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The Tavern Tales

Home of TES Alliance's Long Running Elder Scrolls RP Writing Game.

Rules for Roleplayers

TESA Roleplaying Guidelines

These are the guidelines and rules for participating in any of the hosted roleplaying games here on TESA. Please read carefully and PM and staff member if you have questions relating to a particular game.

General Roleplaying Rules

These Rules apply to all Roleplaying Games hosted on TESA.

  1. [*] Have fun: the RP games offered on TESA are GAMES! Enjoy reading what others have written and the challenge of moving the stories further in an interesting way.
    [*] Do not post to correct typos made by others or to comment on the action. These things stop the momentum of the story. Out of character discussions on the action should be posted in the current OOC thread for that game.
    [*] You may use a placeholder "WIP" post to save your spot while you write (essentially pausing the story so others don't post ahead of you) but you must post within a reasonable amount of time. Story In Progress or Writing in Progress posts shouldn't be up for longer than an hour or so unless other writers have agreed to a longer wait. Everyone else want to play too so be prompt.
    [*] Do not kill off other players. You may kill off your own character if you'd like but don't kill off people who are still enjoying the game.
    [*] Catch up! The story has been going for awhile, read back a few passages to catch up
before posting!
[*] Single sentence story posts are frowned upon. Roleplaying is a writer's game. If you are not a writer or do not take pleasure in writing, then these games are just not a good fit for you.
[*] While you may write about the characters of others, your own must always be present somewhere in the story. You may not steal someone else's character unless otherwise agreed upon.
[*] Before you enter the story, post a bio of your character in the character thread for that RP. This is as much for your easy reference as for the other players. You should also read the bios of the other active players so you can portray them accurately in your writings.
[*] If you are going to join the game, please do not add once and then vanish for a week or more leaving your character to be used as an NPC by those who add regularly. Such characters will be removed and their writers barred from playing again.
[*] No child main characters*. The RPs on TESA center around a world of adult rogues and adventurers, it's typically not a world for children. We also don't want to see child characters behaving as adults in ways that are inappropriate in an effort to keep up. As such, the only child characters permitted must have "in story" adult supervision: a parent, a mentor, a guardian, whose writer is willing to assume that role and give logical reasoning for that child to be there. (*A child main character with an adult sponsor already in the game is permitted, however, all conduct must be child appropriate.)
[*] While characters may experience love and relationships, describing sexual encounters in detail is not permitted. Players who bridge too close to this content restriction will be censored. This is a PG-13 forum; blatant sexual content is not permitted.
[*] Plagiarism is not permitted; this is a writing game so you must submit your own work and not submit material from outside sources. If resources are used, resources must be properly credited.
[*] Characters should have a reasonable name. Other people will have to write the name repeatedly, and lengthy or complex fantasy names are difficult to remember for others and can make your character less memorable or popular as a result. As an exception, you may use a complex name, if the character is also given a known nickname that is easier to remember off the cuff.
[*] The active writing collective of each game reserves the right to expel individual players from the game via a majority vote. Players can be expelled for Inactivity, Spam Activities, Rule Breaking, and/or Not Meeting Required Skill Level for the game.
[*] Be respectful! That pretty much speaks for itself.

About Skill Levels

There are several Roleplaying writing games currently on TESA. Each has a required skill level for the players meaning that your writing skills must be to a certain level in order to play some of the games. So how do you know what your skill level is? This guide will help you decide down.gif

[*] Intermediate: Writers who have played in an RP game before, understand basic rules of RPing, have some writing experience, understand how to use grammar and properly insert dialogue, can easily form a one page entry (600-700 words), are comfortable writing other character and with other writers, can lead a basic storyline.
[*] Advanced: Writers who have played in more than one RP game before, understand the rules of RPing, have a lot of writing experience, understand how to use, grammar and insert dialogue, can easily form a 3 page entry (2000-2100 words), are comfortable writing other characters and with other writers, can lead a complex storyline, can smoothly move their character in and out of group adventures to solo and back.

Active Roleplaying Games

This is a list of the active roleplaying games on TESA, where to find them, and the required skill level to participate in each. It's important to choose the game appropriate to your level so that you can keep up without disrupting the game.

[*] Beginner: Writers who have never played a writing game, have little writing practice, do not understand basic grammar and dialogue rules, cannot form (with relative ease) an entire page length story (600-700 words), are more comfortable with short excerpts focusing primarily on their own character, cannot lead a storyline.

Go to Bruma Court
[*] Rikanda: ES inspired roleplay centered in Rikanda City for Intermediate to Advanced Players
Go to Rikanda
[*] Fallout Chronicles: FO3 based roleplay centered in the Wastelands for Intermediate to Advanced Players
Go To Fallout Chronicles
[*] Tavern Tales: ES based roleplay centered on an unknown Tavern northwest of Dragon's Bridge in Skyrim for Advanced Players
Go to Tavern Tales

Have questions? Please feel free to contact a staff member or ask in the OOC thread for your roleplay. aa_smile.gif

[*] Bruma Court: ES based roleplay centered in Tamriel for Beginner to Advanced Players


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    The Read-Only Home of the Original Tavern Tales Writing Game

  4. Tavern Tales - Skyrim

    The Home of the Skyrim Edition Tavern Tales Writing Game


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