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  • Mages Guild .. 14. 7
    Mages Guild .. 14. 7
    143 FPS? What a waste of power. Put a cap at 50 and you won't notice a change, put a cp at 30 and you won't notice your fan any more :D
  • A Lot Of LOD
    A Lot Of LOD
    Playable. I have just a HD 7770 with 1 GB of GDDR5 and it works not too bad on this resolution (which is fairly small). I have a FPS cap at 30 and noticed only a few drops below that value (to ~25...
  • A Lot Of LOD
    A Lot Of LOD
    Amazing Gramb... how`s the ole frame rate holding up? :D
  • Playing with textures
    Playing with textures
    Very nice. I love the lighting.
  • More mysterious
    More mysterious
    And looking more alluring than I've ever seen it..!

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