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The Wastrel's Purse

a sneak peek at my current project, Modding up the Wastrel's Purse in Passwall (Shivering Isles)


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I have no idea what the original looks like; what did you change?

It seems to me that the lighting is too even; it flattens the perspectives. :)


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If you haven't played the Shivering Isles DLC.... you're missing out.  Just saying ;)  In this shot the fireplace is totally new (Meo's modular fireplaces) and all the decor on it, added food clutter, rugs, and a bed and a sleep package for Dredhwen (you'd have to play it to understand that part).  I've also added some food clutter and lightened the dark circles around Dredhwen's eyes, given her more barter gold and a better inventory.  Passwall is the only small village in the Shivering Isles with an inn, and it's the first place you come to upon venturing through the Strange Door in Niben Bay.  So, I tried to make it a little cozier, even though the player doesn't spend a ton of time there before venturing on to New Sheoth.

Edit: I had never spent enough time in the game to bother with the DLC until recently when my Skyrim started acting up (it's gotten very crashy on me, I did a clean install yesterday but I haven't bothered trying removing mods to figure out what has been causing it).  I can't say a lot for Battlehorn Castle (after seeing some of the modded places people have come up with, the official DLC Castle is.... meh.... even in comparison to some of the vanilla castles in the game), or the thieves den, and I haven't spent much time in Frostcrag yet; I haven't really touched the other DLC, but I love the Shivering Isles.  But then, I'm kinda demented that way (no pun intended.... well maybe a little).

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