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This is an old screenshot of the port in Anvil. There are more ships in there now with some of the lastest DLCs.


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Nice shot! :good:

ESO looks definitely beautiful, but, each time I played and watched the landscape, I felt that there was something missing, especially after playing Skyrim. Imagine what ESO would have looked like if made with the engine Bethesda used to make Skyrim? :D


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Actually I'm glad they didn't muck it up with Skyrim stuff. But then again I use a desktop computer that has a good graphics card and things are life like for me. Considering I beta tested ESO for 9 months before it was released and I have kept my subscription active since day one, I think that says a lot about the game in my humble opinion. But to each their own.

My screenshots don't really do it full justice. On shots that I want to use for desktops or such I turn off all my add-ons so I have a fulkl screen without any thing blocking the view.

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