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    Looks like a rich Altmer tried to cosplay as a Nord using things he found in the attic of his family's estate.
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    I'm about to see my dogs for the first time since September 5th. Probably gonna cry and laugh at the same time. Am excited!
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    My family has tickets for The Last Jedi after my graduation ceremony on Friday. Movie doesn’t start until 10:45 pm but I’m so excited to watch it.
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    This is kind of in developer-ease but I guess it's cool to get confirmation that Obsidian is making another RPG, this one obviously with some publisher backing which could be a good or bad thing. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2017/12/14/take-two-announces-new-publishing-label-private-division.aspx?utm_content=bufferd6bea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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    OMG I got tickets for the Last Jedi (pre ordered them two weeks ago) premier at my local movie theatre at 945 tonight! SO EXCITED!
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    I GET HOME FRIDAYYYYYY!!! (For Holiday Block Leave then it's back to Benning for another 3 months)
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    I think my favorite recent development is Witch using anime gifs to get Balrog to look at pms Speaking of, Czar, I’ll respond later today. Finishing up my last final today so after that I’ll be free to get some writing done that isn’t essay driven.
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    Balro: "I love Rusian because it immerses you into the setting!" Doc: "I prefer English so I can understand everything better." Colonel: "I want Russian so I can listen to pixel woman cuss at me in Russian when I watch virtual sex"
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    I remember it involved editing your comment and cutting and pasting outside the old spoiler tag. I did it with my CS for the Fallour RP but don’t remember exactly how. Also, sorry I’ve been infrequently active. I have over 20 pages worth of essays due this past week and the last one is due Monday. Since it’s Thanksgiving break though, I should be able to get some stuff done. Specifically my next Morane post and the co-posts I’m working on with a few folks. After the break I shouldn’t be as busy since the bulk of my essays and such are written, it’ll just be editing and such. I didn’t expect to be as busy as I was this semester but shit happens I guess.
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    A new thread for everyone. If you’re not a mutant.
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    More or less this. There's the dominion footsoldiers which consists of altmer, bosmer, khajiit. The altmer typically either have little or no magical talent but most will have at least some basic spellcasting skill, but are much more comfortable wielding sword and shield unless the need arises. The ones in charge specifically in the dominion forces typically are also Altmer, even in Elsweyr, but there are exceptions. Khajiit are the rarest exception but they do exist. Thalmor Justiciars serve dual purposes. One as commanders, and two of course as Justiciars specifically and their individual work with the Thalmor themselves, which operate as special units in the dominion army as well as a police force. They're not entirely unlike Baldur's Grim Ones, which I've shown with Baldur having his men sent to hunt down Boldir. The Thalmor forces consists of the mages in charge of course, and their most superior mages are made to be members of the Thalmor Justiciars willingly or not. Basically you can no longer learn advanced magics or be professed as an expert or master wizard in the Dominion without first joining and swearing fealty to the Thalmor. Battlemages are used as the soldiers of the Thalmor specifically, and typically consist of those that fall into the "expert" and "journeyman" class of wizard, hence the need to supplement their lack of mastery with sword and shield. That's how I imagine most Altmer see it anyway, but it's not always the rule obviously. Really I think it's just their way of having bodies out there with conventional weapons and armor, because every army needs footsoldiers regardless of magical prowess. They are the shocktroopers, quite literally, lol. But there are of course Thalmor Justiciars that are master battlemages that prefer fighting with a sword in one hand, magic in the other. The dominion also use slaves to fight, mostly goblins but also slaves of other races they've captured and tortured and raped to madness by the goblins or otherwise. There'll be more variation but that's basically what I've got for their overall outline.
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    If I had to guess, quite a bit of Bosmer and Khajit auxiliaries, backed by extremely powerful mages, and good infantry (Who most have magical abilities, meaning alot of the regular High Elf troopers are spellswords). LOL that the problem with stuff like Elder Scrolls. We never get good concrete knowledge on the various races armies, which is a shame. I really hope we get an Elder Scrolls tabletop wargame eventually we're they can flesh out the various races armed forces.
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    Oh that was the best reunion yet!
