fortress of Fear completions status to any new PC you start.

This is how:

Start a new game and new PC, then save.

Start up a save game in which you have completed the quest. Then without quiting the game, load your NEW PC save game. The transfer will happen automatically and you will have the same quest results you earned from your previous savegame.

So if you choose ending 1, or 2 or 3 then that same ending will transfer to your new PC as long as you do not quit the game, and you do load the new save game after running the old save game.

All REFLECT MAGIC and REFLECT DAMGE has been neutralized to remove their effects from the game. These two spell types are the worst thing about the oblivion magic system. Please do not ask me to make this an option. It will not ever be made an option for this mod. In part because it would prevent the mod from working as intended and most importantly because the Reflect damge magic effects group is cannibalized by my mod to create the new Plasma Magic attacks for the Combat Magic Practitioners.

The mod will change NPC reflect magic items and reflect spell items in their inventory into resist magic and shield magic items. If you have a magic item in your inventory that is called FAKE MAGIC then put it on the ground and cast the fix fake magic spell at it! But in most cases this is done automatic on the fly by the mod when it is in the inventory of actors including the player.

Equipping The Combat Magic Kit


Once you have the Combat Magic Kit you can equip it in your spell list to use the Omni Shield, the magic enhanced H2H features and the plasma attacks. You will have all of the features of combat magic as long as the kit is equipped and you adhere to the other requirements as will be describe below.

Omni Shield


If your Combat Magic Kit is equipped, then anytime you block (with a weapon or your hands) the Omni shield will go up to protect you as long as you have a little magicka and you are not incapacitated by things like knockdowns, staggers or low fatigue.

The Omni Shield will stop bolt, ball (but not fog or AOE) type magic projectiles and touch spells. Fog and AOE "blasts" attacks will wrap around the OS. The OS will stop most Melee attacks. The way to defeat the OS is to maneuver around it, or time your attack to hit when it is down, or trick your opponent into dropping it, or wear it down with a barrage of attacks thus eating up the Combat Magic Practitioner's magickia.

Time your block as late as possible to Reflect a spell back at your opponent. But Spell deflection is not something you "try to do". This is something that may happen if you fail to Reflect the spell. Deflection is a halfway successful Reflection. The player and the NPC have the choice to either Dodge, Reflect or Block the spell. The results of those choices can be evading the spell, stopping the spell, bouncing the spell back at the opponent or into a random direction.

The Omni Shield is set to only work with the Combat Magic Kit. However after you "advance" in your combat magic skill you then can use it outside of the Kit. The combination of the other Combat Magic Spells used with the OS is what balance the OS. Using the OS outside of the combat magic kit feels overpowered. So I want the player to use it as intended for good amount of play time to experience my combat magic concept it as intended. Then later when the player can earn the perk of using the OS outside of the Combat Magic Kit.

Some of the reasons the OS may not trigger when you press your block button:

You did not select the Combat Magic Kit.

Your PC is not performing a block animation (for many reasons such as being paralyzed.)

Your PC is in the tale end of an attack animation, the attack looks like it is over to the player but the game still considers your PC to be attacking.

You are out of Magicka.

You are currently being silenced.

You are using a physical shield (if turn on the this option in the ini file .)

The following only is valid if you turn on the toggle option in the ini file:

You did not set it awake with your toggle key

You are not assigning the right KEY to the Toggle button.

There is a conflicting mod (such as a Hot Key or keyboard mod) that interferes with the hot key button you selected for the toggle.

Plasma Attacks


Taping your cast button will discharge a high speed arc of plasma at your target. This is a low power attack that cost 10% of your magicka. Hold the cast button down for more than a tap will cast a slow but powerful plasma ball. There is an area of effect to the plasma balls and it is a dangerous one. The caster and the caster's allies will all be just as effected as their opponents if too close!

Touch Spell Attack


Hold the cast button for more than 1 second will cast a touch spell that "dumps" all your magicka into your target drowning them in a extremely high power attack. You are exposed (cannot block) for that moment of time! This is true of the other attacks as well but for those other attacks it will be much less of a duration.

Note: You will not be able to "load" the Magicka "dump" touch attack and just wait for a target to walk up to you before you release it. If you hold your cast button for too long your magicka drains to 0 and you will be unable to cast a magic attack until your magicka is back up over zero. A particular sound will warn you of this magic drain before it happens. There are a variety of sounds that will clue you to most of the timing concerns.


