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  • Balrog Realm
    Balrog Realm
    Notice the rocky skydome that adds to the realism of being within a massive cavern.
  • PreBattle
  • PreBattle
    Wait until you get to Cyrodiil and it's 400 against you and how ever many you can get together in a group. Largest group is 24..... Biggest battle I've been in has been 400 against 66 and lasted fo...
  • PreBattle
    Should I stay or should I go now...  If I stay there will be trouble ... If I sneak it could be double .. so c`mon and let me know ... should I stay or should I go now... :D
  • Trophies
    None so far, just placed them there cause they look nice and I don't like selling them... even though this is just from my OpenMW test character.

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