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    Version v1.0 Beta


    About WAC on TES Alliance: Currently Waalx is off in the real world crossing the globe and experiencing the grand adventure that is life! He managed to stop in to grant permission for his project to be hosted away from his forum which is now closed to new registrations so that WAC, in it's current unfinished state, could still be enjoyed by players. Somewhere down the traveled road, he may pop in to update the mod with the work he has stored on his PC, but until that time if and when, we will be hosting the beta version here with all the same documentation provided by Waalx himself. Currently, WAC may NOT be used as resource material. Waalx has stated his desire that any derivative works must require/be dependant on WAC. Anyone wishing to use resource material from WAC without dependancy, must contact Waalx and ask permission; no contact made means no permission. This is his latest statement on Resource use as of 26 Aug 2012
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    Version 1.1


    Requirements ========= .Net Framework 4.0 Description ========= The game Launcher that Skyrim comes with is pretty useful for those, like myself, that don't use another tool for managing Load Order. The downside is that even something as simple as adjusting your load order requires the Launcher to start up Steam, add to that it likes to reset your INI file, guessing it likes to piss people off. Well it did ... too many times , So I've built a replacement, it functions in a similar way, allowing you to launch the game or adjust load order etc. But it surpasses the default launcher with many added bonuses, for one it will detect SKSE and allow you to launch the game with that, it has a tools menu for launching additional tools like BOSS for example as well as other additions, one of my favourites is the option to change the background. Features: No Steam - No longer have to put up with Steam opening when you want to do something simple with the launcher Background Changer - Change the background to something you WANT Tools Menu - Customizable tools menu allowing you to have easy access to tools you want to use Expanded options - Option menu now has a few extra options, including automatically detecting graphics cards and resolutions to full control over individual in-game settings and colour settings for the Launcher itself. SKSE Compatible Launch the Creation Kit Let’s get to the nitty-gritty! Details ========= TESV Launcher comes equipped with many new features as well as most of the features present in the default launcher. The aim of TESV Launcher is to provide an alternative Launcher for Modder's and also users that do not use Steam for their modding needs. Features: Background Changer - Looking to the bottom left of the main Launcher screen you'll notice a paint bucket, click this to bring up the Background Changer screen. The Background Changer displays thumbnail previews of the images contained inside the Background folder located in the Launcher folder by the executable. To add your own backgrounds to the mix, simply place a 800 x 400 .jpg/png/bmp image(s) into the Launcher>Background folder, open the changer screen and double click the image you want to use as your background. Play - Starts Skyrim, if you have Skyrim Script Extender(SKSE), TESV Launcher will detect it and start the game using it. Creation Kit - Starts up the Creation Kit Tools - The Tools option opens up the Tools menu. This menu has six customizable tool options that you can setup by using the tool edit buttons. This is a quick and easy way of accessing your favourite tools. Data Files - This option opens up the Load Order menu, this looks and works in almost the exact same way as the default launcher. The main differences are a few extra options for selecting plugins and the list of plugins available to activate. The Data Files screen shows you all your plugins for Skyrim instead of just listing the active ones. This makes it easier to activate/deactivate modifications. Options - The Options button opens up the options screen, you'll notice this is very similar to the default launchers options screen. Clicking the Advance button opens up an Advanced Options menu with an extended set of options. UI Information - The UI displays the versions of both Skyrim and the Creation Kit. This allows you to find out what version of the game you have without the need to launch the game. Install ========= Unpack TESV Launcher directly into your main Skyrim directory. Run TESVLauncher.exe and enjoy! Un-Install ========= Not sure why you'd want to do that, but ok. Remove TESVLauncher.exe and its accompanying folder (Launcher) from the main Skyrim directory. Feedback ========= Let me know if you find any problems or have a request for a new feature. Change Log ========= 24/08/2012 - Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where some Boolean values were set to -1 22/08/2012 - Initial v1.0.0 release Credits ========= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim. Thanks to Lilith for testing TESV Launcher. Tools Used ========= Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
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    This mod adds new armor - Black Glass. You can find this armor in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level. You can buy it from Dronos Llervu. And yeah, you need a lot of money, this glass is expensive. Regards, Kalian.
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    Version 1.0.0

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    Followers remain sleep Description:Have you ever wondered why your followers get up when you command them to sleep in a bed or sleeping bag? I always found that very unimmersive.This mod point to solve that by adding a small dialogue to your follower to command his/her to sleep for 7 hours in game. If the follower can not a find a suitable bed or sleeping bag nearby he/she will sandbox around the place for 7 hours in game, so is recomended order him/her to wait near to a bed before using the dialogue. I got tired of using AFT because it adds a lot of things that i find unnecesary and besides it has a lot of scripts that make my followers confuse them and become unresponsive. This mod has only one little script.Details: The follower will not sleep in a bed marked as "owned" at least as the bed is owned by your own follower, (for example Lydia will go to sleep in his bed in Breezehome). So if you want to share a bed that you rented in a inn with your follower i recommend you to install this mod, that mod suits fine with this mod because it add more beds in the inns if you don't want to sleep with your followers in the same bed, and besides i find it more immersive than the vanilla rental system.I had to add Dawnguard as a master file of my mod because Serana is a pain in the ass for modders not a common follower, so the dialogue will show on her even if she is not following you, sorry if it is seems to you antiestitic, is the best i can do...The same goes by the followers that are not in the "CurrentFollowerFaction" like Serana, personally my favorite custom follower is M'rissi and she is in the faction, so there is no problem with that follower, I only force Serana to the faction to make this mod work for her and i don't know if there is other customs follower out there that doesn't use this faction. If in your custom follower doesn't appear the dialogue let me know in the comments and i will see if i can do something about that.Requirements: Skyrim Dawnguard (for Serana) Cautions:If you use a texture mod for Serana, place it after this mod or you will get the gray face bug, as this mod is new, perhaps LOOT doesn't have in it master list and sometimes tend to place it after Serana texture mods like Seranaholic. Anyway i recommend you to run LOOT before installing this mod but beware with i told you before.This mod should be compatible with mods that alter the followers behavior like this mod, personally i have this mod and it works just fine. I don't know if it is compatible with mods like UFO, AFT or EFF. So if you want to use it with that mods you are on your own, i can't guarantee it's compatibility, just don't blame me if something happens to your game.Thanks: This mod was possible thanks to the fantastic community of TES Alliance, and especially the user TigerCubofPNW who helps me in all the process of creation of this mod, i'm very grateful with his support, i learned so much