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  • Adventure Awaits
    Adventure Awaits
    Great! This looks actually like a scene from the movie. :thumbsup:
  • Welkynd
    A  Welkynd stone! Saw one in ESO and could not for the life of me remember what they were called, but knew they were the blue glowing stones seen in Oblivion that used to rattle to get out of...
  • Misa the Bard
    Misa the Bard
    Aw, Thanks Don!
  • ESO Fungal Grotto 02
    ESO Fungal Grotto 02
    No, I would not go to Fungal Grotto for a while yet mALX, I struggled and was hopeless, leave it for maybe level 20 or round up a big group, I would do it again. I prefer a two handed weapon, and a...
  • ESO Fungal Grotto 02
    ESO Fungal Grotto 02
    Aussie is wicked with her duel wielding;  she chops right through the enemy like they were marshmellows!    Oh, how I wish I had got on the game last night, I think I'm supposed to g...

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