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    So are they, I bet! When I was an exchange student in Germany in high school, my mom said our dog ran around to the passenger side of her car every time she pulled in, looking for me. It still chokes me up today to think about it.
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    I Just finished it an hour ago. I loved it too. It surprised me a lot.
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    Just got out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Without spoiling anything for anyone, I will say that as an unabashed Star Wars fanboy I loved it. I won’t say anymore than that. But I am very eager to talk about this movie with y’all.
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    I'll be watching Star Wars Saturday morning. Heading back to Nashville this evening to watch it with my friends there. Congrats on making it, buddy!
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    **** you! I don't get to watch it until Saturday
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    This made me want to kill some elves. And maybe some khajiit, because who can tell the difference anyway am I right? -Pelinal Whitestrake
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    Imagine intros to the Elder Scrolls Total War game, picture a Nordic intro video in the same vain as the old Rome Total War Greek faction intro. "Men could rule the world, the Atmorans did. They took a army to the far south, there was nothing left to conquer; the world was theirs. But the Atmorans are dead, their Empires are gone and so we live in evil days. The free men of Skyrim have turned against each other instead of their proper enemies, those who envy all the Nords have done. Shor must weep, if the dead weep. I would weep in his place but I would also hope." "The world turns, what was may come again. The gods still spin the web of men's lives, so now perhaps the gods wish Nords to be great again. Perhaps a new Ysmir will take up the sword, bring order where there is chaos, remake the world of men into a better plan...perhaps."
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    I would settle for Bethesda adopting Obsidian's values about RPGs so that we get a really good, deep Fallout game. But that's probably not going to happen, either.
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    I found this video on the likelyhood on why there's no new Obsidian Fallout.
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    Glad to have you back, blood thirst and all, lol. Argonian hentai, Deathclaw edition.
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    You're damn right I'm fuckin bloodthirsty, terrorists, Taliban, Koreans! I don't care! But my orders (for right now, They might change with my recycle) are for a non-deployable unit. FUCKIN GAYYYY (I speak infantry now, so please excuse anything that's a little strange, I forget what's normal around here and what's not)
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    I might give it a go then. You know, this time next year, when I've finally finished the Witcher 3
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    You'll find out soon enough. If Colonel and Doc ever finish the moot coversation that is
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    Avocados are God’s gift to man for they enable guacamole. And they’re alright on their own but GUAC.
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    I had a professor who studies Germany, especially the Weimar Republic and the Nazi Era and he was pretty adamant that he doesn’t think Hitler was a military genius at all and that much of the German military’s success was because they were more modern than the French and Polish. Since Hitler did fail to follow up at Dunkirk, foolishly fought in Hungary (I think? Maybe it was Romania) delaying the start of the Russian campaign and basically sinking it before it began. I was pretty persuaded. While he did build up the German military that wasn’t something he solely did and afterwards he didn’t deploy and use it like a military genius. And yeah, Caesar massacred the Celtic tribes in Gaul. The Hardcore History guy just had his most recent podcast about that very subject and it was titled “A Celtic Genocide” I think, because of the level of destruction by the Romans and Caesar.
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    So, I just finished Return to Crookback Bog in the Witcher 3 and...
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    I like bosses too, sometimes for that reason but usually for a different one. I'm a sucker for a good climax, where we get a settling of scores, an end to a rivalry, or all the trials we've been facing finally come to a head. That's why Badger was one of mine even though TaleTale's engine makes difficult combat practically impossible. I just loved having my hatred for that guy build and build and then finally reach a satisfying end. Similar reason Gael is my favorite Dark souls boss though admittedly he also has the best gameplay in my opinion.
