A Course in Basic Oblivion Worldbuilding Techniques with Headmaster DarkRider

Enclave Etiquette

Rules for the Enclave

These are the specific guidelines for polite decorum in the Modding School. Be sure you read them carefully.

Enclave Etiquette

[*] Treat your fellow students politely and with respect, it's not a competition. Senior students should encourage new students and new students should look to senior students for the set example.

[*] Do not instruct students in a classroom if you are not the assigned scholar. While it is tempting to help someone in need, resist. Scholars do not appreciate having inexperienced students confused by second opinions, no matter how well intentioned and answering questions helps Scholars develop the class.
[*] Do not post in a classroom thread if you are not participating as student or professor. It clutters the thread and derails clear teaching.
[*] All guest workshops and guides must be approved by the assigned scholar before being posted to a classroom.
[*] Advanced modders participating in classes for forum medals must adhere to the guidelines established for the class.
[*] If you have questions, post them in the proper classroom for the professor, OR post in the Study Hall for peer-to-peer advice and suggestions which can give you more timely responses. Anyone can offer support in the Study Hall.


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  2. Worldbuilding 102

    Section #2 of the Worldbuilding Course, Emphasis on Independant Worldspaces

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