Poor player timing can be compensated with good PC stats and vice versa because many of the important timing windows are based on your PC stats. This is a game mechanic idea I have had for a long time for this kind of action/RPG game. This mod is the first time I have got to try it to this extent. However I have tried this idea to a much lesser extent in some of my melee combat mods.

Combat Magic Spell Damage


Damage of all CM attacks except for the plasma balls will be a % (as low or high) as your magicka. But that percentage will rise and fall depending on the following factors:

Character level

Current Willpower

Current Intelligence

Current Fatigue

Current Magicka Level

How well you "kinetically cast" the spells (your moment toward and around your opponent ) for the H2H attacks. Player Timing for the touch attack.

All Combat Magic damage will then be scaled by the difference from the vanilla WeapSteelWarhammer compared to your to your current WeapSteelWarhammer weapon. So if you have a mod that increase your WeapSteelWarhammer to 2 times normal the Plasma ball will hit at 2 times 30 points.

The Plasma Ball is set at 30 cost to magicka and 30 BASE damage.

After the damage is calculated it is then reduced by magic resistance up to 85% or what ever your melee armor protection limit is set to in your game settings.

Hover your mouse over the COMBAT MAGIC KIT entry in the magic selection menu to take a peek at the damage and cost of the Bolt, Ball and Touch spells.

Ghost Dodge


This will give you almost complete immunity to attacks but it will cost a lot! The magic drains fast as you trigger the ghost state. so you must learn to only enact it when absolutely needed and for a as short a burst as you can (to just avoid the attack). Also you cannot attack block nor move around during your ghost state.

You must have the Combat Magic Kit equipped and then you press (or rather TAP) the Left and Right and Back Move buttons all at the same time.

Significant pain will prevent you and the NPC from triggering the ghost dodge. The pain duration is determined by the Willpower stat. The more will power you have the shorter the time the pain will distract you. The more damage you take at one time the longer the pain may effect you.

Combat Magic H2H


Fist De Cuffs:

To activate the Combat Magic H2H features you must not be wearing any armor or rings on your hands and then you must select the combat magic kit as you active spell.

You will see a pulsing aura of magic spill out of your hands.

Punching in this state will increase the damage you can do to your opponents and can bat them around the battlefield like a rag-doll! And you may see a "flash of light" effect at the point of contact when the player punches an actor.

Each punch (power attack or normal) will be buffed using your magicika. The amount of magicka used and the amount of increased damage is dictated (kinetically spell casted) by your combat geometry and your movement. Movement forward while punching = about 1/5 the maximum.

Power Attacking = about 2/5

Moving left or right will increase the damage/consumption depending on how far around you are relative to your opponent. So If you swing around directly behind them.

This will give you about 2/5 the maximum. If you only get half way around them to attack their left or right side you will get about 1/5 the maximum.

Therefore if you manage to swing behind your opponent while throwing a power attack and move forward at the same time you will have an outrageously devastating magically buffed kill shot at 5/5 of your current magicka added to your attack !

Moving backward while attacking will use no magicka at all but will not buff your attack either. Even if you are power attacking or back behind your opponent.

If you hit your opponent with a power attack at the time they are staggering, or stagger them with the same power punch, you will swat their bodies away from you in the same manner you see people go flying when hit with a shotgun blast in the movies. They will go flying backward on a mostly straight trajectory until they hit a wall or tree or other solid object.

They will be flung more or less straight back thru the air FAST and hit the wall viciously! This is a great move against multiple opponents, thus briefly incapacitating one opponent while you deal the other.

Spell Bursting:

If you punch into an incoming ball type spell (cannot punch bolts as they are too fast nor fog as it is too "swirly" ) with your magicka enhanced H2H attack it will burst the spell into a cascade of magic embers.

Your success to do this will be: Fatigue Percentage * ( agility + handtohand + luck )

It will cost the same magicka as deflecting the spell would with your Omni Shield.

If the spell flying through the air has not traveled very far then trying to punch the spell would not have enough time to react to it properly. You have no penalty at about 20 feet but at 10 feet you will have 1/2 the chance to succeed. At 5 feet you will only have 1/4 the chance to punch a spell cast at you at that range.

Attack Chain Absorbed Fatigue Effect:

If you hit your opponent with several punches in a series inside of a short amount of time you will absorb some of their fatigue and they will stagger helplessly for a second. You can then press the attack, as long as you strike on target and come in with a good rhythm this speed bag effect will continue until you run out of magicka.