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    EA's stock lost 3 billion in value or 8% in November. It's still up 39% over last year, but man, that's the power of reddit and YouTubers. http://www.pcgamer.com/electronic-arts-stock-sheds-3-billion-in-value-after-battlefront-2/?utm_content=buffer627e4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw
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    @BTCollins8 and why you didn’t get into Witcher 3 the first time, I don’t know about you but me personally I admittedly felt a bit overwhelmed by how much there was to do and wondering in which order I should do things. Though once you get over that my main concern was not wanting to finish everything too quickly. Then that turned into “Jesus how long is this game? Lol guess there’s no reason to save the main quests for last”, which then turns into “Oh shit it’s almost over!” Then rinse and repeat when you play Blood and Wine lol, almost the exact same reactions. Though blood and wine almost felt like a theme park for side quests, rather than feeling overwhelming, mainly because you’re thankful to have so much more to do after beating or nearly beating the game. Need to make a compilation of all the awesome shit Witcher 3 did for fans. 1. free dlc that could’ve easily been micro transactions 2. Loyalty discount to anyone that has Witcher 1 and 2. 3. Free soundtrack to the game, which I actually found out recently.
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    My experience of car dealerships the past week reminds me of EA and their kind. Those MFers always playing head games trying to winkle out your last dime, and if you don't play they act like it's your fault and you're being unreasonable. How about putting out a good product at a fair price and using that to sell itself. I went to Carmax finally and did end up with some new wheels, anyway.
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    Welp. I'm on my way home from a hunting trip up in the Ozarks. Biggest thing I killed was a spider I found in my towel.
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    The only idea I've had for freaky plantlife in Black Marsh is a flesh eating fungus in which spores can attach themselves to skin and grow from there.
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    My university arranged for a study visit at a number of tech companies. I picked Fatshark, though there was also Paradox. Fatshark is a game developer.
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    More like they ******* pissed off the Mouse with all the bad PR Star Wars was getting,
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    EA has removed loot boxes from Battlefront. Hell has frozen over. Though you know they'll be back in different form.
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    I don’t know about Bman but for me I just meant aesthetically the Qunari are pretty badass looking. That and they’re pretty terrifying. The Dalish tho imo are just kinda whiny. Solas was the first elf I said was badass, in game anyway. The Last Flight tho, that did change my perspective some.
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    This ones sweet, comes with more memory than mine did, better graphics card too and more ram than you’ll ever need for 1449. CPU’s not quite as good as the one on your list, but in my honest opinion it doesn’t matter unless you plan on overclocking. Most of your gaming performance is in the GPU anyway. But the one on your list is indeed faster. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16883230227?ignorebbr=1 This is more pc than you might need for 2000 but it’ll last you until it’s time to bump past the 1080. Which shouldn’t be for a long time. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16883230274 And the cpu is faster than the one in your list. Only reason I’d worry is no one’s reviewed it yet. If you can fork over the cash for PCs like this I’ll give you my top three but personally I’d get the first one. It’s tried and true, and vouched for. Both have same GPU and plenty of memory. Edit: Also second one has an SSD hardrive in addition to 4 tb of HDD memory. You’ll be set for a goood long while on memory.
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    Not a chance. Bethesda did a bit about "saving single player gaming" and announced a 50% sale on their current titles for this weekend, that's it. This is basically the Japanese Game Awards. Other than Wolfenstein winning best action game.
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    No, uh uh. You don't get to claim self defense when Caesar went to Germania and Gaul looking for someone to obliterate in order to fluff his political ambitions. AYFKM Get a load of this (from the comments): "I agree with his review. This pack is cute, but lacks so much depth from previous series. The problem with The Sims is every pack that comes out will be compared to it's predecessors. While it might not always be fair, it should be noted that any new expansion should improve or add on to what the previous generous had. All this one did was take away. For example: No own-able pet shops or pet shops in general. You could do that in the sims 1, 2, and 3. No horses, birds, turtles, lizards, snakes, gerbils. All of these were added in each sims generation minus the horses which were just in sims 3. Sims 3 also added all those cool animals you could collect in the wild such as finding snakes and such plus added deer and raccoons. Skunks were always part of them too. Pets are not controllable in any way and like LGR said, don't even have a need menu. Not pet jobs or pet shows. The pets in general also lack simple animations we had before such as not being able to sleep in sims beds." So not only is it ridiculously overpriced, it also lacks basic functionality which did exist in previous games. EA being sooo EA.
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    You could always respect Baldur and give him the armor set, swordspear for your DLC character.