Once you have landed the required number of fast blows inside of the time limit a stat comparison is done to see if it is possible to overtake your opponent.

target's strength + resistmagic times their fatigue percentage <= player's current magicka == succeed

The cost of magicka to do this is %5 of the player's current magicka. You will know you are in the "speed bag" cycle when your opponent is stumbling around after each of your hits and you may see flashes of blue, green and red lights splashing on your opponent if the room's light level is low.

This feature cannot be used to "knock out" the opponent, only keep them at a exhausted level. However the normal H2H game system may still knock them out as each hit will reduce the opponents fatigue a little per the vanilla system.

Fast Rest


If you stop and do not exert yourself in anyway you can fast rest or in this case "meditate" to regenerate your magicka a little faster than normal. This is in part to help make energy level less important than what you do with your energy.

If you use the Atronach birthsign be sure to turn off the Combat Magic magicka regeneration in the ini file. With the Combat Magic kit enabled the player character will fast generate magicka under certain circumstances. So turn this off in the INI if you choose the Atronach birthsign and do not want the Magicka "Fast Gen" feature.

Known Issues


On rare occasions the messenger's horse may fly away when tripped, this seems to be related to a Oblivion bug that is amplified by some commands used in my (and other's) mods. A solution has not been found yet.

Sometimes one of the poltergeist refuse to be exercised and banished. I am working on trying to find out why.

Anyone that edits my files in any way will get no support from me what so ever. I never participate in anyway to help others to edit my files even for personal use.

Some of my scripting techniques are a result of hundreds of hours of mind numbing trial and error. I have found loop holes in the game engine that sometimes I have been told "should not work" I am not a great script writer, just tenacious, creative and willing to do things the hard way because I was never formally educated on how to do programming the easy way. As such I do not have much time to do anything else such as trouble shooting "tweaked" versions of my mod. One person for example damaged the mod by changing a sound effect in my mod thinking "hey no big deal its just a sound." I use sounds sometimes as timing devices and changing the sound was like removing the timer from the script. If you know enough to safely make such changes to files you did not create yourself then you do not need my help anyway.

Appreciation List


This mod has been in the making for a few years so please do me a great favor and PM me to add your name if I unfortunately let your name slip this list Please do so as I feel very bad when I miss names on these lists.

Thank you to the following for scripting and molding help:





Beta Testing reports:




Feedback on this mod's threads:




















Thomas Kaira

Game lore help:

Thomas Kaira










I worked very hard on this mod. But this mod is a product more of hundreds of hours of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.

DO NOT distribute or use any of my 3d models, resources or scripts. You should only find this mod distributed from Tes Alliance. If any other web site is distributing this work they are doing so illegitimately.

You MAY (with conditions) use my scripts and my other resources for making a mod only as long as it has NOTHING to do with magic combat. I.E do not make a disguised knock off!

The exception to this is the "flaming hands" by JDFAN. You need to contact him about using his "flames from the hands" mesh resource.

And you must credit me fully and include my "legal" as shown above.

For the most advanced SCA combat with sword and shield:


Usage Permissions

Legal<br />.................<br /><br />I worked very hard on this mod. But this mod is a product more of hundreds of hours of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.<br /><br />DO NOT distribute or use any of my 3d models, resources or scripts. You should only find this mod distributed from Tes Alliance. If any other web site is distributing this work

What's New in Version Ver CM 1.4.1 FoF 1.2.3


  • Rev CM 1.4.1 NPC will not be able to run away while they are in the invulnerable part of the ghost dodge. <br /><br />Rev CM 1.4 Omni Shield skill will advance 3 times faster now.<br /><br />Rev 1.2.3 FoF esp update to work better with Duke Patrick's Melee Combat mod.<br /><br />Rev 1.3.1 Adds INI file option to turn off a start up message. Add better compatibly with Duke Patrick's Melee Combat mod.<br /><br />Rev 1.3 Only adds missing mesh and texture files for the zombies legs. Fixed sound folder pathway.<br /><br />Rev 1.2 .1 Patch to change the Universal Silent Voice from 8 seconds to 14 seconds.<br /><br />Rev 1.2 Change how the script starts the FoF quest.<br /><br />FoF quest mod Rev 1.1 (Fix small issue where special target was set to player height instead of the zombies height.)


User Feedback

i need help on this quest am i supposed to go to the place called necromancers stronghold? i want to fort teleman and a popup said it wasnt the place then when i put the coins on the map the popup that came up said it would mark the new location on my map but it never did pleeeeease hlep


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got to the part where you have to turn the 3 knobs for the cages power source can anybody help me on this part?


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